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    Thank you so much for the rep. Have a good evening!
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    Hi! I saw that you had some really cool coupons and I'd like to trade with you. I'm new to this so please tell how to do this best. thank you.
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About Not-a-mom-yet
Trade List:
Hi everybody.
I haven't updated this is forever. I'll get on that!
RLF hv purex, j&j clean and clear
rrlf john frieda shampoo and conditioner that can be used on shampoo/conditioner for blonde hair

I have for trade several things that I haven't gotten around to typing up.
-a stack of 1.50 off colgate sensitve pro-relief
-some colgate toothbrush coupons-specific kinds-pm if interested

Let's get trading...I am a big recycling fan.

Let me know if you want anything even if you don't have something on my list and I'll take a look at your list and see if there is something I might like anyway!...there probably is!

Trade list:

50c Voortman on any 2 no sugar added wafer packs (ex aug 31)
$1 off Laughing cow (July 31st) (Have 3)
$1 Frank’s redhot thick sauce (July 10th)
$1 Frank’s redhot sweet chili sauce (ex. July 10th)
$1 Panebello pizza ex. June 30th
$1 edwards whole pie 6/16/2011
BOGO Sweet Baby Ray’s (ex June 14Th)
$2 Stouffers saute sensations ex. june 30
50c Bretton minins crackersex. sep 30
$1.50 wub2 French’s Mustard (ex. May 12)
50c ANY french's mustard (ex october) (have 3)
50c eggo (have 2) ex. July 31st
$1.50 buy 2 Maruchan Yakisoba ex. May 31 (have 2)
$2 world harvest coffee (ex April 26th
.50 on yoptimal lactose free (i have 2) ex. august
b2 orville redenbachers popcorn (5, 6, or 8 pack get FREE dr. pepper or crush (ex. june 30th) (have 2)
60c off Eagle Brand sweetend condensed milk (ex. dec 31st
75c Black Diamond FUn Cheese (ex aug 31st) (have 2)
$1 Betty Crocker potatoes ex. june 28
$1 Pilsbury toaster strudel ex. june 28
$1 sweetpea frozen organic baby food and organic cookies (March 2012)
$1 Old Dutch Chips (may 31st)

Toonies for Tummies Food:
1X 50 c. Sun-rype 1.36 litre battle
2 X 50c off Hormel real bacon bits or pieces (ex. June 30th)
3 X $1 b2 any 2 Tetley specialty tea canisters *(toonies for tummies) (ex july31)
2x $1 b2 mr. christie's snak paks soft baked cookies (toonies for tummies)

Cleaning and Household:
50c Bounce dryer sheets (may 31st) x2
$1 Bouce dryer ball (may 31st) x2
$1 arm and hammer plus oxicelan detergent ex sept 20th 2011 x2
$1 any Sunlight Green clean laundry detergent (ex. December 31) (have 2)
$1.50 Fleecy liquid fabric sofener 3L, Fleecy ultra liquid fabric softener 1.4 L or Fleecy dryer sheets (120 count) ex. October 9th 2011
50c any mr. Clean liquid (ec may 31st) x3--insert x2 and x1
$1 any resolve pre-treat product ex June 30th (have 2)
$1 any REsolve oxi-action in-wash product ex. June 30th) (have 2)
$1.50 any SWIFFER any swiffer sweeper starter kit (ex may 31st)
$3 any swiffer wetjet starter kit (ex may 31) x2
$5 any Swiffer Sweepervac starter kit (ex may 31st) x2
$3 Swiffer wetjet starter kit (ex may 31)
$1 swiffer Duster OR dust and shine (ex may 31st)
b1 windex outdoor all in one starter kit g1 outdoor all in one refill ex sept. 16th 2011
50c scrubbing bubbles fresh brush toilet cleaning system august 31st exp
b1 scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel get free scrubbing bubbles aerosol ex. August
B1 scrubbing bubbles toil get get 1 toilet duck liquid ex. Aug 31st
75c scrub-free plus oxiclean or x-treme (dec 31st)
75c scrub free soap scum or mildew ex dec 31st
75c scrub free naturally Clean ex dec 31st 2011
$1 oxiclean versatile powder ex sept 30th x 2
$1 ociclean maxforce or multipurpose stain remover spray ex sep 30th x2
$1 oxiclean maxiforce power paks or liquid-Gel ex sept 30th
MIR free Lysol healthy touch no touch hand soap system (x2) (ex may 31)
$2 vileda brooms (June 30th)
$4 wub Vileda promist mop and refill (ex dec 31st)
BOGO Glade refill ex June 30th
BOGO on any decor scents product ex. june 30th
$2 off method laundry detergent (ex. may 31st
$1 dishwater magic ex. june 30th
$1 Finish Jet Dry Rinse Agent (ex June 30th) x2
$1 any Finish dishwasher cleaner ex. June 30th x2
$2 any Finish Quantum (ex June 30th)
$1 any Finsih Detergent product ex. June 30th
$1 bottle of white brite ex june 30
B1 Febreeze 800ML fabric refresher get febreze noticables single warmer (ex may 30th) x2-from insert and (ex may 30)
$2 wub2 Febreze (ex may 31)
$4 wub 4 Febreze (e may 31st) x2
B2G1 Glade (ex. May 31st)
50c airwick freshmagic refill ex. Jult 31st

Personal /Hair/ face/ razors Men & Women:
$3 any physicians formula (ex July 31st)
$2 Cetaphil Eczema moisturizing wash or lotion (ex may 11)
$3 Spectro EczemaCare product (ex may 27th)
$1 off any old spice product (ex. may 31)
$3 wub2 oldspice (ex may 31st)
$1 off any Gillette Deodorant (ex. July 11) (I have 2)
$2 GIllet fusion pro (ex may 30) and insert
$2 giller 3 bladed disposable
$2 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razore (ex may 31) x2
$2 Gillette profusion proseries ex may 31st
$5 wub3 Gillette prod ex. May 31st)
$1 satin Care shave gel (ex may 31) x1
$3 any Venus proskin razon (ex may 31) x2
$1 Zest 18oz body wash (with US address)
$1 Zest 3 bar or larger multipack ex. may 15th (us address)
$2 One package of depend ex. May 6th
$2 one package of Depend underwear in print an d colours (6 ct or larger- ex, may 6th
$1 any TRESEMME shampoo or conditioner (have 2)
$1.50 Loreal Paris hair expertise product (dec 31st)
$2 L’oreal Studio line (ex dec 31)
75c Garnier frucis pure clean x2 (dec 31s)
50c Herbal essences ex. May 31
$1.50 Head and shoulders conditioner ex may 31st
$1 nice’n easy (may 31st) x2
$3 nice n’eay (may 31) x2
$1 natural instincts hair colour (ex may 31st) x2
$3 wub2 natural instincts (ex may 31) x2
$1 St. Ives any facial product (have 2) ex. Nov 30th
$1 Lever 2000 bar or body wash 12/31/11
$1 Tena product ex dec 31st

$5 Duracell Usb charger (ex dec 31st)
$2 any hearing aid battery (may 31st)
75c any duracell coppertone battery (ex may 31 and May-2)
$1.25 any duracell ultra batteries (ex may 31st)
$2 vileda brooms
$2 Duracell Hearing aid batteries (ex. may 23rd)-from and insert (may 31)

Vitamins and medicines:
$2 ANY centrum (Nov ex) x4
$5 Ostereo Bi-flex ex. Dec 21
$5 osteo bi-flex ex 13/1/2012
$2 of any disney vitamins ex. dec. 31
$1 Disney vitamins ex 13/1/2012
$1.50 any GenTeal product (ex. Dec 31) (have 2)
$2 Centrum Materna (Nov. ex) x2
$2 Caltrate PLUS (nov ex) x3
$3 Any Robax product (ex march 31st 2012) x3
$2.50 Dayquill (ex may 31) (have 2)

$1 Listerine mouthwash (ex. May 23rd)
$1 sensodyne toothpaste (ex June 30th) (have 2)
$1 polident or poligrip ex June 30th x2
$1 proenamel toothpaste ex. June 20th (have 2)
50c Aquafresh toothpaste ex. June 30th
$1 any spinbrush kid's or swirl toothbrush ex. M. 2012
$3 Spinbrush sonic batter or recharge toothbrush (ex m. 2012)
75c off ANY Crest paste 124 mL+ (ex. june 30th) (have 3)-from tearpad
75c any crest paste (ex. May 31st)-from brandsaver insert
$1 off any oral B pro-health for me brush (ex may 31st)
$1 any orab B prohealth for me manuel brush (ex may 30th)--from brandsaver mail to home
$1 crest prohealth for me manuel brush (may 31)
$1 crest pro health for me paste (ex may 31st) and insert x2
$1 crest pro health for me rinse (ex may 31st) x2

Baby and little ones:
$1 any pampers wipes (ex. may 23) x2
$3 ONE pampers Easy ups underjams or splashers (ex. may 23rd) x2
$2 pull-ups Training pants ex 5/13/ 2011
$2 Goodnites 5/13/2011


$1 MarroBone ex. May 31st x2
$5 Nutro Natrual choice grain free dog food ex. 6/4/11
$1 purina beneful snackin' slices dog snacks any size (ex june AND another exp. dec 31)
$3 purina beneful dry dog food ex. June 5th
$1 PurinaONE SMARTblend (toonies for tummies)
$2 Iams dry dog food (ex. May 31st) x2

50C eukanuba wet dog OR cat food (e. May 31st) x2

$3 NutroNatural Choice dry Catfood (ex. 6/4/11)
b3 g1free any whiskas wet food for cats 100g. (ex. October 31st)
$2 any Iams dry cat food (ex may 31st)
$5 Eukanuba dry cat food
$1 (b2) friskies party mix cat treats (have two) (exp dec)
$1 any dry cat food friskies (have two) exp dec 31
$1 friskies wet cat food (b12) (I have two) (exp dec 31
2x BOGO any Meow mix market select cup (exp may 28)
75c Fancy Feast Hors d'oeuvre (ex dec 31st)

other-eating out/entertainment:
various chuck E cheese- (i have 8) june exp
$3 and $4 off red lobster with any two entrees (2 of the $3 off, 2 of the $4 off) ex. may
Wish List:
Might also be interested in some FPC's or others. Can almost always find SOMETHING on your list!
1. MOST WANTED almost any betty crocker snacks ie:cars, fruit by the foot, scooby doo--prefer $1 but suggest any
2. ALSO REALY WANT $ off any John Frieda shampoo or conditioner
3. Feminine liners any brand (prefer not BOGO, but depends)
4. oasis juice (any)
5. $1 off Berries (From Kellogg's boxes)
6. $1.00 off Bananas (From Kellogg’s boxes)
7.pringles or other such snacks
8. tropicana
9. whole eggs (cents off)
10. dried pasta .75 cents off or better (almost any brand)
11. cheeses (not store specific) black diamond/Cracker Barrel/ Kraft block Cheeses not strings etc
12. garnier- Any cleanser
13. furniture/wood polish ie pledge (not BOGO)
14. Blue Diamond - Nut Thins or Almond thins etc
15. bolthouse/arthurs smoothies
16. tortilla bread--dempsters or other ex. May and later--okay for now
17. kashi granola bars
18. PITA BREAK coupons
19. kids snacks ie:


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