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    would have been nice if you would have replaced the train of mine that stopped at your home, or at least sent a message as to why it never left.....
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    I am so disapointed that you have ruined my first train! I will be leaving negative feedback by the end of the week if I still haven't heard from you!!!
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    this is number 4...I am going to have no choice but to leave you a neg feedback. There was over $200 in freebies and gift cards in that envie, so I think it might behoove you to either mail it out or at least offer some form of an explanation.
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    still waiting for a response from you. Sent a private message on monday, this is number 3...there were a lot of gift cards and high value items in there. I will leave neg feedback and also open a thread about this if I don't get at least some sort of message from you. This is unfair treatment to everyone else!
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    still waiting for some word on Beanersgirl's BOGOFREEBIES Only train...I would hate to leave a neg feedback for you, but there are a number of gift cards and high value coupons in there and it was sent to you over a month ago.
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    Karen Im waiting,please get back soon
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    karen,its been almost 3 weeks, I would like to know where my trade is, I have been waitng for sometime,please let me know thanks
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  10. Thanks hun for the rep!!
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    haha thanks but its not actually ME its Tegan from Tegan & Sara my favorite band.
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    Thanks for the rep kiki, hope you have a great weekend, Moe.
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    Thank you for the rep! 'Maleficent' is actually an adjective used to describe an evil person,but that's her name in Sleeping Beauty!
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    thanks for the rep!!
  15. Same to you sweety, and thanks for the rep!! Mwahhhhhhhhhhhh
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    Buckets of luck to you and thx for the rep!!

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    Great, hope you have much better luck next time!

    Have a great weekend
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    How are ya? and the kids? My years off to a better start, father in law had a heart attact the saturday before Christmas, he's out of the coma now and doing better!!!!! Maybe we might be able to go, we'll have to see how he is doing. Packing the kids up and hubby driving us to Toronto is starting to get tiring!!
    Talk soon,

    P.s- I've love that Wasaga Beach Walmart!!!!!
  19. ROTFLMFAO!! Thanks for joining hun!!
  20. Repost it hun, happened to me too...ARGH.
  21. Stopping by to say hellllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo!!
  22. I keep the dailies listed in my favorites list...I have folders named 'dailies', 'weekly Mondays' ,etc.....
    I most often remember if I have entered the singles ones, (cuz alot of contests that are single entries disqualify you if you try to enter more than once) Hope that is helpful...that's my only trick...
  23. Ok, u asked for my list of wins, so here goes:
    Winnings since 2006, Many More to be added!!
    January, 2006
    Won $250.00 G/C's from Bouclair
    Tim McGraw Biography Set from CMT
    February 17th, 2006
    $50 Gift card from Dempster's Grocery Giveaway
    February 20th, 2006
    Soy candles N Soap set by Grandmas Gingerbread ARV $10?
    February 24th, '06 - ALPHAMALSTM Gift Pack. $14.00(Huggies)
    March 13th, 2006
    Dose/Ubisoft Xbox game Blazing Angels $64.99
    March 24th, 2006
    PRIZE DESCRIPTION: One (1) NHL 2K6 game for either a PlayStation 2 platform or an Xbox platform.
    ARV $29.99
    March 30th, 2006
    Huggies Bath-tub toys ($14.00)
    March 30th, 2006
    WWE Poster ARV?? ($5??)
    Middle of March - $247.50 at our casino (SSM ON)
    Middle of March - $600.00 at our casino (SSM,ON)
    March 27th - $1100.00 US At King's Club Casino Brimley Michigan
    April 2cnd, 2006 - Won another set of bath-tub toys from Huggies!! ($14)
    April 2cnd, 2006 - Won a Yoga Shirt from Sensational Soy instant Win contest-
    April 7th, 2006 - Won a 4Gb ipod in the Fusion Freebies Contest ($249 US)
    April 16th, 2006 - A book called Lori Foster's Truth or Dare ($6.99)
    April 24th, 06 - resource book? ARV ??
    April 26th, '06 - Dreamworks DVD Prize package from (ARV $50)
    April 30th, '06 - Purple Eyeshadow from Cybelesays April Bourjois contest.
    May 3rd'06- Tristan and Isolde DVD - (ARV $25)
    May 3rd,'06 - Dance/workout DVD (ARV$25) BPM:TV
    May 5TH, 2006 - $50 Giftcard from Sport-Chek - (Slimfast Optima Contest)
    May 8th, 2006 - $50 gift basket from The Bay/Zellers - CTV
    May 12th, 2006 - $300 gift box from MTV in the Mission Impossible III Contest
    May 17th, 2006...From Dove contest, won a full-sized Shampoo and Conditioner.
    June 1st,'06 - Once again, you've won autographed a Toronto Trek 18 Program Book signed by Walter Koenig (Star Trek), Ralee Hill (Farscape), George Hertzberg (Buffy), Christopher Judge (Stargate SG1), Brian Downey (Lexx), Lani John Tupu (Farscape), Stephanie Romanov (Angel), Herb Jefferson Jr. (Battlestar Galactica and Douglas Arthurs (Stargate SG1)! (ARV?? $20?)
    June 2cnd,'06 - I got a letter in the mail from Treehouse TV, won a $15 playdough prize pack.
    June 7th- Surprise win in mail from Movie Network - 5 Soundtrack CD's -
    ARV - $100.00!!
    June 14th,06 - $50 gift certificate from Sobey's from
    June 19th,'06 - Won a VTech Dual Line Skype cordless phone ARV $100.00 from Call the Bullpen from Bluejay's Baseball!
    June 21st'06 - Bratz Win-A-Wish Sweepstakes Winner for Haley, (2 bratz dolls and a boardgame.) $85.00!
    June 21st'06- From Loblaws, Two passes for the movie Cars. ARV - $22.00
    June 26th'06 - From Make a Difference Contest, a Backpack worth $52.00
    June 27th, '06 - From YESMAG, a book called Burp!
    June 30th'06- $20.00 Manicure Set from Astro Yogurt!
    July 13th-'06-won the TSN Xbox FIFA WORLD CUP 06 contest ($149.98)
    July 18th'06 - Won $500.00 at our SSM Casino
    July 22'06 - Won 2 movie passes from CinemaClock for the movie "Shooting Dogs" ARV $20.00
    July 29th, '06 - Won a $40 toystore gift certificate from the Kellogg's Froot Loops instant win contest!
    Aug. 13th - Won an African Designer Necklace (value $25.00)
    August 18 - says I won another froot loops $40 g/c
    Sept. 13, '06 - A surprise win in the mail from the Jones Soda contest - A t-shirt, hat, and 9 little tins of Candy~ARV $30?
    Oct.5th, 2006 - Notified by "Google Alert" that I won a Billy Talent Prize Pack -ARV $40? From Chartattack
    Oct.10th, 2006 - Surprise win in mailbox from - Won the complete first season of Supernatural on DVD - ARV $59.98 CDN!
    Oct. 19th, '06 - From National Post - third place - won copies of Lemony Snicket She said the ARV was $45.00!
    Oct. 23rd - I just got a call from a gentleman at Union Gas. Won a $3000.00 Gas Patio Fireplace!
    Oct.26th,2006 - Won a Reader's Digest Hardcover book called "Walking for Health and Happiness" - $45.00!
    Nov 10th, 06 -won a book from Reader's Digest Entitled "Eat, Shrink, and be Merry!" ARV $30.00
    Nov.14th'06- Won a $300.00 Cashmere Scarf! (From Canoe)
    Nov. 22'06-Radio and Flashlight from The Natural Handyman $60.00
    Dec.12,'06- I WON A TRIP FOR 2 TO COSTA RICA from Air Canada Vacations!!
    Dec. 19th'06-Rogers Nokia MuchMusic phone $120
    Jan.10th,07 - Complete Fourth Season of Reba from CMT
    Feb20'07- I won a $30.00 Gift Certificate from A&E!
    Feb. 22'07- won one of the L'oreal Natural Match hair coloring kits
    March 5'07 -I won the "Smuckers Jam Bed & Breakfast Promotion" $300.00!
    March 22'07-from Shaw, A John Cougar CD, Freedom Road $20
    April 16'07- Complete DVD Series of King of Queens -$330.00
    May 19th'07-My Jellybean Swag Pack $100.00
    June 12'07-I won a family pack of passes from the Wonderland Wednesday Draw! $225.00
    June 22-Today I won the collection of Nancy Drew books, from Starchoice
    June 25'07-Ultimate Alberto V05 Hair Package by Canadian Family Magazine. $300.00
    July 3'07-Won a CD called "The Bravery" today from Universal Music, Toronto
    July9th'07 - I won the POP! Magazine’s Music in your Mouth contest $30.00
    July16th-I won a video game from Whoa! Disney Spectrobes Contest
    July 19'07-won an ipod nano from the Kellogg's Froot Loops Contest instant win
    July 20th, '07 - I wona [email protected] 45,000 BTU Stainless Steel BBQ!
    July26 '07- I won the Maxwell & Williams contest that appeared in Canadian House & Home, a Romance serveware package $500.00!
    Aug.1 '07-won a Chicka Chicka Teacher's Kit from Simon and Schuster
    Aug. 15th - Won a CD from BPMTV, and a "Germinator" with a 5 pack of seeds from A.Vogel, and a $25.00 Gift Card from Le Chateau
    Sept.4'07 - won a pair of tickets to see Hilary Duff in concert on Tuesday, September 11 at the Steelback Centre $140.00
    Sept.17'07 - from YTV I won the "Rock out Loud" Contest, Prize is one Power Tour Electric Guitar
    Oct.5'07 - won the game "Scrabble".
    Oct. 12th ' 07 - Won a NUXE gift basket from Divine- $165.00
    Oct. 18'07 - Won a Paramore prize pack
    Oct. 19th ' 07 - Today in the mail came a DVD - Gracie. Won it from
    Oct. 30th '07 - VIP Package to the 2007 Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Weekend Celebration
    Nov. 13'07 - Won a soccer ball from the Nesquik Create a Stir contest
    Nov 13th'07 - Got the release forms from Reader's Digest "Fire Saftey Begins at Home" Draw - I won a Duracell Fire Safety Kit, $320.00
    Nov. 20th ' 07 - 1 (one) Duracell Prize Pack $60.00
    Nov. 21st - Free Sealtest Product Coupon
    Nov. 26th, '07 - 1 Hasbro Net Jet Gaming System, plus one Net Jet Gaming Key - ARV - $50.00 CDN.
    Dec. 7th, 07 -won the DVD "Torn Apart"
    Dec. 12, 07 - Won the Ultimate Holiday Book Pack Contest from AOL
    Dec. 12, 07 - Won a water bottle from Gillette
    Dec. 17th, 07 - win from Rue Morgue, 2 Horror DVD's. Also from Black and Decker came a Dewalt Racing Shirt
    Dec. 19th, 07 - Won another Free Sealtest Product Coupon
    Jan. 2 ' 08- Won a pack of all-occasion cards from LJ Cards & More
    Jan. 5th, 08 - Girl Zone contest winner
    Jan. 7th, 08 - from Wedding Bells, I won a Superstay Lipgloss and a Superaway Lipcolour remover
    Jan.15'08 - Naked Brothers Band Battle of the Band DVD
    Jan 15, 08 - Toopy and Binoo prize pack $85.00
    Jan. 19th, 08 - Nestlé Singles pack
    Feb. 22, 08 - Won a book that came in the mail today from Simon and Schuster
    March 2, 08 - Won a 1kg chocolate Gold Bunny from Lindt
    March 8th, 08 - won another Instant Win free Sealtest coupon
    March 13th, 08 - KOOL-AID Water Bottle
    March 19th, 08 - Won a box full of 25 DVD's
    March 19th, 08 - VisionTV-Won DVD of Doc Martin Series 1
    March 21, 08- Sealtest product coupon again, instant win
    April 23, 08 - Diamond Mascara from the Flare contest
    May 5th, 08 - $1000.00 giftcard from Shopper's Drug Mart from the Curel Life Stages contest!
    May 7th, 08-won a Powershot A470 Digital Camera from Facebook!!!
    May 14th, 08 - won a Don Cherry DVD called "19"
    May 14th, 08 - won a coupon for any sized LaCoupe ORGNX product
    May 14th, 08 - HBC/The Bay, I was the winner of The Bay - Win a MAC Gift Bag Valued at $250
    May 16, 08 - Just won an exercise mat on the 'WinnersEveryday' instant win from Dairy Farmers of Canada - $20
    May 27th, 08 - I won the Skeena Valley Expeditions Rafting Trip, $4500.00!
    June 11th, 08 - Won 365 DAYS OF FREE VICHY PRODUCTS ON VICHY.CA, $1200.00!!
    June 19th, 08 - Won another exercise mat this morning on that Dairy Farmer's Instant
    July 9th, 08 -Won Mariah Carey's latest CD from UR Mag
    {I quit entering for the summer to spend time at camp!}
    Oct. 2, 2008- Won a James Patterson SURPRISE BAG! $100.00!
    Oct. 17th, 2008 - I was the Daily Online Prize Winner in the Fly Free Contest from WestJet - $100 plane credit
    Nov. 7th, 08 -Won a box filled with Nexcare Stuff from a win from the Canadian Red Cross
    Nov. 20th, 08 - Won the Graco Sweetpeace “Sweet Expectations” Contest - $250.00 CDN
    Dec.17th, 08 - Won the latest CD of Coldplay from Shaw
    2009 Contests, I pray there is tons to be added!!
    Jan 7th, 2009 - From a bottle of Lacoste Perfume -$83!! **Happy**!!
    Jan8th, 2009 - winner of a Prize in the Energizer Toy an Hour Contest-**Happy!!**
  24. Hey Chicky! too cool! Wish I could do all those sparkly Thanks! thingamajigies and such but a little computer illiterate LOL! Wooo HOOO back atcha!
  25. LOL Hun! Obviously you have that same great taste, and as they say, great minds think alike!! Wooohoo!!
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  27. some hints go to forum and read site overview reccommend go back to it a few times when you first come on as it will tell you all the info you can do on here much better than me... I am going to check out new posts if see anything interesting will let you know
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    i would like to change it if i could but if not ok
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About kikikollects

Basic Information

About kikikollects
I am a Mama of 4, wife of a sometimes grumpalumpagous, wheeler/dealer
Wasaga Beach Ontario
love to hit garage sales, go camping, dancing, have a drinky-poo with those near and dear,
ex-PSW with Seniors now stay at home mom
Trade List:
February expiry:
Majesta TP any size $1.00 Feb 28
BoGO Herbal Essence Feb 28

I also have other coupons that I may trade I save them for personal use but depending on trade so if you don't see something just ask also do lots of trades so may have something coming in.

High Value:

Febreeze mail-in rebate
Pampers baby dry swaddlers or cruisers any size $3.00 Mar 09 April 01 (one is manufacturer one brandsaver)
Pampers easy ups $3.00 Mar31
Buy any 2 Old Elpaso products free ground beef x 5 lots Mar 31 09
Satin care $2.00 April 05 x2

Beechnut cereal any $1.00 March 31
4 jars Beechnut 50 cents March 31
Any 10 Beechnut $1.00 Mar 31 x2

Any huggies $2.00 April 15 x5
Huggies pullups jumbo pack or larger $2.50 April 17
Any Huggies wipes 75 cents off x2
Heinz Nurture Infant Formula $1.00 $3.00 Dec 30/09
Heinz any 6 jars $1.00 Dec 30
Heinz any 2 Toddler Cuisine or any 2 juice $1.00 Dec 30
Heinz any 1 toddler snack $1.00 Dec 30
Heinz cereal or toddler cereal $1.00 Dec 30
Johnsons $1.00 any participating product x4june30
Pullups (Jumbo pack or larger) $2.50 April 17 /09
Pampers wipes $1.00 Mar31 60ct or larger

Biore new daily recharging $2.00 June30/09

All bran Buds singles $1.00 Sept 09 x4
Astro bio best vitalite 75 cent Dec 31
Bearpaws 50cents May 1 09 x3
Black diamond Sargento shredded cheese 75 cents Dec 31
Campbells V8 soups 50 cents Aug 1 09
Catelli Healthy Harvest pasts buy 2 save $1.00 Aug 31
Egg creations $1.00 Dec 31 09 x3
French's Mustard any variety 30cents May 30 09x2
Golffish Crackers 50 cents Mar 31 09
Lactania healthy attitude omega 3 margarine 75 cents Dec 31x2
kikkoman sauce $1.00 any may31

Lynch Honey mustard 50 cent Dec 31 09
Maple leaf Simply savour Fully cooked meat strips
50 cents Dec 31 09
Mapleleaf fully cooked sausages 75 cents June 30
Minute rice 1.2kg whole grain $1.00 June 30 09 x2
Motts Fruitsations 50 cents Mar31x2
Oasis refrigerated $1.00 July 31
Pam cooking spray 75 cents Sept 30 09
Raisin Bran $1.00 June 30 09
Rosenborg Blue cheese 50 cents Dec 31 09
Schneiders deli or sliced meat 75 Cents March 31 09
Splenda any $1.00 June30 09 x6
Squishems Dole 75 cents June 30 09 Dec 31 x2

Centrum multivitamin $2.00 June 30
Claritin $3.00 (Quebec residents redemption only by mail other provinces can use as regular coupon)
Ricola cough drops $1.00 April 30 09

Paper prod
Charmin bath tissue 50 cents April 01 brandsaver
Kleenex buy 2 or 1 bundle $1.00 Mar 31 09 x2
Scott towell $1.00 April 19 09 x3
slow cooker liners $1.00 (Reynolds) Dec 31 09

Crest pro rinse $1.00 Mar 31 09
Crest pro health paste 50 cent mar 31 09
Crest spinbrush $2.00 Mar31 09
Crest kids spinbrush $1.00 Mar 31 09
Oral B Vitality Power brush $3.00 Mar 31 09x3
Oral B cross action manual $1.50 Mar 31 09 x4
Gilette shampoo conditioner style prod $1.00 Ap1 09
sunrype fruit snack $2.00 March7 09
Febreeze noticeables starter $3.00 April 01
Head and shoulders product $1.00 April 01
Any Tide $1.00 April 0
Maybelline NewYork Expert wear eyeshadow $1.00 Mar14
Satin Care $1.00 April 01

Beauty/mens prod
Any fruitkicks/Down under hair prod 30cents noexpiryx2
Gilette satin care $1.00 april 01 brandsaver
Gilette Fusion razor any $5.00 Mar 31 09
Olay facial moisturizer plus one olay body product $5.00 Mar 31 x3

Cascade any 50 cents Mar 31
Febreze Air Effects $1.00 April 09
Febreeze noticeables starter kit $3.00 April 01 brandsaver
Scrubbing bubbles mega shower foamer $2.00 July 31x2
Scrub free bathroom cleaner 75 cents Dec 31x2
Tide to go 50 cents Mar 31

Lots more to post!!!
Wish List:
Fpc of any kind
Chapman $3.00
Kids snacks for lunches (cookies, granola bars, pudding cups, etc.) not bearpaw unless 75 cents off
Coffee creamer
Busy bones
buy3 McCain save $4
kellogs straws and similar snacks
Mapleleaf any product save $1.00
Nestle quick coupons
SILKFPC or $1.00 off

flavored coffee (have lots currently so far expiry only)
regular coffee (depends on brand)
tea (have lots cash for kids coupons so not looking currently)
Hungry man
Side kicks not sides plus

food coupons in general can always check your list
will also trade for stamps, gc,


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