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About key123
Lower Mainland, BC
Trade List:
I am primarily a coupon for coupon trader, but will make exceptions.

If you need to know wording on coupons for stacking purposes etc., please let me know and I will check.

L1H=Limit one coupon per household or Limit one coupon per person or Limit one coupon per customer or Limit one coupon per purchase per customer or Limit one coupon per visit or Limit one coupon per day.
L4=Limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip.
NTS=No trial size or Not good on trial size or for Proctor and Gamble Nor Applicable on trial size, tavel size, special pack and bonus packs.

FPCs, High Demand, Especially Interesting:
CLOROX, FPC 1 bottle of Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Remover Spray max $3.99 Mar31/13 01224186
KASHI FPC 1 box of Kashi cereal or bars max.. $6.49 Jun30/13 310104226

ADAMS any Smucker’s or Adams Peanut Butter 10-$1 Mar31/13 pamphlet 51526623
ALMOND FRESH 1.89l 6-$0.75 Mar31/13 tearpad 69106239
AYLMER Accents tomatoes 6-$1 WYB2 Jun30/13 booklet 44407735
BECEL PRO ACTIVE 6-$2.00 Dec30/12 booklet #87410504
BLACK DIAMOND Cheestrings Ficello 8s, or 16s 6-$0.75 Jun30/13 tearpad 46216380
BLACK DIAMOND Cheestrings 16s or 28s or Funchheez 8s 1-$1 Jun30/13 yogurt pkg 46216162
BOTHWELL any Bothwell cheese variety 6-$1 Feb28/13 cheese please booklet *2390071*
CAMPBELL’S 8-$2 WYB4 on Campbell’s Ready to Enjoy Light, Healthy Request, Chunky and Creation Soups 540ml; Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers and snacks (180-227g), V8 V-Fusion beverages (1.06-1.36l) and V8 vegetable cocktail Mar31/13 tearpad 00925189 “Only one coupon valid per purchase
CAMPBELL’S STOCK FIRST Cream Stock, Chicken Stock or Beef Stock 480ml 6-$0.50 May31/13 tearpad 00924809 L1H
CARNATION any 370ml 10-$1 Mar31/13 pamphlet 51526522
CLOVER LEAF Crabmeat, Clams, Shrimp, Oysters, Mussels 5-$1 WYB2 Jun30/14 25409026
CLOVER LEAF Smoked Oysters or Smoked Mussels 6-$0.40 Dec31/13 25408847
CLOVER LEAF Gourmet White Tuna in Olive Oil (Jalapeno, Sundried Tomato, Chipotle) 6-$1 Sep30/13 25409185
COYOTE 900g or 1.5kg pancake mix, original, flax, buttermilk 6-$0.50 no expiry tearpad
CRISCO Canola or Vegetable Oil product 1-$1 Apr30/13 Cdn Living baking booklet 51526708
CRISCO Shortening product 1-$1 Apr30/13 Cdn Living baking booklet 51526694
DAIRYLAND any organic milk 6-$1 Mar31/13 tearpad *5070692*
DAIRYLAND Li’l Ones Yogurt 6-$0.75 Mar31/12 tearpad *5070559*
DAIRYLAND Li’l Ones Yogurt 5-$0.75 Jul31/12 tearpad *5070559*
DANINO Yogurt 6x60g or Danino Go drinkable yogurt 8x93ml 1-$1 Apr14/13 29408694
DARE RealFruit Gummies 160 or 180g 6-$0.50 Jun30/13 tearpad 11621602
DOFINO Havarti any 5-$1 Feb28/13 cheese please booklet 72005196
DR OETKER Shirriff Mousse or Mousse 50 calories 3-$0.50 Dec31/13 tearpad 88623724
EGG CREATIONS French Toast Blend 500g 10-$1 Jun30/13 booklet 42406525 L1H
EGG CREATIONS any 500g 10-$1 Jun30/13 booklet 42406059 L1H
FARKAY 397g pkg farkay noodles 3-$0.50 NED tearpad
FLEISCHMANN’S Pizza Yeast 3-$0.75 NED tearpad 67900679
FLEISCHMANN’S Pizza Yeast 3 env. trip product 1-$0.75 Dec31/13 Bake Fest bklt 67900897
FOLGERS Gourmet Selections K-Cup Packs 1-$2 Apr30/13 mailout?
FONTAINE SANTE tzatziki 5-$0.75 Dec31/13 tearpad 7190035
FONTAINE SANTE Classic Hummus 2-$0.75 Dec31/13 tearpad 7190035 NVOO note some details in FRENCH only
FRANK’S RED HOT PRODUCT 6-$0.75 May31/13 tearpad 06551012
GRANNY’S Seasoned Boneless Turkey Breast 6-$1 Jun30/13 tearpad 73902687
HEALTHY HARVEST PASTA SAUCE 1-$1 Apr20/13 10834161 only avail. Canada Safeway
HERBAMARE Original or Zesty 250g 1-$1 Jun30/13 mailout *1160017*
ITALPASTA TOTAL PASTA any 1-$0.50 Mar10/13 36101245
KASHI FPC 1 box of Kashi cereal or bars max.. $6.49 Jun30/13 310104226
KASHI Cereal 1-$1 Apr20/13 71197047
KAUAI COFFEE any 5-$1 Dec31/13 tearpad 41001989
KEEBLER ready crust 6-$0.75 Mar31/13 tearpad #84400159
KELLOGG’S Mini-Wheats Centres Raspberry Flavour 510g 6-$1 Jun30/13 tearpad 71195722
KELLOGG’S Krave 312-323g 6-$0.50 Jun30/13 tearpad 71194644
KELLOGG’S Krave 312-323g 1-$0.50 Jun30/13 cereal box 71194657
KELLOGG’S Special K low fat granola 553g 6-$0.75 Jun30/13 tearpad 71194918
KELLOGG’S All-Bran Cranberries & Clusters 6-$0.75 Dec31/13 tearpad 71195793
KELLOGG’S All-Bran Bars 180g 6-$1 Mar31/13 3 week booklet 71195256
KELLOGG’S All-Bran Cereal any 6-$1 Mar31/13 3 week booklet 71195269
KELLOGGS 113g Special K Cracker Chips 4-$0.50 Mar31/13 tearpad 71194569
KELLOGGS 113g Special K Cracker Chips 6-$0.50 Apr30/13 tearpad 71194905
KELLOGGS 113g Special K Cracker Chips 1-$1 Sep30/13 71197089
KELLOGGS 135g Special K Granola Bars 1-$1 Sep30/13 71197076
KNORR 6-$1 WYB3 Dec31/13 booklet #87410564
KRAFT Pasta Salad 1-$0.30 WYB2 packages Dec31/13 tearpad 05533552
KRAFT Pasta Salad 1-$0.30 WYB2 packages Dec31/13 tearpad 05533552
KRAFT 2-$2 WYB4 Mar31/13 tearpad 05539114 ask if you need list of eligible products
MAPLE LEAF Top Dogs 6-$0.50 Mar31/13 tearpad 00605986 ask if you need details on varieties
MRS. RENFRO’S salsa 8-$0.50 Dec31/13 tearpad #84400151
NORDICA Cottage Cheese tub or pack 1-$1 Dec31/13 02707349
OLYMEL any wieners 450g 1-$0.50 Jul31/13 product pkg *2200263*
OLYMEL any smoked hams 750g or 800g 1-$1 Jul31/13 product pkg *2200265*
OLYMEL any bacon 1-$1 Jul31/13 product pkg *2200262*
ORANGINA 1.75l, 6x355ml or 2x296ml 6-$1 Aug31/13 teapad 22224053
ORGANIC MEADOW 340g cheese 1-$1 May31/13 magazine 37010308
PAM 5-$1 on any PAM Cooking Spray Mar31/13 tearpad 44405465
PAM 8-$1 on any PAM Original or Baking Spray Mar4/13 tearpad 44407009
PATAK any 2 excl. Naan Bread 6-$1.50 Jun30/13 tearpad 49904710
POST Honey Bunches of Oats Greek Yogurt Honey Crunch 439g or Shreddies Granola Almond Crunch 540g 6-$0.75 Jul31/13 tearpad 26003694
RESIPROCATE 454g or 400g organic coffee 5-$2 Dec31/13 tearpad 24010100 ONLY at IGA, LD, Nesters, Quality Foods
ROBIN HOOD any Oats Product 10-$0.50 Mar31/13 pamphlet 09245046
RYVITA 200 or 250g 4-$1 WYB2 no expiry tearpad *4250682*
SEATTLE’S BEST COFFEE 340g bag 8-$1 NED tearpad 84404640
SHARWOOD’S 3-$0.50 NED tearpad
SMUCKERS dessert topping product 3-$1 Apr30/13 tearpad 51526450
SMUCKERS Simple Blends product 10-$1 Mar31/13 pamphlet 51526577
SMUCKERS any Smucker’s or Adams Peanut Butter 10-$1 Mar31/13 pamphlet 51526623
SMUCKERS any Smucker’s 10-$1 Mar31/13 pamphlet 51526593
UNCLE BEN’S Brand Rice 1-$1 Apr20/13 08308838 ask for list of eligible products
VAN HOUTTE Coffee 225g and up, not applic. on K-Cup packs 3-$2 Jun30/13 tearpad 1190241
VH SAUCES any 2 8-$2 WYB2 Mar31/13 tearpad 44405609
VH COOKING SAUCE any 341ml 10-$1 Mar4/13 booklet 44407012
VH SAUCES any 2 10-$2 WYB2 Mar4/13 booklet 44407025
VH STEAMERS 8-$1 Mar4/13 booklet 44406992
V8 CAMPBELL’S 8-$2 WYB4 on Campbell’s Ready to Enjoy Light, Healthy Request, Chunky and Creation Soups 540ml; Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers and snacks (180-227g), V8 V-Fusion beverages (1.06-1.36l) and V8 vegetable cocktail Mar31/13 tearpad 00925189 “Only one coupon valid per purchase
WELCH’S 4-$1 on 1 bottle Welch’s 100% Juice, Juice Cocktails or Prune Nectar (1.36l) Dec31/12 Fibre 1 box 22223816
WILKIN AND SONS 6-$1 no expiry tearpad 4250555
YOPLAIT Minigo 6x60g, Tubes 8x60g or 2 bottles of Yop 8-$0.50 Feb28/13 tearpad 76144703
YOPLAIT SOURCE 650g or 16x100g 6-$0.50 Feb28/13 tearpad 76144699 (vertical orientation)
YOPLAIT SOURCE 650g or 16x100g 6-$0.50 Feb28/13 tearpad 76144699 (horizontal orientation)
YOPLAIT YOPTIMAL 650g or 12x100g 6-$0.50 Feb28/13 tearpad 76144686 (vertical orientation)
YOPLAIT YOPTIMAL 650g or 12x100g 6-$0.50 Feb28/13 tearpad 76144686 (horizontal orientation)

LIVE CLEAN Baby Products excl trial size 3-$2.50 WYB2 NED booklet 04200071 one of these is in FRENCH only
LIVE CLEAN Baby Products excl trial size 2-$1.00 WYB1 NED booklet 04200068 one of these is in FRENCH only
PAMPERS any Pampers diapers 2-$1 Sep30/13 bounty pkg 63946387

BOUNCE OR DOWNEY 5-$0.50 Sep30/13 bounty pkg 63656321
BOUNCE $1 off ONE Bounce (excludes Trial/Travel size) Dec31/13 tide box 63659623
DOWNY Unstoppables or Liquid Fabric Enchancer $2 off ONE (excludes trial/travel size) Dec31/13 tide box 63659681
PLEDGE AEROSOL any 1-$1 Mar1/13 magazine 33689946 L1H
SCRUBBING BUBBLES Fresh Brush Toilet Cleaning System 1-$1 Mar1/13 magazine 33689959 L1H
SCRUBBING BUBBLES Toilet Cleaning Gel 1-$1 Mar1/13 magazine 33689975 L1H
SEVENTH GENERATION 4-$5 WYB3 Mar31/13 tearpad 32900583
SEVENTH GENERATION 1-$1 Mar31/13 tearpad #32900574
TIDE or DOWNY or TIDE BOOST $3 off THREE Tide Liquid Detergent, Downy Fabric Enhancer, or Tide Boost (excludes trial/travel size) Dec31/13 tide box 66010858
TIDE WASHING MACHINE CLEANER $2 off ONE (excludes trial/travel size) Dec31/13 tide box 63659610

BOUNTY/CHARMIN/PUFFINS 1-$6 WYB 1 of each ask for restrictions Sep30/13 bounty pkg 66009144
BOUNTY/CHARMIN/PUFFINS 4-$3 WYB any two ask for restrictions Sep30/13 bounty pkg 66009157
BOUNTY napkins 3-$0.50 Sep30/13 bounty pkg 63656738
CHARMIN FRESHMATES 4-$0.50 Sep30/13 bounty pkg 63656783

Personal Care (includes Dental):
ELASTOPLAST 5-$1 May31/13 tearpad 08918345
GILLETTE Sensor 3 Disposables 1-B1G1 Mar31/13 tearpad 66013411 NTS
GILLETTE Fusion Cartridge Pack AND Razor 1-$5 Mar31/13 tearpad 66013394 NTS
HEAD&SHOULDERS shampoo AND conditioner 5-$2.50 Sep30/13 bounty pkg 63759264 NTS
JOHN FRIEDA 2-$10 WYB3 Mar31/13 tearpad 40015415 NTS
LIVE CLEAN 6-$1 NED tearpad 04205858
LIVE CLEAN Fresh Face 1-$1 NED tearpad 04200622 This coupon is in FRENCH only.
LIVE CLEAN fresh Face 1-$2.50 WYB2 NED tearpad 04200619 This coupon is in FRENCH only.
NATURAL INSTINCTS hair colour product 5-$1 Sep30/13 bounty pkg 63759482
TRESEMME any 6-$1 Jun30/13 tearpad #89288510

PEDIGREE treats products 6-$2 WYB2 Mar31/13 tearpad 08299882 L1H
PEDIGREE care and treats products 14-B1G1 Mar31/13 flyer 08308085 L1H ask for details on varieties
WHISKAS Dry Food for Cats 1.5, 2, 3, 4 or 9.1 kg 14-$2 Mar31/13 flyer 08307981 L1H

ADVIL Nighttime any 3-$3 May31/13 magazine 12923742
ADVIL Nighttime 20s or 40s 5-$3 Mar31/13 tearpad 12923595
ADVIL Nighttime any 1-$3 Mar31/13 tearpad 12923524
LAKOTA Any Product 1-$11 valid for Nov-Dec/15, 1-$12 valid for Nov-Dec/16
LAKOTA Joint Care Formula 1-$4 valid for Apr/13, 1-$4 valid for Aug/14, 1-$5 valid for May-Jun/15
LAKOTA Joint Care Formula 120 1-$3 valid for Sep/13, 1-$4 valid for Feb/14
LAKOTA Diabetic Foot Pain Cream 1-$4 valid for Jul/14
LAKOTA Cool Relief Roll-On 1-$4 valid for Jun/14, 1-$5 valid for May-Jun/16
LAKOTA Any Roll-On 1-$4 valid for Mar/13, 1-$4 valid for Jan/14, 1-$10 valid for Nov-Dec/14
LAKOTA Arthritis Roll-On 1-$3 valid for Oct/13, 1-$5 valid for Sep-Oct/15
LAKOTA Back Pain Roll-On 1-$3 valid for Aug/13, 1-$5 valid for Jan-Feb/15, 1-$5 valid for Jan-Feb/16
LAKOTA Muscle Pain Roll-On 1-$3 valid for May/13, 1-$4 valid for Apr/14, 1-$5 valid for Mar-Apr/15
LAKOTA Extra Strength Soft Touch 1-$5 valid for Jan/13, 1-$4 valid for Sep-Oct/14, 1-$7 valid for Sep-Oct/16
LAKOTA Triple Action Back Pain 1-$4 valid for May/14, 1-$5 valid for Mar-Apr/16
LAKOTA Lakota PM 1-$3 valid for Feb/13
LAKOTA Maximum Strength Muscle Pain 1-$3 valid for Jul/13, 1-$4 valid for Mar/14
LAKOTA Rheumatoid Formula 1-$4 valid for Nov/13, 1-$5 valid for Jul-Aug/15
LAKOTA Extra Strength Arthritis 75 1-$5 valid for Jun/13, 1-$6 valid for Jul-Aug/16
LAKOTA Any Supplement 1-$ valid for Dec/13
NATURE’S BOUNTY 10-$1 May31/13 flyer 99800880
NATURE’S BOUNTY 14-$1 May31/13 flyer 99801030
OSTEO BI-FLEX 14-$3 May31/13 flyer 99801032
OSTEO BI-FLEX 10-$3 May31/13 flyer 99800882
TYLENOL Nightime 16 or 40 count 5-$4 Jul31/13 04388568 L1H
TYLENOL Complete Cold, Cough and Flu Product 2-$3 Jun30/13 04389242 L1H
VITALUX 5-$2 Dec31/12 tearpad 51301923
ZANTAC 150mg or 75mg product 5-$3 Jul31/13 tearpad 04386722 L1H
ZANTAC any 6-$3 Dec31/13 tearpad 04386722 L1H

AIR WICK Freshmatic, Scented Oil or Candle Product 4-B1G1 Max. $16.99 Jul31/13 tearpad 06551621 Not to be used in conjunction with any other coupon offer
GLADE Plugins Refills 1-B1G1 Apr21/13 33690692 L1H
GLADE Sense and Spray Refills 1-B1G1 Apr21/13 33690689 L1H
GLADE Plugins Refills 1-B1G1 Apr21/13 33690692 L1H
GLADE Jar Candles 1-B1G1 Apr21/13 33690706 L1H
FEBREZE candle 1-$1 Mar31/13 booklet 63659548
FEBREZE car vent clip 1-$1 Mar31/13 booklet 63659652
FEBREZE Set & Refresh 1-$1 Mar31/13 booklet 63659649
FEBREZE Noticeables warmer 1-$3 Mar31/13 booklet 63659984
FEBREZE Noticeables dual refill 1-$1 Mar31/13 booklet 63659577
FEBREZE Air Effects 1-$0.50 Mar31/13 booklet 63659564
FEBREZE 1-Car Vent Clip 1 ct WYB Fabric Refresher 800ml Mar31/13 booklet 63659678
Wish List:
WISH LIST for key123:
Please: no French only unless discussed with me first, no store or region specific. I will consider printables but need to know details first.
Looking for multiples of each of these. In some cases I have stated a specific coupon. I am not always aware of everything out there. If you have something similar, later expiry date etc. I am certainly willing to consider it. Those marked *** are the ones I especially would like and I will trade extra generously for those. I list few FPCs as I typically find that I don’t have what people want in return for trade. If you would like me to consider one please ask.

ACTIVIA yogurt only, not dessert or drinkable, 650g containers, $1 or more, sweetened/unsweetened is fine
ALMOND FRESH 1.89l only, any discount expiry Apr/13 or later, must be good on unsweetened
ARCTIC GARDENS especially looking for discount greater than $1 on any veggie ($2 49701627, 49701728 Dec31/13), also interested $1 2014 expiry go coupons.
ARMSTRONG CHEESE valid on chunks of cheese, purchase the reduced fat cheddar only.
ASTRO YOGURT—ZERO, BIOBEST (650g only), ORIGINAL, GREEK (04/13 expiry or later) or ANY. Yogurt only no drinkables please. Particularly looking for those good on any, Greek or biobest with expiry in April 2013 or later.
AVEENO looking for discount on single item (WYB1), or $3 WYB2 other than 04389372 especially looking for good on any or $3 discount (or any discount) on eczema care (04389008 Dec 31, 2013)
BLACK DIAMOND want to buy regular chunks of cheese, looking for $1 discount or greater
***BLUE DIAMOND ALMONDS, 07505690 Dec31/13, 95800219 Dec31/13
BLUEWATER good on any
CAMPBELL’S $3, $2, $1 on any product
***CHAPMANS ICE CREAM $5 or any discount that works on no sugar added
CHEERIOS must work on regular Cheerios
COLGATE PALMOLIVE call ins good on Soft Soap (any size), Irish Spring Bar Soap
CREAM OF WHEAT $0.75 Dec31/13
DANONE yogurt. Looking for discount on any Danone. Purchase Silhouette, Activia, Creamy.
DARE discount on any Dare, purchase Simple Pleasures.
DOVE any discount good on bar soap only, eg. 4 x 90g pack, 89288585 Apr30/13 (Shoppers Voice
EDGE Shaving Gel
EGG CREATIONS valid on any, expiry Jul/13 or later
EUROPE’S BEST FROZEN FRUIT frozen fruit (any or fruit essentials), veggie (any or roasted), discount of larger than $1 or expiry July 2013 or later
FILIPPO BERIO olive oil $2 Dec31/14 expiry only (hangtag) 10907362
***GREAT GRAINS any discount, especially interested in the $2 coupons (26003548 Aug31/13)
GREEN GIANT Valley Selections or Frozen Vegetables, nothing with sauce added
HIGH LINER $2 discount on any product, also interest in a couple of the $2 on Flame Savours
IRISH SPRING BAR SOAP if there is a coupon out there
JANES good on any chicken, not interested in the seafood
JERGENS looking for 40014816 (up to 3), or any others besides 40015402
***JOHNSON AND JOHNSON call-ins. Interested in Aveeno, Lubriderm, Neutrogena and Band Aid.
KELLOGG’S, on any All-Bran cereal, $2 Mar31/13 71194543 (from doctor's office), have sufficient $1. Any discount with expiry Jun 2013 or later
KELLOGG’S $1 or $2 any
KIKKOMAN $1 any Kikkoman product Dec31/13
KRAFT Cheez Whiz looking for 1 or 2 with Mar/13 or later expiry, or any discount with later expiry than that
LIBERTE Yogurt FPC or any discount, eg. $1 on Liberte products Dec31/14 (1440059)
MCVITIE’S $1 WYB2 McVities Biscuits with no expiry 55202318.

KRUGER/SCOTTOES/PUREX. Looking for the following coupons:
$0.75 any Envirocare product, Purex, Scotties 6pk, or Spongetowels Jun30/13 12016570 (max 4)
$0.75 any Purex 8pk Exp Jun30/13 12016567 (max 4)
$.75 any Cashmere, Purex, Sponge Towels, Fasana or Scotties product, 12015636 Jun30/13 (peelie)
$3 wub (2) Cashmere, Purex, Sponge Towels and Scotties EnviroCare products, 12016118, Apr30/13 (max 2)
$1 any Purex EnviroCare product, 12105199, Jun30/13
$1 Purex Double Roll Bathroom Tissue 8 roll or larger, 12015896, Dec 31,2013 from a Scotties pkg
$0.75 any EnviroCare product (Purex, Scotties 6pk or Sponge Towels), 12016570, Jun30/13
$1.25 Scotties EnviroCare 6-pack or any Sponge Towels EnviroCare 4-6 roll, 12015968, Dec31/13
$1 any Scotties EnviroCare 6 pack, 12015229, Jun30/13

MELITTA COFFE must be good on any. Looking for UPCs other than the following: 14708796, 14708813, 14708826 and 14708839
NEUTROGENA looking for something valid on all products.
OCEAN SPRAY must work on Diet Juices 1.89l
OLD DUTCH Potato Chips or Multi Grain Tortilla Chips
OLYMEL frozen chicken products good on any or chunkies, 2200264 Jul31/13 or expiry later than that
ROBIN HOOD OATS $1 Robin Hood Oats product 09245059 Apr30/13 Bake Some Memories booklet. Have sufficient $0.50.
SCRUBBING BUBBLES good on any product (I want to buy automatic shower cleaner refill bottles)
SENSODYNE want to buy toothpaste in tubes, not ProNamel
***SILK ALMOND or SOY 1.89l FPC or any discount
SILHOUETTE’S YOGURT want to purchase 650g containers
SIMPLE have sufficient 89288624 and 89288625. Looking for others including $2 on any (892886632, Jun30/13) and $5 WUB 2 (89288634, Jun30/13)
SO GOOD 1.89l, must be valid on no sugar added if there is something out there. Sorry I can’t use Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Light as the person consuming this is diabetic and all of those have sugar added.
SO NICE FPC or discount on 1.89l product
SUN MAID Raisin Bread
***UNILVER HAIR PRODUCTS $1 any, $2 any, excludes trial/travel formats (Dove, Dove Men+Care, TRESemme, Nexxus, Axe, Alberto European, Clear) 89288628 Mar31/14
WHEAT THIN CRACKERS $1.50 Wheat Thins crackers 175 g 05534568 Jun30/13 Cdn Living
YOGURT most any FPC as long as I can purchase in my community


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