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  1. You too my friend!
  2. Hoping you have a great week; thanks for the rep!
  3. Thank you my friend! Have a great week!
  4. Thanks we ate dinner and fell asleep.Two of our favorite things to do.Hope yours was nice.Take care my friend.
  5. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!
  6. Thanks for the rep this past week!
  7. Thank you my dear friend.I ask for God's richest blessings upon you and yours for 2017!
  8. Blessings for a lovely Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas to you&yours my dear friend.Remembering that Christ our Savior is born!
  10. Thanks for the rep; enjoy the week!
  11. You are most welcome.Life is good in my world.My heart is beating fine according to all the tests.God is so good!Blessings to you&yours!
  12. Happy December! Thank you for the rep!

    Hoping things are going well in your world!
  13. "Trust God and believe in good things to come"-well said and we need to remember this now more than ever!
    Blessings to you&yours!
  14. Thank you for the rep! Happy Hallowe'en!
  15. Thanks for the rep!
  16. That's a really nice Thanksgiving post you shared in the What are you thankful for today? thread
    Continued Blessings to you&yours!
  17. Thank you kindly,hope you and yours had a great thanksgiving.We are all truly blessed.
  18. Happy Sunday; Thanks for the rep!

    I hope everything is going well with you!
  19. Thanks for the rep! Enjoy the day!
  20. Thank you my dear friend!
  21. Thank you for the summery hot rep!
  22. Hey, Skippy! Our rain seems to be done, even though it's in the forecast every day. The amount we did get over the past week was just right for us here in our part of the province. Certain areas north of us and south east of us flooded quite badly, so they have had a lot to deal with.
    Hoping things are good in your world! Have a lovely weekend!
  23. Hope you're getting just enough rain and not too much.
  24. Thanks so much for the rep!
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