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  1. Thank you, Nat...I hope it's true for you, too!
  2. Thanks, was special, indeed. And yes, I think you're right: it was sung to us a couple of times...I felt that it was more than once, so as you said, probably at church and at the reception. I wish I could live that day again, more aware of all that was happening and less worried about how it was all going....sigh...
    Have a great day, my Friend!!
  3. You would be welcome any time! I haven't the energy either, my body is also a mess. The only thing I can do is try to spread things out, so I'm not crying too much in pain at day's end. Also, I know my men will be forgiving if things aren't perfect...
  4. I guess my dinner invitation got lost in the mail again, huh??
    What a wonderful dinner and treats you're making this weekend....I still just don't have the energy...
    Wishing you a lovely, blessed weekend to you and your family, Natalka!
  5. Thank you, Nat, good to know they perform "as advertised". I'm going to use the two medium ones to stack for Easter's black forest cake...I was going to make a white forest cake, but was out-voted by fans..haha..Take care, my Friend!
  6. Hiya! No, I haven't baked cake in them - but in the 9x13 I have, I've made the gooeyist casseroles and such - and things like layered roasted potatoes which usually stick really badly to any other pan - and it cleans up just so easily.
    For yours, they are advertised as cake pans, so just treat them as you would prepping glass pans before baking a cake.
    Happy baking!
  7. Hi, Nat! I just read where you posted that clean-up was so easy with Temptations and I was wondering if you've ever turned out a cake from them. I want to use the two medium sized scalloped cake pans and wondered how they'd turn out of the pans without sticking. Any experience with something like that?
    Have a lovely day, Sweets!
  8. Thanks so much, Lynn.
  9. I'm extending my wishes anyway, Natalka, for no more bad news for your family, extended or's always sad to hear of loved ones going through such difficult times. I hope things do turn around and everyone remains healthy.
  10. Aw, such a shame you missed it this time...I wondered why so many gals are so very on top of the ball, yet missed out on it. I guess I was just lucky this time.
    Hope your weather continues on the up-side; we have miserable cold and windy weather, but thank goodness no more snow has been added to what's still sitting on the ground!
    Take care, Toots!!
  11. Thanks for the recent rep; Happy Family Day!
  12. Hoping things went well for you yesterday!

  13. Hoping you are doing okay....
  14. I know this is early, but thought I had better share it with you when I came across it

  15. Thank you, Natalka....I just wish the surgery was over and...well...that rehab was over, too!!
    Have a lovely evening, Nat...
  16. SO true, lol...have a blessed Sunday, Nat!!
  17. I have three cabbages waiting to be done, too - might do them tomorrow.
  18. DH has one cabbage done already...fingers crossed this works, it's soooo much easier than our traditional method! Thanks again, Nat!
  19. Thanks, Nat! I knew you would have a solution for helping me avoid that boiling method!
    I just told my Hubby your idea, so we're doing that today!
  20. Lynn, I don't totally boil them til done. I just cut away the core, blanch the head in a pot, then as soon as the leaves start to come away, I take each off. Then I pile them in bags and freeze them, and then when thawed they are soft enough to roll.
    I have heard of people just putting the whole head in the freezer, but I have never tried that - have read online there are varying results with doing it that way.
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