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    Thanks for the rating! Wow... 3 days? I mailed it on Monday. lol
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    Hi there! I saw you posted on my "Get what you want" train! So far I think I've worked out all the kinks and will definately have another one. I will message you to see if your still interested when I do. It'll probably be sometime next month after the new brandsaver comes out
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    Your message for a trade did not show up in my SC messages but on my profile page.......luckly I went there to make some changes. I am not sure if I have all that you want please let me check when I get home from work.

    Thanks Judy
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About Murphyck

Basic Information

About Murphyck
Nova Scotia
Trade List:
2- B2G1 Whiskas wet food trays(100g) or pouches (85g)exp. July 31st, 2012
2- $3 off on Pedigree dry food for dogs exp. Aug.31st,2012
4-Save $3 on any purina one smartblend dog food (2.7kg or larger) exp. Sept.30th,2012
2- save $2 on purchase of 2 Pedigree snacks or treats exp. Aug 31st, 2012
3- Save $3 on any Purina ONE smartBlend Dog food (2.7kg or larger)exp.Sept 30th, 2012
3-Save $1 on Purina ONE Premium dog food exp. Aug 31st,2012

2- official mail-in rebate form DARE: get a $15 retailer gc (participating retailers: Safeway, Coleman's, Co-op Atlantic, CO-OP & THE MARKETPLACE, I.G.A, london drugs, longos, Metro, Save-On-Foods) must purchase 5 dare products (purchase must be made between Mar 26, 2012-June 15, 2012)
5-$1 Swanson Skillet Meals exp. Dec 31st/12
2-Save $1 on any egg creation liquid egg product exp. Dec.31st,2012 (upc 42406091)
7-$1 any egg creations french toast blend 500g product exp. dec 31st/12
7- $1 any egg creation product 500g exp dec.31st/12 (upc 42406046)
3-Save $1 ANY McCain Superfries sweet potato product or McCain breakfast potatoes product exp. June 30th,2012
2-save 0.50 cents on purchase of 12x100g & 650g yoplait Asana products exp.July 31st, 2012
2-Save $1 on any Astro BioBest Smoothie (4-200ml)exp.Dec.31st,2012
3-Save 0.40 on clover leaf smoked oysters or smoked mussels exp. June 30th, 2012
3-Clover Leaf the entertainer: Save $1 wub 2 clover leaf chuck crabmeat, clams, shrimp, mussels, oysters exp. June 30th, 2013
5- 0.50 any cloverleaf tuna salad kit exp. Dec 31st/12
3- Save .75 cents on highliner crusted fillets 250g product exp.Dec.31st,2012
2-Buy 3 Knorr Lipton Soups and get one free. exp June 30th,2012
2- $1 off the laughing cow wedge product (8p,16p,24p, 32p) exp.May 31st, 2012
2-All you need is cheese exp. Aug.31st, 2012
3- Save .50cents Dempster's Bagels exp. June 30th,2012
2-Save 0.75 on ben's thinfuls exp. oct.31st, 2012
2-Save $1 when you buy post great grain cereal (385-453g) exp May 31st, 2012
1-Save $1.50 on any 12oz bag of Seattle's best coffee. exp. May 9th, 2012
3- $2 off the purchase of Van Houtte coffee (225g and up not kcups) exp.July 31st, 2012
3- $1 off any Melitta Coffee exp. Dec.31st,2012
3-0.75cents off any Melitta filter exp. Dec.31st,2012
2- Grill to Thrill VH booklet ($2 WUB 2 VH sauces, $1 off pam grill or original, $1 off 1 VH Indian Market sauce, $2 off WUB 2 VH Steamers) exp. Sept.30th, 2012
5-0.50 off any Bick's relish product exp. Dec 31st, 2012
5- $1 off WUB 2 Bick's products exp. Dec.31st, 2012
5- 0.30 WUB 2pkg. of Kraft Macaroni Pasta Salad exp. Dec 31st, 2013
5-0.75 off any Black Diamond Cheestrings Ficello (8's or 16's) OR Funcheez products exp. Dec 31st, 2012
5-$1 off any Janes Chicken product exp. July 15th,2012
5- 0.50 113g box of Special K cracker chips exp. Mar 31/13
5-$1 off Royale 6 roll paper towels exp. Dec 31st, 2012

2-Save 0.50 on any resolve product exp. July 31st, 2012
2-save $1 on any resolve dual power exp.july 31st, 2012

3- $3 Abreva exp.dec 31/12
3- $4 off Robax Platinum (18's-50's), Robaxacet, (18's/24's/40's), Robaxisal (18's/40's) exp. dec 31st,2013
2-Save $3 on dual action pepcid complete antacid + acid reducer (25's or larger) exp. Dec.31st, 2012
2- Save $3 on the purchase of CanesOral Combi-pak. exp. Jan 30th, 2013
1- Save $5 Dr. Scholl's skin tag remover.exp. Dec.31st, 2012
2-Save $3 on any Adult Tylenol complete cold, cough & flu product. exp. June 30th, 2012
2-Save $3 on Advil Nighttime 20's or 40's. exp Nov 30th, 2012
2- Save $5 on Coldsore-FX exp.July 31st,2012
2-Save $3 on Centrum Cardio exp.july 31st,2012
1-Save $3 Tylenol Arthritis pain exp. July 31st,2012
2-Save $3 on any adult benylin mucus & phlegm exp.July 31st,2012
10- Zantac $3 off any 75mg or 150mg product exp. July 31st, 2013
5- Save $2 on BOOST diabetic 6pack. exp.June 30th,2012

FPC one box of Perfect 10 Haircolour value $18 exp. June 30, 2012
5- $2 off any Dove VisibleCare Body Wash exp. August 31st, 2012
2-$1 off any head & shoulders products exp.June 30th, 2012
3- Save $1 on any Dove style+care product. exp. Dec.31st, 2012
3-$1 off on any Garnier Fructis or Fructis style product exp. Dec.31st, 2012
2- $4 off L'oreal sublime mousse hair color exp. Aug 31st, 2012 / dec.31st, 2012
2-Save $3 on any Garnier ultra-lift product no exp. date
2- $2 off Marcelle hydra-c eye roll on anti puff & dark circle exp. Aug.31st, 2012
2- $2 on the purchase of either Marcelle waterproof eye makeup remover or xtension plus mascara exp. July 31st, 2012
2-$2 off L'Oreal Healthy look Creme gloss color exp.Dec.31st, 2012
3-Save $1 on any noxema product exp.Aug.31st,2012
10- $1 off any Dove men+care body+face wash exp. June 30th, 2012
2-$3 off nutrisse mousse color foam exp. Dec.31st, 2012
2- $2 off any L'Oreal hair expertise product exp.Oct.17th, 2012
4- $1 off St.Ives facial cleanser or scrub product excluding the 30ml bottle. exp. Sept.30th,2012
4-Save $1 on any Lever 2000 bar soap or body wash exp.May 31st,2012
3-$3 off the purchase of any two Aveeno products (excluding lip care,bar soap, and 71ml daily moisturizing lotion) exp.Dec.31st,2012
2- Save $2 off Revlon beauty tools exp.June 30th,2012
3-Save $1 when you buy any pantene product exp. April 30th,2012
2- save $2 on purchase of any Schick Hydro Silk razor or refill. exp. Dec.31st, 2012
4-Save $1 on any TRESemme Split Remedy product exp. Dec.31st,2012
Wish List:,, p&,, tearpads, reps: Yes
French: No
Printed: No
Store Specific: No
Coupons given by Reps: Yes

J&J mailouts
Colgate/Palmolive mailouts
Kimberley-Clark mailouts
Gardein product NED
$3 WUB 2 Black Diamond cheese
Advil Cold & Sinus Dec/13 exp
0.75 produce (from ziploc)
$1.50 fresh chicken (from ziploc)
$1 fresh chicken (from ziploc)
0.75 any cheese (from ziploc)
Janes $2+
Chapman’s ice cream
$2 Dove Antiperspirant (not WUB2, not go sleeveless)
$3 Skintimate Shave Gel
$1.50 Satin Care product
$1.50 Colgate Advanced Healthtoothpaste(good on any size)(dec 31/13)
$3 Tide product 25 loads
$3 wub any 2 Bounty, Charmin, or Puffs (sep 30, 2012 or 2013)
$2 Oasis Refrigerated Juice
$2 WUB2 bags of Smartfood popcorn (170g-220g)(peelie)
$2.50 Renee's salad dressing
$.50 or $.75 Danone product (good on any)
$2 WUB3 Carnation Evaporated Milk

Maple Leaf hotdogs
Thinsations $$$
Fresh eggs
kidney beans
Cheese Whiz (WUB 1)
Heinz ketchup
cottonelle/charmin toilet tissue ($$ ON ONE)
Quaker oats (2013 exp.)
Old Dutch Chips
Armstrong, kraft, cracker barrel, black diamond blocked or grated cheese (ONLY these brands!!!!!!)
saputo cheese
summer fresh dips (aug exp or later)- valid on any
$1 Swanson Skillet Meals
Dole Salad bags
Weight Watchers Entrees
Mio water enhancer
Chocolate Bars
Maple Leaf canned meat
Special K fruit crisps
Duncan Hines cake mix
$1 off WUB 2 Graves AJ
Cliff energy bars
Johnsville sausage (valid on any)
Ziploc bags
Rougemont/Allen’s AJ- RLF
Philadelphia cream cheese
Dempster’s bread (no bagels, no rye)
Health choice gourmet steamers
So good 1.89L
Silk Almond
Greek yogurt (liberte, oikos)
Danone Yogurt- good on any- 2013 exp
Dr.Oetker pie fillings/mousse 2013 exp
ED Smith pie fillings 2013 exp
Hunt’s tomato paste
Mayo (kraft, hellmann’s)
Sour cream (kraft, baxter’s, scotsburn)
Bbq sauce
Salad dressing (kraft, renee's, lighthouse)
Pasta sauce (only classico, healthy choice, hunts)
Granola bars (no nutrigrain bars)
Quaker oatmeal
Vector cereal
Canned veggies (green giant/del monte)
Vegetable oil (Crisco)
Cool Whip (NOT WUB)
Becel (good on any!!)
VH sauces $2 off WUB2 (2013 exp. only)
Knorr’s sidekicks buy 3 get one free (2013 exp. only)- do these exist???
Kozy Shack pudding
Maple Leaf Natural Selection
Milk bones
Oasis refrigerated juice $1.25+ off
Purina Dog treats (no inserts)
Cloverleaf tuna (no salad kits, no flavored)
Dream whip
Keebler waffle bowls,cones
Always Infinity product(nov/12 exp or
Later)- no p&g insert
Reynold’s staybrite baking cups (ONLY 2013 expiry)
Frozen veggie/fruit
Baking soda
Fresh produce
Arm & Hammer laundry detergent (valid on any type)
Black Diamond, Save $0.75 on any Black Diamond Cheese, Dec 31, 2013
Cavendish, FPC for any (1) frozen potato product, NED
Kellogg's, $0.75 on any box of Kellogg's All-Bran 180g bars, Dec 31,2012
Sabra, $1 off any Sabra Product 283g+, Dec 31, 2012
$$ Lean Cuisine/Stouffer's entrees
Barilla pasta
Minute Rice (no cups)
KD (no cups)
$1.00 SC Johnson peelie
$2.00 SC Johnson peelie
$1+ Ziploc brand product (not wub2)
$.75 Oasis Classic or Fruit Zoo (UPC 2250849)
$.75 Oasis Fruits etc (mar 31/12)
$.50 Oasis Fruits etc, Fruitzoo or Classic product (
$1 Oasis Boxes (mar 31/13)
$1.50 Oasis Refrigerated jugs (mar 31/13)
$1.25 Oasis Refrigerated cartons (mar 31/13)
$.75 Rougemont 2l or Allens 100% apple juice 1.89L (dec 31/12)
$2 off any Sunrype product
$1.50 Arthurs Smoothies
$.75 or $1 Lactancia Butter
$2 Dr.Oetker Pizza
Premium Plus Crackers
$2.00 WUB any 2 varieties of Christie Products (dec 31/12)
$.75 Oreo Cookies (dec 31/12)
$.75 Crispers Baked Snacks (dec 31/12)
$2 Kelloggs cereal (good on any)
$2 Old Dutch Chips
$1 Philadelphia Cooking Creme Cream Cheese (aug 15/12)
BOGO Arctic Gardens (dec 31/12)
$2 Arctic Gardens
$0.75 Skippy product (dec 31/12)
$1 any Johnsonville Sausage (dec 31/12)
$1 Maple Leaf Natural Selections Deli Meat
$1 WUB2 Maple Leaf/Dempsters/Ben's products (
$1 WUB2 Schneiders Country Naturals hot dogs, Red Hots, Juicy Jumbos, Grill 'ems or Ham Steaks
$.50 or $1 Marc Angelo product
Green Giant frozen veggies
BOGO Eagle brand condensed milk
Cavendish product (must be good on any)
$2 Bens bread
$1.50 Wonderbread
$.75 D'Italiano bread
$.75 Villaggio product
old el paso taco kits
kreme (olympic) yogurt
cheemo perogies
Wheat thins
Peak Freen cookies
hunt's snack pack puddings

I am always willing to review your trade list, if you would like to trade but, see nothing you have for trade on my wish list. PM me


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