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    Ok thanks, maybe next time.
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    Hello OldMom

    I'm interested in your Quantum coupons expiring December 2011, If you are interested in trading them please have a look at my trade list and get back to me. Thanks
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    which is crazy-who in their right mind thinks thats ok? I would be super pissed if I got used stamps.
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    Thanks, opinions are good, and that helps. I'm not keen on taking stamps either, and I've had a few people offer them. I guess it's ok to say no if I don't like the deal!
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    Hey, you were my first trade and have an awesome trade rating. I was wondering how you trade FPCs and stamps? I have someone trying to trade coupons for my fpcs and just wondered what a good rate would be-I have only traded face value for face value on coupons so far but I think it should be more for free stuff? If you don't mind telling me what you do, and also the stamps.

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    I am interested in your enfamil coupons:

    5 X $5.00 off Enfamil A+, Gentlease A+ or Enfapro A+ powder (exp Aug1/11)
    $3.00 off Enfamil A+ or Gentlease A+ powder or concentrate (exp Oct31/11)
    2 X $3.00 off Enfamil A+ powder or concentrate (exp Oct31/11)
    $3.00 off Enfamil A+ powder, concentrate or ready to feed (exp Mar 31/12)

    Two questions:
    Can you confirm that the $5 coupons are not UPC 30218781 as I have enough of them.
    How may stamps would you like? I do not have enough coupons to trade with you.
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    Thanks sooooo much for the rep rating.
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    hi,i have 3 save $5.00 similac coupon that (can buy step1 or2 or lactose free) can i trade this 3 coupons with you by mail?
    $12.00 off Enfapro A+ 680g powder (exp Oct31/11)
    $3.00 off Enfamil A+ powder or concentrate (exp Oct31/11)
    $5.00 off Nestle GoodStart2 (exp Jun30/11)
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About OldMom

Basic Information

About OldMom
stay at home Mom with a financial/investment and bookkeeping background
Ottawa, Ontario
stay at home mom for now & part time bookkeeping from home
Trade List:
I hate to see coupons being wasted. Trades don’t have to be equal in value, tell me what you’d like from my list and as long as I’m getting some from my wish list I’ll be happy.

Baby diapers:

$1.00 off Pampers Splashers (exp Aug31/13)

Baby, other:

2 X $1.00 off any Playtex Drop-ins liners (exp Jun30/13)


$0.50 Downy liquid 52+ loads (exp Jun30/13)
2 X $1.00 off any Woolite product (exp May31/13)
2 X $2.00 off any Sunlight detergent (exp Jun22/13)
2 X $1.00 off Snuggle fabric softener (exp Jun22/13)
2 X $1.00 off Arm & Hammer laundry detergent (exp Sep30/13)
2 X $1.500 off any 2 Purex laundry products (exp Jun13/13)
2 X $0.50 off any Clorox Concentrated Bleach 1.89L and 1.62L (exp Dec31/13)
2 X $1.00 off any Resolve stain remover (exp May31/13)
2 X $1.00 off Oxiclean Spray or Maxforce gel stick (exp Sep30/13)
2 X $1.00 off Oxiclean pure whites 907g powder and 1.24L liquid (exp Sep30/13)
2 X $1.00 off Oxiclean Versatile powder (exp Sep30/13)

Dish products:

2 X $2.00 off any Sunlight Oxiaction Dish Paower Pacs (exp Jun22/13)
3 X $1.00 off any Finish Jet-Dry rinse agent (exp May31/13, Jun30/13)
$1.00 off any Finish JeyDry or TurboDry (exp Aug31/13)
$1.00 off any Finish Dishwashing Booster (expAug31/13)
4 X $1.00 off Finish dishwasher cleaner (exp May31/13, Jun30/13, Aug31/13)


$0.40 off Scrub Free cleaner (no expiry)
$0.50 off any Scrub Free bathroom cleaner (exp Dec31/13)
$0.75 off Pine-Sol or Tilex cleaners (at Canadian Tire, no expiry)
$0.75 off Clorox clean-up bleach cleaner (at Canadian Tire, no expiry)
2 X $1.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles Kitchen cleaner or Fantastik Trigger (exp Sep30/13)
$1.50 off any Scrubbing Bubbles trigger or Fantastik trigger (exp Nov30/13)
2 X B1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel G1 Fresh brush or Toilet Duck Free (exp Jun1/13)
2 X B1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel G1 Fresh brush or Thick Liquid Toilet bowl cleaner (exp Sep30/13)
4 X $1.00 off Scrubbing bubbles Total kitchen foaming all purpose cleaner with Fantastik (exp Sep1/13, Sep30/13)
$1.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet cleaning Gel, Fresh Brush toilet cleaning system or liquid toilet bowl cleaner (exp Nov30/13)
2 X B1 Scrubbing bubbles Toilet cleaning Gel G1 Scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning system (exp Sep1/13)
2 X $1.00 off Scrubbing bubbles thick liquid toilet bowl cleaner (exp Sep1/13)
2 X B1G1 free Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet cleaning Gel (exp May31/13)
2 X $1.50 off Scrubbing Bubbles Aerosols (exp May31/13)
$2.00 off any Scrubbing Bubbles aerosols (exp Nov30/13)
2 X $1.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles trigger or Fantastik trigger (exp May31/13)
2 X B1G1 free Scrubbing Bubbles Triggers, Aerosols or Power sprayer refills (exp Jun1/13)
2 X $0.75 off Clorox, Tilex or Greenworks spray cleaner with smart tube (exp Dec31/13)
2 X $2.00 off any two Clorox, Tilex or Greenworks spray cleaner with smart tube (exp Dec31/13)
2 X $4.00 off any three Clorox, Tilex or Greenworks spray cleaner with smart tube (exp Dec31/13)
2 X $1.00 off any Vim product (exp Aug31/13)
2 X $1.00 off Fantastik trigger (exp Jun1/13)
2 X $1.00 off any Lysol all purpose liquid cleaner dilutable 800ml, 1.2L or 1.5L (exp Jun30/13)
2 X $0.75 off any Lysol product (excl. wipes) (exp Jun30/13)
$1.00 off Lysol no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner (exp Jul31/13)
$1.00 off any Lysol toilet bowl cleaner (exp Jul31/13)
2 X $5.00 off ProMist mop and Refill (exp Jun30/13)
$1.00 off any Vileda gloves (exp Apr30/13)
2 X $5.00 off any Rubbermaid reveal microfiber spray mop (exp Oct31/13)
2 X $2.00 off any Rubbermaid Reveal Scrubber (exp Oct31/13)
$3.00 off Vileda Bee Mop (exp May30/13)
$3.00 off Vileda Fibro Contact mop (exp May30/13)
$2.00 off Vileda Super twist mop (exp May30/13)
$2.00 off Vileda Oskar broom (exp May30/13)
2 X $5.00 off Vileda Virobi Robot Sweeper (exp Jul31/13)
B2G1 on Windex, Pledge, BonAmi, Scrubbing Bubbles, Fantastik and Glade products (exp Sep30/13)

Paper products:

$1.00 off any Two Puffs products (exp Aug31/13)
$1.00 off any Two Charmin products (exp Aug31/13)
$1.00 off Charmin freshmates (exp Aug31/13)
$1.00 off Royale 3ply signature napkins (exp Dec31/13)
$1.00 off wyb2 Royale signature products (exp Dec31/13)
$1.00 off any 6-pack or larger Cottonelle bathroom tissue (exp Jul13/13)
$1.00 off any tub or refill of Cottonelle flushable moist wipes (exp Jul13/13)

Scented products:

4 X $5.00 off wyb $10 of Air Wick Freshmatic products (exp Jun30/13)
4 X $5.00 off wyb $10 of Air Wick colour changing candles (exp Jun30/13)
2 X $5.00 off wyb $10 of Air Wick scented oil producys (exp Jun30/13)
2 X B1G1 Glade plugins refills (exp May13/13)
2 X B1G1 Glade sense & spray refills (exp May9/13)
2 X B1G1 Glade candles (exp May9/13)
B1G1 Glade jar candle (exp Jun25/13)
2 X B1G1 Glade Décor scents product (exp Jun25/13)
2 X B1 automatic room spray refill G1 room spray starter kit free (exp Jun25/13)
$5.00 off Glade sense & spray starter kit (exp May9/13)
$5.00 off Glade plugins scented oil starter kit (exp May9/13)
2 X $1.00 off any 3 Renuzot gel air fresheners (exp Jun13/13)
$1.00 off Febreze Fabric refresher (exp Aug31/13)
$3.00 off any Febreze Home collection (Aug31/13)
2 X $10.00 off when you buy $15.00 of Glade products (exp Jun30/13)


$3.00 off one Simple product (exp Jul31/13)
B1 Simple moisturizer G1 Simple cleanser or Cleansing wipes (exp May1/13)
$2.00 off Revitalift Miracle Blur (exp Dec31/13)
$2.00 off Gold Bond Ultimate product (exp Jun30/13)
$2.00 off New Vaseline spray & Go moisturizer (exp Sep30/13)
2 X $2.00 off any Vaseline Total Moisture lotion (exp Sep31/13)
2 X $1.00 off any Dial Complete foaming hand wash or 3-pack Dial bar soap (exp Jun23/13)
2 X $1.00 off 236ml+ Purell product (exp Apr27/13)
2 X $1.00 off Three Purell products (exp Apr27/13)
$1.00 off Lysol anti-bacterial hand soap (exp Jul31/13)
$5.00 off Lysol No Touch hand soap system OR Lysol no touch dispenser AND Hand soap refill (exp Jul31/13)
2 X $1.00 off wyb2 different Dove products (exp Jul31/13)
$2.00 off wyb 2 Dove bar packs (exp May31/13)
$2.00 off wyb 2 Dove body washes (exp May31/13)
$2.00 off wyb2 Dove anti-perspirants (exp May31/13)
2 X $2.00 off any 2 Lady Speedstick or Speed Stick Power 45g-85g (exp Oct6/13)
$1.50 off Jergens Moisturizer 120ml+ (exp Jul31/13)
2 X $1.00 Speed Stick Power antiperspirant 85g (exp Apr30/13)
2 X $2.00 off Durex condoms (exp Jun30/13)
2 X $2.50 off Durex play Lubricant or toy (exp Jun30/13)
$2.00 odd any Durex product (exp Jul31/13)
$2.00 off any Trojan lubricant (exp Dec31/13)
$5.00 off 300ml Biotrue multi-purpose solution (exp Mar31/14)


3 X $1.00 off Colgate 360 manual toothbrush (exp Dec31/13)
$2.00 off Colgate Sensitive Pro relief toothpaste 75ml/120ml (exp Dec1/13)
$1.00 off Colgate Sensitive Pro relief Mouthwash (exp Dec1/13)
2 X $2.00 off any Colgate Mouthwash (exp Dec31/13)
2 X $1.00 off any Arm & Hammer toothpaste (exp Sep30/13)
2 X $1.50 off any Arm & Hammer Spinbrush or Tooth Tunes toothbrush (exp Sep30/13)
$1.00 off Scope Outlast 710ml+ (exp Aug31/13)
4 X $5.00 off Sonicare PowerUp Rechargeable toothbrush (exp Jun30/13)
4 X $5.00 off Sonicare Brush head refill (exp Jun30/13)
4 X $10.00 off Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush (excl PowerUp, Essence & Xtreme) (exp Jun30/13)
2 X $1.00 off any Arm & Hammer toothpaste (exp Dec1/13)
2 X $1.50 off Spinbrush toothbrush (exp Dec1/13)
2 X $1.50 off Toothtunes toothbrush (exp Dec1/13)


$1.00 off Gillette Venus Razor (exp Sep30/13)
$10.00 off Braun Electric shaver or Epilator excluding MobileShave (exp Aug31/13)
$1.00 off any Gilette SensorExcel for Women cartridge pack (no expiry)
$1.00 off Gilette SensorExcel blades (no expiry)
$4.00 off Schick Hydro 5 Razor (exp Jun30/13)
$3.00 off Schick Hydro 5 refill (exp Jun30/13)

Hair products:

B1 G1 ½ off on Clear, Tresemme and Dove hair care (exp Dec31/13)
$1.00 off any L’Oreal Hair expertise product (exp Sep1/13)
$2.00 off any box of Excellence Crème (exp Sep1/13)
2 X $3.00 off any Vidal Sassoon hair colour product (exp Jun30/13)

Nail products:

2 X $1.00 off any Nicole by Opi nail lacquer (exp Jul31/13)

Cold Remedy:

$1.00 off Sinutab (no expiry)
6 X $4.00 off Cold-FX or Cold-FX extra 45 capsules+ (exp Jul31/13)
$1.00 off Cepacol Throat spray (exp May31/13)
$1.00 off Cepacol Mouthwash (exp May31/13)
$1.00 off Cepacol Extra Strength Lozenge (exp May31/13)
$1.00 off Cepacol Sensations Lozenge (exp May31/13)
2 X $1.25 off any Cepacol product (exp Jun30/13)
$1.00 off any Cepacol product (exp Jul31/13)
$1.50 off any Cepacol product (exp Nov30/13)


$1.20 off any one bag of Halls supplement drops (17, 25 or 30 count) (exp Sep30/13)
3 X $3.00 off Advil Nighttime (exp May31/13, Mar1/14)
$1.00 off Children’s pepto or Pepto Bismol product (exp Aug31/13)
5 X $1.50 off any Rhinaris products (excl 5g size) (exp Sep9/13)
$0.50 off Vagisil feminine powder (no expiry)
4 X $3.00 off Zax’s original darl circle eye cream at SDM or Rexall) (exp Jun30/13, Jul30/13)
4 X $2.00 off Zax’s Facial Redness Cream at SDM or Rexall (exp Jun30/13, Jul30/13)
4 X $3.00 off Zax’s origina; darkspot cream at SDM or Rexall (exp Jun30/13, Jul30/13)
4 X $2.00 off Zax’s original Bruise or Heelspur cream at SDM or Rexall (exp Jun30/13, Jul30/13)


4 X $2.00 off any Disney Gummies product (exp Sep30/13, Dec31/13)
$1.00 off any Disney gummies product (exp Jun30/13)
3 X $1.00 off any Ester-C product (exp Jun30/13)
$3.00 off any Ester-C product (exp Oct31/13)
2 X $2.00 off any Ester-C product (exp Dec31/13)
$1.00 off any Nature’s Bounty product (exp May31/13)
4 X $2.00 off Nature’s Bounty product (exp Jul31/13, Dec31/13)
$3.00 off any Osteo Bi-Flex product (exp May31/13)
4 X $5.00 off Osteo Bi-flex product (exp Jul31/13, Dec31/13)
$2.00 off any Estroven product (exp Apr30/13)
2 X $1.00 off Ironkids Omega 3’s (exp May13/13)
$8.00 off Ocuvite Adult 50+ eye vitamin & Mineral Supplement (exp Aug31/13)

Frozen Foods:

4 X B1G1 Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamers (May30/13, Dec31/13)
$1.00 off HighLiner Pan-Sear selects 540g product (exp Dec31/13)
Canned food:


8 X $0.75 off Iogo products (exp Aug31/13)
2 X $1.00 off any Allegro cheese (exp Jul30/13)
2 X $1.00 off Organic Meadow cheese 340g (exp May31/13, Aug31/13)
2 X $1.00 off Organic Meadow 340g Mozzarella cheese (exp Nov30/13)
2 X $1.00 off any Asli Paneer (exp Nov30/13)
$0.75 off Cheese Makers 250g (exp Dec 31/13)
$0.75 off Tre Stelle Mascarpone cheese (exp May31/13)
$1.00 off any Tre Stelle Bocconcini cheese (exp Aug31/13)
2 X $1.00 off Tre Stelle Feta Cheese (exp Nov30/13)
2 X $1.00 off Tre Stelle Ricotta Cheese (exp Nov30/13)
$0.85 off any Ivanhoe cheese variety 200-500g (exp Aug31/13)
4 X $1.00 off any Black River cheese 300g+ (exp May31/13, Nov30/13)
2 X $1.00 off Black River Maple Cheddar (exp Nov30/13)
$1.00 off Silani Omega 3 cheese (exp May31/13)
$1.00 off any Albert’s Leap cheese (exp May31/13)
4 X $1.00 off any Boursin cheese (exp May31/13, Aug31/13, Nov30/13)
2 X $1.00 off Gay Lea Gold Premium sour cream (exp Dec31/13)


2 X $1.00 Sugaresque (no expiry)


$1.00 off any Egg Creations French Toast blend 500g liquid egg product (exp Dec31/13)
2 X $1.00 off Naturegg simply egg whites 500g liquid (exp Dec31/13)
$0.50 off Naturegg Omega 3 eggs (exp Jun30/13)


$1.50 off any 400g or 4x315ml Carnation Breakfast Essentials (exp Dec31/13)
$2.00 off 400g Weetabix or 600/650g Alpen Cereal (exp Jul31/13)`
B3G1 free, any 3 of 400g Weetabix, 600/650g Alpen, 475/908g Grainstop Cereal (exp Jul31/13)


$1.50 off Orville Redenbacher ready-to-eat popcorn wyb one Pop-Up bowl product (exp May31/13)
$1.00 off Orville Redenbacher Pop Up Bowl (exp May31/13)
$1.00 off any Wasa product (exp Dec2013)
2 X $0.50 off Good’n Natural bar (exp Jun30/13)
2 X $0.50 off any Toffifee Product (exp Aug31/13)
$1.00 off 170g+ package of Wonderful Pistachios (exp Jul18/13)
$0.50 off any Fruit-tella product (exp Oct31/13)


$0.50 off Hormel Real Bacon Bits or Pieces (exp Dec31/13)
2 X $1.00 off any Newman’s Own Salad dressing (exp Jun30/13)
2 X $1.00 off wyb2 Campbell’s stock first products (exp Jun30/13)

$2.00 off any size Becel pro-activ calorie reduced margarine (exp Jul31/13)
$0.75 off Mazola Corn or Canola Oil 1.42L (exp Dec31/13)

Other foods:

2 X Buy Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice 2kg or Wholegrain Brown rice 1.6kg and Get one Rice & sauce free (exp Jul31/13)
2 X $0.50 off Uncle Ben’s 7 grain Medley, Jasmine, Basmati, Natural Select rice or Bistro Express(exp Jul31/13)
$1.00 off 2 packages of Dessert or Soft Tofu (exp Dec31/13)
$2.00 off wyb2 Wonder/Wonder+ loaves (exp May31/13)
2 X $1.00 off Ultimate Smokie Supreme Sausages (exp Dec31/13)


2 X $1.00 off So Good 1.89L (exp May24/13)
$0.50 off one 236ml, 473ml, 710ml or 1.4L of Pom Wonderful (exp Jun18/13)


$2.00 off any carton of Folgers Gourmet Selections K-Cup packs (exp Apr30/13)
$1.00 off any Traditional Medicinals tea (no expiry)
2 X $1.50 off any Starbucks coffee 226g and 340g (expJul1/13)
2 X $1.50 off Starbucks K-cup packs 10count (exp Jul1/13)
2 X $1.00 off Starbucks VIA ready brew (excl 3 pack) (exp Jul1/13)
$1.00 off any 1of Starbucks packaged coffee 226 or 340g, K-cup 10 or 16 cup packs or Starbucks VIA ready Brew excl 3pack (exp Apr30/13)
$3.00 off any 2 of Starbucks packaged coffee 226 or 340g, K-cup 10 or 16 cup packs or Starbucks VIA ready Brew excl 3pack (exp Apr30/13)
2 X $1.00 off Tazo filterbag tea 24ct or Latte concentrate 946ml (exp Jul1/13)


$2.00 off any bag of Hill’s Science Diet pet food at Petsmart (exp Jun30/13)
$1.00 off any bag of Iams Dog or Cat food (exp Aug31/13)
2 X $1.00 off Pedigree Snacks or Treats product for dogs (exp Aug31/13)
2 X Get one bag of Pedigree dry food for Dogs 1.6kg or 2kg WYB a bag of Pedigree Dry food for Dogs 10.4kg or 14kg (exp May25/13)
2 X Get one Pedigree dry food for Dogs 1.6kg or 2kg WYB Two bags of Pedigree Dry food for Dogs 1.6kg or 2kg (exp May25/13)
4 X $1.00 off any Saular scoopable plus cat litter (no expiry)
2 X $2.00 off any bag of Beneful dry dog food (exp Dec31/13)
2 X $1.00 off any Box of Beneful baked delight Dog snack (exp Dec31/13)
$3.00 off one package of Cesar dry food for small dogs 1.6kg or 3kg (exp May31/13)
$3.00 off WYB one Cesar wet multipack or 12 Cesar wet individuals trays (exp Nov1/13)
$2.00 off New Natural Defense dry food for Dogs 1.6kg, 2.5kg or 6.2kg (exp Aug1/13)
2 X $2.00 off any Hill’s Science Diet pet food (exp Jun30/13)



2 X Buy any Ziploc Bag and get $1.00 off Ziploc container (exp Jun31/13)
$1.50 off Rubbermaid glass with Easy find lids container (exp May31/13)
$1.00 off Rubbermaid TakeAlongs (exp May31/13)
2 X $1.00 off Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids, Produce saver, Lock-its, glass or Premier Container (exp Oct31/13)
2 X $1.50 off Rubbermaid Lunch box product (exp Oct31/13)
2 X $1.00 off Rubbermaid Hydration bottle (exp Oct31/13)
$3.00 off any two Red Lobster lunch Entrées (exp May18/13)
$4.00 off any two Red Lobster Dinner Entrées (exp May18/13)

Coupons valid at Canadian Tire (no expiry):

$1.00 off Clorox disinfecting wipes wyb 2
$1.00 off Glad Sandwich bags 100ct wyb 2
$1.00 off any Gladware containers
Wish List:
Food: Christie cookies or crackers, Orville Redenbacher popcorn, Hellman’s mayonnaise, Heinz ketchup, French’s Mustard, Maille Mustard, Club House spices, Bicks pickles, Bick’s Relish, Minute Rice, Uncle Ben’s Rice, Dainty Rice, Pasta, Knorr/Lipton Onion Soup Mix, Knorr/Lipton Chicken Noodle, Campbell soups, Knorr Sidekicks, Old El Paso Taco kits/Salsa, Hamburger Helper, Betty Crocker Potatoes, Canned Tomatoes, Aylmer Accents Canned Tomatoes, Tomato Paste, Chef Boyardee, Canned Pasta & Beans, Stuffing, French Fries, Frozen Vegetables, Frozen Fruits, BlueWater or HighLiner Frozen Fish (not pan-sear), Shopsy’s hot dogs, Pogo, Tortillas, Pita, Cream Cheese, Black Diamond Cheese, Milk, Yogurt Tubes, (not Lactose free), Motts Fruitsations, Minute Maid juice box, Minute Maid frozen juice, Kool-Aid Jammers juice box, General Mills/Kellogg’s/Post Cereal, Ice Cream/Popsicles, Kraft Peanut Butter, Nescafe instant coffee, Olymel frozen chicken products.

Other: Purina Pro Plan dry/wet cat food, Degree or Old Spice antiperspirant/deodorant, Colgate Total toothpaste, Crest (not “for me”) toothpaste and Pro-Health (not “for me”) rinse, Herbal Essence or Tresemme shampoo or conditionner (not styling product), Head & Shoulder’s shampoo, Ivory body wash, Dial hand soap, Men’s Vaseline Lotion, Pampers Easy Ups, Huggies Pull-Ups, Children’s Advil and Tylenol, Orajel toothpaste,


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