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  1. thank you nat for your kind prayers for myself and dear brother -glad to hear you are home and getting back into a new routine ,all the best
  2. So very glad to read that your brother is progressing! I continue to keep him, and you, in my prayers.

    It is wonderful to be home, but it's also difficult in many ways. I am taking it slowly, figuring things out.
    Hope you have a nice weekend!
  3. thank you for the easter wishes ,glad you are home with your family
  4. thanks nat-I am feeling a little better ,still sneezing a lot but not coughing as much ,hope I feel a bit better by Friday so I can watch the little one ,take care stay warm wow its freezing here -25

    I remember my dear mom saying she put me outside in a buggy in -30 in Brandon,Manitoba where I was born for a bit of fresh air of course I was about 4-6 months as i was born in sept-lol
  5. Thanks so much! My son came yesterday with snacks and a cake - he was smart to come then because the weather is nasty today. My husband will come this afternoon.
    Hope you have a great day, too!
  6. nat happy birthday hon ,even thou you are not at home i am sure you will have a pretty good day with your family
  7. nat- merry xmas and thank you for the wonderfull greeting -take care friend and enjoy the time with your hubby and son
  8. thanks nat -hope you are slowly feeling a bit better -great deal on the blood pressure machine ,I have one also ,same brand as yours a different model .I have had it five years now -have a great evening
  9. hi nat thanks for the rep -hope each day is getting better for you take care hon -hope you have a good week
  10. hi -nat thanks for the rep hon -hope you are feeling a bit better as time goes on ,sounds like you have wonderfull care from health care workers and your family
  11. hi -nat thanks for the rep -hope you are feeling a tiny bit better take care
  12. oh thanks for the big hug nat -wish my dad got to meet my dear hubby/grown kids or grandkids but that's life we have to deal with what comes our way -I did look at his picture I have yesterday and said a small prayer and that I missed him -take care hon,hope you are feeling better some days I know its a journey for you
  13. thanks for the rep -enjoy the day -we are iced in here (doesn't matter as I am homebound too have a bug )take care
  14. very fitting quote for my family -thanks nat -have a great day
  15. thanks for the quote how true nat-glad to hear you had a visit from milan,hope he is coming along from his injury
  16. thanks nat -hope you are keeping warm today we are having a mild spell(even thou hubby and I shovelled a bit today) but a flash freezing tonight -take care
  17. ahh thanks nat -love the quote have a great night -I just got in from seeing Sebastian ahhh he is so sweet
  18. Honestly, some times a day is too long... but I am getting by each day, hard as it may be. It's going to be a very long haul, and it's difficult to accept that I will never be even close to as I was before...

    Take care!
  19. thanks nat -you always came bearing with lovely words -hope you are feeling better -I just cant get my energy back this month ,hope you are coming along one day at a time
  20. hi nat-thanks for the 2018 wishes-wishing you health and happiness for 2018
  21. merry xmas and thanks for posting -all the best for 2018 even thou you have had a rough year 2018 will be better
  22. haha love the quote qbout weekends -for sure nat have a great week
  23. thanks for the rep nat and have a great weekend
  24. thanks for the lovely quote nat -happy mothers day, enjoy the day with family . I am spending it with my kids later my daughter is coming in for around 3 and staying for 3 days cant wait to hug her again
  25. thanks for the nice comment nat -my daughter-in-law showed me a picture of the baby to be yesterday and I hugged her -have a good day -may rain here so may get out for a walk -my knees are a bit sore darn so a walk may help
  26. Such fabulous news about the new grandbaby on the way!
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