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  1. Belated Birthday Greetings my friend! Hope you had a great day and a wonderful year ahead of you!
  2. Boo
  3. Health wise not too good,I'm having much pain which is very trying.However I'm still taking it all one day at a time.Thanks for asking,hope you&yours are keeping well.
  4. Hi Skippy, how have you been?
  5. HI Skippy, hope your doing ok, will talk soon, Moe.
  6. YOu are getting the same weather as we are right now. The gangs all well here, just driving mom crazy, but that's nothing new. Take care skippy, and I hope you are able to have a good evening, Moe.
  7. No better, no worse, but thanks for asking.
    Actually it is not raining and the birds are singing so that is kinda nice.
    Hope you and the gang are well.
  8. HI skippy, how ya doing?
  9. Thank you, hope your day was full of smiles and hugs!
  10. Thanks Skippy for the rep, and I agree with you, it can work miracles. Hope you have a good evening Skippy, just got the little ones down to bed, so got a few minutes to myself, ahhhhhhh.
  11. Still have much pain, but still able to deal with.
    I gotta keep moving or I'll seize up
    DW Dad is the main concern right now
  12. HI Skippy, thank you for the rep. How have you been doing? All well here, still getting over the cold bug, but it's getting better. Hope to chat soon, Moe.
  13. Thank you for the rep Skippy, I see it at the bottom of the forums.
  14. Thank you skippy. Made it to work ok, but it's really getting cold, and it's my 11.5 hour shift, so by 11 tonight, it will probably be pretty slippery out.
  15. Came out of the accident okay.
    Thanks for your concern.
  16. Thank you for the rep Skippy, and I'm glad things were not worse, more than bad enough, but def. not worse. Try to get some rest, I am sure you are a buncle of nerves this evening.
  17. Aww, thank you skippy for the rep. Hope you are doing well this crisp morning, talk soon, Moe.
  18. Thanks, 2010 is going out with me sick! 2011 holds promise.
    Abundant blessings to you and yours in 2011.
  19. Here's to a Happy and Healthy 2011 Skippy, you take good care my friend, Moe.
  20. Merry Christmas to you&yours.
    Hope the kids get up nice and early!
  21. Good morning skippy, thank you so much for the very kind rep. Hope you enjoy the weekend, Moe.
  22. Life certainly could be better, but it certainly could be worse.
    Thanks for asking!
  23. HI my friend, how are you doing today? Hope your feeling ok, just wanted to drop you a note before going to work. Take care, Moe.
  24. Oh skippy it was a huge treat to be spoiled like that. I'm the one that usually gets up early and makes the big Sunday breakfast, so it was a great surprise. Hope your having a good Monday, Moe.
  25. Good morning skippy, thank you for the rep boost. Another hard day this morning getting the youngest in her classroom. She cried the minute we got to the school. Man it's hard to leave them when there like that, but I know she will snap out of it. Hope your day is going well, and talk soon, Moe.
  26. I guess that shows you're a Mom
  27. HI Skippy, she will be going a full day every other day. It's going to be odd having no kids at home in the mornings, haven't had that in over 6 years, think Mom's gonna find it rougher than the little ones.
  28. Is it full time JK/every other day?
    If I had any feelings maybe I could relate.
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