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Thread: Kitten Questions

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    Meet Monroe Darren (3 weeks old on May 5)

    We will be getting him when he's ready to go.

    Never raised a kitten before. Lots of cats but no kittens.

    Give me your tips please especially as it pertains to litter training, houseplants, clawing furniture, etc....
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    OMG! So Adorable...I have raised quite a few kittens over my lifetime. Here are a couple of hints....never disturb them when they are eating their food. I taught my kids this and the cat also knows it is a safe place. Find a litter that they like and continue to always use the same. Some animals have definite likes and dislikes. Don't disturb them in the litter box as well. Cats like their privacy for that. Watch out for small hidy holes as they enjoy a small dark place to sleep. My daughter one caught her 9 week old kitten behind the fridge! Play with them and get them tired so they do not wreck your furnishings also get a scratching post and teach them to use it. No catnip for the first year as they are still developing and it can damage their brains. You can also clip their claws and there is plenty of information on that. (regular clippers are okay, you don't have to purchase special ones).
    Whew! Probably enough for now. If you have questions message me and I will do my best to answer them.

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    Oh, you are going have such a good time with your kitten. We just got a new little one about 3 months ago, and she runs me ragged. Buy a few toys, especially ones that roll, like a small ball so that your kitten can chase it. We also got a mechanical toy in which a stick goes around randomly in circles under a plastic cover. It only cost $10 and it keeps the kitten busy for long periods of time. We use a squirt bottle of water to discourage her from clawing the furniture. Cats hate being squirted, but it does them no harm...and they actually can learn! Enjoy, enjoy...

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