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  1. thanks for the sunday quote and rep!!I hope your family is well and life is good. Enjoy the day!
  2. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!
  3. Thanks so much for the quote and rep on Sunday! Hope things are well with you and your family.
  4. Thank you for the quote Natalka and the Rep!Hope you have a wonderful day!!
  5. Thanks for the Sunday quote and rep natalka, hope you are having a good health, good sleep week!!Scary about your night time visitor, I would have been petrified!!
  6. Happy New Year! Wishing you and your family a peaceful and happy New Year.
  7. Thanks for the beautiful quote and rep this morning. Merry Christmas!
  8. Thanks for the quote and rep Natalka!! The quote was so true and timely!
  9. Thanks for the quote and rep this morning!!
  10. Thanks for your kind words - it went downhill for him really fast at the end. A year from diagnosis. I think my sister is still in shock, they were high school sweethearts, married 44 years. Luckily, their three kids and grandkids are all in the city, so that's been a very good thing.
  11. Natalka, I am so sorry to hear of your brother in law passing, after going through this as well i can relate to the grief. Hope your sister is coping, it is such a sad thing.
  12. Thanks for the Sunday rep and quote!!
  13. Thanks for the HALLOWEEN Rep!! Well this is the first time in 35 years I haven't been out trick or treating with either my kids or my granddaughter, feeling a little misplaced.
  14. Thanks for the Halloween rep this morning!! Enjoy your Sunday!!
  15. What a wonderfully funny quote this week Natalka!! Hope your having a nice weekend.
  16. Thanks for the beautiful quote! Enjoy your time with your family.
  17. Good morning Natalka! thanks for the L M Montgomery quote, October is my favorite month!!!
  18. Thank you for the rep this morning. It is suiting to a teacher two of my kids had, they still talk about him.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!
  19. Thanks for the rep this morning!!
  20. Thanks so much for the Sunday quote and rep!! Hope that leg is healing and the pain is better.
  21. Oh, my gosh - so many things all around you - so sorry about the deaths. Wishing the best for your BIL as well.
    Prayers for all of you.
  22. Thanks for the rep Natalka, this summer has been one of a lot of lows.
    My son's best friend was killed in a car accident on Canada day,his other best friend was the one driving, missed a stop sign in pouring rain and swerved to miss an on coming car and they rolled. We miss him so much, he was just at our house the night before to help me move some furniture. My best friends husband passed away from esophageal cancer on Tuesday and my brother in law was diagnosed with the same on Wednesday. With Jeff having the heart surgery it has been a long month. I feel there isn't enough of me to go around.I have been popping on here a bit more as a distraction!
  23. Glad she's handling it okay - but, geez, I'm angry FOR what happened. Did anyone get charged?
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