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  1. not much going on, busy with hockey , gymnastics, raking leaves constantly, emma is in gr 1 and has at least 30 mins of homework everynight, that is getting trying. Try to slowly get things for xmas,thats about it
  2. Hey Nic, haven't seen ya in ages, how has things been going? Thanks for the rep. All is well around here, just been pretty mellow, trying to pay off bills and stuff the usual. Anything new in your neck of the woods?
  3. Hi ya Nic, thanks for the rep and the congrats. How have you been?
  4. We have done the around of every sickness except chicken pocks already. Lots of kids were coming down with the chicken pock here, i have never had them so i was getting worried. Every body is well, been spending lots of time on our skating rink. Hubby has the guys over every fri for beers and hockey, they don't come in till after midnight and in the morning tonnes of beer bottles around the rink. atlest they are getting some excercise. I just watch them from the kitchen window, lol, warmer inside.
    Hope all is well with you and your family.
  5. Nic my friend, haven't gabbed in ages. How have you been? Congrats on the great January wins, that's awesome. Hope the family's all well and staying away from the flu bugs, hope to talk soon, Moe.
  6. Hi ya Nic, thanks for the rep and the congrats, and Congrats to you too, nice win.
  7. soo busy, picked up my new to me van in hamilton on tues. that was scary, i never drive in hamilton, same day as the prisoneer escape. I wonder why there was so many cops. Shopping all day today in brantford for xmas, i think i'm almost done, just stcoking stuffers and booze left to go.
  8. HI ya nic, how's things been going?
  9. I enter most of my contest on anouther site.SHHHHHH!! Do you remember , i followed her somewhere else, and we are all winning constantly. If you want to know where i'll tell ya. Mostly for contest,not much for coupons.
  10. Ya, you did awesome for the month of October, I haven't been lucky at all lately, hope that changes soon.
  11. Thanks, i feel like i have been on such a lucky steak lately, hopefully it last awhile.
  12. Thanks for the rep nic, and congrats to your daughter on the nice win.
  13. Hi nic, glad to hear your daughter is feeling a bit better. Wow that was nice of the FIL. It was so windy last night, we only went to about 12 homes, but the girls got more than enough. Ya, we only had about 16 kids at our house. My brother sat here to give out candy while we took the girls around.
  14. emma's feeling much better today, finally and hubby came home with a new to me van yesterday!!!! It was my FIL and he is just giving it to me, he said he was going to get rid of it in the spring anyways. He tried to give him some money but it was a no go. This is great not having to fork over money for a van right before xmas. hope you had fun trick or treating.!!! We had 7 kids at our house and i bought enough for 100!!!!!
  15. Hi nic, hope your little ones are okay, sorry to hear about the van as well. Ya really windy here, so doubt we will be out for too long tonight, hope you have a great night and Happy Halloween.
  16. Happy halloween! My little ones has been sick for 3 days and started throwing up last night, lets hope not the HINI, plus the garage told me my van is not raod worthy and to not leave town with it, so now hubby has to find me something else. I might go get FIL van since i need to do xmas shopping and groceries. I'm usually done xmas shopping by now. Have a great trick or treating day.
  17. Farm boys or fisherman, gonna have to check this out. Gosh, knowing my luck, it will be someone's kid that I might know, but I don't think so. Ya, Simcoe has a rough element to it at times, kinda suprised he's in there.
  18. That's what i was thinking, these farm boys don't take kindly to this stuff.
  19. Okay, ya seems strange in our neck of the woods. And to have him in the toy department, but I guess they had to hire him, can't be judgemental. But ya our neck of the woods, suprised he hasn't been beaten yet.
  20. I forgot to tell you, WM in Simoce has a he/she working in the toy dept.(which i find inappropriate), coming from a small town and not exposed to stuff like this ever, i was floored, i think i starred and the expression on my face i can just imagine. It's a guy dressed like a girl with makeup and girl clothes, and scraf around neck, and male voice and 5 o'clock shadow. some other mommies from town went there to check out and were floored aswell. It really has befuddled me, i though the he/she's all lived in the big cities. Its just creepy.
  21. Kinda like last year at the water park, I get the one kid who won't go in the water. Oh ya, that was fun.
  22. Last thursday i had a group of 5 to walk downtown to put our pumpkins om the pyramid, and listen to the music, my child stayed where i told her to stand , the others i had to keep hauling back and the walk back to school was awful, i had to keep grabbing this one boy . he was running all over peoples yards, not staying in the line, jumping in the wagon on top of the girls i was pulling, anouther boy was crying becasue he was cold. It was a long morning. I have picked out the kids i don't want in my group, so hopefully the teacher will take all the trouble makers but she likes to spread them around.
  23. I know what you mean. I never know what to do with someone else's that is really misbehaving. Mine I can give the look and threaten, not that it does much good.
  24. Last year we had one parent per child almost all the time, this year there is just me and a few other that work shift work so really just me. As long as they behave and listen i'm fine, if they start getting roudy the teacher will have to take over, i feel uncomfortable reprimanding someone else's child.
  25. We get about 3 or 4 parents that will help. My prob is the only day I can is Thursday's. But for school trips, I book the day off work.
  26. I'm good, been very busy lately. Did some shopping tues and returned some skates today and got some different ones. Found a 24 pack of zest for $2 in zellers. Teacher asked me to help with jk/sk halloween party next week. We have hardly any parents to help this year. So just me and the teacher and 18 littleones on sugar, should be fun.
  27. HI ya Nic, how's things been going? Thank you for the rep boost, got some good deals in Tburg today.
  28. I thought it was this weekend, but wasn't sure. Ya we got the cold bug at our house now, it's sticking around here as well. Starting to get the sinus headaches, I can't stand them. Hope you guys are feeling better soon, gab later, Moe.
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