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    Hi Red - hope all is OK with you - miss you around here - hope you are still finding all the great deals Nancy
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    I have never seen any posts by you till today ( you are a long time member it seems) Anyways I just wanted to say that the thread where you have pics and recipes is totally awesome! I might just try and make the peanut butter cups! Thanks.
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    Happy Birthday to you!!
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    Thought i'd come by and wish you a very Happy Birthday, hope you have a really great one.

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    A very Happy Birthday to you, hope it's the best one of your life.

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    Hey Redmouse. We are missing you on here. Hope all is well.
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    hi redmouse where r u ? i am waiting for some great deal through u, bye.
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    Hope you're enjoying the summer!
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    Congrats on the June Top SC Brag win!
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    Thanks for the rep redmouse! Was just doing a friend a favor (hates going to the dentist) and got a nice surprise.
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    Oh, you're welcome. Thanks for the rep!
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    Thanks for the rep! Have a great day!
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    Thanks for the rep - I hope you have a wonderful day!
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    Thanks for the rep redmouse, I want to be adopted too, I just watch what everyone does and go try to do the same thing.
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    Hi, I am pretty new to all of this...I was just wondering how you managed to get all that stuff?? Also, willing to sell some of it?
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    Hey I'm just keeping your seat warm until you start posting again. We need to see deals, girl! I hope your reno is going well. Maybe you can post some pics. for all us nosy people. have a good one.
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    the kids r having lots of fun with the DSi(they like the camera!!) hope you get enough points soon!
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    Thank for Rep.
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    you're very welcome!
    Enjoy your day
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    Have a Wonderful Day!!
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About redmouse

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Date of Birth
May 1
About redmouse
I'll never tell! hahaha
Trade List:
Free 2L coke WUB one Old El Paso Kit and one 2L coke product (July31-09) x10

Free 750g Green Giant Frozen Vegetables WUB 3 Hamburger Helper dinners (Aug31-09) x10

FREE Spongetowels 2pk paper towels WUB 2 Vim products up to $3.99 (Dec31-09) x8

~BUY 1-2 & GET FREE~
B1G1 GLADE plugins scented oil holder or 2 pk refill (Oct31-09) x10
B2G1 BRISK iced tea, lemonade or fruit punch 12x355ml (Sept30-09) x2
B2G1 GREEN GIANT ESSENTIALS WUB2 Green Giant Simply Essentials or Simply Steam (July31-09) x10

FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD from Puretracks x2
$3.00 off frozen pizza wub 2 Dixie plates (Dec31-09) x7
$10.00 L'Oreal EverPure Regimen (Dec31-09) x1


FREE Huggies wipes tub WUB Huggies Diapers (Aug31-09) x1
FREE Huggies Bath & Body Product WUB Huggies wipes refil 128+ct (Aug31-09) x1
FREE Pullups or Huggies Clean Team flushable moist wipes WUB Pullups training pants (Aug31-09) x1
$3.00 HEINZ Nuture Infant Formula (Dec30-09) x1
$1.00 HEINZ WUB 8 baby foods 128ml (Dec30-09) x2

$2.00 PAMPERS diapers or pants jumbo pack or larger - baby dry, cruisers, swaddlers, easy-ups (Dec31-09) x2



$1.00 Arthur's Smoothies 900ml (Sept30-09) x10
$1.00 Arthur's Smoothies wub 2 325ml (Sept30-09) x10
$1.00 LIPTON any pyramid tea (Jan30-10) x10
$0.50 MINUTE MAID fruit solutions 1.89L (Dec31-09) x7
$1.00 NABOB coffee 311g-326g & 915g-930g
$0.50 NESTEA any iced tea mix (Sept30-09) x10
$0.50 NESTLE any pack of nestle pure life splash (Dec31-09) x10
$0.75 SCOTSBURN 2L fat free chocolate milk (Dec31-09) x10
$1.00 SENSATIONAL SOY 1.89L beverage (Dec31-09) x10
$0.50 SIMPLY ORANGE any simply orange 1.75L (Dec31-09) x6
$1.00 TETLEY specialty tea canisters 20s & 24s (July31-09) x10
$0.50 TETLEY tetley iced tea - 1.89l bottle (July31-09) x10

$1.00 ASTRO any size astro yogourt (Dec31-09) x10
$0.75 DAIRYLAND any classic vanilla yogurt (Dec31-09) x4
$0.75 DAIRYLAND any variety Li'l Ones Yogurt (Mar31-10) x8
$0.50 DINNINO 8x100g, 6x60g, 4x93ml or 8x93ml (Dec31-09)
$0.50 DANONE Danactive 4x93ml or 8x93ml pk (Dec31-09) x5
$0.50 SCOTSBURN any 500g cottage cheese (Aug31-09) x4
$0.25 SCOTSBURN any sour cream 250ml (Sept30-09) x10
$0.50 YOPLAIT MINIGO (Dec31-09) x5

$0.60 MOTTS fruitsations ice bars (Dec31-09) x1
$1.00 SCHNEIDERS WUB 2 SmartLunch or SmartSnax (Aug25-09) x13

$1.00 CAMPBELLS healthy request bowl (July31-09) x10
$1.00 CAMPBELLS WUB any 2 chunky or pace products (July31-09) x10
$0.50 CAMPBELLS eash cooking sauce (July31-09) x1
$1.00 CAMPBELLS WUB any 2 gardennay soups 500ml (Sept30-09) x1

$0.75 CRISCO any Vegetable or Golden Shortening (July31-09)x2
$1.00 CRISCO any Canola or Vegetable oil 946ml or larger (July 31-09) x2
$0.50 DR.OETKER shakers (June30-10) x8
$0.75 MAZOLA oil any size or variety (Dec31-09) x8
$1.00 ROBIN HOOD any 2, 2.5 or 5kg flour (July31-09) x2

$1.00 ALL BRAN BUDS cereal singles 276g (Sept 30-09) x10
$1.00 AUNT JEMIMA WUB 2 cartons of breakfast entrees, pancakes or sandwiches (Dec31-09) x6
$0.50 CHEERIOS 400g-575g (ONLY AT SOBEYS) X10
$0.40 DEMPSTERS Naan Bread (Sept30-09) x3
$0.40 DEMPSTERS tortillas (Sept30-09) x3
$1.00 EGG CREATIONS liquid eggs (Dec31-09) x10
$0.75 KELLOGG'S cereals - Corn Pops, Froot Loops or Frosted Flakes (Dec31-09) x10
$1.00 KELLOGG'S any eggo waffles (Sept30-09) x10
$0.75 KELLOGG'S special K cereal 475g & 625g or 5 grains 545g (Dec31-09) x6
$0.40 VILLAGGIO Crustini or Sausage Buns (Sept30-09) x1
$0.75 WEETABIX any 300g+ Weetabix, GrainShop or Alpen Cereal (Dec31-09) x10
WEETABIX - Mail in Rebate for Grainshop Cereal - pm for details

$1.00 CATELLI healthy harvest pasta wub 2 (Aug31-09) x7 not
$0.50 HAMBURGER HELPER (July31-09) x2
$0.30 KRAFT WUB2 macaroni pasta salad (Dec31-09) x10
$1.00 UNCLE BENS Risotto flavours rice (Dec31-09) x1

B2G1 CAVENDISH straight, crinkle or country cut 1kg or straight, crinkle or chunky diced 2kg (Dec31-09) x10 ONLY AT SOBEYS
$0.50 CAVENDISH always crisp frys (no expiry) x1
$0.50 CAVENSIDH flavour crisp frys (no expiry) x1
$0.50 CAVENDISH oven crisp frys (no expiry) x1
$0.50 CAVENDISH From the Farm 750 potato wedges or 750 potato strips (Nov30-09) x10
$1.00 EUROPE’S BEST fruit or vegetable (Jan31-10) x10
FREE GREEN GIANT ESSENTIALS WUB2 Green Giant Simply Essentials or Simply Steam (July31-09) x10
$0.50 MCCAIN plankcut or crinkle cut sweet potato superfries (Sept30-09) x3
$1.50 RISTORANTE or Casa di Mama thin crust pizzas (Dec31-09) x3
$1.00 WONG WING WUB 2 frozen products (Sept30-09) x10

$0.75 BLUEWATER any item (Aug31-09) x10
$0.50 CLOVER LEAF WUB2 flavored tuna 85g (June30-10) x10
$0.75 HIGH LINER any product (Dec31-09) x10
$0.50 HIGH LINER any 400-454g Fillets (Dec31-09) x5
$1.00 HIGH LINER signature 680g fillets (Oct31-09) x2
$1.00 JANES meal makers oven roasted carved chicken breasts 550g (Feb28-10) x8
$1.00 JOHNSONVILLE any sausages (Dec31-09) x3
$0.50 MAPLE LODGE FARMS chicken bacon 375g (Dec31-09) x10 ONLY AT SOBEYS

$0.50 BICKS any 1L pickles (Apr30-10) x7
$0.50 BICKS any size Relish (Apr30-10) x7
$1.00 BICKS 500 ml mini crunch'ems pickles (Apr30-10) x7
$0.75 BICKS 750 ml hot peppers (Apr30-10) x7
$0.50 BICKS any size beets (Apr30-10) x7
$1.00 FRENCH'S mustard WUB any 2 (Dec31-09) x5
$1.00 HIDDENVALLEY any Ranch product (Dec31-09) x1
$0.50 SMUCKERS any sundae syrup product (Dec31-09) x5
$1.00 TABASCO any brand sauce (Dec31-09) x1
$0.50 VH Soya Sauce 450ml (Sept30-09) x10
$0.75 VH Stir-Fry Sauce 355ml (Sept30-09) x10

$0.50 AYLMER any gourmet pasta sauce (Dec31-09) x2
$0.55 DOLE premium baby blend greens (Oct5-09) x6
$0.75 ET TU any salad kit (May31-10) x7
$1.00 SUNKIST pistachios 167g or larger (Dec31-09) x3

B2G1 CAVENDISH straight, crinkle or country cut 1kg or straight, crinkle or chunky diced 2kg (Dec31-09) x10 ONLY AT SOBEYS
$0.75 ASTRO ZERO yogurt excl. 175g cup (Dec31-09) x10
$1.00 BLUE DIAMOND almonds wub 2 tins 170g (Jan31-10) x2
$0.50 CHEERIOS 400g-575g (ONLY AT SOBEYS) X10
$0.50 MAPLE LODGE chicken bacon (Dec31-09) x10
$0.60 NATUREGG omega pro liquid egg (Dec31-09) x6

$1.00 ZONE PERFECT wub 2 bars (Sept30-09) x3

FREE COTTONELLE moist wipes WUB 1 cottonelle bathroom tissue 12-24pk or 2 cottonelle moist wipes 36-84ct (Aug31-09) x1
FREE WUB 2 SCOTT towel prackages and get 1 free (2 rolls or smaller) (Aug31-09) x1
FREE KLEENEX Anti-Viral or Lotion Facial Tissue (75-130ct) WUB 1 Kleenex tissue bundle or 3 boxes 75ct or higher (Aug31-09) x1

$1.00 CASHMERE facial wipes (Dec31-09) x9
$1.00 ROYALE facial tissues 6pk or larger (Oct31-09) x10
$1.00 ROYALE facial tissues 6pk or larger (Dec31-09) x4


$0.75 STATIC GUARD (Sep 30-09) x5
$1.50 TIDE with DAWN stain scrubbers wub any DAWN product (Sept30-09) x3

$3.00 BORAX WUB 2 pks 20 mule team borax (Dec31-09) x1
$1.00 LYSOL all purpose cleaner 800ml or 1.2L pourables (July 31-09) x2
$0.75 FANTASTIK trigger (Aug31-09) x5
$0.50 HERTEL any product (Oct31-09) x9
$1.00 NATURE’S SOURCE – scrubbing bubbles, Fantastik or Windex (Oct1-09) x5
$1.00 PLEDGE any aerosol 350g or multi-surface trigger (Aug31-09) x5
FREE - Spongetowels 2pk paper towels wub 2 Vim products up to $3.99 (Dec31-09) x8
$1.00 SCRUBBING BUBBLES mega shower foamer or toilet cleaning gel (Aug31-09) x5
$2.00 SCRUBBING BUBBLES action scrubber (Jul31-09) x1
$0.75 SCRUB FREE any product (Dec31-09) x10
$1.00 SCRUNGE any scrunge product (Dec31-09) x3
$5.00 SWIFFER wub any starter kit -&- any swiffer refill (Sept30-09) x6
$2.00 VILEDA spray fresh hygenic toilet brush (Dec31-09) x3
$1.00 WINDEX any trigger 765ml (Aug31-09) x2
$3.00 WINDEX outdoor all-in-one (Oct1-09) x4

B1G1 FREE - Kotex Pads or Lightdays Pantiliners (34-48ct) get 1 free (Aug31-09) x1
FREE Cottonelle Moist Wipes WUB 1 Poise or Depend Product (Aug31-09) x1


$3.00 GARNIER any nutrisse cream shade (Aug31-09) x1

$1.00 BIC comfort3 advance razors (4 pk or larger) (Dec31-09)x 7
$2.00 GILLETTE custom plus 3 (4ct) (June30-10) x1
$1.00 SKINTIMATE moisturizing shave cream (Dec31-09) x10


$1.50 DOVE any cream oil body wash (July31-09) x10

$2.00 AVEENO Body Wash (Dec31-09) x5
$1.50 AVEENO Active Naturals any Aveeno product (June30-10) x3
$3.00 DIAL WUB 2 Dial eco-smart refills (Dec31-09) x1
$10.00 L'Oreal EverPure Regimen (Dec31-09) x1
$3.00 LOREAL skin genesis any cleanser (Dec31-10) x2
$5.00 LOREAL skin genesis any moisturizer or treatment (Dec31-10) x2
$5.00 NIVEA VISAGE wub 1 Nivea Visage and 1 Nivea body, cream, soft or hand product (July31-09) x4

$0.75 BANANA BOAT sunscreen any Banana Boat product (excl. 4.2g Lip Balm) x10
$2.00 BENADRYL 25mg 50's at ZELLERS only NOT Quebec (Dec31-09) x4
$1.00 ESTER-C any vitamin product (Dec31-09) x1
$2.00 REACTINE ES - 10ML 30's or 40's at ZELLERS only NOT Quebec (Dec31-09) x4
$2.00 SPECTRO ECZEMACARE any product (excl. Quebec) (exp Dec 31-09) x1
$3.00 THERMA-CARE any therma-care product (Aug30-09) x3

$2.00 SCOTTS any EcoSense product (July31-09) x1

1000 SDM points wub any L'Oreal Paris Product (May31-09) x2 english x2 french
Wish List:
$1.50 Arm & Hammer Kitty Litter....$2 Kellogg's Rice Crispy Squares....*no expiry* Majesta $1 bathroom tissue or paper towel....2 Free Cat Cups WUB2....Lunchmate unused stamps or just make an offer
Thanks =)


Want to be like Redmouse? * Join me here at SC * Tell them Redmouse sent you!!


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