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  1. i heard you and the girls were sick. i can't find the tomcats post, but someone said he's looking for jennifer. her user name is seekthetruth, but i don't think she comes on sc alot. she's on facebook, if you go to my wall, u can find jennifer green under my friends if she's not already in michelles. i also have her phone number here someplace, i'll msg to you as well.
  2. ok, now i'm just damn worried. plz post SUMTHING so i know your okay? or have your tom wag his cute tail or sumthing???
  3. where is ya? i miss ya!!!!

  4. amy just passed along your tomcats msg. am so sorry your all going thru such a miserable time! that h1n1 is nasty. when u get a chance, let us know how monet is doing with it. and winter & mystique.

    also, we all want to know. WILL YOU PLEASE SHARE YOUR TOMCAT???

    omg he's AWESOME!!!

    mine wouldn't do anything computer related, or even update my friends, hell mine wouldn't even NOTICE I WAS SICK!!!

  5. call me!

  6. is your pm's working yet? i got a tracking # for you :D
  7. if tom is going to be updating the wiki, he needs his own profile pic may i suggest this one i googled using "cat, everquest?"

  8. that has to be the tom playing on the arcade..a new mom wouldn't be doing that! dropping into say CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    PS: edit your profile pic. that kitty ain't holding flowers now!!

  9. happy easter!!!
  10. LOLZ. If you think I am cute nerd, look at pics of my hubby again, he is a much bigger nerd than me. And I'z a big one.

    What are you battling the school board about ? I haven't heard this story yet I don't think, wtf?
  11. your an awful cute nerd. :D

    well, i stayed up allnight faxing letters, ready to DO BATTLE with the school and the schoolboard if i have to..

    and they're both closed today, cause of the snow. UGH.
  12. Superheroes? Oh.. my watchmen thing. Yeah, I'm a huge comic book nerd, and I love the Watchmen. I read it years ago and the movie just came out this month. Thats "Nite Owl" and "Silk Spectre"
  13. Here is an actual picture of the kind I use... my kids LOVE it, and my kids don't love anything. LOL
  14. which one tho? there are more than one flavor of dirty rice???

    am sure superstore prolly carries it if anywhere it would be in that gourmet/foreign food isle they got.

    will check for it tonight. i think that's such a hoot! and quite possibly the way to get ryan to try something knew.

    i know i told u before, but you rock chickey. and i gotta hunt for that damn taffy while i'm out too.

    by time i find it you'll be craving pickles onions and hagen daz
  15. It really IS called Dirty rice. Here is a link to the page of the company that makes the dirty rice mix that we love:
  16. i hate it when i'm disclipling ds and dh butts in. grr!!! then comes up cursin and swearing at me, like i'm to blame?? oh nm i'm just ranting
  17. Sorry the guys are being crappy to you.
  18. lookit the claws on that bugger, give the cake!
  19. MEOW!
  20. you is one tatlented pussycat, u know that?

    (see i can rhyme too).

    5 day long weekend for ryan. UGH. you need a boy lolcat..u really do. cause you got patience! and some testosterone in the family couldn't hurt
  21. i'm going to start thinking your stalking me! this am, SOMEHOW SOMEWAY, the cat got ahold of 6 odd socks again. and i thought they were all put away or burried in the hamper..i don't know how she does it, but this time i was able to find them all..strewn over the stairs..
  22. Totally not a fluke. Ryan's sock stealing cat has me cracking up.
    And because I lurv you, here is another one:
  23. roflmao!

    either that was a fluke, or you made it several pages back to hear about ryan's sock stealing cat.

    ty for the laff. get well soon, we miss you chickey. and we are running out of good looking rcmps to send out..someone keeps stealing them...
  24. I just messaged the board, and am too tired to check my PM's, but I know you were worried.
    I'm sorry I was, and still sorta am, sick sick sick.
    Dis for you, my friend:

    hey chickey. haven't talk to you for a bit. everything ok?
  26. i used to take *alot* of muscle relaxers like robaxacet. had the presciption ones but they didnt' work as good. (go figure). but now i try to avoid those, because really what i need to do

    is get off my fata$$ and MOVE.
  27. That would do it! Do you take anything for your back ever?
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