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  1. You will always be the sweetest person in the world, thank you HG, I have missed you so much, how have you been?
  2. belated happy birthday, mo!
    hope you'll visit the games room again.

  3. moe!!!

    merry christmas!
  4. Hello dear friend

  5. merry christmas!

    miss ya, mo!
    hope you're well!
  6. thanks, moe!
    hope you're going to be around more often now.
    everything ok with you?
  7. I had a feeling to pop in and was so happy I did when I found out it was your Birthday
  8. mo!!!!

    nice to see you!!!!
  9. Happy Birthday HG, hope you have a fabulous day
  10. looks like i missed you again, mo!
    hope you and yours are well and enjoying this fabulous summer!
  11. Hello sweetpea

  12. happy easter moe!
  13. helloooo moe!
    sure miss chasing you in the game room.

    hope everything's well with you!
  14. Boo thank you for the Valentine's, how ya been?

  15. miss ya, mo!
  16. thanks, moe! hope things are well with you!
    where've you been?!
  17. HI there HG, Happy Belated Birthday my friend
  18. hey moe!
    nice to see you! one of these days, we'll have to romp through the game room
    hope everything's well with you!
  19. Hey there girlfriend, just stopping in to say Hello, hope things have been going better for you, and will hopefully be bugging ya real soon

  20. happy birthday, moe!
    hope you have a fabulous day
  21. Hi HG
  22. missed me missed me now u gotta kiss me, lol, will be on later to cya HG.
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