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  1. Whatsa Alf bagel?
    Alf would treat your furry swinging friend like bagel all right.
    Slather poor thing in cream cheese after good roastin'...
    didn't Alf lurv to munch little furry things, esp. kitties?

    I prob. am a bagel (don't remember ref. from show tho)...
    aw rats, now I want a bagel with cream cheese?! Mmmm

    Hey, is that a kitty or a raccoon? Either way, best keep away from Alf?!
  2. hahaha...both work same on me, make me watch

    round and round, round and round - but one makes me feel pooped and the other kinds dizzy

    you are a bagel. (you hadda watch Alf, to get that)

    wth has crumpet got for an avie??? now that's hypnotising.. ..crumpet..
  4. Love your swinging kitty avatar!
    Cute and hypnotizing in amusing sort of way?
    Have a nice day kewl cat!

  5. Awwwww thanks! You're pretty cool yourself!
  6. you is too kewl, and i shoulda told you that sooner.

    luv the layout. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

  7. Happy Halloween!

  8. Awwww Thanks!

    All kinds of roads to choose from, I prefer to try take the high one when I can - fell off the class act at the end tho', only wish I had more buttons to click?!

    Way not cool and lost mine a little, no perfect angel here either, but thanks, I tried!
  9. thank you for the well articulated post on the aeroplan in mia's defence! i tried to give you rep for it, and it wouldn't let i'll catch ya later, after i spread it around some lol.
  10. lol..whatever it is, your fitting in quite nicely!
  11. Thanks so much for the rep!

    Well at least if I hit my head I might quiet down for a bit?
    As it is now, can't stop yet - I'm too excited!
    Hey, maybe it's not fever from the flu that I've got?
    Probably just a flaming case of SC newbie freebie-itis?

    Have a super day!
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