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  1. Queen Victoria and I would not have gotten along except maybe over tea and cutlery.
    Trifle is a lovely English dessert-wish we both had it on the table for today!
  2. Thanks for the rep; have a FAB week!
  3. Hope you had a serene Easter Tuesday, Natalka!
  4. The wearing of green for St. Patrick's Day certainly inspires spring thoughts and flower sightings!
    Love the quotation, Natalka!

  5. May you boldly go each day and find something new/green! A little pot of gold would be lovely too!
  6. Awesome book quotation, Natalka! I have to jot it down in my planner.
    May the warm sunshine give you an early spring soon!
  7. Thanks for the recent rep; Happy Family Day!

    Happy Heart Day, Natalka! Thank you for ever-curious mind and quotations and messages!
  9. Wow, Natalka, the Sunday quotation you shared is a gem! Thank you!
  10. Yes, I'm warm, Natalka! Did get my head clipped by the garbage bin lid probably due to snow not letting the lid lift all the way up.Next time, hood will come off before I push that lid open! Was reaching for the snow brush to knock off snow.
  11. Thanks so much for the rep; hope you are staying warm!
  12. "If you can do something, why get frustrated? If you cannot do something, why get frustrated?" Something I read in the book by Robert Kiyosaki and his Buddhist nun sister. Took a long time to see what merit that thinking might have. I have my answer-it's the emotional labour in relationships that is frustrating. No one likes to be left unacknowledged (needs, resources, time, experience, ideas).
  13. Natalka, that quotation is one I have to add to some others I carry around with me! Thanks for
    providing some super kick-ass mind material!
  14. Thanks for today's quotation, Natalka. It seems this is Amy Tan's version of the (anime series) Revolutionary Girl Utena line of dialogue that one academy professor lobs at a student "you don't want anyone to touch your memories?" (paraphrased as this was on VHS tape back when I saw it).
  15. Thanks for the rep!
  16. Memorable quotation about failure.Have not tallied up to that count but the number certainly seems to be a lifetime achievement goal! Well, we can MacGyver failure sometimes by looking for a workaround.
  17. Thanks for the rep!
  18. I'd be happy for peace on Monday. We'll see. Thanks for the message, Natalka!
    May your long weekend include time with your son!
  19. Happy September! Thanks for the rep!
  20. Drinking too much Dr. Pepper and Coke Classic. The caffeine from either beverage keeps the mind going and going at bedtime. Cooler temperatures are now here and yes, I'm rejoicing!
  21. Thanks for the rep!
  22. Love the book quote you sent to me, Natalka! Books were the social medium of my youth, given my almost non-existent social life in primary school.
  23. Happy Mother's Day, Natalka! We had a touch of hail in one brief rainfall today, so May is on track for its seasonal snow though nothing like the April 10 snow/slushfest for all of two hours.
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