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    Hi...adding you as friend!
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    Hey girl,
    Just stopping in to check on you because I haven't seen you around!! Come back and visit! It's been pretty fun on the P&P thread. Miss ya!!
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    you are very welcome. it's nice to know why things are screwed up over at SK, now at least we can be more patient

    luv your flowers!
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About yomelissa

Basic Information

About yomelissa
Trade List:
--- Baby ---

(1) 1.00$ off any Milupa cereal (exp Dec,31/09)
(4) 2.50$ off any Pull-ups training pants jumbo pack or larger (exp Aug,15/09)
(1) 2.50$ off any Pull-ups training pants jumbo pack or larger (exp Sept,15/09)
(1) 2.00$ off any pack of Huggies diapers (exp Sept,15/09)
(1) 0.75$ off 64 ct or larger pack of Huggies wipes (exp oct,16/09)
(1) 2.50$ off any Pull-ups training pants jumbo pack or larger (exp Sept,14/09)

No expire date:
(1) 1.00$ off any Gerber nursing pads
(1) 2.25$ off when you buy any 2 Gerber nursing pads
(2) 1.50$ off any Gerber breast therapy product
(2) 3.25$ off when you buy any 2 Gerber breast therapy products

--- Food ---

(2) 0.50$ off any variety of Schneiders 568g to 1.36kg frozen boxed meat product (exp Dec,31/09)
(2) 1.00$ off when you buy 2 Campbell's Gardennay 500ml (exp Sept,30/09)
(1) 0.50$ off any Schneiders boxed meat (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 0.75$ off Naturegg simply whites 500g (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any High Liner signature 680g fillets (exp Oct,31/09)
(1) 2.00$ off any Stouffer's single serve entree (Dec,31/09)
(1) 0.50$ off any Lean Cuisine entree (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 0.50$ off Wonder headstart with omega 3 DHA (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 0.75$ off any Bear Paw minis (dec,12/09)
(1) 0.50$ off Ryvita original snackbread or whole wheat (exp Nov,30/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any wing Wong frozen product (exp Oct,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any Maple leaf ready to cook product (exp Sept,30/09)
(1) 0.50$ off any hormel real bacon bits or real bacon pieces (exp Jun,30/10)
(3) 1.00$ off any 680g High Liner signature product (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 0.30$ off any Dempsters flatbreads (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 0.50$ off any Wheetabix cereal 375g or larger (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 0.50$ off any package of Liveactive cheese 210g or 300g (exp Sept,15/09)
(1) 2.00$ off Eggo 560g waffles (exp Dec,31/09)
(4) 0.75$ off any Saputo,Bari or armstrong pizza mozzarella cheese (exp Oct,31/09)
(4) 0.50$ off any D'Italiano thintini buns (exp Aug,31/09)
(4) 0.50$ off D'Italiano whole wheat Crustini or sausage buns
(1) 2.00$ when you buy 3 Stouffer's single serve entree (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off 2 boxes of special k or all bran bars (exp Feb,28/10)
(1) 0.75$ off any 750ml Bick's peppers (exp Apr,10/10)
(1) 0.75$ off any Bick's onions (exp Apr,10/10)
(1) 0.75$ off any Bick's beets (exp Apr,10/10)
(1) 0.75$ off any ET TU salad kit (exp may,31/10)
(1) 0.50$ off any 2 mr.pita or pita gourmet products (exp,may,31/10)
(1) 2.00$ off any 560g Eggo waffles (exp dec,31/09)
(1) 0.50$ off when you buy any Nestle parlour flavour and compliments whipped topping (exp sept,30/09)
(1) 0.50$ off any Treselle bocconcini cheese (exp Dec,31/09)

--- Beverage ---

(1) 0.50$ off Mott's garden cocktail low sodium 945ml (exp Dec,31/09)
(2) 3.00$ off on any 6 pack of Ensure products (exp Nov,30/09)
(3) 4.00$ off Ensure,Ensure HP or Ensure Fibre 6x235ml or 12x235ml (exp three diff exp dates)
(1) 3.00$ off Ensure products conditions apply (exp Dec,27/10

---Baking items,spreads,dressings,butters---

(1) 0.55$ off any Canola Harvest product (exp Aug,31/09)
(1) 2.00$ off Filippo Berio olive oil (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any Dr.Oetker shaker (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 0.50$ off Smucker's sundae syrup (exp dec,31/09)
(2) 0.50$ off Frank's redhot certain kinds just ask (exp oct,31/09)

--- Other ---

(1) rebate for Acuvue contact lenses receive 75$ off when you purchase 8 boxes, 50$ on 4 boxes or 20$
on 2 boxes (exp Dec,31/09)
(4) icoke pins
(4) pins for Schick Intuition razors
(1) 1.00$ off any Purina puppy chow dog food (exp Dec,31/09)
(2) 1.00$ off Extra gum multipack Dec,31/09)
(1) 10.00$ off wii fit for wii console (exp Feb,28/10)
(1) 1.50$ off any Iams dry cat food 3.5ld or larger (exp oct,31/09)
(1) 1.50$ off any Iams dry dog food 7lbs of larger (exp Oct,31/09)

--- Household ---

(3) 0.75$ off Scrub free xtreme or oxy complete bathroom cleaner (exp Aug,31/09)
(3) 0.75$ off Scrub free soap scum or mildew bathroom cleaner (exp Aug,31/09)
(3) 0.75$ off Scrub free naturally clean bathroom cleaner (exp Aug,31/09)
(3) 1.00$ off Vileda glass ceramic scrunge (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 2.00$ off Vileda sprayfresh hygienic toilet brush (exp dec,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off Royale facial tissue 6 pack or larger ( exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off Finish Jet-dry product (exp Feb,28/10)
(2) free Pledge multi surface by mail in rebate (exp Sept,1/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any Rubbermaid lock-its container (exp Aug,30/09)
(1) 1.00$ off when you buy 2 or more rolls of Scott naturals (exp Aug,31/09)
(1) 5.00$ off Windex outdoor all in one starter kit or refill (exp Oct,18/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any Arm and Hammer toothpaste (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 0.50$ off any Arm and Hammer advance anitperspirant deodorant (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 1.50$ off any Arm and Hammer cat litter (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 3.00$ off Vileda bee mop (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off Jet dry dishwasher cleaner (exp Oct,31/09)
(1) 2.00$ off any vileda broom (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off Majesta bathroom tissue, paper towels or facial tissue (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) buy one Scrubbing bubbles Toilet product get one free (exp Oct,18/09)
(2) 0.75$ off any Scrub free product (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any Air Wick imotion scented oil starter kit (exp Sept,30/09)
(1) 1.00$ off Finish jet dry turbo dry dishwasher cleaner or rinse agent (exp dec,31/09)
(1) 0.50$ off any package of Air Wick candles (exp Sept,30/09)
(1) 0.75$ off Air Wick aqua essences aerosol with trigger or odour stop (exp Sept,30/09)
(1) 3.00$ off any Febreze noticeables starter kit (exp Oct,31/09)
(1) 2.00$ off any Febreze candle (exp oct,31/09)
(1) buy one toilet cleaning gels and get one free (exp dec,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off Scrubbing bubbles fresh brush starter kit (exp dec,31/09)
(1) 2.00$ off Scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner (exp dec,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any Febreze fabric refresher 800ml (exp oct,31/09)
(2) 1.00$ off Scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel (exp dec,31/09)
(2) 1.00$ off Cottonelle soothingclean or cottonelle fresh flushable wipes (exp sept,26/09)
(1) buy one scrubbing bubbles trigger,bathroom cleaner or mega shower foamer (exp dec,31/09)
(1) buy one pledge multi surface,duster,trigger,wipes,aerosol or wood floor cleaner get one free ( exp jan,1/10)
(1) 3.00$ off when you buy 3 Lysol products (exp dec,31/09)

--- Health Remedies , Medicine ---

(1) 3.00$ off any Cold-FX or cold-FX extra strength product (exp Aug,31/09)
(1) 3.50$ off Claritin Allergy 20,30 or 48ct or claritin rapid dissolve 30ct (exp Nov,30/09)
(1) 5.00$ off Claritin Allergy+sinus 20and30ct or claritin Allergy+sinus extra strength 15ct (exp Nov,30/09)
(1) 2.00$ off any Webber Naturals product (exp Sept,30/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any Motrin (no expiry date)
(1) 2.50$ off when you buy Band-aid brand flexible fabric bandage and Polysporin antibiotic cream (exp Dec,30/09)
(1) 1.00$ off Dr.Scholl's back pain or knee pain orthotics (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 2.00$ off any Myoflex product (exp Oct,30/09)

--- Personal ---

(1) 0.75$ off any Gum technique product (exp sept,30/09)
(1) 2.00$ off any size Listerine total care mouthwash (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any Reach toothbrush (exp Dec,31/09)
(3) 1.00$ off any Noxzema product (exp Sept,30/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any St.Ives firming product (exp Sept,30/09)
(1) 7.00$ off Aquafresh white trays (exp Jun,30/10)
(2) 1.00$ off package of Bic razors certain kinds (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 2.00$ off any Marcelle I-bronze cloths (exp Oct,31/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any Noxzema product (exp Sept,30/09)
(1) 1.00$ off any Bic Soleil shaver 4 pack or larger (exp dec,31/09)
(1) 2.00$ any Soleil razor starter kit or 4 pack refills (exp Dec,31/09)
(1) 3.00$ off Spinbrush pro clean sonic or pro recharge powered toothbrush (exp dec,31/09)
(1) 1.50$ off Spinbrush pro clean sonic, pro whitening,etc, ask for details (exp dec,31/09
(6) 0.50$ off any Degree men product (exp dec,31/09)

--- Hair care ---

(3) 1.50$ off any 355ml Dove hair product (exp Sept,30/09)
(1) 1.50$ off any 355ml Dove hair product (exp Dec,31/09)
(2) 4.00$ off preference dream blonde or couleur experte express (exp dec,31/09)

Will trade for just about anything just let me know

swanson tv dinners
iced tea any kind
pop most kinds
pert plus
schnieder's (some)
cashmere bath tissue
Mr. Clean eraser product
chips most kinds
cream cheese
Campbells' chunky soup
most fpc coupons
canadian tire money
yogourt some kinds
some dogfood


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