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  1. Hi, what's up, dude? I couldn't stay on the puter last night, so if you still need help, let me know.
    Hope you have a great weekend!
  2. May I ask a favour?
  3. Hiya! I'm so behind on messages, etc. so sorry! Hope things are going great in your world!
    Kitties are great - we still have the two kittens, plus mom. We'll keep mom, maybe the girl kitten, and will probably give the male kitten away soon - frankly, we should have done it sooner, because I'm getting VERY attached to him, he's such a sweetie!
    The kittens are of an age that they cause TONS of trouble, but it's all fun!
  4. How are your cats?
  5. Hello.
  6. Very busy
  7. Hi! Hope things are going well with you! Anything new?
    I imagine you are crazy busy with school!
  8. Hello quotation queen
  9. Hoping all is going well with you!!!
  10. Hello there!
  11. Im doing okay.
    and Thank you.
  12. Hey, gryphon!
    I'm doing okay - hoping things are going well for you.
    I like the love poem!
  13. How are you?
  14. Thanks for the rep.
  15. Hello there!
  16. Happy Thanksgiving.
  17. hello there!
  18. Yes, Im going with to the airport to pick him up

    Il be going to a funeral this week though

    The mother of a family friend passed away this morning.
  19. Hiya, how're ya doing? I imagine you are excited to see your brother soon!
  20. hi
  21. how was your weekend?
  22. hello there
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