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    thanks for being so understanding during our first trade.. .. welcome to the community.. I hope you enjoy it.. I do.. .. this is the best family, outside my own.. I have found.. people so nice and they are always out to help..
  3. Meeting so many nice people on this board. So excited to find a new trading spot
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    Hi There, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I have the Buy 2 Get 1free Gerber graduates pasta pick ups and lil entrees exp. june 30/12. Buy 2 get 1 free gerber graduates snacks. And Save 1.00 WUB Gerber Graduates Melts. exp. sept 30/12
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About 4everplanner

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About 4everplanner
Enjoying my maternity leave with my baby girl
Arts and crafts, couponing, scrapbooking
Trade List:
2x$3 off lactaid
4x$3 off Centrum men or women
5x$1 off tresemme split remedy
2x$1 off Nivea shower or bar soap
5x$1 off Dove Men+care body+face wash
3x$1 off Nivea deot/anti per.
$3 off physicians formula cosmetics
$3 off wub 2 Aveeno
4x $3 off Advil nighttime 20s or 40s
2x$3 off Tylenol back pain (any count/size)
2x$3.50 MIR for Tylenol back pain (any count/size)
2x$2.50 off Tylenol muscle aches and body (72 or 110s)
2x$2.00 off MIR for Tylenol muscle aches and body (72 or 110s)
2x$2 off any reactine
2x$1.50 off reactine (excludes 3+10 tab and allergy 10 tab packs)
6x$1.00 Speed Stick Power
2x$1 off loreal paris hair expertise
2x$2 off loreal hair expertise
$1.50 off arm and hammer pro series spin brush or replacement head
75cents off arm and hammer toothpaste
2x$2 off superior preference
2x$1 off lady speed stick fresh infusions 65g
2x$2 off depends
2x $2 off any dial bodywash or lotion 345ml+, 1.18l liquid hand soap refill or 8 pack bar
8x$2 off any schick hydro razor
3x$4.00 L’oreal Sublime Mousse
$6 off wub 2 gaviscon
$2 off any reactine
$2 off Loreal creamy gloss colour
$3 off dual action pepcid complete 25count or large
$3 off garnier nutrisse haircolour product
$3 off canes Oral combi pack
$5 off dr scholls skin tag remover
11x$3 off Tylenol complete
5x$4 off L’oreal sublime mousse
5x$3 off Tylenol arthritis 50ct or larger
5x$3 off Tylenol cold and sinus
5x$3 off Benylin all in one cold and flu
$3 off any adult Benylin Mucus and Phlegm
2x$2 off Revlon beauty tools
$4 off Advil cold and sinus
$5 off wub 2 John Freda hair care
5x$3 off Zantac 150mg or 75mg
5x$1 off any Noxzema product
5x$1 off Lever 2000 bar 4pk or bodywash
3x$1 off any nature’s bounty
5x$2 off Jamieson omega products
3x $2 off Nature’s bounty co-Q10
6x$2 off jamieson slimdown
$1 off wub any Maybelline new york superstay lip product
4x$1 off cepacol
3x$3 off Tylenol back pain
2x$10 off oral b premium power toothrbrush
$3 off oral b battery power brush
2x$1 off wub 2 arm and hammer toothpaste
$1.50 off arm and hammer battery brush
4x $1 off kids spinbrush
$1.50 off spinbrush
4x$1 off globrush spinbrush
+3x$1 off colgate 360 manual brush
3x$1 off colgate 360 battery brush
2x$1 off colgate kids battery brush
2x75 cents off arm and hammer toothpaste
$1.50 spinbrush
75 cents off blistex
$1.50 off one a day
3x$5 off cold sore fx
2x$1 off pronamel toothpaste
50cents off aquafresh toothpaste
7x$1 off st ives 600ml lotion
3x$1.00 Purell
3x$1.00 WUB3 Purell
2x $1 off any one step 236 ml hand sanitizer or 250 ml alcohol free foaming
2x$1.50 off any one step 473 or 1L hand sanitizer
3x$5 off WUB Venus razor AND any Venus cartridges together
3x$3 off WUB Gillette Venus and Olay or Venus Embrace razor
3x$5 off WUB Gillette ProGlide cartridge and save $5 on a ProGlide razor
3x$2 off WUB Gillette 3-bladed disposable razor
3x$5 off WUB Gillette ProGlide Styler
3x$2 off WUB Gillette Mach 3 cartridge
3x$2 off WUB Gillette Fusion/ProGlide shave gel (excludes trial sizes)
3x$3 off WUB TWO Olay moisturizer, lotion or cleanser products
3x$1 off WUB ONE box of Nice’n Easy hair colour product
3x$3 off WUB TWO boxes of Nice’n Easy hair colour products
3x$3 off WUB TWO Covergirl products
3x$0.50 off WUB Crest Complete toothpaste
3x$0.75 off WUB Scope Dual-Blast rinse
3x$3 off WUB Oral-B battery brush
3x$7 off WUB Crest 3D White Whitestrips (excluding Vivid)
3x$1 off WUB Crest Pro-Health Clinical Sensitivity paste
3x$0.75 off WUB Crest Pro-Health toothpaste
3x$0.50 off WUB Oral-B Glide floss
3x$1 off WUB Crest Pro-Health rinse
3xFREE Crest Pro-Health paste (up to 130ml), Crest Pro-Health rinse (up to 1 L), and any Oral-B Glide floss WUB any Oral-B premium electric toothbrush
3x$2.50 off WUB Head & Shouders shampoo + conditioner (excludes trial size) Not applicable on special packs
3x$2 off WUB TWO Secret Outlast antiperspirants/deodorants
3x$3 off WUB TWO 709 ml Ivory Body Wash or Ivory 10-bar pack
3x$1.50 off WUB TWO 354 ml Ivory Body Wash or Ivory 6-bar pack
3x$1.50 on any Arm & Hammer Pro Series Spinbrush Toothbrush or Replacement Head (Sept 30,2012)
3x$0.75 on any Arm & Hammer Toothpaste (Sept. 30,2012)
3x$2.00 On any 1 Irish Spring Body Wash 443ml-532ml or Irish Spring Antiperspirant/Deoderant 92g (Oct. 31,2012)
2x$3.50 WUB3 Sensodyne $10.00+

5x BOGO scrubbing bubbles trigger aerosol, or mega shower foamer
3xBOGO Glade automatic room spray refill
2x50cents off white swan
2x bogo fantastic spray
3xBOGO Glade décor scents holder
3x$2 off Glade décor scents refills
$3 off any Energizer ultimate Lithium battery
4x$2 off glade sense and spray holder
2x$3 off wub 2 Tide liquid or powder or Downy
2x$3.00 Vileda Bee Mop
2x$0.50 Tide To Go or Tide Stain Release Boost Products
2x$3.00 Vileda Fibro Contact Mop
2x Tide washing Machine Cleaner
2x$2.00 Vileda Super Twist Mop
2x$2.00 Downy Unstopables
2x$2.00 Vileda Oskar Broom
$5 off Rubbermaid reveal mop
2x$0.75 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner Trigger or Dilutable
2x$1.00 WUB2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
2x$1.00 WUB2 Lysol Products
3x $3.50 off Lysol no tough kitchen system starter kit
3x$5 off scrubbing bubbles toilet bowl starter kit
4x$1 off finish jet dry
4x$1 off finish dishwasher cleaner
$1 off energizer
5x$3.00 Woolite
3x$4.00 Glade Sense & Spray Holder
3c$1.00 Glade Sense & Spray Refill
3x$2.00 Glade Plug-Ins
3x BOGO Free Scrubbing Bubbles
4xBogo windex 765 ml windex
4x$3 off airwick freshmatic starter kit
4x$2 off any airwish scented oil starter kit
2x $2 off wub 2 windex 765ml trigger
2x50cents off toilet duck 750 ml
2x $1 off Clorox toilet cleaner
4x$1 off pledge aerosol
8xB2g1 free glade jar candles
5xBuy scrubbing bubbles one step toilet bowl cleaner starter kit, get FREE refill
$2 off febreeze home collection
$1 off febreeze fabric refresher
2x$2 off febreeze rug cleaner 60oz
2x$2 off febreeze carpet cleaner/stain remover 28oz
$2 off one febreeze candle
6x$3 off scrubbing bubbles bath power sprayer starter
2x$1.50 off wub 2 clorox bathroom or toilet cleaners
3x75 cents off sponge towels
2x$1 off scrubbing bubbles one step toilet refill
9x $1 off Royale toilet paper
2x50cents off gain
50cents off charmin
$1.25 wub 2 charmin, bounty or puffs
$5 off scrubbing bubbles one step toilet cleaner kit
11x50cents off Reynolds staybrite baking cups
15x75cents off royale paper towel
4x$1 off glade expressions fragrance mist starter kit
4x$2 off glade expressions oil diffuser starter kit
13x$1 off royale tissue paper
5x$1 royale napkins
3x BOGO royale ultra grande tissues
3xBogo airwick freshmatic refill
2x$3 off airwick scented oil starter kit
4x$1.50 off Rubbermaid glass easy find container
4x$1 off any one Rubbermaid easyfind lid, lock-its, produce saver, or premier container
9xBuy one Glade Plugins Scented Oil Refill and get one free
3xBuy one Glade Jar Candle and Get onefree
9x$5 WUB Glade sense & Spray holder
9x50 cent WUB Glade Sense & Spray refill
9xBuy 1 Get 1 Free on Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel
9x$3 on Scrubbing Bubbles Bath power spray starter (Extended A Clean or Daily Shower)
3x$1 off WUB Febreze product
3x$0.50 off WUB Herbal Essences product (excludes trial sizes)
3x$1.25 off WUB TWO brands: Bounty, Charmin or Puffs (excluding single roll/pack)
3x$0.50 off WUB ONE Bounty paper towel product (excluding single roll)
3x$0.50 off WUB ONE Charmin product
3x$0.50 off WUB ONE Puffs product (excluding single pack)
3x$3 off WUB Swiffer WetJet starter kit
3x$1.50 off WUB Swiffer refill
3x$1.50 off WUB Swiffer Sweeper starter kit
3x$1 off WUB Swiffer Dusters (excludes 1ct) or Swiffer Dust & Shine
3xBuy ONE Cascade ActionPacs tub and get ONE Dawn 561 ml or 709 ml product FREE
3x$1.50 off WUB TWO Mr. Clean products
3x$0.75 off WUB Mr. Clean spray
3x$0.50 off WUB Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (excluding 1ct) or Mr. Clean liquid.
3x$1 off WUB ONE Bounce dryer bar
3x$0.50 off WUB ONE Bounce dryer sheets
3x$2 off WUB ONE Downy UNSTOPPABLES Fresh or Lush.
3x$0.50 off WUB ONE Downy product (40 load or larger)
3x$2 off WUB Tide Liquid or Tide powder product.
3x$0.50 off WUB Tide Stain Release Boost, Tide To Go or Tide Washing Machine Cleaner
3x$1 off WUB Duracell Coppertop or Ultra Power batteries (8 ct or higher)
3x$2 off WUB Duracell NiMH Rechargeable batteries
3x$1.00 on Oxi Clean Max Force Power Crystals or Power Paks (Sept. 30,2012)
3x$1.00 on Oxi Clean MaxForce Spray, Multi-Purpose Stain Remover Spray or Refill (Sept. 30,2012)
3x$1.00 on Oxi Clean Versatile Stain Remover Powder (Sept. 30,2012)
3x$1.00 on any ARM & HAMMER Crystal Burst Power Paks (Sept.30,2012)
3x$1.00 on any ARM & HAMMER Plus Oxi Clean Liquid Detergent (Sept. 30,2012)
3x$0.75 on Scrub Free Mildew or Soap Scum Bathroom Cleaner (Dec.31,2012)
3x$0.75 on Scrub Free X-treme or Naturally Clean Bathroom Cleaner (Dec.31,2012)
$1.00 any Scrunge
$3.00 WUB2 Scrunge
2x $1 Royale 6-roll paper Towel Dec31
2xB1 96 load Purex G1 Purex Crystals or UltraPacks FREE (upto $7) May 6
2x$1 Glad expressions Mist Starter Kits June 30
2x$3 On Glade Expressions Diffuser Oil Starter Kit June 30
2x$3 wub2 Glade Candles
2xB1G1 Glade Spray Refill June 30
2xB1 Windex Outdoor Starter Kit G1 Refill Free Oct 31
2x$2 Draino Snake Plus Oct 31
2x75cents off lysol continuous action toilet bowl cleaner
2x$1.50 off 1 lysol spray and one lysol continuous action toilet bowl cleaner
2x $1 Lysol fabric refresher


2x $2 off pediasure completes 4pk
25x$5 off Nestle goodstart 2 (different UPCs)
$3 off enfagrow 850g (French)
ALL the new websaver baby toys/accessories (ie. Fisher price,etc)
$7 off Gerber graduates toddler drink
2x$5 off Gerber graduates toddler drink
$1 off Disney gummies
$5 off Enfamil A+, gentlease A+, enfrapro A+ tubs only
$3 off pampers swaddlers, sensitive, cruisers
$2 off pampers cruisers
$4 off wub pampers cruisers and pampers wipes
$3 off wub pampers diapers and wipes
2x$5 off nestle goodstart 2 alsoy
$4 off hydasense nasal aspirator kit
$2 off hydrasense to go seawater
2x$2 off Disney vitamins
$1 off orajel kids toothpaste
$3 off hydrasense saline or aspirator
2x$3 off hydrasense saline
3x$2.50 WUB Pampers diapers or pants AND wipes
3x$2 off ONE Pampers diapers or pants
3x$2.00 Goodnites Bed Mats (5/5/2012)
3x$2.00 Huggies Little Movers Slip-on Diapers (5/5/2012)
3x$1.50 Huggies Diapers (5/5/2012)
2x 75cents off Lil goats products


10x$2 off wub 2 pedigree snacks or treat products (also have some coupon zone ones)
20x$3 off Pedigree dry dog food (also have some coupon zone ones)
3x$2.50 Purina One Premium Dog Food 2.7kg +
5x$3 off Purina one smart blend premium dog food 2.7kg+
9x$3 off iams dog food
9x$3 off iams cat food
6x $2 off cesar dry food
3x$0.50 Purina Cat Chow
$2 off whiskas dry cat food 1.5kg, 2kg, 4kg, or 9.1kg
$5 off natural defense dog food 6.8kg
$3 off natural defense dog doog 3kg
$2.50 off natural defense snacks for adult dogs
2xB2g1 free pedigree wet dog food 630g
$10 off hills prescription diet cat food
3x $1 off cat’s pride


10x50cents off Stagg chilli (says Ontario only but misprint, I have contact email for company, PM me)
5x75 cents off lactantia cream 500ml or 1L
2x50cents off Bicks 50% less salt products
3x$2 off high line flame savour fillets 500g
2x$1 off equal
6x $1 wub 2 dempsters whole grain bread
3x BOGO dempsters whole grain bread
4x $1.50 wub 2 tenderflake products
3x $1 off smuckers sundae syrup
4x 75cents off almond fresh 1.89l
7x $1 off Mccains sweet potato superfries or breakfast potatos
9x$1 off Astro original Greek yogurt 500g
10x $1 off Nativia Organics cereals (SDM only)
2xSave $2 wub 4 hunts original tomato sauce
10x $1 off blue water products 240g or larger
6x $3 off country naturals tender tip ham
50cents off welchs juice cocktails or prune nectar 1.36l
$1 off Activia plain yogurt
$2 off Nescafe caps or latte
$1 off wub 2 Del Monte fruit snacks
3x$1 off Schneiders hot rods (160g)
3x$1 off Schneiders ring 300g
8x $1.50 off wub 2 tenderflakes
$1 off high liner pan-sear selects 540g
5x50cents off nutrigain superfruit flavours bars 295 g
3x$1 off rice krispies brown rice gluten free cereal
6x $2 off olivieri whole grain lasagna sheets
2x50cents off Yoplait creamy or Asana
50cents off 1 946ml Camino juice
2x$1 Tazo Filterbag Tea or Latte Concentrate
2x75cents off V8 fusion
$1 off Rondoux cheese(goat, crème, or washed rind)
$1 off Saint-Paulin wedge or 225g size
75cents off Saputo shredded or mozzarellissima 320g or larger
2x$1.50 Seattles Best Coffee
50cents off any Schneiders 300g sausage ring
75cents off uncle bens bistro express
$1 off Mazola VEG plus Veggie and Canola oil blend
75cents off resealable Fleischmann’s Canada brand corn starch
75cents off cheese makers 250g
10x50cents off Yoplait Asana 12x100g or 650g (also have coupon zone ones)
$1 off Astro Zero
3x $1 off Alpen cereal 600g or larger
2x$1 off ANY Alpen cereal
$1 off Grain shop cereal 475g or larger
$1 off McCain Harvest Splendour medleys
50cents off McVitie’s products 300-500g
6x50cents off bisquick shake and pour
5x$1 off laughing cow cheese 8s, 16s, 24s
2x75cents off any 4L or 2L of Natrel lactose free milk
10x $1 off Astro biobest probiotics 8x100g or 8x90g
14x $1 off Astro biobest smoothie 4x200ML
3x $1 off wub 2 blue water products
6x$1.50 off folgers black silk, of full awakenings OR folgers gourmet selections k cups)
$1 off naturegg break free 500g liquid egg
2x $1 off Adams natural peanut butter
75cents off Adams peanut butter
6x50cents off robin hood oats
2x$2 off van houtte
2x$1 off Lipton tea products
$2.50 off wub 2 VH Indian market sauces 341 ml
11x$1 off lactancia lactose free cream
1x$1 off gaylea gold sour cream
4x 75 cents off any smuckers product
4xB3save $1 off carnation condensed milk
2x$1 off Ivanhoe cheese
7x $1 off post great grains cereals
30cents off Sunkist fruit snacks
75 cents off tre stelle bocconcini cheese
75 cents off tre stele ricotta cheese
$1 off black river cheese 300g+
$1 off madame clement brie 175g
$1 off Naturegg Simply egg whites
$1 off Ivanhoe 300-500g
4x$1 off Hormel compleats microwave meals
5x 75cents off LaCreme Cow spreadable cheese
50 cents off selected uncle bens rice (kinds listed on back)
5x75cents off Melitta filters
5x$1 off Melitta coffee
5x$1 wub 4 campbells products (Ontario Metro only)
5x 75cents off highliner crusted fillets 250g
$1 off prime stuff chicken, chicken tenderloins, or chicken scaloppini folds
2x$2 off olymel krispy toast
$1 off olymel krispy toast 510g
75cents off skippy natural peanut butter
3x50cents off dempsters bagels
5x $1 off egg creations French toast blend
5x$1 off egg creations 500g liquid egg
5x75cents off Mazola rightblend canola and olive oil blend
5x50cents off Hormel real bacon bits/pieces
5xb3g1 free knorr sidekicks
Wish List:

Gerber and Heinz food and snacks (2013 expiry)
Johnson and Johnson $2 off coupons off ANY product J+J (2013 expiry)
Natrel baboo fpc
Janes chicken
plain cheerios
Goldfish crackers (regular ones, not grahams)
Motts Fruitsations
$7 SC Johnson
FPC Johnson baby
Maxx scoop litter
Colgate/Palmolive mailout

PREFER a min of $10 worth trade to make it worth the postage 


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