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  1. It is pretty bad when I am responding to your visitor message in July! We have been spending most of our time at our cabin and the wifi is pretty much non existent, We have had a rough spring with wind storms and have lost trees, our dock and one small aluminum boat and a trailer due to wind and trees falling on things. thank goodness for insurance but man it has been a long summer of cleaning up.
    I too will avoid the political thread when the odd time I am on. We lost our step grandson last month due to an overdose and I have just been changing a few things in my life and coming on here a bit less was one of the changes. Nothing bad about anything here I am just trying to be more present and do more meaningful things! I do miss the banter!
  2. You said it all, TG!! I drop into the "news" thread maybe once a month if that and it just reinforces my decision to continue to avoid it at all costs. Even with 'someone' blocked, the madness continues!
    Hope all's well in your lovely, quiet corner of the world, Hon!
  3. I am looking forward to the accent pieces and colour splashes!!
  4. Oohhhhhh, my favourite part in all the renovation shows I watch: the staging! The moving in of furniture, putting up pictures, setting up the deco items...Enjoy picking out your new furniture, TG! THIS is the fun part!! I recall you posting some pictures..or do I? I hope you can post some when it's all done....just make sure we can find them; I can be such a goof trying to find things on here!
    Have a great, FUN week, Sweets!
  5. Hi Lynn!
    The pillow sounds lovely and great idea to use some of the fabric for a stocking keepsake. Such a great idea to use the heirloom wedding dress rather than have it in a box forever, and velvet is making a huge comeback. I am sure they will both be perfect, but I understand the stress of sewing for other people, I just can't do it...way too stressful for me.
    Things are really good here, taking everything as it comes. House renovations are almost complete, it has been a long haul but very soon I am going furniture shopping, I can't wait!!
  6. Hi, TG!! Thank you for the wine rep, , I've been SO good for the past couple of weeks, avoiding the stuff, but now that the pillow is done, I really needed it to celebrate. It's one thing doing something for oneself, but whoa the stress of doing something for someone else, and esp a wedding pillow?!! I think I was more stressed than I could have imagined. Now on to the Christmas stocking for their little girl, same fabric, from her great-grandmother's wedding gown, just a keepsake more than anything else. Now the stress is on to make that look nice. Why did I decide on another project?!

    And how are things in your corner of the works, Sweets?
  7. Thanks for the rep Lynn!! Violet is stunning.
  8. Thanks Lynn for getting the address for me!
    [email protected]
  9. Gah! Something's wrong, I can't type in the PM section!! I have the info you needed...could you PM me your email address? I'm not sure I can type in my email account either, but I'll let you know...thanks!
    Sweet dreams, Hon!
  10. Ha ha, back to blocking is right!! I am just going to picture him as an short, fat, bald elf drinking condensed milk from the can and I can cope!!
  11. Ha ha thanks Lynn, tried to be as nice as I could but y oh y he is a jacka$$. I did had him blocked but was far too curious as to why he would be posting in a sweetened condensed milk thread. Back to blocking. The funny part is he still thinks he is right...
  12. Lol....just saw your thread re "sweetened condensed milk"...I had to peek, so I un-blocked a certain someone and omg......up went my blood-pressure and I'm guessing, yours and poor Natalka's!! She must have been livid! Honestly..."blocking" is lovely in his blood pressure and my doctor agree!

    Have a great week, TG!!!!
  13. Aw. \winners, it all makes sense now!!! Have a smokie for me!!!
  14. Oops, lol....Winners! camp, making this short...hugs, Lynn
  15. Hi Lynn, thanks for the scoop on the Vercace bags, you mentioned you picked it up at Michaels? I am going to assume not Michaels the craft store! Hope you have !a great weekend of camping
  16. Hi, TG! Since we chatted about handbags before, have you heard of the "Versace Collection" handbags? I think it's a more "off the rack" line of bags, but they still sell in the few hundreds. Anyway, I was at Michaels the other day and found one there on sale for $58! It's a nice black sachel which I'll wrap for our DD for Christmas.. So for now she'll have that black and gold metal evening clutch (from and that Versace bag! Just letting you know to be on the look-out for those if you're ever in a Michaels or Marshalls...seems no one there knew what they actually were! LOL! Anyway, just an fyi...Have a great weekend, Hon...we're off to camp today!
  17. ...and here I am, just wishing I could do some tidying up around here, and go Hubby is absolutely wonderful, but guys just don't seem to see things that are out of place...I'd love to do some picking-up of 'stuff', but hopefully next week I'll be more productive. I do enjoy not cooking, though...
    Enjoy your productivity and your rewards on Monday!
  18. Hey Lynn!! Hope your weekend is going well, catching up on much needed housework and yard work, hate doing it but I am looking forward to waking up to a lovely home and yard on Monday morning.Way too easy to let things slide in the summer time!!
  19. Hi! Thanks for the confidence boost re BrownsShoes...they seem to have great reviews, and being a Canadian company, family owned, I'd love to shop with them again!
    Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend, Sweetie!!
  20. Thank you, TG...I'm fine, pain pills are lovely, , I just have to get these gazillion staples removed next surgeon loves her staple-gun!
    Stay well, TG....and please don't fall!!!
  21. I sew a bit, but I would think that would have been tough piecing the cotton and fleece, the stretch would cause havoc! Have a wonderful day!
  22. So jealous of your yard-raking, seeing what passes for grass in the spring.....we're still under a fairly deep cover of snow, although the stuff has pulled away from the front of the house for a foot or I can see some dirt!! And since it's sunny today, we're all hoping for more melting...oh, how I hate that white stuff!!!
    Enjoy your spring, least you have one!
  23. The snow was all gone and the back yard was raked and it dumped on us this past weekend, starting to melt today and up to 14 by Sunday. spring in Alberta is always a roller coaster. Have a great trip to the cherry blossom festival! Don't get me started on the third person references!!!
  24.'s so pretentious, TG! Like nails on a blackboard!
    And how are you holding up in this non-springy weather?! Do you still have snow where you are?
  25. Thanks for the rep!! I hesitated to post that by jeesh that gal is mean.
  26. Ain't it the truth, TG?! Unbelievable......
  27. Thanks for the weekend well wishes Lynn!! We have storms brewing here so it will be a get caught up around the house weekend!!!
  28. Wishing you a happy, healthy and relaxing weekend, TG!!

  29. Your poor DH, my son was born with valve issues but they did balloon valvuloplasty at 2 months old, so nerver racking but he is doing so well. It amazes me at the things they can do, I feel so lucky, we have dodged a few bullets here!
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