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    I have 2 smilac mom checks.
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your BIG LOSS & Thank-you for your super generous GIFT BASKET & ALL the FPC for our babies...babies are miracles and blessings from heaven...hangin' there and you shall be bless with many more future miracles.
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    I would like you to rate me as a rider of your train please.
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    I am going to have to ask a mod to change the rating I gave you for riding your train as you have failed to rate the riders including me and never gave prizes to the most generous as stated in your train rules. I have contacted you several times and left posts in the thread and for over a month you keep saying you are sick and will tack care of it however you post on this site daily. I think it is only fair so future traders and riders know what they can expect. Sorry but I feel it has been more then enough time
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    Thank you for the train ride, I have left you feedback you haven't read. Please leave me feedback as well
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    still waiting for updates on your train thread. Who won? and rating still not given.
  10. FREE Movie , FREE Popcorn , FREE Drinks , FREE toy for the entire family . Please RSVP below ..not sure if you want to go , but its on the border of Mississauga/Toronto ( Choose Queensway theatre ...tkts are going fast so RSVP as soon as possible|0
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    Happy Birthday!!!! more years to celebrate, happiness, peace of mind and perfect health... we're wishing you all the best... enjoy your very special day and may God bless you more and more... take care and regards...
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    have a wonderful birthday! Perhaps this small Easter Hat cale will make Spring weather come faster! lol

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    Happy Birthday!!
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    You're very welcome my friend, i hope your day is a great one.
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    I stopped by to wish you a very Happy Birthday, i hope this day brings you much happiness.

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    hi nguyen... thank you so much for the FPC and coupon.... our meeting in SDM was a blessing for us and it's so nice to meet someone in the same group.... we're looking forward to meet you again... thanks again and have a nice weekend... take care and regards to the whole family....
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    Thank you!! Yes, she is. She is such a good baby, no fuss at all with her. We're so blessed.
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    You are very welcome! I noticed in the v-day card thread that you never got a card so I messaged avoncallingu and asked if I could send one to you! I'm glad you enjoyed it Happy belated Valentine's Day, lol
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    Hi there!

    Just wanted to know if you received your mysterious envie from the mysterious train? I never had come back from you...
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    Not sure if you're the same nguyen as my swagbucks referral but there's a 14SB code out now on the new chat bar on the bottom
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    Just wondered if you got my envelope from our Jan trade. Could you please leave feedback, or let me know if you didn't get it. Thanks.
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    Hey Nguyen, just stopped by to say "happy belated Family day" hope you enjoy a day with your family
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    Hey Nguyen, i justa wanted to thank you for the was nice meeting you, and looking forward to a next meeting!!! Thanks for the extra coupons as well....
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    Wow!! Thank you so much for all the great coupons in the envie you sent for the Valentine's Coupon Exchange!!

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    thanks for the wonderful valentine's day card!
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About nguyen3828

Basic Information

Date of Birth
April 8, 1973 (50)
About nguyen3828
Hi! I'm a mother of 2 girls, 7 years and a 19-months old baby. Expecting a baby in Jan 2012...
Mississauga, ON
I collected coupons. Huggies & Pampers codes
Full-time MOM
Trade List:


Toonies for Tummies (multiples of each, will do max of 10 per trade)
Valid in Ontario only.
Limit: One Coupon per Item Purchased

TFT (multiples available, Ontario only)

Black Diamond funcheez $1.00 (June 30/11)
Cadbury $1 wub any 2 particiapting cadbury products, 100g family bars, or maynards 170g-185 g bags, 31/07/11
Chef Boyardee $0.50 wub any 2 (212 g or 425 g), 01/05/12
Clover Leaf Flavoured Tuna, 85g, $0.50 wub 2, 31/12/11

High Liner products $1.00 (Dec 31/11)

Janes chicken product $1, 30/06/11
Mrs. Dash, $0.75, 30/06/11
Maple Leaf Fully Cooked Sausages $0.75 01/09/11
Maple Leaf Simply Savour Roasts $1, 31/12/11
Minute Maid, Nestea or Five Alive 10 x 200 ml $0.50 31/12/11
Mr. Christie's Snak Packs Soft Baked Cookies $1 wub 2, 31/08/11
Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn 3 packs $1 wub any 2, 01/05/12
Rougemont 1.05L tin $0.50 wub 2, 31/08/11
Royale Bathroom Tissue (8 Rolls or larger $1, 30/08/11
Tetley herbal tea $1 wub any 2 specialty tea canisters (20s and 24s), 31/07/11

MIR Forms:

FREE NOTICEABLES Scented Oil Warmer – valid on purchases made from 2/17/2011 and 6/4/2012. All requests must be postmarked by 7/15/2012 (x10)

Store Specific:


Alberto European styling Product $1, 30/06/11
Breath Right nasal strips $2.00 on any size, 31/07/11
Campbell's Soup with Blue Band, Buy 3 save $1, 31/07/11

Celestial Seasonings Tea $0.75 off any, 30/08/11

Dare Bear Paws crackers $0.50, 30/06/11
Dofino Harvarti Cheese $0.50 off any, 30/06/11
$1 wub any 2 Dr. Oetker Shirriff Mousse, 30/06/11
$1 wub any 2 Dr. Oetker Mousse 50 Calories, 30/06/11
FREE Shirriff Cooked Pudding and Pie Filling wub any 2 Shirriff Lemon Pie Filling and/or Cooked Puddings, 30/06/11
$0.50 wub 2 pouches or one box of Dr. Oetker Added Touch Baking Mixes, 30/06/11
$0.50 wub any 2 Dr. Oetker Desserts, 30/06/11
$0.50 Dr. Oetker shaker, 30/06/11

Ensure $3 cheque, 30/07/11

Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner Trigger, $1, 31/07/11
Franks Red Hot Sweet Heat BBQ Wings Sauce $2 wub 2, 30/06/11
French's Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce $0.50, 30/06/11

Fuze Beverage $1.50 wub any 2 Special K or All Bran bars, 30/06/11

Gillette Deodorant $1 on any, 11/07/11
Glade Jar Candle, B1G1 free, 12/02/11
Glade sense&spray Starter - buy one get a free refill, 01/06/11
Glade Jar Candle $1, 01/06/11

Hormel Real Bacon Bits or pieces, $0.50, 30/06/11
Hormel Compleats Microwave Meal $0.50, 30/09/11
Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding 12's $0.75 30/07/11

Ivanhoe any 300g-500 g cheese, $0.75 30/09/11

Janes chicken product $1, 30/06/11

Kraft MaMOOza Twists 252 g or aMooza Sport white cheddar process cheese product 100g, $1, 31/07/11

Lactantia PurFiltre Milk $0.75 2 x 2L or 4L , 30/06/11

LaxADay 238g $2, 31/12/11,

Mrs. Dash, $0.75, 30/06/11
Maple Leaf Fully Cooked Sausages $0.75 01/09/11
Maple Leaf Simply Savour Roasts $1, 31/12/11
Meow Mix Market Sleect Cup 78 g B1 G1 free, 12/06/11
Milk Bone Essentials Plus Dog Biscuits $1, 01/07/11

noxema $1 on any product, 30/08/11

Olymel $2 any frozen chicken product, 01/07/11
One Step Hand Sanitizer $0.75 off full size, (85 ml, 236 ml, 473 ml or 1 L) NED
One Step Hand Sanitizer $0.25 off travel size (60 ml) or wipes NED
One Step Foaming Hand Sanitizer, 250 ml, $1, NED
One Step Foaming Hand Sanitizer travel size (50 ml) $0.50 NED
Orville Redenbacher $2 wub 2 packs of 6-pack any flavour, 31/05/11
Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn 3 packs $1 wub any 2, 01/05/12
Osteo Joint Ease Product from webber naturals $5, 30/09/11

Pediasure Complete 4 x 235 ml pack $1.50, $3
Pedigree Dry Dog Food any size $3, , 30/06/11
Pedigree B1G1 free, Care & Treats products (bag), 30/06/11

Pringles SuperStacks (162g -191g) $0.50 31/05/11
Purina Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys $1.50 on one variety pack, 30/06/11

Refresh brand products $2 (eye drops) 31/12/11
Robax $7 any product, 31/05/11
Robin Hood /Old Mill Oats $1, 30/04/11
Rosenborg-Castello Blue Cheese $0.50, 30/06/11
Royale Ultra Bathroom Tissue, any size, $1, 30/08/11
Royale Facial Tissue on 6 boxes or one 6-pack or larger multi-pack, 30/08/11
Royale Grande (extra large ) facial Tissues $1 wsub 2, 30/08/11
Royale Paper Towels (6 rolls or largers) $1, 30/08/11
Royale napkins (any size) $1, 30/08//11
Ryvita $0.30 off any, NED

Scrubbing Bubbles Buy 1 Toilet Cleaning Gel get Scrubbing Bubbles Aerosol Free, 31/05/11
Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom trigger or mega shower foamer b1 get get scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleanener aerosol Free, 31/07/11
Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gels B1G1 Free, 30/06/11
Shake ‘n Bake, $0.30, 31/12/11

Splenda $1 on any one, 30/06/11
Splenda $3 wub any 2, 30/06/11
Sunlight Laundry detergent $5 wub 2, 30/06/11

Thai Kitchen $1 any sauce, paste or coconut millk, 31/05/11
Toilet Duck 750 ml, $1, 31/05/11 x 12, 30/06/11
Toilet Duck B1G1 Free 750 ml liquid, 31/07/11

TreStelle Ricotta Cheese any $0.50, 30/06/11
TreStelle Mascarpone Cheese $0.50 30/06/11
TreStelle any cheese, $0.50 30/06/11
Trojan Condom product $1, excludes 3 count, 31/07/11
Trojan Vibrations Product $1, any, 31/07/11

Uncle Ben's Converted (2 kg) or Wholegrain Brown Rice (1.6 kg) $1,

Voortman Turnover Soft Cookie Packs $0.50 wub 2, 31/05/11

Whiskas $2 on dry food for cats (1.5 kg, 2 kg or 4 kg) 30/06/11
Whiskas $1.50 off one wet variety pack (any variety) 30/06/11
Windex $2 wub 2 (765 ml) trigger, 31/05/11
Windex B1G1 free 765 ml or 950 ml trigger, 31/07/11 x10

Vileda Gloves $1 on any, 30/06/11



Arctic Garden product (not WUB)
Activia (Yogurt not drinks)
Crest Pro-Health toothpaste
M & M's Stand Up Pouch tops
Maple Leaf Bacon
Natrel Milk coupons from company
Renees Gourmet Salad Dressing Skinny Cow

$2+Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue
$1 Classico Pasta Sauce
$1 Fresh Bananas
$1 Fresh Berries
$1.00 Primo from manufacturer
$1.00 Sunrype juice (should be good for boxes)
$1.25 WUB ONE Puffs/Charmin/Bounty
$1.50 off any bagged salad
$10 Pampers coupon
$2 + Natrel Milk (good for any store) not organic
$2 J&J (good for Reach.Listerine)
$2.00 J&J Bandaids(call-in)
$2.00 Jane’s, good on any. Ex. 2012
$2.00 Kellogg's good on any
$2.00 Oasis juice
$2.50 off Renée's salad dressing
$2/$3/$5 Royale
$3/$4/$5 Quaker
$4.00 any Huggies product from manufacturer Coffee Whitener (not WUB)
$5 Chapmans
$5 General Mills
$5 Kimberly Clark
$5 maple leaf chicken - stuffed and tenderloin
$5 or $10 Colgate Palmolive
$5.00/ $10.00 Pampers from Company
**$2.00 J&J OB/Stayfree(call-in)
**$5.00 Glade(from contacting company)
**$5.00 Ziploc(from contacting company)**card with Subway points collected from each purchase
always liners
Campbell Soup - buy 1 only $1 off
Canned fruit coupons
Danone vouchers any amount should be valid for any product (from the company)
Haagen Dazs icecream coupons
Lindt Chocolate coupons
Motts fruitsation BOGO or WUB2 save $1.00 or $1.50
$5 Any icecream (from cereal boxes)
$5 Skinny Cow (from cereal boxes)
Wish List:
AirWick i-motion
Arctic Garden product
2L Coke(Old El Paso)
Activia Any Pampers Diapers/Wipes
Arctic Gardens(no rice)
Bounty Cereal Crest Pro-Health toothpaste
Delissio Flatbread Pizza(Stouffer's Promo) Glad Bags
Green Giant Vegetables(from Hamburger Helper Boxes) Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers
Huggies Wipes J&J (baby products)
Kandoo Products
M & M's Stand Up Pouch(from Kellogg's Cereal) Maple Leaf Bacon
Milk Minute Maid Tetras etc(Kellogg's Promo) Nestea Nestle Ice Cream Nestle Noir(Souffers's promo) Oasis 1.75L Refrigerated Juice Personal Care Body wash Renees Gourmet Salad Dressing
Silver Hill Breads
Skinny Cow(Stouffer's promo)
Sunlight Green Clean
Toblerone Chocolate
Toilet Paper or paper Towels any


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