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  1. nope, no clue on RK, letme know when u hear from her. fixing up the place is alot of work!
  2. Two boo-boos - slated NOT lsated.
    I'm spazzin' out, nighty-nite and g'morning!
  3. Arg! Can't type - meant heard NOT hears.
    I gotta catch a nap!
  4. Oh my, a new sexy pic! Hears from Rockin' Kitty. Still hasn't moved in yet, been packing, repairing and painting. They move Saturday. Don't know when she is lsated to get her Internet turned back on though?

  5. Thanks for the rep! Have a great weekend!

  6. Hugs kiddo!
  7. I did use the one p&p gave me and changed my password but it wouldn't work and I had to ask for another one from them. I'll just use theirs for now - easier.
  8. that password problem, in p&P i had the same problem! i eventually got it straightened out after half a dozen tries, but i can't remember what i did.

    i think you have to use the one they email you, then change it.

  9. Thanks for the rep birthday girl!
  10. OMG thanks! I'm very glad I joined p&p and appreciate very much your mentioning the thread!!!

    What a nice group that hangs out there! 6 rep points as welcome - wow!

    Okay, so what I stayed up all night surfing and entering code words. Was fun. I'm a little lost still but will get the hang of things soon. Having password problems. Even reset it but the machine won't take any but the one they send. Waiting for my second new password. I'm such a spaz?!

  11. Hope you're having a sweet Valentine's Day?

  12. Thanks so much for the rep and tips hon!

  13. I'm heading out to go play for a bit - Pogo n Winster
    ... but saw your light on, so came to say hi first - HI!
  14. sorry i haven't been around lately. yesterday i sprained my dang foot, and couldnt' walk on it at all til this am. still not 100%. going to bed now. will tty tommorrow i hope!
  15. you wrote that at 3am. so buy tommorrow, do you mean tommmorrow? (sunday?) or today? (saturday). lmao!
  16. I'm gonna hafta tackle rest of my messages and do my thank yous tomorrow. Shopping today, all day, took a lot out of me. Keep falling asleep in mid-keystroke. Maybe we play for a bit tomorrow?

  17. oh hai...

    you back up n running now?

  18. Gosh I hope you aren't freezin' your bits n pieces off today?
    Did you get hit hard from storm? Did you lose power?
    Are you okay?

    Warm thoughts and well wishes kiddo!
  19. Yeesh, first try with kitty didn't work so I did it over then I had two of 'em cuz the first one finally showed up LOL I have talents I tell ya...!

  20. What is it with butterflys and kitty's noses?
    This happens a lot?
  21. It's just not the same when you ain't around?
    Hope you're having a good day?!!!

  22. Heehee, this reindeer makes me chuckle.
  23. Ooooo I lurvs that kitty!
    I want those bunny slippers LOL
    My ma used to call me her lil' bunny heehee
    Used to call me her "baby" and say I'd always be that to her. She was so mushy cuddly my ma. Cute pic!!!
  24. this is my reply to your kitty:

  25. I get a kick outta this kitty!
    Don't catch that cold! It's yucky!!!
  26. ROFLMAO! Gee thanks!
  27. LOL! i just read your visitor msg. i had just sent you a pm on that porn/winster thing. you is too funny chickey. thanks for living me up. too bad your not into girls. i'm not either..but you might be able to convert me
  28. Can't play my Winster either! Dumb porn page keeps kicking me outta the game! What I want with stupid pictures? If I can't have it what I want to look at it for and I sure am not into chicks! Just want to play a game and relax. Got porned and kicked out thanx to them 3x last night!
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