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Thread: Have you returned your Ikea dressers?

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    Has anyone took advantage of the recall?

    The website says they are recalling adult dressers above 75cm and children's dressers above 65cm. I called the hotline, the lady said my 12-year-old 72cm dresser is also on the list. If I don't have the receipt, they might issue a gift card and she doesn't know how much the refund would be. It is all up to the individual store. Seems like they don't have a standard protocol.

    I have 5 dressers at home. Don't want to take them apart, transport them, only to find that they aren't worth my efforts. So anyone who has done it, any advice?
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    Have I returned them? Nope and I'm not going to. This is the stupidest recall ever. It's entirely the fault of the consumer. I feel very bad for Ikea for taking the hit on this one. If you supervise your children and teach them that furniture is not in the house to double as a jungle gym then none of these accidents would have occurred. I have two of these dressers, one in each of my kids' rooms. Not once did they ever tip over. Why? Because there were never used as a climbing apparatus. When they went into the rooms we did anchor them to the walls with the tools that came with the unit. For the people who are considering returning the dressers just so they can take advantage of Ikea so they can get nice, shiny new dressers, then shame on you.
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    we've had those dressers for a very long time. they've never fallen over because we never open all of the drawers at the same time. any chest of drawers will fall over if not anchored to the wall under those conditions.
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    had a couple of cats that liked the drawers open, should i assume that meant death?
    a little bit of a safety idea would be a great idea
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    I literally bought one two weeks prior to the recall. Not bothering to dismount or return it.
    The first thing my 5 year old daughter said when she saw the drawers open was " Oh look, there's a picture in here that says don`t climb it"
    It's common sense. Mount it to the wall, or don`t leave your young child in a room with a towering object alone. Pretty simple..
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    Nope, I would never return my MALM dressers, they are the best!

    I have been through 2 kids with the short and the tall MALMs with no incident.

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    I have two I will not be returning

    I had to laugh I was on a web site can't remember which one but they were discussing this recall and people were discussing how ridiculous it was that Ikea expected them to return the dresser for a refund. For some reason they felt they should be able to take a photo proving they owned the dresser and should be given a full refund. Many people them even admitting they will continue to use the dresser but felt since they was recalled they were entitled to a full refund even though they plan to continue to use the dressers.
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