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About Girl9

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About Girl9
Quinte West
archery, knitting, gardening, cooking and generally trying to be more self sufficient and "green"
Full Time Mom & Wife
Trade List:
1x iCoke PIN
1x Finish Quantum 20ct MIR (purchase by Aug21, submit by Sept21)
1x Lysol No Touch MIR (purchase by Oct5, submit by Nov5)
2x Huggies Codes

2x $3 Calypso Water Park, Ottawa (Sept5/11)
4x CHUCK E CHEESE 1 Lg Pizza, 4 Soft Drinks, 24 Tokens $25.99 (Sept23/11)(Oct14/11)
4x CHUCK E CHEESE 1 Lg Pizza, 4 Soft Drinks, 40 Tokens $28.99 (Sept23/11)(Oct14/11)
4x CHUCK E CHEESE Buy 60 Tokens get 25 Free $19.80 (Sept23/11)(Oct14/11)
4x CHUCK E CHEESE Buy 100 Tokens get 50 Free $33.00 (Sept23/11)(Oct14/11)
3x $3 Red Lobster 2 Lunch Entrees (Sept22/11)
3x $4 Red Lobster 2 Dinner Entrees (Sept22/11)
3x $5 Mary Brown's Party Pack (Oct30/11)
1x $3 Magicuts Adult Hair Service (Sept30/11)
1x $5 off or $10 off The Shoe Company (Sept11/11)

2x $3 WUB 1 Schniders Product & 1 Villagio Product & 1 French's Product (Sept11/11)
2x $1 WUB Dempsters Hot Dog Buns & ML Top Dogs (Sep30/11)
1x $1 Black Diamond Portion Pack 126g (Dec31/11)
2x $1 Kraft Shredded Cheese (Oct5/11)
3x $1 Kraft Shredded Parmesan/Romano/Asiago Cheese (Oct31/11)
1x $1 Naturegg 500g (Mar31/12)
1x $1 Hormel Real Bacon Bits or Real Bacon Pieces (Sept 30/11)
1x $1 Lactantia Smart Growth Milk 2x2L or 4L (Dec 31/11)
1x $.75 Yves Veggie Cuisine product (Dec31/11)
1x $.75 Dairyland Lil Ones Yogurt (Mar31/12)
1x $.75 Dairyland Cool Ones Yogurt (Mar31/12)
3x $.75 Dempster's Thin Bagels (Dec31/11)
3x $1 Natrel 4L Fine-Filtered Milk(Sept30/11)
3x $1 Mini Babybel Light (6 or 12pk) (Dec31/11)
2x $1.50 Krinos Sheep or Goat's Milk Feta (Dec31/11)
1x $.75 Tre Stelle Mozzarella Cheese Ball 340g (Dec31/11)
1x $1 Les Bouchees Saveur variety Cheese (Feb15/12)
1x $1 Black River Cheese 300g+ (Feb15/12)

1x $.75 So Nice Coffee Creamer 500ml (Aug 25/11)
3x $.75 So Nice 1.89L (Sept 4/11)(Sept20/11)
1x $.75 So Good 1.89L (Aug 12/11)
6x $2 10x40g Carnation Breakfast Essentials (Mar31/12)
2x $.75 Ryza 946ml, 1.89L (Sept30/11)
7x $.75 Flavur tea (Dec31/11)
4x $1WUB2 Oasis Health Break Smoothie (Dec31/11)
4x $.50 Sun Rype Juice 1.36L (Feb1/12)
1x $.75 Nesquick 510ml or 700ml Syrup (Dec31/11)

2x $1 McCain Diced Vegetable Hashbrowns (Dec31/11)
1x $.75 Fleishmann's Corn Starch (Dec31/11)
6x $1 Keebler Ready Crust (Dec31/11)
1x $1 Janes Fish Product (Sept30/11)
1x $2 InCuisin Frozen Mashed Potatoes (Dec31/11)
1x $1 Crisco Oil Product (Dec31/11)
2x $1 So Good Frozen Dessert (Nov1/11)
3x $1 Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream (Aug31/12)
4x $1 Cavendish From the Farm 750g Rustic Diced Potatoes (June30/12)
2x $2 Any Al Safa Halal Product (Oct3/11)

3x $1WUB2 Delverde Pasta (Dec31/12)
3x $1 New Betty Crocker Fruit Flavoured Snacks 14ct (May1/12)
5x $.50 Vachon Snacks (Dec31/11)
1x $1 Dainty Time-Wise 1.2kg Rice (Dec31/11)
1x $.75 Jordan's Cereal (Dec31/11)

3x $1 Smucker's Sundae Syrup (Dec31/12)
1x $1 Cheez Whiz Jalepeno (Sept3/11)
1x $2WUB2 VH Products (Dec31/11)
1x $.60 Eagle Brand Condensed Milk (Dec31/11)
1x $.25 Carnation Evaporated Milk Product (Dec31/11)
1x $.50WUB2 Clover Leaf Flavoured Tuna (Sept30/11)
1x $.50 Clover Leaf Skinless Boneless Atlantic Salmon (Sept30/11)
1x $.75 Clover Leaf Tuna Steak Product (Sept30/11)
1x $1 Hidden Valley Ranch 473ml (Dec31/11)
1x $1 WUB 2 French's Mustard Products 325ml + (Sept30/11)
2x $1 Patak's Pastes 284ml (Dec31/11)
6x $.50WUB2 Chef Boyardee Products(May1/12)
1x $.75 E.D. Smith (Aug31/12)

1x $1 Any Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids, Lock-its Produce Saver or Premier Container (Sept30/11)
1x $1.50 Rubbermaid Glass with Easy Find Lids (Sept30/11)
9x $1 Royale 3ply Ultra bathroom Tissue (Sept30/12)
1x $1 Rubbermaid Refill Reuse or Filterfresh Bottle (Jan31/11)
2x $1 Cascades 12 double, 24 single, enviro, 6 roll enviro paper towels (Dec31/11)
9x $1 Royale 3ply Elegant Dinner Napkins (Sept30/11)(Dec31/11)
9x $1.50 WUB3 Royale Grande Royale Ultra products (Dec31/11)(Sept30/12)
2x $.75 Royal Paper Towels (Sept30/12)
1x $.50 Any Charmin (Oct31/12)
1x $.50 Any Bounty Napkins (Oct31/12)
2x $1WUB Puffs (ex single) (Oct31/11)

4x $3 PediaSure 4x235ml pack (May1/12)
4x $1 Saular Scoopable Plus Cat Litter (no expiry)
4x $1 Cat's Pride Cat Litter (no expiry)
1x $1 Arm & Hammer Clumping Cat Litter (Aug25/11)
1x $1 Johnson's Baby Sweet Melon Bubble Bath & Wash (Sept27/11)
1x $1 Beneful Snackin Slices Dog Snacks (Oct26/11)
1x $3.50 Dog Chow or Puppy Chow (Oct5/11)
1x $5 Enfamil A+, Gentlease A+, EnfaproA+ Formula (Nov1/11)
1x $1 Live Clean Baby (FRENCH)
1x $2.50 WUB2 Live Clean Baby (FRENCH)


1x $1 St Ives Hand and Body Lotion (Dec31/11)
2x $1 Old Spice (Oct31/11)
1x $1 Gillette Antipirspirant/Deoderant/Body Wash (ex trial) (Oct31/11)
3x $2 Gillette Clinical Antipirspirant/Deodorant (Oct31/11)
1x $2 WUB2 Gillette Deodorants or WUB1 Gillette Clinical Deodorant (Oct31/12)
1x $2 Gillette Body Wash (ex trial) (Oct31/12)
3x $2 Gillette Fusion Pro Series (Oct31/11)
1x $5 Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit (Sept 27/11)
1x $1 Any Clean & Clear (Sept27/11)
1x $6 WUB 2 Garnier Ultra Lift Products (Oct31/11)
1x $3 Any Garnier Ultra Lift Product (Oct31/11)
2x $1.50 Dial Nutriskin Replenishing Lotion (Sept3/11)
1x $2 Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser or Oily Skin Cleanser 250ml (Sept3/11)
1x $1WUB2 Arm & Hammer Advance Antiperspirant (Aug25/11)
2x $1 Any Noxema Product (Dec31/11)
2x $1 Any Degree Men Product (Dec31/11)
1x $1.50WUB2 Secret Natural Mineral Deodorant (Oct31/12)
2x $1 Secret Antiperspirant/Deodorant/Body Splash (ex trial) (Oct 31/11)
3x $2 Secret Clinical (Oct31/11)
2x $1 Purell 236ml or larger (Nov6/11)
2x $1 WUB3 Purell Products (Nov6/11)
3x $4 Olay Moisturizer valued at $20 before taxes (Oct31/11)
3x $2 Olay Facial Cleanser (ex trial) (OCt31/11)

3x $2 Gillette Fusion ProGlide (Oct31/11)
1x $1 Veet (Dec31/11)
2x $1 Satin Care Shave Gel 198g+ (Sept19/11)

2x $4 L'Oreal Sublime Mousse (Sept4/11)(Sept12/11)
3x .75 Aussie Styling Product (Oct31/11)
3x $3 WUB2 Nice n Easy Hair Colour (Oct31/11)
3x $1 Natural Instincts Hair Colour(Oct31/11)
3x $3 WUB2 Natural Instincts Hair Colour(Oct31/11)
3x $1 Nice n Easy Hair Colour(Oct31/11)
2x $2 Garnier Moisture Rescue Product (Sept17/11)
9x $1 Alberto European Product (Dec31/11)

2x $2 Maybelline NY Eye Studio Product (Oct3/11)
2x $2 Maybelline NY Color Sensational Product (Oct3/11)
2x $1 Maybelline NY Volum' Express Falsies Mascara (Oct3/11)
2x $1 Maybelline NY Volum' Express Mascara (Sept16/11)
2x $2 Maybelline NY Volum' Express One by One Mascara (Sept16/11)
2x $2 Maybelline NY Superstay 24 Lip Colour (Sept16/11)
3x $5 Maybelline NY Fit me Foundation, Pressed powder and concealer (Sept16/11)(Oct3/11)
3x $2 Covergirl (Oct31/11)

2x $5 Crest 3D Whitestrips (ex vivid) (July31/11) (Aug5/11)
15x Spinbrush Various
3x $.75 Crest ProHealth Complete 500ml or 1L (Oct31/11)
3x $3 Oral B Battery Toothbrush (Oct31/11)
3x $10 Oral B Professional or Triumph Electric Toothbrush (Oct31/11)
1x $1 Colgate 360 or MaxFresh Toothbrush (Dec31/11)
2x $1 Crest 3D White Whitening Rinse (OCt31/11)
3x $8 Crest 3D Whitestrips 2hr or Pro Effects (Oct31/11)
1x $1 Orajel Kids (May30/12)

1x $3 Lactaid (Sept27/11)
1x $1 Nature's Bounty Supplements (Feb13/12)
1x $5 Multibionta (Dec31/11)
1x $1 Aleve 24ct (Nov1/11)
2x $2 Arius (Aug25/11)(Sept4/11)
2x $.50 Tums (Sept4/11)
2x $10 Waterpik Pulsator (NOV1/11)
2x $5 Waterpik Sinusense, Neti pot, Neti bottle, squeeze bottle (Nov1/11)
5x $.50 Senokot S 60s (various expirys)
3x $5 Dr Scholl's Skin Tag Remover (Dec31/11)
5x $4 Wampole 350ml liquid calcium product (Mar31/12)(Dec31/11)
1x $1 Gaviscon (Sept26/11)
1x $2 Imodium Advanced Caplet 20ct Chew 20ct Quick Dissolve 20ct (Sept27/11)
3x AccuCheck(Nov1/11)

1x $.50 Toilet Duck 750ml (Oct31/11)
3x $1.50 Swiffer Refills (Oct31/11)
3x $5 Swiffer Sweepervac Starter Kit (Oct31/11)
3x $5 Swiffer sweeper or Duster starter kit (Oct31/11)
3x $1.50 Swiffer Dust & SHine (Oct31/11)
3x $3 Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit (Oct31/11)
2x $1 Any Raid Product (Aug31/11)
2x $4 WUB2 Raid Products (Aug31/11)
2x $1 OFF! (Aug31/11)
2x $5 WUB2 OFF! (Aug31/11)
3x $1 Fantastik Trigger (Sept4/11)(Feb6/12)
1x B1 Scrubbing Bubbles G1 Fantastic Trigger (Oct31/11)
1x $.75 Fantastik (Sept11/11)
1x $2.50 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer (Sept11/11)
2x BOGO Scrubbing Bubbles Trigger, Aerosol or Mega Shower Foamer (Feb6/12)
2x BOGO Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel (Feb6/12)
20x Various Glade (Various expirys)
3x $1 any Febreeze (Oct31/11)
3x $2WUB2 Febreeze (Oct31/11)
3x $4WUB3 Febreeze (Oct31/11)
4x $5 Vileda Promist Mop and Refill (Dec31/11)
1x $5 Vileda Scrunge (Aug31/11)
2x $.50 MrClean Magic eraser (ex 1ct)(Oct31/11)
3x $1 Duracell Coppertop or Ultra Advanced (Oct31/11)
3x $5 Duracell NiMH Charger (Oct31/11)
3x $2 Duracell NiMH Rechargable Batteries (Oct31/11)
1x $1Arm & Hammer Pet Odor Remover Aug25/11)
1x $.75 Arm & Hammer Carpet Deoderizer (Aug25/11)
2x $1 WUB2 Lysol Disinfecting Products(ex wipes)(Dec31/11)

2x $1 Snuggle Liquid or Sheets (Oct26/11)(Nov1/11)
3x $3 WUB 2 Tide, Downy, Bounce Sheets or Bar (Oct31/11)
2x $1 Tide to Go (Oct31/11)
2x $1 Tide Stain Release (Oct31/11)
2x $1 Tide Washing Machine Cleaner (Oct31/11)
3x $.50 Bounce Sheets or Bar (Oct31/11)
3x $1 Downy (Oct31/11)
1x $.50 Tide (Oct31/11)
Wish List:
I really want Canadian Tire Money, $5WUB3 any size Gillette, $.50 Campbells, V8, Goldfish, Movie Codes

I will take pretty much all food: Produce, Bread, Granola Bars, Crackers, Canned or Carton Soup,
Pasta Sauce & Tomato Paste, Healthier Cereals, Pasta, Baking supplies, Tea, Cheese (except Cheez Whiz), Yogurt, Deli Meat, Frozen Foods, Dog and Cat Food, Windex, Liquid Hand Soap Feminine Hygiene Products (For now, I have enough Septic Safe Cleaners,Dish Soap, Old Spice & Dove Deodorant, Crest & Colgate Toothpaste)


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