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  1. Oh so sweet of you! I wish you and your lovely family a safe and Happy New Year and only great things for 2017.
  2. You're welcome. I send to the people I want to, not to the people who send to me. Postage is so expensive, I have really cut down myself. I only send to ppl I don't see that I want to know I have thought of this time of year now. So that includes you!
  3. Thanks so much for the lovely Christmas card! It was such a nice surprise. i had great intentions but unfortunately my card sending was minimal this year due to the fact my office is ripped apart for renos and who knows where my address book is!!!
  4. All is well. Less time to SC. Work cramps my online life.
  5. Thanks for the rep and the kind words, Granger!
  6. Thanks for the rep and the blessings, enjoy your Thanksgiving.
  7. You sound so busy, but what a happy time for you and your family!!
  8. I had weeks like that when Rylyn's Celiac was active and I had a newborn (Addy). Pfft! Sucks! Unless of course you are getting answers and good news! Next week we have apts every day. And I have two to schedule. Unreal!
  9. Hey thanks for the rep. I am home and did well with the stress test. more tests ordered by the cardiologist. i gauge my weeks by how many appointments have to go to!!
  10. It is a good thing we aren't in charge of usernames for one another! Yikes!!! lol.
  11. Thanks for the one boob rep, it really means a lot coming form the roomy uterus girl!!
  12. Hey granger thank you for the rep. I 'm fine with not going to Hawaii, disappointing but not the end of the world. I feel blessed all these health issues were caught(with a lot of persistence from me) and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Hope you are feeling well, I always enjoyed the last trimester, my nesting instinct would take off and I had boundless energy!
  13. Congratulations on the baby news!!!! I am so happy for you and your family, hope you have an easy pregnancy!!
  14. Just got your message today! I have not been online much over December! Thank God for great dental workers! I am glad everything was caught in time and I hope you are continuing to rest and get well. We announced to the family we are expecting our third baby in July over the holidays so I am resting too! Will be thinking of you as you recover!
  15. Hi Granger,
    I was so pleased to get the beautiful card in the mail,thank you so much.I didn't get to do a return card I had a very big surprise and the doctor found a 90% and 70% blockage in my heart so had stents and angioplasty done.Christmas will be low key this year as I am recovering from that with a big dose of flu on top of it! I feel blessed to be alive as I wasn't having symptoms and it was actually the dentist that sent me to the doctor.She was brand new and was trained to take blood pressure before any procedure and was alarmed at the pressure in my right arm. I am so lucky it was caught!!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful and beautiful first Christmas in your new house, enjoy every second. I imagine those beautiful girls are growing up way too fast!

  16. Awe thanks for the rep Granger, yup i have spent more time in the hospital getting things fixed on him than all 3 girls put together!He had his surgery about 2 hours a go and is resting as dad watches over, just home to make him some supper!!
  17. Thanks for the rep Granger, have a wonderful weekend. Hope the packing is going well!!
  18. Thanks for the rep! Prayers were being sent to heaven for a quick sale and answered!!!
  19. Hey thanks for the groin healing reps...I think! Doesn't sound weird at all!!!
    Great job finding the clearance treats for Valentines day!!Hope thins are well with you and the family.
  20. Hope you are feeling better today!!
  21. Hi Granger!! I hope you were able to relax before going back to work tomorrow!!Happy New Year.
  22. Hi Granger ! So glad you got your card, I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season, i imagine you are really looking forward to school break! happy holidays!!!
  23. Received a package in the mail today! Thank you! The girls love the books (and the envelope seal which they have promptly stuck to a variety of items in the home). The card you sent is really nice and the gluten free coupon will go to good use. I haven't seen that brand, yet, but my husband said he has and he has been doing most of the shopping recently. I thought I would thank you on your wall instead of a "trade rating" since it is only the first rating for each member that actually counts and this was more of a Christmas thing. I hope that is okay. Stay warm, friend!!!
  24. I am so sorry the little ones are sick, I remember those days and the amount of worry hours I logged in!! that is so cute they are still on the Halloween bandwagon, it reminds me when Jayden was 3, he was obsessed with the Tarzan movie, I had done all the shopping and was ready and it was a couple of days before Christmas when he said out of no where, " I hope Santa brings the loin cloth I wanted" so there I was at Fabricland buying ultra suede fabric and doing my best to make a loin cloth for under the tree. He ate Christmas dinner in his loin cloth and underneath his clothes when we had to go out.there is absolutely nothing wrong combing the beat of both occasions!!!
  25. House hunting going well. Nothing yet, but expecting new action on the market after the holidays. Girls are both sick. I am trying to transition them to Christmas. They keep talking about Halloween and trick or treating! lol.
  26. Hi Granger, yes I am fine it was almost like it happened in slow motion!!Just frustrating to say the least.Hope the house hunting is going well for you. things are busy here the part time job as been a bit of an adjustment as far as organization goes but I love it!Christmas is coming fast and I am a bit unorganized this year so I need to step up my game a bit! Thanks for the message it is so nice to hear from you.I bet the little ones are getting excited about Christmas!!
  27. Thinking of you. Snow, accident! Sending special prayers. Hope you are okay!
  28. Ohh good glad there were a few you could use!!!
  29. I will have them in the mail tomorrow!!
  30. I would LOVE those coupons! Summer has gone by too quickly, but it has been good!!!
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