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    Please respond to my p'm
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    I sent you a PM
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  8. Thank you so much for the secret santa package it was wonderful
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    Thanks for the rep and have a great night.
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    I still keep thinking about the present you sent me,by FAR The best .. I've ever gotten, and I keep using things daily and think of you.. you really have a great heart! happy easter! i'm late but we celebrate this weekend!
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    you are amazing! thank you so very much that package was the best I've ever had! I'll never forget your kindness especially at a time like now when I'm so in need of that boost!.. ! .. I am still shocked with just how nice everything was, you went far beyond what you should of! your wonderful!
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    I posted the St.Patrick's Train - if you would like to keep your reserved seat pls read train rules and post
  15. Sorry I didn't realize Chyna was still logged in. I can just get her a gc so you dont have to. She was just a little disappointed. Hope you have a great Christmas
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    Hello! I'm just browsing through your Regal catalog on your website and was just wondering, if anything I ordered would make it on time for Christmas?
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    ok I just emailed you re the higher rating train, disregard my email as you emailed me in previous one stating it was okj for me to stay on.....sorry lol....Im not really this stupid!
  18. oh thanks for the Regal cards and book also.. if I am able to order I will let you know =)
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    Hi Sheena

    The 1 tide $5 when u b2 is good for me. The only thing s the 1 coupon expires on July 27. Send me your address and I will get it out to you today. Thanks Caroline
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    RE: lippolito's VWL train 1

    All WL are now posted, please mail your envies by Monday or earlier to expedite the train! (Please also post in this thread when they are mailed so everyone is updated !)

    Here is my contact info;
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    I already have had someone fill your spot but I can still add you as long as I get your trade list tonight. I also need your address
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    just wanted to make sure you still want a ride on this train. If so, please PM me with your wishlist and address as I have people on a waiting list ! I have a mail date of by Monday so if you could please send this to me by the end of the day to give people a chance to get organized.
    Thanks !
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About couponsrule

Basic Information

About couponsrule
learned about couponing from the TLC show. Addicted and obsessed ever since :)
Northern Ontario
shopping, couponing, astronomy, reality tv, children
Receptionist for 3H Furniture Systems
Wish List:
Couponsrule's Wishlist:

French: No
Printables: Yes, clear and colour only
Multiples: yes

Counts as 3
FPC Diapers
FPC Wipes
FPC-Kashi Bars
FPC J&J Replacement Product
FPC Baby stuffFPC Laundry Soap
FPC Arctic Gardens-RRLF
FPC Ocean Spray
FPC Sara Lee Product
FPC Sunmaid Raisin Bread
FPC Kellogg’s Products
FPC Lanctantia Milk
FPC Marc AngeloSmart Ones - printed ok, in color please - $5 WUB 4
Arctic Gardens-$5 RRLF
Astro Pins for the Shoes-RRLF
$2 Post Cereal-Peelie-good on any kind
$2 Kelloggs -good on any kind
Ground Beef wub Hamburger Helper- $3
$1 Cheerios-not specific-good on any
Healthy Choice Steamers-$2
Canadian Tire Money- $1.50
Chapmans Ice Cream - $3 or $5
Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup Packs- $2
Huggies –silver coupons
Janes Chicken -$2.00 on 1 box
J&J Call-In-$3 toward multiple products
Kimberly Clark product- $5
FPC Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations
Nestle Ice Cream-$5
Olymel -$10
Olymel -$5
Quaker, Aunt Jemima, or Rice-A-Roni Product- $4
Quaker Granola Bars-$2 of any
Robax Product -$10
Schneiders $5 or $10
SC Johnson cleaning products $7
Silk FPC
Skinny Cow treats FPC
Tampax/Playtex tampons FPC
Ziploc/Saran $5
Dr Oetker Mug Cake FPC
Egg Creations FPC
Wing Wong Products-$3 wub 2
$4 Advil Nighttime VALID ON 10’s!!!
Tropicana Pure Premium OJ 1.75L BOGO
$5 WUB4 Smart Ones - printed ok, in color please-RRRRLF
$3 wub5 Smart Ones
Tim’s Roll up the rim winner- coffee/ hot beverage
Classico Sauce-$1
$2 Quick Pick for Lotto Max or Lotto 6/49

Counts as 2
BOGO Air Wick
$3 wub 2 Highliner Signature or Pan-Seared
Arctic Gardens -$2
Advil Children’s $4 or $5
$3.00 Advil Liqui-Gels or Extra Strength Liqui-Gels 24's or higher upc#12925171 April 30,2014
Eggs $2 WUB 2 dozen (Dec 31/13 expiry- fresh whole eggs, not liquid)
Finish Quantum $3+
Fresh Fruit $2 WUB Snack Pack pudding- **RRLF**
Glad Indoor/Outdoor Garbage Bags $2
Glad Food Storage Product $1
Wheat Thins $1.50
Colgate Palmolive call-in
Duncan Hines Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate or Apple Caramel Cake mix $1
Marc Angelo $2+
McCain $3 off any
Nivea Q10-$5
Maple Leaf Bacon-$2
$1 any Campbell's products
$2 any Campbell's products
$3 any Campbell's products
Oral B Battery Toothbrush -$5
Black Diamond Cheese - $3 WUB 2
Any Call-Ins for Diapers and Wipes
Bread WUB Ziploc -$3
Always Radiant-good on 1- $3
BOGO any sunrype product
BOGO Grillem's
BOGO Orville Redenbacher popcorn
Gillette Body wash-$2 (on 1)
Canadian Tire Money-$1.00
Colgate Total Advanced Health Toothpaste-valid on ANY size- $1.50
Delissio –Good on Garlic Bread Pizza -$2-March 31st is GREAT!
Downy Unstopables Sample
General Mills cereals 330-505g Exp June 30, 2013 upc 76144468-$1.00 Peelie
Heinz -$1 wub 3
High Liner 215-700g product, $2 on any
International Delight on ANY-$0.75
Jamieson Vitamins-good on any-$2
J&J Call-In -$2- good on Listerine
J&J Call-In-$2 –good on Stayfree
Revlon Beauty Tools-$2
Dove Men Care-on 1 -$2
Unused Lean Cuisine/Stouffers Pin with UPC
CoverGirl $2 on one product (no inserts, Sept 2013 expiry please)
Europe's Best Frozen Fruit-(multipleswanted)
Dole Salad-$1
Oasis Refrigerated Juice-$1.25
BOGO Healthy Choice Steamer
$2 Stayfree pads/pantiliners/wings or any
$2 Royale toilet paper
$2 Royale facial tissue, good on multipacks
$2 Royale, good on any (
Armstrong $1.00 5070701 EXP May 31st, 2013
Call in for Tylenol $2.00
Call in for Bandaid $2.00
Colgate - Palmolive Call In
Downey Unstoppables $2.00 WUB1 Exp Dec 31st, 2013
Gallo, Safflo, Unico, Liberty Premium Collection product $1.00 NED
Johnsonville good on ANY $1.00 peelie or other
Johnsonville $2.00 Johnsonville Link Sausage
Kraft Habenaro Heat Shredded Cheese $3.00
McCain Ultra Thin Crust Pizza NED or $1.00 off Ultra Thin (Dec 8th, 2013)
Miracle Whip $1.00 EXP Jun 30th, 2013
Neilson Real Dairy Ice cream $3.00
Pam $2.00
Platex Gentle Glide 36/40 count $3.00 EXP Dec 31st, 2013
Playtex Gentle Glide Peelie: Save $2 on any box (18/20 or 36/40 count) UPC 25332676 exp. Dec 31, 2013.
BOGO Mug Cake
2.00 Olymel Peelies
Manns Veggies
Tim’s Roll up the rim-donut /cookie, muffin
$1 Scratch Lottery Ticket-ontario

Counts as 1
Nordica Cottage Cheese
$1 Cavendish From the Farm
Oasis (960ml)
Oikos Yogurt
Tetley, $1 upc 08116941, NED
Tetley, $1 upc 08116127, NED
Tetley $1 upc 08115964, NED
Tylenol Children’s $3 off any
Unilever Hair Products $2 (Dove, Dove Men+Care, TRESemme, Nexxus, Axe, Alberto European, Clear) UPC 89288628, exp. March 31, 2014
Unilever Ice Cream Product $1+
Tide Washing Machine Cleaner -$2
.75 Becel or Imperial Margarine valid on ANY SIZE/TYPE Dec 31, 2013 #87410575
$1 Dare/Grissol products (June 30, 2013) (from all you need is cheese magazine) **RRLF
$2 Melitta Coffee 2013
Carnation Hot Chocolate
Dempsters Tortilla
$1 Heinz Baby Cereal (227g) Sept 30, 2013
$1.50 wub 8 Heinz baby Food Jars/Pouches Sept 30, 2013
$1 WUB 2 Del Monte canned fruit
$1 off Dole Fruit Bowls, Parfait, or Gel. (Sept/30/2013)
Bounce $1.00 Expiry Dec 2013 or 2014
Safeway Farms Salad Product $1.00 EXP Dec 31st, 2013
Snack Pack puddings
Stag Chili $1.00 NED
Sunrype $1.00 1.36L
Sunrype juice boxes 5 x 200ml $1.00 EXP Aug 1st, 2013
Tetley Specialty teas $1.00 EXP Sept 30th, 2013
U-Kotex $1.00 49110122 March, 2014
Green Giant frozen veggies
Hunts sauces or paste
Jello Refrigerated $1.00 WUB1
Johnsonville Peelie good on any $0.50/$0.75 EXP 2013 or longer
Kikkomen $1.00 EXP Dec 2013
Dempsters Bread $1.00 12521597 EXP 12/31/13
Dole Salad $1.00 NED
Dr Oteker Mug Cake BOGO
Folgers K-Cups $1.00/$1.50
Fresh Express Salad $1.00
Campbells $1.00 good on any UPC
Cheemo Perogies $1.00
Chef Boyardee
Dempsters smart bread
$1 Cheesestrings (not Amooza)
Kraft dressings (good on any) –not refrigerated
Cracker Barrel/Armstrong block cheese
Koolaid jammers
Hellman's Mayo (good on any)
Old Dutch chips
McCains French Fries (good on regular, not superfries)
Aunt Jemima pancake mix or syrup
Gushers fruit snacks
VH Steamers $1.50 WUB1
1.00 wub 4 crispy minis
$1 wub (2) Dawn products, 63660409, Jun 30,2014
$2 any Dove MEN+Care product, 87410344, Jun 30,2013
Hidden Valley Ranch dressing
$4 any mens Schick Hydro razors
$1 Iogo product
$1 Nestlé Purelife water bottles, 24pk or larger
$0.50 Aquafresh toothpaste (NED)
Babybel , any (1 per rider)
$1 Always pads (2013 expiry, not Radiant)
$1 Always pantiliners (2013 expiry, not Radiant)
$1 Royale, good on any (NED, from company)
$0.50 any Crest (June 30/13)
$2 Highliner, good on any
$0.75 Blue Diamond nuts/almonds (NED)
$0.50 Blue Diamond (NED) peelie
$1 Dare & Grissol product, any (June 30/13)
$0.75 Milk2Go (May 2013)
$1 Armstrong Cheese (May 2013)
$1.50 Wheat Thins
$1 Driscoll's Berries
$1 Fresh Express, on any Fresh Express packaged salad
$1 off Dole Fruit N Crisp (Sept/30/2013)
$0.50 Dr.Oetker Lemon Pie Filling, Dec 31,2013 - 1 per rider please
$0.50 Dr.Oetker Cooked Pudding or Pie Filling Mix, Dec 31,2013 - 1 per rider please
.35 Duncan Hines Cake Mix
$0.50 E.D.Smith Pie Filling 540mL Dec 31,2013 - 1 per rider please
$1 off any Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteeze or Ivanhoe product, expiring Dec.31
$1 on any skinny cow multipack (frozen treat or chocolate) 10036701 May 31, 2013
$1 Scotties Supreme Multi Pack Tissues
$1.00 any REALFRUIT GUMMIES (30 June 2013)
Renee’s Salad Dressing
Pasta Sauce - not tomato sauce…not Newmans
Pepperidge Farm $0.50 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Pretzels or Colours crackers or Grahams snacks (180-227g), 00924997, May 31, 2013
$1 Peek Freans
Philadelphia Cream Cheese and dips
Live Clean baby - $2.50 WUB 2
BOGO Special K Morning Shakes
Woolite Sample
Arctic Gardens-$1
Astro Original Yogourt-good on ANY, not just the tubs (exp. Dec.31 '13) $1+
Amooza twists
Aylmer Accents $1 WUB 2
Barilla Pasta-0.50+
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks-(multipleswanted)
Black Diamond Cheese-$0.75+
Bounce-$1 –good on sheets
Bounty-good for 6 rolls-$1-2014
Canadian Tire Money-$0.50
Catelli Smart Pasta
Charmin Toilet Paper-$1- not wub 2
Cool Whip
Dawn dishsoap $1 WUB 2 63660409 exp June 2014
Dempster's Bagels
dempster's oven fresh bread-$1 wub 1
Diana Sauces
D'Italiano Bread-RRLF
Dole Canned goods
Duncan Hines
Eggo Waffles/Pancakes
EGGS-REAL ones with shells-no omega and not wub another product
Fresh Chicken
Fresh fruit
Fruit Loops
Frosted Flakes
Fruit Gushers
General Mills Cereal (good on any)
Glad Food Storage Product $1
Gold Fish Crackers(good on Cheddar)
Granola Bars
Honey Combs
Huggies Enjoy the Ride codes
Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding-after Feb. 28th
Hunt’s Thick n’ Rich Pasta Sauce-not wub paste
Hunts Tomato Sauce-0.75 wub 2
Honey Bunches of Oats-$1 -Dec'13
Johnsonville Sausage coupon (good on Breakfast ones)-any amount
Oasis Juice Boxes
Knorr Products-$1 (wub okay)
Kraft Peanut Butter -$1
Lactantia Butter
Lactantia Cream
Lean Cuisine
Lucky Charms
Lunchmate Bucks-unused of course
Lunchmate Stackers-0.75
Majesta TP-$1 (multiples wanted)
Marc Angelo Product-(multipleswanted)- $1
Marzetti Veggie Dip
McCain Ultra Thin Crust Pizza
Milk-No Lactose Free or Organic-good on 4L bags!!!
Minute Maid Frozen juice
Nutri Grain Bars
Pam $2 WUB 1 (NOT WUB meat or eggs)
Pampers GTG codes
Peek Freans $1 or $.75
pop tarts
Purex Laundry
Purex Toilet Paper
Quaker Instant Oatmeal
Raisin Bran
Ricotta Cheese-$1
Robin Hood Flour-bakefest booklet only
Secret Scent Expressions Exp.09/30/13 (NOTWUB) –$1
Shake n’ Bake-RRRLLLFFF
Special K Crips-$1
Special K Cracker Chips-$1 not 0.50
Special K (good on Red Berries)
Stagg Chilli-good on cans-$1
SummerFresh dips $1
Sunlight Dish Soap-(multiples wanted)
Tasty Taters-$0.50
Tenderflake Product-$1
Tide Laundry Liquid-$1+
VH Sauces (Dec 2013 ONLY)
Villagio BREAD
Wong Wing product-$1
Ziplock Bags-wub 2 okay, not wub another product


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