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  1. Thank you very much for the well wishes Littlemoe ;-) Good luck
  2. Okay, but thank you TD, and wow 6 weeks, have a grand time and enjoy your great trip, have fun, Moe.
  3. Hi littlemoe! You asked me to keep an eye out at TCP at the end of november....unfortuantely my family and I are going to europe for 6+ weeks so we won't be here in Canada :-( Maybe you should try posting in one of the forums asking others to keep any eye out? good luck
  4. HI, can you please keep your eyes open at the children's place for the end ov November. We live about 3 hours away, but are going thru the last weekend of the month for the hubby's christmas party. We stopped there last year and I got some great finds, would of done more shopping, but had a migraine, I would really appreceiate it if you see or hear anything. Thanks so much, Moe.
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