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  1. Wise words for the New Year, Natalka! Happy New Year to you and your family and cats!
  2. May you experience joy at being home for each of the 12 days of Christmas with your family and for having home Internet to keep connected to your online friends! Christ is Risen, Natalka! So glad you are at home with your cats too.
  3. Ha, ha-yes, it seems weekends are optical illusions. They do provide for daydreams and possibilities however.
  4. Thanks, Natalka! I will take a chance to look at the database because due to past pattern searches online, I know Vogue Patterns does recycle some pattern numbers, so one of two possible patterns can appear for a particular number. One university (on Rhode Island) had a pattern archive-trying to recall how I got that info-Twitter or article in a sewing magazine.
    Yesterday Simplicity UK tweeted a cactus pincushion project by photos:

    I'd like to give cushion a go in a really bright fabric!
  5. I know you are a sewer - thought you might find this interesting
  6. Cuddle with your cats and work on recovery. Take some time outside if the weather`s mild. (Hugs)
  7. gah, definitely not a fun/good weekend - I'm really quite sick.
  8. This weekend is super compared to last weekend. Are you having a fun weekend?
  9. Thanks for the comments about the photo - btw, it's not a wedding cake, those are korovai - traditional wedding breads.
    Hope your weekend is going super!
  10. Cool wedding photo in your profile! I love seeing you and DH, the fancy cake, flowers and wood panelling!
    You and DH looked smashing!
  11. Heehee that is a funny quotation, Natalka. Seems I show off my knowledge too much at home. I try not to expose my underwear but some tops don't stay tucked for long (when reaching, bending).
  12. Thank you for the heatwave rep!
  13. Unfortunately, my father does not believe me or in me. So not chasing rainbows where he is concerned.
    However, Google Canada has a funny cactus dad doodle online today.
  14. Ooh, Natalka, I do not know this quotation but it suggests some wisdom like in The Velveteen Rabbit book or Charlotte's Web. A new item to look up and explore. Thanks for sharing this gem!
  15. Prescient quotation for Sunday, Natalka. Even Ms. Trump in her new book (have the e-book from library in progress) mentions how one makes the listener feel will be remembered more than the words spoken.

  16. Queen Victoria and I would not have gotten along except maybe over tea and cutlery.
    Trifle is a lovely English dessert-wish we both had it on the table for today!
  17. Thanks for the rep; have a FAB week!
  18. Hope you had a serene Easter Tuesday, Natalka!
  19. The wearing of green for St. Patrick's Day certainly inspires spring thoughts and flower sightings!
    Love the quotation, Natalka!

  20. May you boldly go each day and find something new/green! A little pot of gold would be lovely too!
  21. Awesome book quotation, Natalka! I have to jot it down in my planner.
    May the warm sunshine give you an early spring soon!
  22. Thanks for the recent rep; Happy Family Day!

    Happy Heart Day, Natalka! Thank you for ever-curious mind and quotations and messages!
  24. Wow, Natalka, the Sunday quotation you shared is a gem! Thank you!
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