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  1. Thanks, Lynn - I was able to eat some lunch. However, other pains are quite bad. Physiotherapist comes tomorrow, hoping she can help me out.
  2. Crap, Nat, sorry you're not feeling well today...but seriously...have you tried sour cream?
    Hope you feel better soon, my Friend!!
  3. Thank you, Nat! I hope you had a relaxing Easter at home with your men, and that you have another restful sleep tonight.
  4. Thanks so much for the lovely message last night, and for your continued caring; it's much appreciated!
  5. Natalka, wishing you and your family a lovely, blessed Christmas!

  6. Ah, I just wish I could be bored as you are, not like I am!!!
    I think the PT and OT want to evaluate me together so see what is up for me. I still hope each day I stand is the day I will step on my own!
    The new OT who came today was really positive and encouraging, I love that! Oh, and she had 'heard' I was stubborn, lol! In a good way!
  7. thank you, Nat, but honestly, I'm bored!! Everything is done, it's too snowy to go anywhere today, and my Hubby is reassuring me that we simply have to enjoy quiet days like this before "everything" starts in a few days. He's right...even with my meds I can still tire easily. Not shopping! But that sitting around chatting, eating too much, sipping wine (I'm going to make up a pitcher of virgin Caesars for myself until dinner, when I will have some wine)...that's why I instigated that "KrisKringle"'ll keep us all busy for a while! And I know it'll be so much fun!
    I'm happy to hear that you had such a good visit with your new physiotherapist and that you got up for a while!! Did you ask any of them about an apt. sized wheelchair for yourself?
    Happy Friday, Nat!!
  8. Hi, Thank you, Nat...not one of my best days, still in a lot of shoulder pain from my fall on Thanksgiving day, but I see my physiotherapist on Monday. I hope they can "work out" whatever is going on, it's quite painful. Hope you've feeling your best today, Nat!!
  9. Good day!
    About the rep, it says that when one doesn't leave a message. Sorry about that, I mostly blame it on the tablet being fickle, but I could also make more of an effort...
    I really miss being on the desktop!
  10. Hi, Nat...when you rep me, it always reads, "no comment made"...not sure what's wrong..? I hope you sleep like Vader tonight!
  11. Hiya! Sun comes in and out. It's a nice day, but really windy.
    For my wounds, those are supposed to be cleaned and rebandaged every two days, just to keep an eye on how they are doing, plus I am very prone to infection wouldn't you know... And, apparently, to every bug brought near me!

    Hope you have a good day and weekend!
  12. If it's not one thing, it's another, huh, Nat? I hope your nurse shows up today...I'm guessing those dressings need to be changed every day? I hope you can have a decent rest today, and can enjoy the sunshine. You are having sunshine, right?
  13. You said it! Birds chirping out there is one of the reasons I look forward to spring! Hope the day's going well for you, Nat!!
  14. Nat, so many platitudes out there, but sometimes there's a fresh one that strikes a chord; I hope it brings you some comfort now and then. least I didn't say: Live, Love, Laugh! hahahaha!!!
    G'night, sweet dreams, hope you get a peaceful night's rest.
  15. I have been taking it easy today, not much choice since too many of the working parts hurt...
    Husband helped tons on the weekend, as did our son - he's just amazing.
    Milan was remembering when he'd help me pinch pyrohy, we'd make dozens of course, then we'd move right into making holubtsi - gosh, and it was 'nothing' to do that then!
    I'm just eating lunch and watching some of the Jesus Christ Superstar which aired live last night - yes, and I've already had one cry. They have modernized it, in a good way, I think; should be required watching for kids eight and up! I can only sit about a half hour at a time, so I'll have to watch it in parts.
    Hope your day is a good one!
  16. Good morning, Nat!! Oh, I know you weren't implying that I shouldn't post another bat picture..hahaha...but dang it, I find those wee flying foxes and fruit bats so sweet....scared little wee things...I'm just thankful that there are people in the world who set up 'clinics' for those babies and rehabilitate them into the wild again.

    You sure did have a busy Easter weekend! All those preps, good heavens, all that pressure when you and your Hubby aren't feeling well. I've had to give up a lot of stuff that I used to do over the course of the past few years, so many surgeries, so much time doing sweet nothing (boring nothings!). Although I'm back to doing things I used to enjoy doing, I don't put as much pressure on as I once did and it's quite liberating... One thing hasn't changed: the fact that our DD wants to get together to make dozens of dozens of pyrohy esp once their 6x9 island countertop goes in....boy, my Mom would have loved that!!!
    Have a great day of REST, Kiddo!!
  17. Thank you, Nat...I hope it's true for you, too!
  18. Thanks, was special, indeed. And yes, I think you're right: it was sung to us a couple of times...I felt that it was more than once, so as you said, probably at church and at the reception. I wish I could live that day again, more aware of all that was happening and less worried about how it was all going....sigh...
    Have a great day, my Friend!!
  19. You would be welcome any time! I haven't the energy either, my body is also a mess. The only thing I can do is try to spread things out, so I'm not crying too much in pain at day's end. Also, I know my men will be forgiving if things aren't perfect...
  20. I guess my dinner invitation got lost in the mail again, huh??
    What a wonderful dinner and treats you're making this weekend....I still just don't have the energy...
    Wishing you a lovely, blessed weekend to you and your family, Natalka!
  21. Thank you, Nat, good to know they perform "as advertised". I'm going to use the two medium ones to stack for Easter's black forest cake...I was going to make a white forest cake, but was out-voted by fans..haha..Take care, my Friend!
  22. Hiya! No, I haven't baked cake in them - but in the 9x13 I have, I've made the gooeyist casseroles and such - and things like layered roasted potatoes which usually stick really badly to any other pan - and it cleans up just so easily.
    For yours, they are advertised as cake pans, so just treat them as you would prepping glass pans before baking a cake.
    Happy baking!
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