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  1. thanks for the rep nat and have a great weekend
  2. thanks for the lovely quote nat -happy mothers day, enjoy the day with family . I am spending it with my kids later my daughter is coming in for around 3 and staying for 3 days cant wait to hug her again
  3. thanks for the nice comment nat -my daughter-in-law showed me a picture of the baby to be yesterday and I hugged her -have a good day -may rain here so may get out for a walk -my knees are a bit sore darn so a walk may help
  4. Such fabulous news about the new grandbaby on the way!
  5. thanks nat for the lovely quote -it is so fitting for me
  6. nat have a wonderfull easter celebration with your family
  7. Happy April! Thanks for the rep!

    Hope you are feeling better!
  8. happy luck of the irish -st.paddys day nat -hope you have a great weekend
  9. thanks for the quotes nat and hope you are on the mend
  10. Thanks for repping me; enjoy the week ahead!
  11. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!
  12. thanks nat for the quote -have a great day
  13. nat -happy new year to you and your dear family -just relaxing gonna go read a book now -about less clutter in life -it gives me some great thoughts to ponder as I begin my journey to condense more in 2017
  14. merry xmas nat to you and your family -all the best for 2017
  15. morning nat thanks for the quote and rep -keep warm we are in for chilling weather and snow
  16. Thanks so much for the rep; hope you are staying warm!

    Hope you are feeling better!
  17. hey nat thanks for the rep -hope you are fine -have a great weekend
  18. thanks for the rep nat -hope you had a good weekend -I did I got to babysit Sebastian on sat -he is sooo sweet
  19. Thank you for the rep; enjoy the week ahead!
  20. thanks nat for the quote -happy Halloween -we are going over to son's so they can take ashlyn out -I still bought 1 box and a bag of candy to give out at his house
  21. I am SO glad you are finally healthy; you've really had a rough go of things! Have a great evening!
  22. thanks for the rep nat -hope you are fine -I am healthy finally -relaxing today as on Thursday have to go for mammogram -yuckkk
  23. ahhh thanks nat -hope you enjoy your long weekend with hubby and son -my daughter/hubby are cominbg with Sebastian today cant wait to see him
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