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    Hi Colleen,
    Just wondering if you received the train from Cate01 yet.
    Please let me know
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    sorry i have been away on holidays! Yes that was me.
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    Is this the colleen that i met at superstore in Brandon the other day?
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    yes they were in the last red plum....we got in may...not sure of the expirey date...didnt check it...hope this helps you...
  5. Could you get me about 10 if possible and what can l send you in return? Address is
    Colleen Gorecki Box 61 Melville, SK S0A2P0
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    Are you talking about the Garnier coupons? I can pick some up for you if you like, I'll be going to Zehrs today or tomorrow. How many would you like?
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    Thanks, No I didn't take the picture of the Northern Lights. I borrowed it from the Fort McMurray Tourism Facebook pages. Although I have a similar picture hanging on my wall. We have a local photographer who has a knack for capturing pictures of the Northern Lights.
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    I don't think so, because I don't know what you are referring to. Is it in my e-mails? Where do I find it?
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    Unless the coupon says Glucerna on it. Some coupons have both Ensure and Glucerna on it (it is made by the same company) and then we can use it. But if it is just Ensure I can't use it for Glucerna, ensure isn't useful for my daughter. Glucerna keeps her blood sugar stable when she has problems with it crashing.
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    Hello, Unfortunately the scott coupon that is printed, has that dot matrix security on it, so it doesn't scan or copy. Some people out there might have the one that shoppers had on the tear pad a while back. Sorry i couldn't help.
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    Thanks for the rating!
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    i dont know where to find your trading list!
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    Hello... sorry I didn't get any when i was there... didn't realise what the coupons would be and I was in a bit of a hurry.... i will check tomorrow and let you know if they still have some... how many would you be interested in?
  14. oh ok thanks
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    ohh I dont think so I am all the way in B.C
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    the cascade you mean?? they are onsale all this week and thank you, I think shes pretty cute myself
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    Thanks but I found them @SDM.
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    Advil Nightime are in the mail!
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    Do you have Extra Foods, they have $4 off nighttime in store coupon on board? I have some manuf. coupons if you still want some - would always like to trade
  20. That sounds great. l will be wearing a red coat and carrying a black and red binder. l will leave it open so that you can see the coupons and know that it is me lol. See you then. Collen
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    Hi Colleen,
    Tomorrow, we go to clean the church, but if you want to meet at Zellers, in the restaurant around 11:30, that would be good for me. If not just let me know, and maybe we can re- arrange the time. I just don't want to meet after we clean as I will be unclean!
    Oh... my number is 782-6584, or 641-2200.
  22. hi how are you
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    Hi Colleen,
    Yes, I still have all the coupons you are interested in. This is my first time doing trading so hopefully it will go well and people will give me a chance to show them I am an honest and caring person. I have only been on SC a couple months and there is a huge amount to take in and learn.
    Do you come to Yorkton at all? I am just wondering if you want to do trading through the mail? is such a short distance! I never go to Melville, I will admit.I did go with a friend for the afternoon once a few years ago.
    Thank you for taking the time to contact me and I have put you on my friends list.
    Cheers, Teresa
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About ColleenMGorecki

Basic Information

About ColleenMGorecki
Family, couponing
Trade List:
RRRLF icoke pins & stouffer pins:)


Kashi $1.00 on any Kashi cereal 71195777 Jan 30.2014
Smucker's $1 on the purchase of any Smucker's product 51527046 Jan 30. 2014
Kashi 0.75 on any 160g,200g or 210 g box of Kashi bars 71197180 31-Jan-14
Taipan Sauce 0.35 on any Taipan Sauce 350 ml none


Artic Garden $1.00 any Artic Gardens product--go coupons 49701760 June 30. 2014

July EXP
Starbucks Blonde Roast coffee $2.00 Starbucks blonde Roast coffees 50001284 31-Jul-13


Mott's Fruitsations + Veggies 0.5 Mott's fruitsations + Veggies, unsweetened 22223959 Aug 31,2013
Keurig $3wub2 12 pk of K-cup keurig coffee 1190278 Aug 31,2013
Artic Garden--HV Coupon 4 $1.00 ony Artic Garden Frozen Vegetables 49701799 Aug 31,2013
IOGO--HVCoupon 4 $1.00 on the purchase of any IOGO product 29213216 Aug 31,2013
IOGO--Coupon 0.75 on the purchase of any IOGO product 29212981 Aug 31,2013
IOGO- 2 Coupon 0.75 on the purchase of any IOGO product 29213069 Aug 31,2013
IOGO--14 coupons 0.75 on the purchase of any IOGO product 29213056 Aug 31,2013
IOGO product 0.75 on the purchase of any IOGO product 29213199 Aug 31, 2013
skinny cow 0.5 Skinny cow confectionery multipack insert 10037300 Aug 31,2013
nestle chocolate b2s$1 NESTLE Family size bay (97g-105g) 10037313 Aug 31,2013


Hidden Valley Ranch $1.50 any 473 ml bottle 1225088 30-Sep-13
Hidden Valley Ranch $1.50 any 473 ml bottle 1225091 30-Sep-13
Hidden Valley Ranch $1.50 any 473 ml bottle 1225046 30-Sep-13
International Delight Iced Coffee $1.00 Ready to Drink 1.89L lced coffee 31010581 30-Sep-13
Lilydale $1.00 on any 2 150g-400g oven roasted chicken or turkey products 11900390 30-Sep-13
Kellogg's Special K $1.00 Morning shake beverages 4 x 296 ml 71195562 30-Sep-13


Special K Granola Bars 0.5 on any box of granola bars 71196927 Oct 31/13
Cracker Barrel Cheese $1.00 one package of cracker barrel natural cheese slices 220-240 g size 5544354 oct 31/13
Christie Wheat Thins 0.5 on the purchase wheat thins crackers 175 g size any variety 15042994 oct 31/13


Bertolli Olive Oil $1.00 Good on any Bertolli Olive Oil 500ml, 1l,or 2l 59604886 Nov 30. 2013
Bertolli Olive Oil $1.00 Good on any Bertolli Olive Oil 500ml, 1l,or 2l 59604860 Nov 30. 2013


Kikkoman sauce $1.00 on any Kikkoman sauce none 31-Dec-13
Dairyland Plus $1.00 Dairyland Plus Lactose Free Milk 5070653 31-Dec-13
Patak $1.00 any Patak Product(excluding Naan bread) 49904778 31-Dec-13
Kellogg's All-Bran $0.75 All-Bran Cranberries & Clusters 71195793 31-Dec-13
Kellogg's All-Bran $1.00 All-Bran Cranberries & Clusters 71197021 31-Dec-13
Dole Live Right $0.75 Dole Live Right Bites 170 g 45805572 31-Dec-13
Oasis Health Break $0.50 Oasis Smoothie 1.75 L 2250936 31-Dec-13
Oasis Health Break $0.50 Oasis Fruits & Vegetables 1.75 L 2250935 31-Dec-13
Oasis Nutrisource $0.50 valid for all oasis products, nutrisource 1.36L 2250940 31-Dec-13
Oasis Nutrisource $0.50 valid for all oasis products, nutrisource 1.36L 2250940 31-Dec-13
Starbucks HV-8 $1.00 355ml Starbucks Refreshers beverage, 4-5 ml Starbucks Frappuccino
coffee drink,444ml Starbucks Doubleshot Energy+Coffee beverage none Dec 31,2013
Mott's Garden Cocktail $0.50 1.89L, 945ml, 6x240ml or 6 x 162 ml original or low sodium 22224170 Dec 31,2013
Rainbow packs pop $1.00 Regular or Diet Crush rainbow pack, Dr Pepper, Crush or Schweppes 12808683 Dec 31,2013
Canada Dry $1.00 10 x 355ml, 12 x 355 ml or 6 x 710 ml pk of Canada Dry or C plus beverages 12808713 Dec 31,2013
Nestle $0.50 Nestle Aero Big Bubble Bar (97g-105g) 10036802 Dec 31,2013
Fournee $0.75 Fournee premiere bread 7540362 Dec 31,2013
Cream of Wheat HV-10 $0.75 cream of wheat hot cream variety pk 195 g 60002440 Dec 31,2013
Dairyland LiL*Ones $0.75 any varity of Li'L Ones yogurt 5070709 Dec 31,2013
VH Sauces $1.00 any one VH sauces 44408259 Dec 31,2013
Stacy's Pita chips HV--5 $2.00 any one Stacy's Pita chips and any one Sabra Hummus 227g or larger 23313587 Dec 31,2013
Kraft's Miracle Whip $0.50 Miracle whip spread 650 ml size any variety 5536782 Dec 31,2013
Skinny Cow $1.00 off any Skinny Cow confectionery miltipack (76g-112g) 10036785 Dec 31,2013
SwansonSkillet meals $1.00 valid for any one Swanson Skillet Meals dinner 63222309 Dec 31,2013
VH Steamers $2.00 on the purchase on any on VH Steamers 44408132 Dec 31,2013
VH Sauces $2.00 on the purchases on any 2 VH Sauces 44408158 Dec 31,2013
Del Monte No Salt Added Vegetables $0.75 on the purchased of any two Del Monte no salt added Vegetables 44407908 Dec 31,2013
Pam Grilling Spray $1.00 on the purchae of any on Pam Grilling Spray 44408187 Dec 31,2013
VhH Korean BBQ Sauce $1.00 on the purchae of one VH Korean BBQ Sauce 44408145 Dec 31,2013
High Liner Signature $1.00 High Liner Signature 680 g Product 12605170 Dec 31,2013
High Liner Pan-Sear Selects $1.00 High Liner Pan-Sear Selects 540g Product 12605172 Dec 31,2013
High Liner Market Cuts $1.00 High Liners 215g-700g products, including 227g Markets Cuts 12605169 Dec 31,2013
Kraft 100% Parmesan Cheese $1.00 100% Parmesan Grated Cheese 250g Cheese 5539433 Dec 31,2013
Dr Oetker Shirriff Pudding B2G1 any Shirriff cooked pudding & pie filling mix 88623548 Dec 31,2013
Dr Oetker Pudding Supreme $0.50 on the purchase of any one pudding supreme 88624482 Dec 31,2013
kellogg's special k crisps $0.50 buy any box of kellogg's special k crisps 71197542 Dec 31,2013
kellogg's k low fat Granola $1.00 purchase any 553g of low fat Granola 71197207 Dec 31,2013
Christie Ritz crackerfuls $1 wub2 box of Ritz Crackerfuls crackers 15043216 Dec 31,2013
Christie belVita $1.00 wub2 belVita Breakfast Biscuits--good only at selected stores 15043232 Dec 31,2013
Christie Ahoy Extras $1.00 wub2 Ahoy Extras cookies--good only at selected stores 15043173 Dec 31,2013
Mr. Christie Snak Pk Fruit Krisps $1.00 wubx Mr. christie's Snak Paks Fruit Krisps Cookies--selected stores 15043199 Dec 31,2013
Bick's pickles $0.50 on the purchase of any Bick's products 77008220 Dec 31,2013
Bick's pickles $0.50 on the purchase of any Bick's products 77008321 Dec 31,2013
DelMonte Multipack $1.00 on any DelMonte multipack lifesavers,peelin pips or priple rockets 10037485 Dec 31,2013
Hunts Tomatos sauces $0.75 on the purchases of 2 hunts tomato sauces 680 ml 44407214 Dec 31,2013
Dr Oetker Premium Dessert 0.5 on the purchase of any Premium Dessert mix 88623577 Dec 31,2013
Cavendish $0.75 on the purchase of 750g cavendish from the farm potatoes 24504704 Dec 31,2013
Wish List:
RRLF i-coke pins
RRLF Stouffer pins

RRLF-Stouffers $1.50 coupons



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