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    Hiya -I've seen that you're at Uni so i have an odd question to ask!!
    Does the U of O have lockers you can use to store your stuff??
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    Hiya new friend, yay!
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About Royalblue72

Basic Information

About Royalblue72
Ottawa, ON
Trade List:
Hey, I am going to post all the coupons that I am willing to trade!

Organized by Date of Expiry!
These are the coupons organized by expiry date!

September 17
1x 2 any Green Works laundry detergent
1x 0.75 any Catelli Smart product

September 19
1x 4 Buy 2 Raid Products
1x 2 any Glade Fabric and Air
1x 1.50 Special K Oats and Honey
1x 0.50 Kellogs Special K Chocolatey Delight cereal bars
1x Buy any Off product and get mini Off Spray Free
1x 3 World Harvest coffee
1x 3 Glade Automatic Room Spray Holder

September 22
1x 4 Red Lobster 2 dinner entrees
1x 3 Red Lobster 2 lunch entrees

September 29
1x 1 So Good frozen dessert (946ml)
1x 0.50 Senokot 60s
1x 1 Gaviscon

September 30
6x 1 Royale 3 ply Elegant Dinner Napkins
2x 0.78 Wonder Simply Free
1x 1 Natrel Fine-filtered Milk (4L)
1x 1 Crinkles rice chips
1x 1 Yoplait Minigo product (6x60g)
1x Free Sears Collage Prestige
1x 0.75 Li’l Goat’s Milk Product
1x Free NasaDrops
1x 1 Oxiclean versatile stain remover or baby stain remover

October 3
1x 2 Mabelline New York Color Sensational Product
1x 1 Mabelline New York Volum Express Falsies Mascara
1x 2 Mabelline New York Eye Studio Product
1x 5 Mabelline New York Fit Me Foundation, Fit Me Pressed Powder and Fit Me Concealer
1x 2 Any Al Safa Halal frozen product

October 7
1x 5 Premium K-Y Brands
1x 3 Any K-Y product
1x 0.75 Post Cereal (Jumbo or Family size)
1x 1 Betty Crocker frosting
1x 1 Betty Crocker Potatoes
1x 2 package depends
1x 2 Depend underwear in prints and colours
1x 2 Depend guards for Men

October 9
1x 3 Scrubbing Bubbles one step toilet cleaner
1x buy pledge aersol get one free
1x 1 Windex miltisurface
1x Buy one Glade Sense & Spray holder and get a free refill
1x 2 Zest Body Wash (532 ml)
1x 1 Zest 3-bar multi-pack

October 10
1x 1.50 Dial NutriSkin Replenishing lotion
1x 1.50 Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn (not 3 and 4 packs)

October 14
1x 1 Tilex, Lestoil or Pine-Sol
1x 3 Buy 3 Green Works cleaners (-laundry or dish cleaners)
1x 0.75 Clorox Liquid Bleach
1x ChuckE Cheese Coupons
1x 1.50 Clorox2 Stain Fighter and Colour Booster
1x 1.50 Buy 2 Clorox Bleach, Bathroom or Toilet Cleaners

October 22
1x 1 Contonelle Flushable moist wipes
1x 1 Contonelle 6 pack or larger bathroom tissue

October 24
1x 1 Colgate Manuel Brush
1x 0.75 All Bran Bars
1x 2 garnier moisture rescue product1x1 All Bran Bars
1x 2 Lady Speed Stick Stainguard

October 25
1x 2 Iams dry cat food (+3.5 lbs)
1x 3 Swifter WetJet starter kit
1x1.50 swifter dust and shine
1x 1.50 Swifter Sweeper or duster starter kit

October 26
1x MIR Lysol No-Touch Hand Soap

October 31 (all no trial sizes!!!)
2x 5 Duracell NiMH Charger
2x 4 Olay Face Moisturizer valued at $20 + before taxes
2x 1.50 Cascade ActionPacs
2x 2 Iams dry cat food (1.5lbs+)
2x 5 Swifter SweeperVac Starter Kit
2x 3 Swifter WetJet Starter Kit
2x 1.50 Swifter Sweeper or Duster Starter Kit
2x 1.50 Swifter Refill
2x 1.50 Swifter Dust and Shine
2x 1 Duracell Coppertop or ULtra Advanced batteries
2x 2 Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor
2x 2 Gillette 3 bladed disposables
2x 2 Venus or Daisy disposable razors
2x 2 Gillette Fusion Proseries
2x 10 Oral-B Professional series or Triumph Series Electric Toothbrush
2x 0.75 Crest ProHealth toothpaste
2x 8 Crest 3D Whitestrips- 2hr Express Or Proffessional Effects
2x 0.75 Crest ProHealth Complete (500mL or 1L)
2x Free Oral-B 3D WHite Vivid Manuel Toothbrush when purchase 2 crest 3D white vivid or advanced toothpastes
2x 3 Oral-B battery Toothbrush
2x 1 Crest 3D White Multicare whitening Rinse
2x 3 Buy 2 Old Spice Products
2x 2 Secret Clinical antiperserant/deodorant
2x 2 Gillette CLinical antiperspirant/deodorant
2x 1 Old Spice Product
2x 1 Secret antiperspirant/deodorant or body splash
2x 0.50 Herbal Essences products
2x 0.75 Aussie Styling Products
2x 1 Head& SHoulders Shampoo or Conditioner
2x 2 Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths or expressions shampoo, conditioner, styler or treatment
2x 2.50 Head& Shoulder Shampoo and Conditioner
2x 1 Nice'n Easy hair colour
2x 3 Buy 2 Nice'n Easy hair colour
2x 1 Natural Instincts hair colour
2x 3 Buy 2 Natural Instincts hair colour
2x 2 Olay facial cleaner
2x 1 Olay body wash, body lotion or bar soap
2x 2.50 Buy 2 pantene base shampoos, conditioners, stylers or treatemtns
2x 1 pantene base shampoos, conditioners, stylers or treatemtns
2x 1 Tide Washing Machine CLeaner
2x 1 Tide to Go
2x 1 Tide Stain Release
2x 0.50 Tide product
2x 3 Buy 2 Tide (26+), Downy (52+), Bounce (120ct+)or Bounce bar
2x 1 Downy product
2x 1 Bounty paper owel (-single roll)
2x 2.50 Buy 2 brands Bounty, charmin, puffs (-single roll)
2x 1 chaqrmin product
2x 1 puffs product (- single)
2x 0.50 bounce sheets or bar
2x 1 Buy 2 Dawn Products
2x 0.50 Mr.Clean Liquid
2x 0.75 Mr. Clean Spray
2x 0.50 Mr. CLean Magic Eraser (-1ct eraser)
2x 1 buy 2 Mr. Clean products (-1ct eraser)
2x 1 any Febreeze product
2x 4 Buy 3 Febreeze products
2x 2 buy 2 Febreeze products

Mcdonald Coupons, KFC Coupons and Burger King Coupons

November 1
1x 1.50 any 2 Casa di Mama Pizza
1x 1.50 any 2 Ristorante pizza

November 2
1x 0.25 Sunlight hand Diswashing Liquid
1x 0.50 Special K bars or Fruit crisps (125-138g)
1x 10 Pulsator
1x 0.50 Senokot 60s
1x 0.50 Fibre Plus Bars (180g)
1x 5 Waterpik Sinusense, Neti Pot, Neti Bottle or Squeeze Bottle
1x 0.75 Special K Oats& Honey Cereal

November 5
1x 5 Enfamil with Iron or Enfapro Formulas (Powder 900g or concentrate 12x385mL)
1x 1 SO Good frozen dessert (946ml)

November 6
1x 1 buy 3 purell products
1x 1 236mL or large purrel product

November 8
1x 0.75 Fibre plus cereal (310g)
1x 0.75 All bran cereal (400g-775g)
1x 1 Post Honey Bunches of Oats
1x 1 Bisquick baking

November 16
1x 1.50 So Good frozen dessert (946)
1x 2 busy roll hide chew treat (113)
1x 1 Gaviscon product
2 1 arm & hammer spin brush battery
1x B2G1 Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Cat food
1x 2 Impodium advanced caplets, chew and quick dissolve
1x 3.50 Purina dog chow or puppy chow
1x 2 Reactive extra strength or allergy and sinus
1x 1 Majesta Bathroom tissue
1x1,50 Busy Bone
1x 3 baneful dry dog food
1x BOGO Beneful prepared meals
1x 2 Zantac
1x 1 Snuggle Liguid or sheets fabric softener
1x 0.50 Tums bottle
1x 1 Aleve (24)
1x 1 buy 2 arm& hammer advanced Antiperspirant
1x 1 arm & hammer clumping cat litter
1x 3 Lactaid
1x1 Johnson’s baby or Penaten product
1x 1.50 arm& hammer puppy pads

December 31
1x free carton of Natarel Lactose free cream 10% or 35% MF
1x 2 Maple Leaf Stuffed Chicken Breast, Prime Chicken Tenders,Chicken Breast Scalloponi folds
1x 1 Glade Decor Scents Refill
1x 0.50 Buy 2 Glade Aerosols
1x Buy Glade Automatic room spray refill and get starter kit free
1x 2 Glade decor scents holder
1x 5 Dr. Scholls Skin tag Remover
3 1 Royale 3 ply Elegant Dinner Napkins
2 5 combined purchase of promist mop and refill
1x 1.50 Krinos Sheep or Goat Milk Feta
1x 0.75 bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
1x 1.50 L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise product
1x1 Babybel Light Products
1x 1 keebler ready crust
1 x 0.75 Jordans cereal
4x 1 Tresemme styling product
3x 1 pantene product
4x 0.50 Oasis Nutrisource
3x 0.50 Oasis Fruits, Fruitzoo or classic juice
1x 1 Oasis health break smoothie
3x 0.50 Oasis Health Break Smoothie
9x 0.75 Flavur tea or beverage product
2x 5 MIR Kellogs

January 31
2x 2 Van Houtte Coffee ground or whole bean (225g or larger)
6x 4 Purina one Smartblend premium dog food

February 6
1x Buy 1 Get 1 Free Scrubbing bubbles trigger, aersol or mega shower foam
1x 1 Fantastik triggers
1x Buy 1 get 1 free srubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel
1x 0.75 Nordica Cottage Cheese

March 31
13x 4 350ml Liquid Calcium product

April 1
1x2 Glad Compostable Bags
1x 2 Glad Recycling Bags
1x 2 Hidden Valley Ranch
1x1 Gladware Containers
1x 2 Outdoor garbage bags
1x 1 Sandwich Zipper Bags
1x 1 Cling wrap
1x 1 Kitchen Catchers

May 1
1x 1 New Nature Valley Granola (12-24ct)
1x 1 New Fibre 1 Granola (11ct)
1x 1 New Bvetty Crocker Fruit flavoured Snacks 272g (14ct)
1x 3 Pediasure complete 4x 235mL
1x 1 buy 2 Hunt’s diced, tomato sauce or paste products
1x 1 buy 2 orville Redenbacher’s popcorn 3 packs

June 30
4x 1 Cavendish Rustic Red Diced Potatoes
5x 1 Cavendish Sweet Potatoe Strips

September 30
6x 0.75 Royale Paper towels
7x 1.50 buy 3 grande Royale Ultra products

December 31
9x 0.75 Flavur tea 473mL
3x 0.50 Oasis Health Break Smoothie
1x 1 Buy 2 Oasis Health Break Smoothie
4x Oasis Nutrisource 1.89L product
2x 1 Buy 2 Delverde packs

No Expiry
7x 1 Cat Litter
1x 1 MarcAngelo product
4x 5 Greyhound Bucks
Wish List:
Ground beef wub Hamburger Helper
Old El Paso Kits
Free Tex Mex Cheese wub Old El Paso Kit
Dempster’s pita or tortilla product
Dempsters white or wheat sliced bread
Kraft dinner
Milk (cow not alternative)
Fresh fruit/veggies
VH Steamers products
VH Sauce
Fresh Meat with the purchase of any two (2) VH Sauces
Fresh Veggies with the purchase of any 2 VH Sauces
Pillsbury cookies or cinnamon rolls
High Liner Signature
Janes any chicken product
Delissio Pizza
Hamburger Helper (Oct 15 or later ok)
Maple Leaf Top Dogs (Oct 15 or later ok)
Dempsters Country Original Loaf
Coke (valid Icoke pins or coupon)
Kraft Featured Products
Any Pogo pack
Old Dutch Chips
Black Diamond Brick or Shred
Bicks any 1L product
Heinz Beans
Always Infinity Pad product
Toblerone Chocolate Bar
Vachon products
Gum (not Nicorette or other stop smoking aid)


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