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    yes, I can still use them, superstore and extra foods have them on sale. Thanks so much...
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    Good day Shayla! I was wondering if you recieved my envie yet?
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About sshayla

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About sshayla
Trade List:

save 1.00 adam's 100% natural peanut butter (mar 31/12) x10

save .50 robin hood oats product (mar 31/12) x10

save .75 nordica cottage cheese 250g, 500g, 750g, or 4x113g (feb 28/12-UPC 02707075)

save 1.00 gay lea spreadables butter reg or light (sept 30/12) x2

save 1.00 les bouchees saveur variety (feb 15/12)

save .50 diane gravy (mar 31/12) x4

save .50 any pack of danone oikos or oikos organic greek yogurt (mar/31/12-UPC 29505294) x10

save 75 high liner vac iqf fillets 400g/454g (dec 31/12)

save 1.00 high liner 215g-700g product, including 227g market cuts (dec 31/13-UPC 12605169)

save 1.00 high liner pan-sear selects 540g or selects 540-600 product-some exceptions-ask (june 30/12-UPC 12605150) x10

save 1.00 high liner pan-sear selects 540g product (dec 31/13-UPC 12605172) x10

save 1.00 high liner pan-sear selects 540g (june 30/12-UPC 12605166)

save .75 crisco all-vegetable or golden all-vegetable shortening (apr 1/12-UPC 51525981) x10

save 3.00 WUB2 spenda sweetener products (feb 28/12-UPC 04381857) x10

save 1.00 kellogg's fibre plus cereal (feb 28/12) x10

save 1.00 all bran cereal bars (feb 21/12-UPC 71578617)----none at the moment

save 1.00 special k bars or crisps (feb 21/12-UPC 71578633)-----none at the moment

save 2.00 WUB2 club house one step seasoning (nov 30/11-UPC 20904962)-------none at the moment

BOGO club house gravy (feb 15/12-UPC 20905037)----none at the moment

save 1.00 astro original greek yogurt 500g (mar 31/12-UPC 11909848)

save .75 uncle ben's bistro express sides or risotto (may 31/12-UPC 08298922) x10

save 1.00 naturegg simply egg whites 500g liquid egg product (june 30/12-UPC 42405809) x3

save .75 windsor extra sea salt 150g, black peppercorn 68g, or roasted garlic w sea salt 85g grinder (jan 31/12-UPC 30904923) x10

save .50 windsor fine or course sea salt 500g (jan 31/12-UPC 30904936) x10

save 1.00 windsor kosher salt 1.36kg (jan 31/12-UPC 30904949) x10

save 1.00 danone danacol yogurt drink with plant sterols ( feb 6/12-UPC 29407880) x2

save .50 yoplait asana products 12x100g and 650g (apr 30/12-UPC 29212167) x10

save .50 yoplait asana products 8x100g, 12x100g and 650g or yoplait creamy product 16x100 (apr 30/12-UPC 29212271) x8

save .50 yop from yoplait 6x200ml product (mar 31/12-UPC 29212170) x10

save .50 source 16x100g or 650g product or yoplait minigo 6x60g, yoplait tubes 8x60g, yop from yoplait 6x200ml (feb 29/12-UPC 29212125)

save 1.50 WUB2 casa di mama pizzas (mar 30/12-UPC 88622936)

save 1.00 dr. oetker panebello bakery crust pizza (feb 124/12-UPC 88622923)----none at the moment

save 1.50 WUB2 ristorante pizzas (feb 24/12-UPC 88621832)-----none at the moment

save 2.00 WUB2 smart bread (jan 31/12-UPC 12520259)---none at the moment

save 2.50 olymel frozen poultry chicken chunkies 600g, olymel breaded chikcne 680g, chicken wings 650g (jan 1/13-UPC 2200302)----none at the moment

save .75 kraft dinner smart macaroni and cheese 150-200g (apr 3/12-UPC 05531804)---none at the moment

save 1.00 laughing cow party cubes 24 pack (mar 31/12-UPC 1420170) x10

save 2.00 on a dozen eggs WUB pam baking or original (feb 29/12-UPC 44405218)

save 1.00 on 200g or larger package of wonderful pistachios (mar 31/12-UPC 14103581) x10

save 1.00 imagine 500ml organic soup including hearty chicken noodle, southwest black bean and tomoato basil (dec 31/12-UPC 87511589) x5

save .75 thinsations (feb 24/12-UPC 05531833)----none at the moment

WUB2 295g nutrigrain cereal bars G1 FREE 8 count 295g (feb 21/12-UPC 71578587)

save 1.00 nutri-grain snack (feb 25/12-UPC 71194211)---none at the moment

save .75 black diamond (sargento shred, slices or natural) cheese products (mar 31/12-UPC 46215837)---none at the moment

save 1.00 gay lea gold premium sour cream (mar 7/12-UPC 02707293) x2

SAVE 1.00 WUB2 CATELLI HEALTHY HARVERST products (mar 3/12-UPC 10833487)----none at the moment

save 1.00 WUB2 dozen eggs (mar 2/12-UPC 35001530)

save 1.00 astro zero excluding 175g and 4 pack (mar 3/12-UPC 11909907)

save 1.00 gret grains cereal (apr 3/12-UPC 26003838)

save .75 superslim rice crisp product (mar 1/12-UPC 49904534) x10

Buy 1 rice krispies cereal and g1 FREE rice krispie squares bar snack 176g ( feb 25/12UPC 71194181)

buy 1 all-bran original cereal and g1 FREE all-bran snack 180g (feb 25/12-UPC 71194194) x2

buy 1 kashi cereal and g1 FREE snack 210g (feb 25/12-UPC 71194208) x2

save .75 sun-maid raisin cinnamon swirl bread (feb 29/12-UPC 12519112)

save 1.00 WUB2 dozen eggs (mar 1/12-UPC 35001520) x2

save 1.00 WUB2 dozen eggs (mar 2/12-UPC 35001530) x2

save 1.00 WUB2 wasa crispbread (mar 30/12-UPC 84408137)

save 1.00 olivieri 360g or less fresh pasta or 300ml or less fresh sauce (dec 31/12-UPC 1252033)

save 1.50 kellogg's fibre plus cereal (mar 15/12-UPC 71578402)

save .75 smuckers (apr 30/12-UPC 51526391) x2

FREE WUB3 knorr products (dec 31/12) x10


save 1.50 folgers black silk coffee or folgers gourmet selections k-cups portion packs (mar 31/12-UPC 30401642) x10

save 1.00 WUB3 carnation evaporated milk 370ml products (apr 30/12) x10

save .60 eagle brand sweetened condensed milk (apr 30/12-UPC 51525994) x8

save .50 V8 V-fusion light 1.36L or V8 V-fusion slim cans 6-pack 6-237ml (jan 31/12-UPC 00923255) x9

save .50 WUB2 nestle pure life sparkling 1L bottles or any one 6x500ml case (mar 31/12) x3

save .90 so good original or fat free, 1.89L carton or 1L UHT (apr 30/12-UPC 69105715)

save 1.00 WUB2 del monte fruit snacks 108g or 324g 9FEB 2/12-UPC 14502822)

save .75 V8 original 1.89L or one V8 original 6-pack of 156ml (apr 30/12-UPC 00923444) x8

save .65 eagle brand sweetened condensed milk (apr 30/12-UPC 51525910)

save 2.00 van houtte ground or whole bean coffe 225g format or larger ( june 30/12-UPC 1190136)

save 2.00 van houtte coffee 225g and up not applicable on k-cups portion packs (aug 31/12-UPC 1190137) x 10

save 2.00 van houtte coffee 280g and up not applicable on k-cups portion packs (dec 31/12-UPC 1190159) x2


save 5.00 powder can of nestle good start 2 alsoy with omega 3 & 6, 730g (june 30/12) x2

save 2.00 flintstones multiple vitamins (mar 31/12-UPC 07655252) x10

save 5.00 enfamil A+, enfamil gentlease A+ or enfapro A+ formulas tub or refill box (feb 24/12, apr 3/12-UPC 30219175) x3

save 3.00 pedisure complete 4x235ml pack (may 1/12-UPC 18217357)---none at the moment

save 1.00 live clean baby (mar 31/12-UPC 04200244)

save 3.00 similac cheque (may 30/12)----none at the moment

save 2.00 pull-ups training pants jumbo or larger( feb 3/12-UPC 49102084) x1

save 5.00 nestle good start 2 probiotic 640g (jun 30/12-UPC 10034402) x2

save 1.00 plytex drop-ins system bottle liners (dec 31/12-UPC 25332227) x10

save 1.00 plytex mealtime feeding product (dec 31/12-UPC 25332256) x10


save 5.00 purina proplan shredded blend puppy or dog food any size, any variety, sold exclusively at pet specialty retailers (june 30/12-UPC 27672655) x1-----FRENCH x5

save 5.00 purina proplan shredded blend puppy or dog food (feb 24/12-UPC 27671708)

save 5.00 purina ONE smartblend dog food, size 2.7kg and larger (feb 15.12-UPC 27672176)------none at the moment

save 3.00 purina pro plan dry cat food (jan 7/12, feb 15/12, feb 24/12-UPC 27673140) x3

save 2.50 purina ONE premium dog food (june 30/12-UPC 27672163)

save 3.50 purina dog chow brand dog food or purina puppy chow brand puppy (feb 21/12, feb 24/12-UPC 27663804) x2

save 2.00 purina ONE smartblend cat food, any variety, 1.8kg or larger (mar 1/12_UPC 27672772) x9

save 2.00 purina ONE smartblend cat food, any variety, 1.8kg or larger (mar 1/12-UPC 27672772) x9

save 2.00 purina ONE smartblend premium dry cat food 1.8kg or larger (apr 1/12-UPC 27672815) x10

save 2.00 new ceaser dry food for small dogs 1.6 or 3kg (mar 31/12-UPC 08298863) x8

save 1.50 arm and hammer puppy pads (jan 9/12-UPC 65333856)---none at the moment

buy 2 (85g) cans of fancy feast elegant medley's, get 1 (85g) can free (, feb, feb 24/12-UPC 27663022) x2

BOGO beneful prepared meals (feb 24/12-UPC 27663048) ----none at the moment

save 1.50 purina busy bone (feb 9/12, feb 24/12-UPC 27672062) ---none at the moment

save 1.50 arm and hammer puppy pads (feb 15/12, feb 24/12-UPC 65333856) x2


save 2.00 tynenol muscle aches and body pains 72 and 110ct (feb 24/12-UPC 04383521)

save 3.00 tynenol body pain night (feb 24/12-UPC 04385846) x2

save 3.00 tynenol back pain 18s and 40s (, feb 24/12-UPC 04381206) x3

save 3.00 adult tylenol complete cold, cough and flu product (june 30/12-UPC 04386214) x3

save 5.00 abreva (mar 31/12-UPC 83829475)

save 2.00 jamieson probiotic stciks or advanced 4-strain probiotic (june 30/12)

save 2.00 reactine extra strenght 30s,48s, 84s and reactine allergy + sinus 30s (jan 7/12-UPC 04385833)---none at the moment

save 1.50 one a day product (feb 15/12-UPC 07654897) x2

save 3.00 lactaid feb 24/12-UPC 04378349) x3

save 5.00 osteo bi-flex joint care supplement (apr 15/12) x6

save 3.00 on neocitran warming relief syrup (june 30/12) x10

save 2.00 cold fx daily defence or cold fx extra product (dec 31/12) x10

save 3.00 immunity-fx products (dec 31/12-UPC 79505550) x10

save 4.00 aerius product (apr 30/12) x3

save 4.00 on a 350ml liquid calcium product (mar 31/12-UPC 3430001) x2

save 3.00 cold-a-tak or virus-a-tak products from webber naturals (nov 30/12-UPC 43403282)

save .50 organic and natural natracare (mar/12)

save 1.00 immuboost (june 30/12)

save 2.00 imodium advanced caplets 20ct, advanced chew 20ct, and quick dissolve 20ct (feb 24/12-UPC 04381176) x3

save 3.00 advil muscule and joint (apr 30/12-UPC 12923090) x10

save 5.00 nicorette gum handy pack 25ct or 100ct box (mar 31/12-UPC 04385859) x10

save 3.00 buckley's liquid gel product (mar 31/12-UPC 86716055) x10

save 2.00 vitalux product (dec 31/12-UPC 51301923) x3

save .75 redoxon product (mar 31/12-UPC 07655382) x10

save 3.00 hydrasense products except 25ml format and protective filters (apr 30/12-UPC 60314358) x2

save .50 tums bottles 60. 72,100,150,and 160 ct (dec 29/11-UPC 8382049)---none at the moment

save 2.00 WUB2 bottles of tums not valid on 12's or tums rolls (mar 31/12-UPC 83825499) x10

save 2.00 gaviscon any size or format (mar 31/12-UPC 83828850) x10

save 4.00 advil cold and sinus product (mar 31/12-UPC 12923191) x10

save 2.00 caltrate (june 30/12-UPC 12923250) x8

save 2.50 benylin all in one or adult benylin product not valid in quebec (mar 31/12-UPC 04385732) x10

save 3.00 benylin extra strength mucus and phlegm product excluding 100ml (june 30/12-UPC 04386184) x 5

save 3.00 myoflex pain relief product (mar 31/12-UPC 07655542) x5

save 5.00 coldsore-fx (dec 31/12-UPC 79504469) x6

save 2.00 centrum materna (june 30/12-UPC 12923120) x10

save 3.00 centrum for women or centrum for men (june 30/12-UPC 12923175) x10

save 4.00 otrivin saline sea water and aloe product (mar 31/12-UPC 86716143)

save 3.00 tynelol cold and sinus x6

personal product:

save .50 crest 3d white toothpaste (feb 28/12) x5

save .50 crest 3d white toothpaste (feb 28/12) x9

save 1.00 off 600ml St. Ive's lotion (apr 30/12-UPC 85113901) X10

save 2.00 WUB2 dove men care 400ml body wash, 355ml shampoo, 750ml shampoo, 76 g anti-perspirant or 76g deodorant (feb 29/12-UPC 89288288) x20

save 1.50 dove hair care product (feb 29/12-UPC 89288266) x10

save 10.00 oral -b premium power toothbrush (feb 29/12-UPC 63760011)

save 10.00 oral-b professsional series or triumph series electric toothbrush (mar 31/12) x10

save 1.50 WUB2 crest pro-health toothpaste 75ml or larger (aug 31/12-UPC 63755347)

save 1.50 colgate sensitive pro-relief toothpaste 75ml (june 1/12-UPC 80003459) X6

save 1.50 coglate 360 sensitive pro-relief toothbrush (june 1/12-UPC 80003423) x5

save 1.50 colgate 360 toothbrush (june 1/12-UPC80003435) x2

save 1.00 colgate 360 battery toothbrush (mar 31/12-UPC 80003700) x5

save 1.00 colgate kids battery toothbrush (mar 31/12-UPC 80003712) x5

save .50 colgate total toothpaste 125ml or larger (apr 30/12-UPC 80003736) x5

save 1.50 pronamel toothpaste (june 30/12-UPC 83827932) x10

save 1..00 sensodyne pronamel iso-active (sept 31/12-UPC 83829518) x10

save 2.50 sensodyne iso-active 100ml (may 31/12-UPC 83828544) x7

save .50 aquafresh toothpaste (june 30/12-UPC 83828443)

save 1.50 spinbrush globrush toothbrush (apr 30/12-UPC 6533395)

save 1.00 spinbrush globrush toothbrush (june 30/12-UPC 65333968)

save 1.50 spinbursh adult toothbrush pro clean sonic, pro clean, pro whitening or pro select (june 30/12-UPC 65333970)

save 1.50 spinbursh adult toothbrush pro clean, pro whitening or pro select, pro sonic (may 30/12-UPC 65333892)

save 1.00 spinbrush kids toothbrush (june 30/12-UPC 65333966)

save .75 arm and hammer toothpaste (june 30/12-UPC 65333971)

save 15.00 philips senso touch (mar 31/12-UPC 36702565) x9

save 5.00 philips stubble trimmer (mar 31/12-UPC 36702581) x9

save 10.00 philips bodygroom (mar 31/12-UPC 36702578) x9

save 10.00 philips ladyshave (mar 31/12-UPC 36702594) x9

save 15.00 philips goLITE blu or wake-up light (mar 31/12-UPC 36702608) x9

save 10.00 sonicare toothbrush (mar 31/12-UPC 36702611) x10

save 2.50 head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner excludes trail size (sept 30/13-UPC 63759264) x2

save 1.00 live clean (mar 31/12-UPC 04200404)

save 1.00 natural instincts hair colour (sept 30/13-UPC63759482) x2

save 3.00 schick hydro refills (apr 30/12-UPC 29007400)

save 3.00 WUB2 curel or jergens lotions 220ml or larger (dec 31/12-UPC 40014991) x10


save 1.50 buy 3 grande royale ultra products (sept 30/12-UPC 68005838) x7

save 1.00 pack of royale 3 ply elegant dinner napkins (june 30/12-UPC 68005854) x10

save 1.00 multipe pack 12 or 25 rolls royale bathroom tissue (june 30/12-UPC 68005809) x10

save .75 royale paper towels (june 30/12-UPC 68006264) x6

save 1.00 royale 6-roll paper towels (mar 31/12-UPC 68006482) x10

save 1.00 royale 6-roll paper towels (mar 31/12-UPC 68006219) x6

BOGO airwick freshmatic refills excludes freshmatic compact refills and value packs with 3 or more refills (feb 28/12-UPC 06546045) x3

save 3.00 airwick scented oil starter kit excludes bonus or value packs (feb 28/12-UPC 06546061) x5

save 5.00 when you spend 15.00 on any glade products (jan 31/12-UPC 33687618) x10

buy one scrubbing bubbles one step toilet bowl cleaner starter kit get one scrubbing bubbles one step toilet bowl cleaner refill free (apr 15/12-UPC 33687823) x4

save 5.00 scrubbing bubbles one step toilet bowl cleaner starter kit includes starter and refill (may 5/12-UPC 33687908) x3

save 1.00 scrubbing bubbles or fantastik product excluding toilet duck (apr 15/12-UPC 3368736) x3

BOGO scrubbing bubbles trigger, aerosol, mega shower foamer or power sprayer refill (may 31/12-UPC 33688103) x2

save 1.00 scrubbing bubbles one step toilet bowl cleaner refill (may 31/12-UPC 33688129) x4

save .50 toilet duck 750ml liquid (mar 24/12) x3

BOGO toilet duck 750ml liquid (may 31/12-UPC 33688116) x9

save 1.00 WUB 12-double roll or 24-single roll pack of cascades enviro bathroom tissue or 6 roll pack of cascades enviro paper towels (mar 31/12) x10

save 1.00 finish jet-dry rinse agent (jan 31/12-UPC 06545954) x4

save 1.00 finsh dishwasher cleaner (jan 31/12-UPC 06545970) x9

MIR finish dishwasher cleane--purchase between dec 3/11-jan 15/12 x10

save 5.00 bissell portable deep cleaning formula (feb 5/12-UPC 58300360) x5

save 1.00 clorox clining gel with bleach (apr 30/12-UPC 01222601) x10

save 1.00 pledge aerosol product (apr 15/12-UPC 33687780) x7

save 2.00 WUB2 windex 765ml trigger (apr 15/12-UPC 33687793) x6

save 3.00 swiffer wetjet starter kit (mar 31/21-UPC 63656217)

save 4.00 WUB3 febreeze (mar 31/12) x8

save 1.00 febreeze fabric refresher 800ml (sept 30/13-UPC 63656318) x2

save .50 downy or bounce (sept 30/13-UPC 63656321) x2

save 1.00 durcell batteries (mar 31/12-UPC 21316409)

save .75 durcell coppertop or ultra power batteries (sept 30/13-UPC 21316412) x4

save .50 charmin (mar 31/12-UPC 63656448)

save 1.00 charmin excluding 4 roll (sept 30/13-UPC 63656956) x2

save 1.00 charmin (, jan 17/12-UPC 63657643)

save .50 charmin freshmates (sept 30/13-UPC 63656783) x2

save 1.00 bounty 12 roll or larger (sept 13/12-UPC 63656943) x2

save .50 bounty napkins (sept 30/13-UPC 63656738)

save 1.00 puffs excluding single pack (sept 30/13-UPC 63656927) x2

save .50 tide product (sept 30/13-UPC 63656419) x2


*would like to trade for a minimum of 10 dollars per trade to make it worth the stamp!*

what i would like:

FPC of anything---will trade for triple what they are worth

pampers wipes and diapers (stackable only) or high value at least 4.00 ones---NO P & G inserts plzs

pamper and wipes 4.00 off wub both!!!-----really really looking for

b1g1 coke

pop (not gingerale)

chocolate bars only

penaten cream

johnston and johnston manufacture coupons

johnson's baby

HV bonuce sheets (not bounce bar)

janes chicken product

kraft parmasan romano asiago

dole sparklers

lite house ceaser dressing

amooza twists

ice cream

1.00 off kraft shredded cheese


mc cains pizza

hamburger helper


pam (not when you buy eggs save 2.00)

simply lemonade

evian water

cookies (not pillsbury ones)

pizza pops


swanson product

chunky soups

primo pasta



cottenelle toilet paper (3.00 off coupon or higher)

crest toothpaste (the one that is for any crest, not 3d one)

adias mens deodorant


gerber baby food

gerber snacks

heinz baby food

brie cheese

vh steamers BOGO only

any liquid hand soap

ivory laundry soap

mum-mum crackers

stamps (1 stamp = 5.00 worth of coupons)

GC's (1.00 GC = 7.00 worth of coupons)

please PM if interested or email me

[email protected]
Wish List:
see above


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