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  1. Yeah I forgot the part about squishing the marshmallow down with a second graham cracker. Though Winter only wanted to suck the marshmallow/chocolate part off the cracker and let the cracker be damned. lol... she had a pile of gross graham crackers at the end.

    Max and Ruby rule. lol
  2. i found it!..wat u think?

    but i'm doing it in grey. it's herringbone, with moss stitch boarder:

    still need you to suggest wool!

    it just screams gale to me
  3. omg MAX AND RUBY ARE HILARIOUS! seen one epsiode, i can't remember if she was trying to dress max, or get him to clean his room, but he undid everything she done. ryan and i were in splits.

    don't u put a top graham cracker on? to make like a sandwich? or is it an american thing?

  4. You just put graham crackers on a cookie sheet with the chocolate on top, then marshmallow on top of that.
    NOT LONG, just like 325 for 4 minutes. As soon as the top of the marshmallows start to get brown take them out, or the crackers burn real quick.

    Winter LUUUURVED it. "Its just like we're Camping!" she yells... lol. Thanks a lot Max & Ruby.
  5. that's a new one on me. i didn't know either. i tried the microwave..don't do that. they go funny
  6. LOL! I just made s'mores with Winter last night... I never knew you could make them in the oven, she was over the MOON. She stood in front of the window on my stove watching them, and couldn't jam them in her mouth fast enough... hehehehe
  7. GRAHAM CRACKER SQUARES!!!!! not ritz.

    hersheys chocolate, BAR NONE!

    and marshmellow.

  8. Our children are living, breathing proof that every human knows from birth negative attention is better than no attention.... LOL
  9. ok, well, as soon as i come too, i would. but i'm going to be so disappointed if he don't!

    i may have to send an ear...

    negative attention is better than none right?
  10. If the Great Sexy One emails or writes you back, I want to hear about it the minute it happens!!!!
  11. if THE GREAT SEXY ONE, emails me or writes me back, you'd better be prepared to pick me up off the floor!
  12. WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?? i lurvs ya, but where is ya? i got the most amazing cuter than you can imagine card for gale! and i need your copy (if you still have) of that letter cause i del my whole folder by accident. grr..i'm an idiot..!

    am going to take pic of inside of card and read it to you.brb
  13. OMG!! The package is on its way? That so totally rocks!!!!!
    I think Boo was right about the rep thing, Rose said that you have to rep 19 different people before you can rep anyone a second time, and so I went to another post with people who I don't rep much (I hardly get to any threads except the p&p one) and repped there a bunch, and now it is letting me rep a few of ours. So that might be what it was. Grrrrrr.
  14. boo said he never changed the rep and could be a bug. so he'll prolly think we're both nuts.

    i love the cat too. i iz ABOM..ABOMIN...ROWR! sounds like something i would say.

    btw, the "package" has been sent. should arrive by WED of next week! i can't wait, i can't wait. i wish there had of been more room in the box, i couldn't add too much stuff but hell, i got your addy now..
  15. That was the cutest lolcat ever! LOLLLLLL
    I'm having the same rep problem as you, I'm going to PM boo right now.
  16. pm me your addy again chickey. I GOT IT! will send friday. and man, heavy box. looks like..slugs.
  17. If it helps, I like orange better than blue, blue makes me feel saaaaad.
    Not sure why. Maybe my mom beat me with a blue stick when I was a kid?
  18. nah, we just got on a funny topic. and u just cost me 5 bucks. i said neon orange. seek said blue. which i guess is closer
  19. Favorite Color? I guess it would have to be green.

    Thats an odd question Am I missing something? LOL
    Pregnancy Brain!
  20. ok, think me strange, but i need the money. seek and i have a bet going on what your favorite color is. and i can't tell you what color i voted on. so what is your favorite color? be honest...
  21. My Dad used to imply all the time that my Mom was the cause of the behaviour because she's a "Yeller".

    She literally booked herself a hotel room for a week, made my dad take a week off work, and he took care of everything. By the time the week was up, he was apologizing to her like crazy. She had just gotten to the end of her rope!

    I wish I could come make martinis/margaritas/shots of hard liquor with ya and you could vent. Too bad I am soooooo far away.
  22. our problem is that the dh implies all the time that it's the hollering, or the commotion that is ryan's prob etc etc etc. blaming me indirectly. i'm right at the pt i told both of em to fookoff

    i'm glad u liked that. it reminded me of you when u said you took on the wiki cause you were ocd with organization.
  23. OMG. How did that person get those cats to do that????
    And that totally IS me. You rock!

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened today with Ryan I don't even have any advice, since I don't have any parenting experience with this kind of thing. You should talk to my Mom, she's got 3-5 foster kids at any given time, and they all have similar problems. *sigh*
  24. kinda reminds you of the stacking cats game doesn't it. roflmao
  25. i was looking for "the perfect lolcat" for you, and i thinks i found it:

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