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    which loblaws did you go to?.... i am planning to get more too, but the only stores i've been to is RCSS (mavis and dundas) and highland... they both had the box with coupons on...
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    heyyyyy just a heads up!
    march coupon swap!
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    Merry Christmas
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    Happy birthday
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    let me know if you want to trade your disney codes for $5 Chapmans
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    did you get the chapman's coupon?
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    Pm'ing u
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  10. Not sure if you are on Facebook, but here is a link for Rare disease Day....have a great week!!
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    Awesome...glad it all worked out for you. Now what to buy? lol
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    Nice meeting you and thanks again for the MIR!
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    Just popped by to wish you a very Happy Birthday, hope today will bring you much happiness in life.

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    can u send me the pins
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    hey...I met you at one of Mrs. January's swap and you still want need Cruisers $3 coupons for your daughter?...I have some but they expire August 31, 2010...and thought of you...let me know if you want them and send me your addy...
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    Congratulations on your new baby! The kids must be so excited!
    And my condolences on the loss of your grandfather.
  18. thx everybody, sorry didn't respond earlier, I just had my fourth child born on Dec 1st, our first son, and my grandfather died a couple of days later, so I haven't been on until now.
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    Happy Birthday! Have a great day!
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    Hope you have the best birthday ever.
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    just wanted to makesure you got them
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    just wondering if you recieved the envelope of coupons I sent you?
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    Hi - do you still have the Sunlife coupons? Can I arrange to get one from you?

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    how do you check msgs? like if we were having a conversation on here what do i do?
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    being a mom is great! i have a gorgeous 10 month old. mat leave is gonna be over soon and i'll hafta go back to work (part time at least). do you work from home?
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    also, since i'm new to this discount thing my bf's sister told me that if you want, you can go to customer service at zellers and convert your HBC points to a zellers gift card..that'd be handy too.
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    i'm looking at the canadian tire flyer..if you purchase their treadmill for 299 you can get a 100 gift card for CT. so that'd be decent
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    i really am just new to this coupon thing like i said, now that i'm on mat leave you really hafta watch your pennies. not only that but i had nooo idea on how much you really could save vs. paying full price. what size diaper do you need? there are usually tons of coupons for huggies and pampers kickin' around..(ive got quite a few)
  30. I would like to take advantage of the get $25 gift card at superstore, but they don't have much on sale or things I have coupons for. I pretty much only buy things on sale with coupons, and buy tons of it when it presents itself. Was hoping they have diapers on sale this week, but no they don't. That is usually how I come up with the $200, otherwise pretty much impossible because I go to the grocery store often instead of one trip every couple of weeks. How about you any good deals, sorry no msn. how you like being a mommy (I assume to only one thus far)
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November 25
About g_skywalker
Father of 4 kids 5,4,2(girls), and 8 months(boy) and love my wife, my kids and sports.
my kids, taking my 5 year old(spcl needs) to her infinite amounts of Dr's appts, therapies etc.
Stay at Home Dad
Trade List:
Pick lots you can use, High Value Coupons are in the regular lists

Updated: Apr 17/11

Quaker $25 GC MIR Loblaws 3 copies fr, 1 copy engl, 1 photocopy

TFT (multiples available, Ontario only)

1) Buy 2 Save $1 off the Mr. Christie's snak paks soft baked cookies ( August 31/11)
2) Save 50 cents on any Goldfrish crackers (April 30/2011)
3) Save $1 with the purchase of any 2 Orvill Redenbacher's popcorn 3 packs ( May 1st, 2012
4) Bertolli save $1 on any 500ml or larger Bertolli olive oil. (Expires 2, 2011)
5) $1off any Janes Products (June, 30/11)
6) Save $1.00 of any purchase of any high liner (Dec 31/11)
7) $1 off Black Diamond funcheez (June 30/11)
8) Save $1 WUB2 Dempsters Flatbreads/Pitas or tortillas. (expires April 30/11)
9) 75 cents off any Astro BioBest, Astro Original or Astro Zero Yorgurt (June 30/11)
10) $0.50 D’Italiano Bread or rolls 12/31/11
11) $0.50 Minigos or tubes 12/31/11
12) Schneiders Lunchmates or smartsnax 04/30/11
13) $0.50 chapmans Ice cream 05/31/11
14/ $1 Chapmans Premium ice cream 05/31/11
15) $0.55 WUB2 Buddig Sliced Meats 10/31/11
16) $0.50 Vachon snacks 12/31/11
17) $0.50 WUB2 Chef Boyardee 05/01/12
18) $0.50 WUB2 Rougemont Apple juice 08/31/11


$1.00 off any Disney multivitamins exp. 09/15/11 upc-99800763
$2.00 off any Goodnites underwear (jumbo pack or larger) exp 05/22/11 upc-49092400
$1.50 WUB2 Huggies Diapers exp 04/22/11 upc 49094813
$2.00 WUB2 Huggies little snugglers or little movers exp 04/22/11 upc 49094839
$1.00 Huggies wipes 64 ct or larger exp 04/22/11 upc 49094800
$1.50 Huggies pullups exp 04/22/11 upc 49094842
$10 off Joe Fresh apparel WUB 2 boxed huggies (48-168 ct) exp 05/31/2011 upc 49095698
2x$1 Johnson’s baby or penaten product exp 06/28/11 upc 04381147
1x $0.75 off Lil Goats product (not valid on ultra moisturizing baby wipes 10s) exp. 04/30/2011 upc-3210018


3x $1.75 A&H powered toothbruth exp 08/31/14 upc 65333612
$3 A&H Spinbrush Sonic Mar 31/12
$0.75 A&H toothpaste Mar 31/12

10x$4 any size Advil nighttime exp 12/31/11
$2 Cetaphil ezema Moisturizing wash or lotions exp 05/28/11
3x $1.50 off Colgate Senstive Pro Relief 75ml exp. 12/31/11 upc-80002848
4x $1.50 off Colgate 360 Senstive Pro Relief toothbrush exp. 12/31/11 upc-80002873
$0.50 colgate total or maxwhite toothpaste exp 09/26/11
$0.50 colgate manual toothbrush exp 09/26/11
$0.50 colgate total floss or tape exp 09/26/11
$2 Cold FX exp 07/31/11 upc 79504847
$1 Covergirl exp 05/30/11
$0.75 Crest paste exp 05/30/11
$1.50 Dial Nutriskin Replenishing lotion exp 05/28/11
$1.50 Dial Nutriskin Replenishing lotion exp 05/28/11
1x $1.00 off Dove Sensitive skin body wash 345ml OR 4x90g & 8x90g Sensitive skin beauty bar pack exp. 04/30/11 upc-89288077
$2 Dove Men+Care product exp 12/31/2011 upc 89288088
$5 Dr. Scholl’s skin tag remover exp 12/31/11
$1 Garnier Anti Dandruff shampoo exp 05/08/11
$2 Garnier Cleanser exp 05/08/11
$1 Garnier Nutrisse cream haircolour exp 05/08/11
$1 Garnier styling product exp 05/08/11
$1 Garnier pureclean product exp 05/08/11
$1 Garnier ultra-life day cream exp 05/08/11
$1 Garnier herbashine haircolour exp 05/08/11
$1 Gaviscon exp 05/22/111x $3.00 off any HydroSense Eucalyptus product exp. 12/31/11 upc-60313195
$5 Immunity FX exp 07/31/11 upc 79504720
$5 WUB2 John Freida Brilliant Brunette products exp 10/31/11
2x $3.00 off WUB2 any pkg of U by Kotex tampons exp. 05/22/11 upc-49093184
$2 Any Jamieson vitamins exp 06/30/11
$1 Lady spped stick exp 09/30/11
2x $3.00 off Listerine Smartrinse or Agent cool blue exp. 04/29/11, 05/06/11, 06/28/11 upc-04384524
3x$1.50 L’oreal hair Expertise exp 12/31/11
$1.50 L’oreal hair Expertise exp 08/31/11
$10.00 off any size Multibionta product exp. 09/30/11 upc-45601587
$1 Noxzema product exp 08/30/11 upc 85113581
2x$1.50 One a Day product exp 06/03/11
$1 any Oral-B Manual toothbrush exp 07/31/11
$1.50 off any Sensodyne toothpaste 100 or 135 ml exp. 06/30/11 upc-83827727
2x$5 WUB2 Stayfree or carefree or OB exp 06/28/11
$0.75 Tresseme naturals Styling product exp 09/30/11
$0.75 Tresseme naturals Shampoo or Cond. 700 ml exp 09/30/11
4x $2.00 off any Tums bottle (no valid on 12 ct) exp. 05/31/11 upc-83828049
$1 Trojan Condoms (excl 3 ct) exp 07/31/11 upc 65333845
$1 Trojan Vibrations product exp 07/31/11 upc 65333847
2x $4.00 off WUB2 Tylenol products 100's & larger including 100+30 extra strength Tylenol and back pain 18s & 40s. exp 2x 04/29/11, 06/28/11 upc-04381219


$0.50 any Cascade product exp 04/30/11 upc 63654820
1x $1.00 off Fantastik triggers exp. 04/30/11 upc-33685726
$1 Fantastik All purpose cleaner exp 07/31/11 upc 33685973
$2.00 off any 1 Finish Electrasol Quantum, Quantumatic, Powerball tabs (25ct or larger) or Gelpacs (25ct or larger) exp. 04/30/11 upc-06541789
1x $2.00 off any WUB2 Finish dishwasher cleaner exp. 05/31/11 upc-06542652
$1.00 off any Fleecy dryer sheets product exp. 05/31/11 upc-80002912
Free Refill WUB Glad Sense and spray starter exp 06/01/11 upc 33686208
$1 Glade candle exp 06/1/11 upc 33686211
9x $1.00 off any 2 pkgs of Kleenex facial tissue or 1 bundle pk excl pocket pks or junior exp. 04/24/11 upc-49094406
2x$1 magesta exp 06/03/11
4x$2 Pledge Aerosol exp 06/31/11. upc-33684837
$2 Pledge Aerosol exp 06/26/11.
1x $1.50 off WUB3 Grande Royale Ultra products exp. 12/31/11 upc-68005838
2x BOGO Royale Ultra Grande facial tissue exp. 12/13/11 upc-68006277
10x $1 Royal TP multipack exp 12/31/11 upc 68005809
$1 Royale facial tissues 6 or more exp 12/31/11 upc 68005825
$1 Royale TP 8 rolls or larger exp 08/30/11 upc 68006336
$1 Royale Ultra TP exp 08/30/11 upc 68005323
$1 Royale Facial tissue 6 or more exp 08/30/11 upc 68006310
$1 WUB2 Royale grande facial tissues exp 08/30/11 upc 68006307
$1 Royal paper towels 6 or larger exp 08/30/11 upc 68006293
$1 royale napkins exp 08/30/11 upc 68006293
1x WUB 1 Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaning get Get a FREE scrubbing bubbles aerosol exp. 05/31/11 upc-33685856
B1G1 Scrubbing Bubbles power sprayer refill with starter purchase exp. 04/30/11 upc-33685700
BOGO any Scrubbing bubbles auto shower cleaner refill exp. 04/30/11 upc-33685713
BOGO Bathroom trigger or mega shower foamer get a bathroom cleaner aerosol exp. 07/31/11 upc-33685960
2x $1 Sunlight Laundry Detergent 05/22/11 upc 72613370
1x $1.00 off Toilet duck 750ml liquid exp. 05/31/11 upc-33685869
2x BOGO Toilet duck liquid 750ml exp. 07/31/11 upc-33686194 REDPLUM
$1 Vileda gloves exp 06/30/11 upc 30003848
$2.00 WUB2 Windex 765ml trigger exp. 05/31/11 upc-33685944
2 Free Ziploc WUB 2 ziploc 05/06/11

Cat+Dog Coupons

Please Inquire if looking for anything(have some just not taking time to list)


2x $1 Amooza twists or sport exp Jun 19/11
(10)--$.50 Asana or Source Dessert Selection products (29211568)—March 31/11
2x $.50 Astro Plain yogart—Apr 30/11
$1 Black Diamond Portion Pack exp Aug 31/11$.75 ivanhoe 300g-500g cheese—Sept 30/11
$1 WUB Lactancia 1l or 2x500ml cream—June 30/11
$1.00 Lactancia 4l purfiltre milk 06/30/11
$0.50 Trestelle Mascarpone 06/30/11
$0.50 Trestelle Ricotta 06/30/11

Meat, Frozen, Eggs

5x $0.50 Artic Gardens Rice exp 12/31/11 upc 49700318
2x $1 Green Giant Valley Selections Jun 22/11
$1 Highliner Pan Sear Selects Aug 31/11
$1 Maple Leaf Fully cooked Sausages—Aug 1/11
$.75 Maple Leaf Fully cooked Sausages—Aug 1/11
$2 maple Leaf Prime stuffed chicken, tenderloins, or folds May 28/11
2x $.75 Nature eggs 500g egg whites —Dec 31/11
2x $.50 Naturegg Omega 3 eggs exp 12/31/11
2x $0.55 Tenderflake pie, tart, pastry shells exp 05/31/11

Other Foods:

$1.50 100% Bran Exp Oc 31/11
7x $1 WUB2 Campbells light soups exp 07/31/11
2x$1 WUB4 cambells products (v8, goldfish, soups) exp apr 30/11
$1 Caramilk, Mr. Big or Assorted Juniors exp06/30/11
$1 WUB2 Cadbury products 175 g-200g exp 06/31/11
$0.75 Celestial Seasonings tea exp 08/30/11
4x$0.50 real Fruit Gummies exp sept 30/11
(3)--$.75 Devya Indian Simmer Sauce NED
3x Fibre 1 Cereal exp Jun 22/11
2x$1 Fibre 1 Bar exp Jun 19/11
2x $.75 Fleischmann’s Cornstarch—Dec 31/11
2x $.75 Fleischmann’s Pizza yeast—Dec 31/11
$0.50 honey bunches of Oats exp May 9/113xc B3G1 Knorr Dry soups exp 06/30/11
$1.50 WUB2 Maruchan Yakisoba products May 31/119x $0.75 oasis 1.75 or 2.63 refrid juice exp Jun 30/11
2x $1 Old El Paso Smart Fiesta exp 05/22/11
$1 Orville Reden. Spicy Nacho Flavor popcorn 510g—May 31/11
2x $1.50 WUB2 Premium Plus Crackers 450 or 500g exp 06/30/11
$1 RobinHood Old Mill Oats—Apr 30/11
$1 RobinHood Flour Blend—Apr 30/11
$1 RobinHood Flour—Apr 30/11
$$.75 Smuckers Jams—Apr 30/11
2x $0.30 Twinings tea exp 06/31/11
$1.50 Van Houtte Coffee Aug 31/11
(3)--$.50 WUB2 Voortman no sugar added packs exp 05/31/11

Brandsaver flyer and (both are available)

$5 wub 2 Tide/Downey
$1 Bounce bar
$0.50 Bounce dryer sheets
$2.50 Vicks NyQuil/DayQuil
$0.50 Charmin product
$0.50 Bounty paper towel product
$0.50 puffs product
$1.25 wub2 Bounty/Charmin/Puffs
$1.50 Cascade Action Pacs
$0.50 Cascade product
$1.00 wub2 Dawn products
$1.50 wub2 Mr.Clean
$0.50 Magic Eraser
$0.75 Mr. Clean spray
$0.50 Mr. Clean liquid
$1.50 Swiffer sweeper starter kit
$1.50 Swiffer refills
$1.00 Swiffer duster or dust & shine
$3.00 Swiffer WetJet starter kit
$5.00 Swiffer sweeper vac starter kit
$3.00 wub2 Smart beauty buys (Covergirl Simply ageless foundation, Olay ultra moisture body wash, Clairol nice n' easy, Perfect 10, Pantene Nature fusion moisture balance shampoo and conditioner, venus embrace, crest 3d white strips with advance seal, olay regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream or Secret fresh effects cucumber aloe)
$1.00 old spice product
$3.00 wub 2 old spice product
$0.50 Herbal Essences
$3.00 wub 2 covergirl products
$1.00 wub1 covergirl product
$1.00 Natural Instincts hair colour
$3.00 wub2 Natural Instincts hair colour
$2.00 wub1 Olay Cleanser, Body Wash or Hand & Body product
$5.00 wub2 Olay Cleanser, Body Wash or Hand & Body product
$3.00 Venus ProSkin razor
$2.00 any Venus razor
$2.00 Venus disposables
$1.00 satin care (198g +)
$2.00 Head & Shoulders (680ml, 700ml,1000ml) shampoo or conditioner
$1.50 Head & Shoulders wub1 Conditioner
$2.00 Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor
$2.00 Gillette 3-bladed disposable
$2.00 Gillette Fusion ProSeries
$1.00 Gillette antiperspirant
$5.00 wub3 Gillette product
$0.75 Duracell coppertop batteries
$1.25 Duracell Ultra batteries
$5.00 Duracell USB charger
$2.00 Duracell Hearing aid batteries
$2.00 Iams Dog food
$0.50 Iams wet dog or wet cat food
$2.00 Iams dry cat food
$0.75 Crest paste
$0.50 Glide floss
$1.00 Crest Pro-health for me paste
$1.00 crest Pro-health for me rinse
$1.00 crest Pro-health for me manual brush
buy 1 febreze 800ml fabric refresher get one febreze noticeable single warmer free
$2.00 wub 2 Febreze products
$4.00 wub 3 Febreze products
$1.00 Nice n' easy hair colour
$3.00 wub 2 Nice n' easy hair colour

Smart Source:

April 16/11
$5 WUB Vileda Mop and refill
75 cents any betty crocker fruit snacks
BOGO Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce
$1 on any highliner MArket cuts product
B2G1 any Glade spring collection product
$2 WUB2 Kotex pads
$2 WUB2 Kotex pantyliners
BOGO Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaner
$1 any fantastic triggers
$2 any pullups training pants
BOGO Windex outdoor All-In-One starter lit
$2 Goodnights Underwear
$1 any Edwards whole pie
$5 any osteo Bi-Flex
$2 any Natures Bounty Vitamin or supplement
$1 Any Disney multivitamins

Apr 6/11
$2 off any 1 FINISH QUANTUM, expiry june 30/11
$1 off any 1 FINISH detergent product (powerball, gelpacs, gel or powder), expiry june 30/11
B1G1 Airwick Refill Free, expiry may 31/11
$2 wub 2 Lysol products (exluding disinfecting wipes), expiry july 31/11
$1 off any 1 Lysol multi-surface cleaner dilutable or all purpose cleaner trigger(any size/variety), expiry july 31/11
$1 off any 1 FINISH JET-DRY rinse agent, expiry june 30/11
$1 off any one FINISH dishwasher cleaner, expiry june 30/11
$1 off Frands RedHot Thick Sauce(354ml), expiry july 10/11
$1 off Franks RedHot Sweet Chile sauce(354ml), expiry july 10/11
$1 off any Resolve pre-treat product, expiry june 30/11
$1 off any Resolve Oxi-Action in-wash product, expiry june 30/11
$1 off any 1 Panebello Bakery Crust Pizza, expiry june 30/11
$1 off any Sunlight Green Clean laundry detergent, expiry october 31/11
$1 off any Sunlight Laundry Detergent, expiry october 31/11
$1.50 off any 1 Fleecy liquid fabric softner 3L, or Fleecy Ultra liquid fabric softner 1.4L or Fleecy dryer sheets 120ct, expiry october 9/11
$1 wub any 2 ULTRA palmolive 591ml dish liquid
$10 off any size MULTIBIONTA product, expiry december 31/11

Red Plum Apr 9/11
$0.75 off Scrub Free Plus Oxiclean or X-treme, expiry dec 31/11
$0.75 off Scrub Free Soap Scum or Mildew, expiry dec 31/11
$0.75 off Scrub Free Naturally Clean, expiry dec 31/11
$1 off any OxiClean Versatile Powder, expiry sept 30/11
$1 off any OxiClean Max Force or Multi Purpose Stain Remover Spray, expiry sept 30/11
$1 off any Oxi Clean MaxForce PowerPaks or Liqui-gel, expiry sept 30/11
$1 off Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Detergent, expiry sept 30/11
$1 off any 1 pouch size Hersheys Mile Chocolate Drops (200g)Hersheys Cookie & Cream Drops(200g) ro Reese Minis (210g), expiry oct 31/11
$0.75 off any 1 peg size Hersheys Cookies n Creme Drops (120g) or Reese Minis (130g), expiry oct 31/11
$2 off any VOX Long distance calling Card, expiry may 6/11
$1 off any Sensodyne toothpaste, expiry june 30/11
$1 off any Polident or Poli-grip, expiry june 30/11
$1 off any Pronamel toothpaste, expiry june 30/11
$0.50 of any Aquafresh toothpaste, expiry june 30/11
$1 off Lever 2000 Bar (4pk) or Body wash, expiry dec 31/11
$0.50 off any 2 no sugar added voortman wafer packs, expiry aug 31/11

All u need is cheese coupons:

Wish List

All the standard stuff that everyone wants, fpc's, staple foods, stamps, pts, etc. Plus I found these coupons on people's lists and would want some of these (some multiples others not) Looking for food coupons.

Looking for:

Arstrong/black diamond/Cracker Barrel(the Kraft one) block Cheeses
Arm and Hammer Kitty Litter
Betty Crocker fruit snacks, Scooby doo, Cars, fruit by the foot, gushers
Cookies (bags, not dough)coupons
Cream Cheese(Philidelphia)
Hamburger Helper
Klondike Ice Cream
Kraft Dinner
Marc Angelo $1 or $5
Nordica Cottage Cheese $0.75 off only
Nature valley bars
$1-NutriGrain cereal bars
Old El paso kits/salsa
Pancake Mix/aunt jemaima products
Pasta sauces
Philidelphia dips
Produce and Meats (i.e. $1 off berrys, bananas, $3 off Hamburger etc.)
Quaker Oatmeal (not Strb and vanilla)
Skinny Cow
Shout stain remover
Stouffers pins
Temptations treats (cat treats)
Toaster strudels
Weight Watchers breads, tortillas
Yogurt coupons $1 or more


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