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Thread: Update Sept24 new finds/New Pics of house,stash and binder: "I love our Kijiji house!

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    Thanks for stopping in!

    April 4, 2012 Well here is the 1 item I did snag last week and I just love it. It's iron like quite a bit of our items and we paid $6 for it. I hope you like it and I'm sure it will look just lovely in one of our rooms!
    Name:  New kijiji wall hanging.JPG
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    Jan 6, 2012
    As you know if you read this thread we've been on the hunt for rugs. It wasn't easy finding a modern rug as I stumbled upon traditional, old style flowery type.

    So, in the living room area keeping in mind the beige walls, dark leather couch set , dark brown and beige curtains I really wanted some color in the room. Tonight I finally found what I think will make a splash of color in the room. We picked up a 9x11 red and beige rug tonight, excellent condition for $60! This definitely beats paying anywhere from $300 and up for this size and quality.

    Dec 28,2011- 2011 Coupon/SDM redemption Savings-$7390 not including cost of sale items or reduced items purchased so we are very happy~

    I've been actively on kijiji looking for deals or gift cards for that matter. I was able to get a Marks Work Wearhouse GC $100 for $80 and since DH buys his work boots and socks there this will be an easy 20.00 made.

    Oct 27,2011

    I was just thrilled, seriously thrilled last week when I was searching for my Dell printer Ink on kijiji. My ink cost for a low yield is $35.99 at Staples for black and more for color. The high yield is $42.99 each OMG i know.

    I've tried refilling them but it doesn't reset my ink levels and I've had it leak so I gave up with that. Anyhow I was able to find someone selling 3 brand new Dell High Yield inks for ONLY $5.00 for all 3... I know I know.. I was just as excited! The problem was it was in another city but having an amazing SC friend in this city she was able to scoop these up for me.

    Tip- Don't be afraid to have friends in other cities help you out when you find something you know you want! It's helped me out more than once!

    Tonight we went to see these 3 wooden vases that were listed for only $10. I offered $5 for them and she said ok OMG... We loved them as soon as we saw them and she sold them to me. When we got home I searched the web for the website we found on the bottom of them. Well to our surprise these 3 vases were hand picked from Thailand. The vases on the website range from $23.99-$5x.xx.
    Here is the website for the vases.

    Sept 24,2011 One year and counting!

    Well I suppose we should do an anniversary week post for this thread today for all the readers. Thanks to all that have posted compliments, asked questions, and come back often to see what is new. Today we have a few items for you which were picked up off of kijiji.

    1. Bowring Painting in Frame for the kitchen (when then new kitchen is completed- price on back $160.00 paid $5.00. I will post the artists info etc in a pic so you can read about him if you like.

    2.- 8x11 Rug (yep another one) It's a Jaipur Rug made in Turkey which we paid $120.00 for and is in excellent condition although we are not sure if we are putting this in the living room or master yet.

    3- We picked this up to put in the master ensuite as I tend to have alot of "bottles of stuff" as most women do .I don't like to leave much on the counters as clutter but I also don't like to have to hunt for my most used products. I thought it complimented the decor and fit all the items I needed inside perfectly. Cost $0.50!

    4. Fax Machine $15.00 we can always use a fax machine in the house and it works great! This item we picked up last year mid summer It was just one of those items that never got posted but still a great deal.

    Sept 13, 2011

    Here we go again... I was on Kijiji when I noticed an Estate Sale, so curious person that I am I checked the ad out as these types of sales produce the best deals, for me at least. Well turns out a lady and her 2 children had just sold their 3000sq foot home and 10acre farm and bought a home on Vancouver Island.

    She was selling all contents of the home. Of the couple of pictures she had up I noticed some Bombay pieces and decorative pillows. This peeked my interest so I emailed her to send me more pics.

    10x12 Belgium made rug which she paid $1100.00 for a few years ago was under her dining room table where she says she hardly uses the area. We researched these rugs and they are costly.

    We only brought $230.00 where $200 was our limit but we were expecting her to ask around $400-500 for the rug. We were not expecting to purchase this rug as it would have simply been out of reach for us price wise. We weren't expecting to pick this rug up for $10.00 like the one we picked up 2 weeks ago but you can't even come close to comparing quality with this one.

    We went around and she marked on paper all the items in the house we wanted then she proceeded to give us prices. Here is the breakdown along with my end negotiation.

    1- 10x12 Beligum Rug cost $1100 she asked $200.00 WOW!
    2- 2 little decorative pillows- oh you can have them for free.. wow.. ok thanks!
    3- Certified Authentic Hand Made Belgium Tapestry with Rod and 2 tassels. The tapestry alone that are reproduced ( I'm still not sure if this one is, I'm researching the certification number on the product) run in price for $159.00 plus tax, plus the rod, plus the tassels. She wanted" $40.00 ... I really wanted this for over our bed. I've been looking for months
    4-Decorative Pillow (this pillow is super heavy and good quality, and wrought iron decorative bench- She wanted $60.00
    5-Authentic Belgium Decorative blanket, very detailed, heavier in weight, hand-made- she said she paid alot and really needs to ask at least $20.00 for it.

    Asking Total for All $350.00

    SO.... we really wanted the tapestry but we really wanted that rug and we only had $230.00. We offered her the $230.00 and she said SURE... omg! Ok, sold! We left very happy!

    P.S - Picked up a 100ft hose cost at Canadian Tire is $79.99 plus tax, gentlemen was moving out west and sold it to me for $12.00~ we needed one for our rain barrel.

    August 21,2011

    Well it's been a busy summer so we haven't been on the hunt for too much although I have been secretly looking for rugs. Since our beds are all queen and the master is king the prices for large rugs have been so high in retail stores and online shopping sites.
    Well yesterday I got lucky as we found 2 rugs 8x11 and 5x8 that were darker and we thought they would compliment our home decor and style. The owner was moving out west and they said they were hardly if ever used and were going to take them.They had just had them steam cleaned and rolled and packaged for moving but decided to sell them. They were in mint condition just what I aim for.

    When I asked the price she says $10.00 as we need to get this stuff gone asap as they were leaving the next day, I nearly fainted and said SOLD... awesome deal!

    June 17,2011

    This is not a kijiji brag but a garage sale brag.

    A while back DH and I were in Pier 1 and he pointed out a round iron piece ona stand that he really liked until we looked at the price tag... ummm no it was well over $100.00. Anyhow yesterday the first sale we went to I FOUND IT! We were in shock and said we would take it especially when the price read $5.00 Yippie! Its in mint condition and he loves it! See pic below at end of this post. We also picked up a coleman lunch box for $1.00 clean as a whistle, $1.00 oscillating sprinkler.

    June 06,2011

    Well I'm going to go out on a limb on this one and say we picked up a pretty good deal. Today we picked up 2 Artificial Palm trees on kijiji (see pic posted 1 tree at end) for $30.00 each. They are 6ft tall, silk potted. We looked up pricing on the Silk Palm trees and they vary up into the thousands of dollars which was shocking to me...but hey some people like them big!


    May 11,2011

    We decided to put an electric fireplace in the upstairs living room for heat and ambience. So to kijiji we went looking for the past year now. We found one the other day just outside of Hamilton,Ontario. This is a 55" Dimplex in Cherry Wood with remote show model from a Napoleon Fireplace Store. The fireplace still has the stickers and warranty and retails for $1250.00 plus taxes.
    It was used to show potential customers the flame so only turned on and off periodically in the past 2 years. The going price was $500 obo and picked it up for ONLY $250.00. The unit is in mint condition and we are so happy with it.

    April 29,2011

    Well it's been a busy week at our house! DH finally finished building shelves in the cold storage room. All our products do not fit in the room so you won't be able to see everything. All of our aerosols,shampoos,conditoners,hand creams,gift sets etc are not in the room rather stocked on the shevling we had in the old cold room. DH organized the entire room in accordance to expiry date and I think he did a pretty good job!

    April 16,2011

    A friend of mine found a huge load of sandpaper various types for only $20.00 on kijiji which will last us a lifetime lol. The amount we picked up would have cost in the hundreds of dollars to purchase. This has been helpful for sanding and staining the stairs.

    We also managed to pick up a bench for one of the bedrooms for only $5.00 then dh sanded and stained the legs to match the flooring. My most exciting purchase was a new A/C for the house retails for $4400 and we won an online auction purchasing it for about half the price with 10 years parts and 10 years labour from a reputable company!

    We've also started a donation box for friends to bring to their church of various items and can't wait to surprise them with it!! Thanks for popping in!

    Feb 7,2011
    We've been looking for a bench to put in front of our bed to drape a nice blanket over with a couple pillows. We found what we were looking for today. We picked up a Bronze Manchester Wrought Iron Bench retails for $199.99 plus tax on their website. The bench was purchased last year but due to a move they were selling it for $40.00!! It's in mint condition no scratches nothing.

    NEW: Sept 24 Update
    We picked up a few new decorations for the house from a family moving to Australia and were selling the entire house.
    All these came with the flowers shown
    Vase #1- 10.00 tall vase with brown bambooish leaves
    Vase #2-5.00 made in Japan where she used to live smaller vase
    Vase #3- $5.00 Bigger brown vase on stand

    No Pic but we also picked up a Disney stuffed animal still in the box for only $1.00..... SOLD!! lol..

    Today we picked up a COLEMAN Blue Family Sized Cooler in mint condition from the Salvation Army for $9.00!!!! on sale now at Canadian Tire this week for $27.xx.

    NEW: Aug 27 Update
    Well we picked up a few new great kijiji deals I wanted to share as I thought we did well with them.

    BRAND NEW IN BOX- Hamilton Beach stainless Steel Wave Blender 12 speed with glass jar and dispenser Retails for $89.99 paid $10.00....

    BRAND NEW IN BOX-Bar Holder for 6 bottles of Alcohol with dispenser. Not too sure how much it retails for but I bet it's more than the $8.00 we paid.

    BRAND NEW IN BOX- Outside Clothes Dryer which my DH cemented into the ground but it is removable in the winter Retails upwards of $100.00 but I've seen them go on sale. Paid $50.00 and the savings by not using the dryer has been wonderful and of course to the environment.

    Wrought Iron bowl and holder $5.00 Kijiji with Pot Pourri ($3.50 reg $12.99 Home Sense)

    Complete set of 3 large candle holders which we fell in love with as soon as we saw them as they fit our decor. No Idea of reg retail although they are heavy and very detailed paid $20.00 for all 3

    We found 1 more tall detailed vase to put the flowers with long stems my DH dries for me which he does alot. No idea of the retail on it but paid $15.00.

    August 17,2010 updated as so many of you wanted to see what else I had found!
    Here are a few pics of the items we have purchased from Kijiji.

    Here is a brief breakdown from what we remember purchasing from Kijiji but the point is, it doesn't cost alot to furnish a home with beautiful decor to suit your own taste if you have the time to search and a truck lol.

    Everything in our home is our preference but if you look you will find what you need at a fraction of the price. One yr ago we had nothing much but an air mattress and clothes in our home....and some various items in storage.

    Bistro Set-$10.00
    LG Microwave-$20.00
    Solid wood and wrought iron Kitchen Table-$50.00
    Master Bedroom almost everything except curtains,lamps(Bowrings $19.99 reg $49.99),mattress-$600.00 including king 4 poster 5 piece bedroom suite solid wood, with white wing back chair, Bombay king bed ensemble (new in bag).
    Spare room #1 Queen bedroom set-mattress not incl $300
    Spare room #2 full 5 piece 4 poster Queen Bed set- mattress not incl $400.00 solid wood
    Living Room Set Reg cost $3000.00 read receipt and still half wrapped as the seller was leaving country and wanted to pay off bill.
    Lamps in living room $75.00
    Big Mirror in Dining room-$20.00
    Bombay Big Mirror on steps $20.00
    Bombay table under big off-white mirror $20.00
    Painting in Living Room- $40.00
    Coffee tables and end tables and side tables-$100.00
    Bombay Wine Cabinet $60.00
    All decorative Pier 1 vases were under $20.00 including the flowers or bamboo shoots.
    Living Room leather coffee table $50.00
    Bombay Hallway table $20.00
    Decorations on table-$10.00
    Bombay flower stand-$15.00 with flower pot
    Bombay telephone table-$30.00
    Solid Wood Dove tail Night tables in bedroom-$100.00
    Dacor Stove $1000.00 retails approx $8000.00
    Expresso/cap machine $50.00 new was wedding gift someone didn't want
    36 " TV in living room-Free Freecycle Just wanted something until we can put a flat screen on the wall and done renos then will freecycle it again for someone else to use.
    Lamp and mirror and bombay table on upper stairs- $45.00 total
    Tall brown Vase with decor branches $10.00
    Computer desk-$50.00 retails $750.00 1 yr old when bought
    computer chair-$10.00
    Hoover Vac - $5.00 until we install the Central vac
    Didn't put pic of water tower $40.00 selling this though as we have filtered water on our sink now.... got a great deal at home depot they were getting rid of the filters retailed at $17.99 on sale $3.00 and the Ge filteration system was $5.00 reg $74.99 we took all the filters and the 1 system so enough for about 3-4 years.
    Ladder- $40.00 retails for approx $160.00
    Others not pictured:
    Wheelbarrow $20.00, Garden tools $5.00 each shovels,rake,hoe,etc
    Electric Weedeater-$5.00
    Free Brand new Rice Cooker,sandwich maker, blender- wedding gifts never used- was so happy about this one as the lady was just so generous.
    We have other bits which would take forever to post but this is the bigger stuff.

    Here's the BOMBAY Link!

    My kijiji Finding Tips!

    Top Tip:
    Email them straight away if you are remotely interested in order to get yourself in the door per say. If they provide a phone number, call it or you may lose out if you plan on just emailing them.

    1. Ask alot of questions ie: age of product, any damage; is it an easy fix, why they are selling, mfg of product, year of purchase etc.

    2. Research the product you potentially are purchasing and reply asap if you are interested before someone else gets it!

    3. Plan to visit the product and seller always keep your money in your pocket.

    4. Chat to the seller when you meet them, get to know them, look at their surroundings, area of living, are they downsizing, do they just want it gone, is it a divorce sale, moving sale etc.. essentially I think "what will make this seller happy"

    5. Make an offer but don't low ball them to make them feel upset, I meet in the middle from their asking price. Most often they take my first offer or we bargain.

    6. If you don't hear back from an email, email them again as it may have ended in their junk mail.

    7. If you don't own a truck make friends with someone who does and be prepared to go, go, go.

    8. Don't be afraid to drive to a different town to pick something up especially if the price is right.

    9. Try to envision the piece in your home , it may not look great when you see it but the potential to fix or restore it is not as costly as you may think in most cases.

    10.Set a budget, set goals, envision what you would like the decor in your home to look like and start looking for pieces to compliment this vision to keep a theme throughout. Don't be in a rush to finish as if the price is too high keep looking you will find it at the price you are prepared to pay! Items you can't find on Kijiji wait until a great sale comes on and they buy what you need at the store. Ie: we picked up 3 sets of curtains last week at Homesense reg: $160.00 for $45.00 total. We also found tie backs for the curtains reg $39.99 on sale for $10.00- discount coupons for the store... take advantage of these great deals when they surface.

    11. Don't limit your searching to your own city search surrounding areas.

    12. If its too good to be true, it may just be BUT I've found awesome deals through people truly just wanting it GONE!

    13. Never pay for it online or through any other means than in person and in cash.

    14. Have patience, you will find what you need.

    15. Try to search often as you could miss a great deal.

    16. Search in "buy and Sell' and you will see everything posted as it comes along for all items. Or if you want do a product word search.
    Attached Images Attached Images                                                                                                  
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    very nice!
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    thanks for the site SC :)
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    nice watergirl, good for you, that's an amazing grab! I'm envious.
    you've just inspired me to go browse kijiji.
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    that is awesome!

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    Great find. I wish I owned a van/truck so I could upgrade some of my home furnishings. The good stuff goes fast.
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    Wow! Thats one of those start the car moments
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    Added pics in first post!

    My biggest score was from a (Successful Business owner) house who was selling all their contents to move to their new cottage.
    Last edited by watergirl73; Tue, Jul 24th, 2012 at 02:25 AM. Reason: Added pics in first post!:-)
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    i honestly don't think they knew how much it was worth... I checked it out on the Bombay website this morning before I went.

    Quote Originally Posted by maplegirl View Post
    Wow! Thats one of those start the car moments

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    WOW! I the only one who wants to see more pictures????? LOL
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    Wow! Good for you! I too LOVE kijiji!!
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    We bought our bedroom suite from a friend downsizing and saved quite a bit. You are inspiring me to look on kijiji. Whoo the wine cabinet looks very classy!! Congrats.

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    very nice

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    Yes, I want to see pics of all these things!! That's amazing!!!
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