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    Happy Halloween to you Jenny! You Rock and your your Dad does too!!!

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    Happy Thanksgiving Jenny and lovely family!!! Are ya back, where ya been jelly-bean?? Thinking of you!!
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    Now how adorable is that!!! lol You just made my day! Thanks for sharing. Tell your dad it was my absolute pleasure and that I think he has the best daughter in the world too. She still has me well stocked up on shampoo for the next 6 months! lol
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    I think that you are very TV worthy so it might be a VERY, VERY, GOOD possibility! Just my opinion!
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    perfect, that was what I thought, it was 20 cents/roll, an ok deal, if I had coupons would have made it sweeter but I just stocked up anyways. It was WM 75 single rolls for $14.99, thanks jenny
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    I shared it on facebook too
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    hiya Jenny! I am having trouble finding a post a member made ages ago about how to calculate whether TP was a deal or not. They did not just go by price, but rather by how many spr ( sheets per roll ) was given for the sale price. Do you remember that thread? I typed searching key words with TP, but no matches. If you know who else I could ask? thanks.
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    He already used one, he loves Lucky Charms - not sure why, you would think he is a 10 year old he gets so happy when we buy them lol
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    Thank you for the reps. Today I'm going to go and volunteer to help displaced animals be reunited with their owners, and if we can't locate the animals. myself and Nat (my dog groomer) are going to home them at her dog daycare until they can be returned home.
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    Thank you so much for the rep. They are always greatly appreciated. Hope you have a really nice Friday
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    Thanks, he is just using the Tims ones that we got with it but it is a tiny cup, I pressed the button but nothing happened (opening it and closing it then hitting it again does make a second cup but with reused ground...
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    Thank you so much....I kinda loved it too! Yes, very Alberta! I agree with the post below very nice wedding photo you two look awesome together!
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    lol, good point! Thanks for the rep.....btw nice wedding photo
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    Awe thatis nice! Well done, Glad you had a beautiful dinner and you are officially the best wife ever. Thanks for the rep and seeing your beautiful dinner and what a beautiful photo of your wedding. You can feel the love. Hope you slept well and have a wonderful week to both of you. Take care.
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    I got mine, was happy, then got my DS one, happier, then got my sis one too ! Happiest!!
  19. Thanks for the clarification!
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    thank you for the rep! ( and the Poise link) I did not see the other threads?? I got it though.
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    Dear Jenny: Happy belated Christmas too you. I wish you and your family only the best in 2013!!! Send your Dad a big hug for me. Cheers!!!
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    Thanks for a lively debate - hope there's no hard feelings, just want to make sure you know I respect your views and you as a fellow SC'er Happy Thursday!
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    Hey, sorry to bother you just wondering if the points transfer went through? I've never done it before so I wanted to make sure I did it right lol.
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    You have more Nexxus??? Ok I'm going to PM you now!!! haha
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    Thanks for the lovely rating and wonderful trade!!! I picked up 35 Nexxus this week so far. I'm SO Happy!!! If you every run out of carnation milk for that coffee of yours, let me know. I gotya covered! lol Say Hi to your Dad for me.
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    Thanks for the rep!
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    I cracked up when I saw the whole thing was a misprint in the WM flyer! I did not need any of the razors, but it was fun to watch the circus while it was in town, congrats again jenny!
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About JennyFromTheRock

Basic Information

About JennyFromTheRock
Calgary, Alberta
Trade List:

Regular Coupons ( Tearpads, insert, etc ) Multiples Unless stated :)

Food & Drink

FREE Miss Vickies Chips WUB2 ( safeway )
$.50 Any pepridge Farm Goldfish
$1 ANY size Orville Redenbacher Popcorn
$3 Off Oliviera Pasta or Sauce WUB ANY Maple Leaf Prime Chicken
$1 off Any Oliviera Pasta or sauce
$1 WUB2 Del Monte Refrigerated Fruit Cups
$.75 Daryland Organic milk
$.75 Catelli Pasta
$1 WUB2 delmonte Fruit Snacks
$.75 V8 1.89L or 6 pack cans
$.75 lactania Butter
$2 WUB2 VH sauces ( regular, indian market, thai market )
$1 VH steamers
$2 WUB4 Hunts Pasta Sauce
$1 Pam
$1 WUB2 Bluewater Fish ( 2 UPC's plus extra UPC in redplum )
FREE Trop 50 WUB 3 Quaker products
$.75 All bran Bars ( several UPCs )
$.30 off Dr Oetker Mousse
$.75 WUB2 Dr Oetker Mousse
$.50 on Real Fruit Gummies bag
$2 Olymel Chicken ( several UPC's ask )
$1 Astro Greek Yogurt
$.75 Smuckers Jam
$.75 Adams peanutbutter
$2 Van Houtte
$3 Van houtte
$.50 Off Any Stagg Chilli
$1 Melitta Coffee ( upc ends in 318 )
B3G1 Knorr- Lipton Sidekicks
B3G1 Knorr - Lipton Soups
B3G1 Knorr Products
$1 WUB2 Alymer Accents ( booklet )
$1 Highliner Pan sear Selects
$1 Highliner Any Signature Product
$1 Astro Biobest yogurt drink ( 8 x 941ml )
$.75 Bistro Express Rice / side dishes


$1, $2 & $3 Yellow Huggies Peelies
$5 Off Gerber Graduates Drink
$1 Off Any 1 Live Clean baby
$2.50 off WUB 2 Live Clean baby


$2 Off Dove Go fresh
$2 Off Dove Visible Care
$1 Noxema
$1 Lever 2000

Wish List:
Top Wishes:

$5 Chapmanp
WonderBread FPC
Liberte Yogurt FPC
Asana Yogurt FPC
SYB pins
$.75 Danonne ( good on ANY )
Company Call In's ( except J&J )
Oasis Juice FPC
Free Bananas
Any Baby FPC
Boursin Cheese ( only in stacks ie if you have at least 3 - 4 upc's )
$2 Highliner good on ANY
$2 Old Dutch
Most Food FPC's ( just ask )
Campbell's chunky soup
d'italiano bread
trop50 fpc
Cheecha Puffs FPC
Fresh Produce ( ziploc )
Fresh Chicken ( ziploc )
Black Diamond Cheese ( or any block cheese )
$5 Maple Leaf Prime
$2 WUB2 Dozen Eggs
Any Heinz baby Food Or Cereal
Huggies / Pampers call ins
Natrel Baboo**
Quaker oatmeal FPC
Enfamil A+ powder ( no )
Philly cream cheese
Twistos **
Tetley Tea**
healthy Choice Steamers FPC's**
Free Breakfast Item Pins**
$.75 fresh Produce
Nordica Cottage Cheese FPC
$1 frenches Mustard
Power Bar FPC
Chip FPC's
Cineplex passes
Gerber or Heinz baby food or baby cereal******
Olymel coupons ( not 282, 246, 288, 283, 295, or gocoupons )
ConAgra Vouchers
colgate / palmolive vouchers
lactania cream
new cheese block coupons
Shiriff Cooked pie filling b2g1 or bogo
Nature vally FPC ( not the one day only one )
Bisquick FPC
Dare FPC
Nabob FPC
$.25+ Snack Pack Pudding coupons
Tim Hortons GC's
SDM Points
Any Bacon Coupon or FPC ( for my baconator husband lol )
Any Stackable food coupons would be great too ( provided you have several of the UPC's )


Alcan Foil
Artic Bogo / $2 or FPC
Aunt Jemina Syrup
Baboo FPC
BabyBel (06/30/12 or later)
Betty Crocker Scalloped or Mashed Potatoes
Betty Crocker Snacks (June or later)
Bisquick (NOT shaker)
Bicks Pickles (not less salt)
Bravo Spaghetti Sauce
Bush Beans
Cadbury snack cakes
Campbells Chunky Soup
Catelli $.75 or $1 any/smart ie. websaver UPC10833618/0.75 ANY Catelli)
Chapmans ($5)
Chef Boyardee (any value)
Cheerios ($2/$1must be valid on Honey Nut)
Cheemo Perogies
CloverLeaf tuna/both flavored and unflavored
ConAgra Vouchers
Campbell's Vouchers
Campbell's $.50 +
Cracker Barrel, armstrong or black diamond ( late expiry )
Dare ($1 any product)
Del Monte Canned Veg ($1 no salt added)
Delissio Pizzas or flatbread
Bread($3 Ziploc)
Dempsters Bagel FPC
Dr. Oetker / Shirrif Mousse, pie filling or mug cakes
Dole Salad Kits (must be valid on any)
Driscoll’s, ($1/higher)
Eggs ($1 wub 1/$2 wub2)
Eggos (valid on 8ct any/April or later)
Enfamil A+ ( ANY except )
French's Mustard ($1/higher)
Finish Quantum ($5/higher)
Fruit or veggie any
Gaylea ($2)
General Mills ($1 any)
Glad Cling Wrap *valid on 30m
Glad Garbage Bags (May or later)
Goldfishes (Not Graham)
Goldseal tuna or Cloverleaf
Gerber baby food / snacks / cereal ( NO TODDLER DRINK )
Green Giant Frozen Veggies (any value/not wub)
Heinz Ketchup
Heinz Baby foods / snacks / cereal
Huggies Coupons ( no SS ) shiny peelies RRRL
HighLiner ANY $2
HP Sauce (any value)
Janes ($2 or higher)
J&J call ins
Jello ($1 wub 2 pudding, gel or mousse snacks DE/12)
Kellogg's Cereal ($2-2.50)
Kellogg's FPC
Knorr ($5 wub4)
Kraft $1.50 wub2 Peak freans, Oreo, Philadelphia cream cheese, Miracle Whip, Kraft salad dressings, etc
Kraft $3 wub 4 product any
Kraft Dinner Smart $.75
Kraft Parm (May or later)
Kraft Peanut Butter (any/any value)
Kraft Philly Dips (any/any value)
Lactantia Cream (.75 or higher - not lactose free pls)
Lactantia Butter (Dec 2012/13)
Majesta ($2)
Maple Leaf Bacon (nor Ready Crisp pls/valid on 500g)
Maple Leaf Naturals Deli Meats (Mar or later)
Maple Leaf Prime Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast ($5 or higher)
Marc Angelo ($1 or higher off ANY/Kabobs)
Marc Angelo McCain Pizza/Pockets FPC
MiniWheats (not bites)
Minute Rice Regular
Mr.Big FPC
Nestle Vouchers
Neilson/Gaylea/Sealtest Sour Cream (Not Gold)
Nescafe (not latte or cappucino)
Nestle Ice Cream Product FPC
Nutri Grain bars ($1/higher)
Oasis Refrigerated Juice FPC (April 30 or later)
Old El Paso (any value)
Old El Paso Smart Fiesta Kit
Old El Paso Smart Fiesta Tortilla
Olymel 2200302
Pampers $10+
Philadelphia Cream Cheese/Dips ($1 or higher)
Philly Cooking Creme FPC
Pilsbury Cookies $2
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls (any value)
Playtex tampons ($2 or higher)
Playtex Bucks ( $1, $5 )
Premium Plus Crackers (must be valid on whole grain)
Pogos 44404475/or valid on 8pk
Purex ($3)
Quaker Oats Oatmeal (Instant Only)
Quaker Vouchers
Kraft or Hidden valley Dressing
Stouffers FPC's / Coupons
Scheindars Bacon/Naturals ( or any bacon )
Skippy or Kraft Peanut Butter (.75/higher)
Source Yogurt FPC
Stayfree ($5 WUB 2)
Sunmaid Raisins (not bread)
Tampax FPC/$3
Thinsations $.75
Tetley Tea FPC or $$ off ( must be good on regular )
Tide FPC/$3
Tostitos/Ruffles/Lays FPC
VH Steamer BOGO
VH Sauces
Ziploc ($2)
$1.50 Fresh Chicken
$.75 Fresh produce
Any Chewing Gum Coupons
Any Milk Coupons


Please Help My Friends Neice Win Wal-Mart's "Mom of the Year" to win $100,000 for "The Canuck Childrens Hospice"
A Brave Mom of 3 lives every day knowing her baby will soon pass away. PLEASE Click to read her story and vote!


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