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    Thanks for the rep! That sucks you bought one the year before. Shucks! Maybe you can sell 1 if you don't need it? You could probably get a good chunk of money. Lol. Anywho, congrats again.
    - Ashley
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    Ok jk, I have to get ready as well, my 12 hour shift at work today, yuck, and toorrow is tearing this house apart and throwing alot of crap out. Will talk to you over the weekend, and I'm sending positive thoughts to your girlfriends Mom and little one. Take care, Moe.
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    YOu should of put that in the brag section, that's a great deal. The hubby wanted to get one for awhile to go hunting with. He's the youngest in ther crew, so he's the one who gts to drag and carry everything out. Ya, I'm short too. They keep teasing me that when I take the youngest to school in the fall, I'll be looking up at her, lol.
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    Lol, your an inch taller than me. Your boarder gets a great deal, and it helps your family out too, so it's nice to hear you get along so well. I will let you know if we make it up that way ahead of time, and will give ya the cell number too, in case I somehow get delayed or lost. How's the weather up there right now? Is the snow starting to all melt away? We still have a bit, but the last couple days has melted alot of it away.
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    YOu and I must be close to the same height. Nice to hear you have a great boarder staying there with you, I have a small house that I finally have rented out to a great tenant. I don't charge him much, and the deal is, if it's something small, you fix it, and something large, well then I fix that. But so far so good. It's nice to hear you have a girlfriend that you treat like a sister. I think everyone needs a friends like that, and it's just sad she's having such poor health right now, but good to have someone like you by her side. I'm hoping to try and make it up there this summer. If we do, I will let ya know ahead and maybe we can do a meet and greet.
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    Sorry to hear about her having seizures, we never went thru that. You are being such a great and caring friend, it is nice to see people care so much for others. I wish them both much better health. If I don't see ya on for awhile, I'll totally understand, and if ever you do need something, just holler. If I don't have it, we can probably find it.
    Remember the boy I told ya about that was going to school up there, he's doing great. He loves it up there. He moved from where he was, and is now working for a ice fishing family, and lives right there and having a blast. He's going thru for mnr, so this is right up his alley. They also have a different business in the summer, and he's such a hard worker that they are giving him full employment in that as well, so still might make it up for a visit this year. His Mom and I r good friends, the only downfall is the drive with the youngsters.
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    You and your friends and family have been going thru alot. I hope little one is ok. My mom had an anuerism (spelled wrong) years ago. I was 12. She first had a massive stroke, then 6 months later on the other side of her neck, they did the anuerism. She was in the hospital alot. She had gotten a bit better, but a few years later had another bad stroke. I do so hope the best for your friend and Goddaughter.
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    Hey jk, glad to hear they will get used. Hate seeing them go to waste. If and when I get a bunch more, will send ya another envy. Have yourself a great weekend, Moe.
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    Glad to hear you got them. Sorry I didn't have some better ones, but hopefully you can use a few or trade them for others. When I get a stack more, will send ya another envy, Moe.
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    HI ya jk, no problem, still got your addy so will send some out this week. Glad to hear the kids like the new game tv, that's great. Will gab soon, Moe.
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    I'll send ya some to get ya up and running again. And WTG on the t.v. win. Was in on a website contest or some other type?
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    Hi ya jk, if you need some new coupons, just give me a shout, happy to send ya some. Hope all is well in the North, everything the same around here. Hope to get a chance to chat when were both on, miss gabbing, Moe.
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    Hi there, haven't seen ya in ages, just dropping in to say hello and hope all is well. Talk soon, Moe.
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  16. hey thanks for signing up under me, I am new to it myself but you can earn points by doing the super lucky button you get 10 clicks initially and with every person in your network you get 10 more, these are per day.

    Also with the lucky search, you just search and get awarded points, 25 searches max a day and it will tell you once you are out of searches.

    Also if you do the refer a friend challenge, you can set it at the amount of friends that you think you will recruit and if you recruit that many in 7 days you are awarded points too, ie 50 points for referring 1 person.
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    Good morning jk, just saw ya on and wanted to pop in and say Hello. Hope all is well, hope we get a chance to gab over the weekend, tkae care, Moe.
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    Hi jk, just got bad news, were still heading up your way, but not that far. Going now as far as Huntsville. so wouldn't expcet ya to go that far, The place we were going to stay, the lady got a call this afternoon and can get in for her pre op, so instead of staying at her place, we are just going to stay at the hotel. It would of been really nice to finally of met up. If for some reason you or hubby are in that area from Friday afternoon till Sunday morning, let me know, but maybe we will be able to meet next time. Sorry for the short notice, we just found out an hour ago as well, and I'm making arrangements with the hotel now, take care, Moe.
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    HI, guess what, heading your way on Friday, will fill ya in later, Moe.
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    hey, when you get a sec, pop into cheapskate's thread and we can gab.
  22. Thank you for the Rep! Rippitty-Rep! Have a GREAT Weekend!
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    Stopping in and saying Hello.
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    hope you have a nice weekend
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    I tried to give you a feedback but I could't .sorry .Every time I click your name and click feedback ,its didn't work . could you tell me another way to give you feed back ?
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    Not young, just started really late in life. That's why I'm tired all the time, lol. The hubby and I knew each other since we were 9, but got together when I was 31, married at 33, had oldest at 34 then next one at 36. That's why it's all done, no more kids for me.
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    hi, glad its goin good for u. goin good here also. yea wife is 6 months now. we have a 9 yr old. lol so gonna be a big age gap but she wanted a bro or sis so what can ya do. lol have a great day.
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    did u pm her?
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    Ya, i remember you saying that before, but it still sounds funny, Mr. Pita. And don't worry about the missing 3 coupons, I don't think you'll get a negative rating over it, you did cover them too.
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    That just sounds funny, going to see Mr. Pita, but I understand. Have a safe trip to TO. I have to work all day today, and not looking forward to it. Around 13 hours, ick. But atleast then I'm off for two days.
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About jknmomma

Basic Information

About jknmomma
I`m married have have 3 kids they are 21,14 and 13
North Bay, Ontario
reading, spending time with the family
bread distributor
Trade List:
Food and Drink

$.50 WUB any Yoplait(16 x 100 or 650 g) or Asana 8x 100g or 12x100g or 650g(exp.Apr 30 2012)x2

$1.00 Cavendish 750g from the farm Rustic Red Potatoes(exp.June 30 2012)

$2.00 Olymel Krispy Toast(exp.Oct 31 2012)

$1.00 Laughing Cow 24 Pack Party Cubes(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 Franks Red Hot Sauce (exp.Apr 30 2012)x2

$1.00 WUB any 2 VH Steamers(exp.May 31 2012)x5

$.50 WUB any 2 bottles Nestle Pure Life Sparkling 1 L bottles or any 1 6x500ml Case(exp.Mar 31 2012)x4

$1.00 Natuegg Simply Egg whites or Free Run Simply egg Whites 500 g (exp.Dec 31 2012)x3

$2.00 Any 10x40g Carnation Breakfast Essentials(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB any 2 Campbell's Ready to Use Broth or Condensed Low fat Cream Soup(exp.April 30 2012)

$1.50 Folgers Black Silk or Full Awakenings Coffee or Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup Portion Packs(expAug 31 2012)

$1.00 Any AStro Original Greek Yogurt 500g (exp.Sept 30 2012)

$.50 Any Kashi Bars 160g,200g or 210 g(exp.June 30 2012)

$1.00 WUB any 2 Mann's Fresh Cut Vegetable Products(exp.Mar 31 2012)x2

$2.00 Kashi Honey Almond or Toasted Berry Crisp Cereal(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$.75 WUB any Jordans Cereal(exp. Dec 31 2012)

$.50 Clover Leaf Tuna Salad Kit(exp.Dec 31 2012)

$.55 Any Eden or Sobaya Food(exp. Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 any Smuckers Simple Blends(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 GayLea Spreadables Butter (exp.May 31 2012)x1(exp.Sept 30 2012)x1

$.50 WUB Asana 8x100g, 12x100g or 650g OR Yoplait Creamy 16x100g or 650g Tub(exp.Apr 30 2012)x2

$1.00 Naturgg Simply Egg Whites(exp.June 30 2012)

$.50 any Oikos or Oikos Organic(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 Ivanhoe Cheese 300g to 500g (exp.May 14 2012)x2

$.75 Summer fresh Hummus or Dip Product(exp.July 31 2012)

$.50 On Any Sharwoods Product(no expiry)

$.75 Any Nordica Cottage Cheese Product(exp.Apr 24 2012)

$.75 Any Black Diamond Sargento Shredded Cheeses 226g to 340 g(exp.June 30 2012)

$.50 On Any Carr's Product 125g to 220g(exp.May 31 2012)x2

$3.00 WUB any 2 Splenda Sweetener Products(exp.Feb 28 2012)

$1.00 Scotties Enviro Plus (exp.Apr 30 2012)french

$.75 Any Tre Stelle Cheese(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 After Eight 300g Carton(exp.Apr 30 2012)

$2.00 WUB any 2 VH Thai Market Sauces(exp.May 31 2012)x3

$1.00 Astro Original Greek Yogurt 600g (exp.June 30 2012)

$.75 WUB any 2 Dare or Grissol Products(exp.June 30 2012)x2

$2.00 any Pediasure 4x235ml Pack(exp.June 30 2012)

$1.00 Any Highliner Signature 680g Product(exp.May 31 2012)x5

$.50 WUB any 2 Bottles 750 ml S Pellegrino or 1 6x500ml Case (exp.Mar 31 2012)x2

$.75 WUB any 1 V8 Original 1.89L or 1 V8 Original 6 pack of 156ml (exp.April 30 2012)x3

$.50 Any Diana Gravy(exp.Mar 31 2012)x2

$1.00 Flavour Crisp Sweet Potato Strips(exp.June 30 2012)

$.50 On any Box Of Simple Pleasure Moments(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.00 On Any 4 x 315ml and 400g Carnation Breakfast Essentials(exp.Dec 31 2012)

$.75 WUB any Grissol Crispy Baguette bites(exp.May 31 2012)x2

$.50 WUB any Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish Graham Snacks 180g(Feb 28 2012)

$1.00 WUB any Highligner Pan Sears Select 540g product(exp.June 30 2012)x2

$2.00 WUB Van Houtte Coffee 225g or larger(exp. June 30 2012)x5(exp.Dec 31 2012)x1

$.75 WUB any Wonder+ or Wonder Bread(exp.Apr 1 2012)x3

$.75 WUB any Highliner Vac IQF Fillets 400g or 454g (exp.Dec 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB 1 Campbell's Ready To Enjoy Soup and 1 V8 V Fusion Light Beverage(exp. Mar 31 2012)


$3.00 WUB any Iam's Dry Cat Food 3.5 lbs or larger(exp Sept. 30 2012)

$2.00 WUB any 1 new Cesar Dry Dog Food for small dogs1.6 or 3 kg(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.00 WUB any Purina Smart Blend cat food 1.8 kg or larger(exp.Mar 1 2012)(exp.Apr 1 2012)x2 French

$5.00 WUB any Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Puppy or Dog Food (exp. June 30 2012)x2


$10.00 WUB Oral-B Professional Series or Triumph Series electric Toothbrush(exp.Jan 25 2012)(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$.50 WUB any 1 Colgate Total Toothpaste 125ml or larger(exp.Apr 30 2012)x2

$1.00 WUB any Colgate Kids Battery Toothbrush (exp.Mar 31 2012)x2

$1.00 WUB any Crest Pro Health Rinse (exp.mar 31 2012)

$3.00 WUB any Oral-B Battery Powered Toothbrush(exp.Feb 29 2012)

$7.00 WUB any Crest White Strips 2 Hour Express or Professional(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB any Colgate 360 Battery Toothbrush(exp.Mar 31 2012)x2

$2.00 WUB any Oral-B 3D White Advantage Twin Pack Or Oral-B 3D White Pulsar(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$.50 WUB any Crest 3D White Paste (exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB any Crest 3D White Rinse 946 ml only (exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.00 WUB any 2 Fixodent Adhesives or Powders(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$.50 WUB any Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$Oral B Floss Free WUB any Crest Pro-Health Rinse (exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB any Oral-B Manual Toothbrush(exp.Mar 31 2012)

Smellies(Glade and febreze)

$1.00 WUB any 1 800ml Febreze Fabric Refresher(exp.June 30 2013)x2

$1.00 WUB any Febreze (exp.June 30 2013)(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$4.00 WUB any 3 Febreze Products(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.00 WUB any 2 Febreze Products(exp.Mar 31 2012)

B1G1 Glade Plug-Ins Scented Oil Refill (exp.Mar 31 2012)

B1G1 Glade Jar Candle (exp.Mar 31 2012)

$5.00 WUB any Glade Sense and Spray Holder(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$.50 WUB any Glade sense and Spray refill(exp.Mar 31 2012)


$2.00 WUB any Pampers Swaddlers,Swaddlers sensitive,Cruisers or Easy Ups(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.50 WUB any Pampers Diapers and Wipes(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$5.00 off Pampers Cruisers WUB any 1 Swaddlers,Swaddlers Sensitive or Baby Dry(exp.Mar 31 2012)


$2.00 WUB any 2 bottles of Tums(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.00 WUB any Vicks Dayquil Product (exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.00 WUB any Vicks VapoRub or Vicks BabyRub Product(exp.Mar 31 2012)x2

$3.00 WUB any New Centrum for Men or Women(exp.June 30 2012)


$1.00 WUB any Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Refill(exp.May 31 2012)

B1G1 Toilet Duck 750ml Liquid(exp.May 31 2012)

B1G1 Scrubbing Bubbles Trigger,Aerosol,Mega Shower Foamer or Power Sprayer refill(exp.may 31 2012)

B2S2 On any Windex 765 ml Trigger(exp April 15 2012)(exp.May 31 2012)

$.50 WUB any 1 Mr.Clean Magic Eraser(exc 1 ct) (exp.Mar 31 2012)

B1G1 Windex 765 ml Trigger(exp.July 21 2012)x3

$1.00 WUB any 1 Clorox Clincing Gel with Bleach(exp.Apr 30 2012)

B1G1 Toilet Duck 750ml Liquid(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.50 WUB any Swiffer Sweeper or Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$5.00 WUB any Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit(exp.Mar 31 2012)

Buy a Swiffer Sweeper Vac OR WetJet Starter Kit and Get a Swiffer WetJet Pad 12ct, Sweeper Wet 12 ct OR Sweeper Dry 16 ct Refill(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB Scrubbing Bubbles One Step Toilet Bowl Cleaner Refill(exp.May 31 2012)x2

Shampoo and Body Wash,Deodorant,Hand Sanitizer,Soap

$2.50 WUB any 2 Pantene Base Shampoos,Conditioners,Stylers or Treatments(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB any Pantene Base Shampoo, Conditioner, Styler or Treatment(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.50 WUB any Head and Shoulders Shampoo And Conditioner(exp.Mar 31 2012)(exp.Sept 30 2012)x2

$1.00 WUB any 1 Secret Clinical Strength(exp.Sept 30 2012)

$1.00 WUB any Head and Shoulders Product(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB any 1 Purell 236ml or Larger(exp.02/05/2012)

$1.00 WUB any Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner 2 in 1(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.00 WUB any Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths or Expressions Shampoo, Conditioner Styler Or Treatment(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$3.00 WUb any 2 Ivory 10 Bar or 709 ml Body Wash(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB any Irish Spring Antiperspirany or Deodorant(exp.July 31 2012)

Paper Products

$.50 WUB any Bounty Napkins(exp.Sept 30 2013)x2

$1.00 WUB Scotties EnviroPlus Pack of 6 (exp.Apr 30 2012)(French)

$1.00 WUB any 1 Puffs Product(exc single)(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB any 1 Charmin Product(exc 4 double roll) (exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB any 1 Bounty Paper Towel (exc single roll) (exp.Mar 31 2012)

$.50 WUb any Charmin freshmates(exp.Sept 30 2013)

Feminine Hygiene

Hair Dye, Moiturizers

$1.00 WUB any 1 Natural Instincts Hair Colour Product(exp.Sept 30 2013)

$3.00 WUB any 2 Boxes of Natural Instincts Hair Colour(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB 1 box Natural Instincts Hair Colour(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$5.00 WUB any 2 Boxes Nice'n Easy Hair Colour (exp.Mar 31 2012)x2

$2.00 WUB any 1 box Nice n' Easy Hair Colour (exp.Mar 31 2012)

$1.00 WUB any Full Size Olay Personal Cleansing or hand and Body Product(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$3.00 WUB any 2 Full Size Olay Facial Cleansers, Moisturizers or Treatments(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.00 Garnier Pure Line(exp.Dec 31 2012)

$4.00 WUB Garnier Ultra Lift Product(exp.Dec 31 2012)x2

$3.00 WUB any Garnier Skin Renewal Product(exp.Dec 31 2012)


$2.00 WUB any Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$5.00 WUB any Gillette Proglide Cartridge WUB any Proglide Razor(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.00 WUB any Gillette Fusion Proseries Product(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.00 WUB any Gillette 3 Bladed Disposable Razor(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$2.00 WUB any Venus Disposable or Daisy Disposables Razor(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$10.00 WUB any Venus Razor and Venus Cartridges(exp.Mar 31 2012)

$3.00 WUB any Schick Hydro Razors or Refills(exp.Dec 31 2012)

$3.00 WUB Schick Hydro Refills(exp.Apr 30 2012)

Laundry, Dishes

$1.00 On Tide Stain release(exp.Mar 31 2012)x2
Wish List:
aunt jemima syrup,
nutrigrain bars(not superfruit) RRRRRlf
Maxx Scoop Kitty Litter RRRRRLF
colgate toothpaste(not whitening plz or total,just plain toothpaste)
always pads (not infinity)
rice krispie squares RRRRRRlf
fruit roll ups
any snacks that kids like(no bear paws or wagon wheels plzz my kids won`t eat them)
lunch meat
red hot weiners
kraft miracle whip
Taco Kits
Hamburger Meat
toaster strudels RRRRRRRLF
delisio pizza
ragu pasta sauce
dole bagged salad
kraft salad dressing(not the olive oil)
heinz ketchup
chefmaster margarine
bacon(not ready crisp)
beatrice milk 2%
chapmans ice cream
mach 3 razor blades(not disposables)
palmolive dish detergent(enough for now)
dawn dish detergent(enough for now)
Intuition razor blades
Danactive (only coupons for the 4 packs plz)
tide laundry detergent HV(enough for now)
chef boyardee pasta
dove for men
dove bar soap(not go fresh)
Blue Buffalo Dog F



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