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    What a cute little girl!
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    LOL.... 3K.... that's insane! I don't know who finds that easy but I can't run around the house more than twice without a cramp! We go for long bike rides though... well 7-10k... gets the kids tired for sure! They sleep like peaches (however peaches sleep )
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    no problem
    i tried to give you coupons that u were looking for.. i hope i did a good job lol
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    thanks for the rep!!
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    what a cutie!!
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    thanks for the rep!
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    Hi, thanks for the add! Cute baby girl =)
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    Well anytime you need more just let me know.
    Take care, Deb
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    Your very welcome. I am glad that she got a kick out of getting them. I wrote a little note telling her that she had a very thoughtful daughter.
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    OH MY GOSH! Is your daughter ever a cutay patootay!! Love the bunny ears! and I love the pic of her smilin and gigglin!! So sweet!
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    thank you! and your baby is beautiful too! i see you just posted a new pic! awww *pinches her cheeks*
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    thank you for the comment on the picture on my profile. hehe.. your little one is soo adorable with those little bunny ears..
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    I made a trip to Shoppers today and picked up 4 of the Hunt's pudding 12 packs. I also got 12 of the Dawn dish soap and the Dove body wash. Spent like 15 dollars and came out with 3 huge bags full. Thanks for the heads up. Hope all is well with you. I am enjoying reading your posts;

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    What a pretty little bunny just looking at your coupon list lol theres alot.
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    I wish, lol.
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    teehee...I hope that I'm home when it happens...probably be at school tomorrow when it happens though, oh well...Thanks for the contest!
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    Thanks for the trade!!
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    Thanks Kerri,

    I will check it out. My kids love them.

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    ohhh what a cutie !! thanks for the rep!
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    hi ker! no problem. nice ears
    my daughter is now 14 months. badly need to update the photo!
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    The pup in the picture was almost 15 years old. We had to put her down last summer. Taffy was a great old girl. We have another golden named Lexi who is now 2 years old and my son has a border collie/terrier mix named Louie. Along with 3 cats it is a full house. Is this picture your little one?
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    WHOO HOO!!! I LUV reppie!!! Thanks Ker!!!
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    That is aweful about your Dane. I had one when I was growing up and she was amazing. She too died young. I think somewhere close to the same age cause she got parvo.
    Harley is definatly loved.... a little to much if you know what I mean
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About ker310

Basic Information

About ker310
Trade List:
FPC’s/ High Value/Most Desired

Claritin Allergy Product of 15 or more tablets Feb28,2010-$6(1)
Claritin Allergy Product of 10 to 48 tablets Feb28,2010-$4(1)
Ensure cheques Jan27,2010-$3(3)
Fibre 1 Original, Fibre 1 Honey Clusters or Fibre 1 Raisin Bran Clusters Cereal Sep30-$2(1)
Neutrogena 14 Day Skin Rescue Treatment Dec31-$10(1)
Oatmeal Crisp Vanilla Almond Cereal Sep30-$2(1)
Sunlight Book(2)


LaCoupe any full size LaCoupe or LaCoupe ORGNX hair care product at regular price, receive one FREE LaCoupe or LaCoupe ORGNX (ecluding trial size) Up to a value of $7.99 FOR LaCoupe or $10.99 for LaCoupe ORGNX
Glade B1G1 Free Dec31(7)
Pizza (frozen) WUB2 Dixie Plates Dec31-$3(27)

Mail In Rebates or Mail Ins
Dove Pjs wub2 Dove products (lots)

Cash For Kids Coupons (Ontario or Atlantic Canada)

High Liner 340g/300g Shrimp Dec3-50 cents(3)
High Liner 400g/454g fillets Dec31-50 cents(2)
Mazola Simplicity Dec31-75 cents(15)
Minute Maid Fruit Solutions Dec31-50 cents(2)
Nestle Pure Life Splash Dec 31-50 cents(1)
Patak’s Foods Product Dec 31-45 cents(4)


Royal Facial Tissue 6 multi-pack size or larger Oct31-$1(4)


Green Works Products (Natural Toilet Bowl Cleanser, Natural Glass and Surface Cleaner, Natural Dilutable Cleaner and All-purpose cleaner) Exp Dec 31-50 cents(17)

Regular Coupons

All-Bran Buds 276g Sep30-$1(10)
All-Bran Chewy Bars Strawberry Flavour or Dark Chocolate Chip 175g Dec31-50 cents(15)
All-Bran Strawberry Medley cereal 375g Dec17-$1(7)
Astro BioBest Maximmunitie Probiotic Drink Dec31-$1(31)
Astro BioBest Smoothie Dec31-$1(22)
Astro BioBest Vitalite Dec31-75 cents(4)
Aunt Jemima Breakfast Entrees or Sandwiches WUB2 Dec31-$1(17)
Bagelfuls Dec31-50 cents(1)
Bahlsen any variety of biscuits No Exp-30 cents(15)
Bear Paws Strawberry and Yogurt Dec31-50 cents(lots)
Campbell's Easy Cooking Sauce Nov30-75 cents(1)
Clover Leaf Flavoured Tuna Jun30, 2010-50 cents(15)
Coffee WUB (2) Dixie PerfectTouch Grab'n Go Cups Mar31,2011-$2(lots)
Crystal Light Pitcher Size Oct31-50 cents(25)
Crystal Light Tea Blends-50cents Sep15(1)
Dairyland Li'l Ones smooth & creamy yogurt Mar31,2010-75 cents(9)
DanActive (4X93ml or 8X93ml) Dec31-50 cents(14)
Danone Danino 8 X 100g, 6 X 60g, 4 X93 mL,or 8 X 93 mL Dec31-50 cents(3)
Dare Real Fruit Gummies 160g or 180g
Dempster's Big Dipper Buns Dec31-50 cents(9)
Dole Premium Baby Blend (Baby Romaine, Arugula with Spinach, Gardden Blend, Sassy Bbay Blend, baby Spinach with tender Reds) Oct5-55 cents(18)
Dream Whip and a JELL-O Instant Pudding Product Dec31-$1(lots)
Europes Best Frozen Fruit Mar31, 2010-$2(lots)
Europes Best Frozen Fruit or Vegetable Product Jan 31, 2010-$1(8)
Europes Best Frozen Vegetable Product Mar31, 2010-$1(lots)
Extra Gum Multi-Pack Dec31-$1(26)
Fibre 1 Sep30 & Oct31-$1(2)
Fibre 1 Original, Fibre 1 Honey Clusters or Fibre 1 Raisin Bran Clusters Cereal Sep30-$2(1)
Frenches Mustard when you buy a 2nd flavour Dec31-$1(5)
Green Giant Essentials Oct31-$1(1)
High Liner Product Dec31-75 cents(lots)
High Liner 680g Signature Product Dec31-$1(7)
Honey Bunches of Oats JUST BUNCHES Sep31-$1(27)
Juicy Fruit Stix 3X15 Stick Multi-Pack Dec31-$1.50(6)
Kitchen's Of India Dec31-30cents(6)
Knorr Sidekicks Greek Pasta Salad Dec31-25cents(6)
Knorr Sides Plus Dec31-30 cents(8)
Knorr Sides Plus Veggies May11,2010-50 cents(6)
Kool-Aid WUB2 Kool-Aid singles Drink Mix(up to 133g), Sugar Sweetened Kool-Aid Drink Mix (up to 574g), Sugar Free Kool-Aid Drin Mix (up to 44g) Dec31-$1.50(lots)
Kozy Shack Ready Grains Product Oct31-$1(2)
Kraft Dinner Crackers Product Dec31-50 cents(lots)
Kraft Liv Active (210g & 300g)Dec31 (manufacturer coupon)-$2(25)
Kraft Pasta Salad WUB2-30 cents Dec31(20)
Lipton Pyramid Tea Jan30,2010-$1(6)
LU Biscuits Product Dec31-50 cents(14)
Maple Leaf Simply Savour Fully Cooked Products any 2 (500g-680g) Exp Dec 31-$1(4)
McCain Plank Cut/Crinkle Cut Sweet Superfries Sept30-50 cents(15)
Melitta Coffee any Dec31-$1(32) UPC 14707432
Melitta Filter Package Dec31-75 cents(6)
Mr.Christie's Snak Paks(including Barnum's ABC's Cocoa, Mini Oreo, Teddy Grahams Honey, Mini Chips Ahoy, Barnum's Animal Crackers) Sep15-50 cents(lots)
Muffins (Dr. Oetker Shaker) Jun30,2010-50 cents(8)
Nature's Treat (any product) Dec31-75cents(6)
Nature Valley Granola Bars (160g-230g) Nov30-$1(lots)
Nestea Iced Tea Mix Sep30-50 cents(38)
Nestle Noir wub2 tablets or mousse delicate Dec31-$1(6)
Nestle Real Dairy 1.89L Tub Dec31-50 cents(5)
Nestle 4 X 135mL Drumstick simply dipped, VanillaDrumstick simply dipped cookies and cream, 4 X125mL Rolo Sandwich, 10 X 45mL Mini Rolo, 10 X 5mL Mini Oreo, Mini Crunch and 4 X 130mL Turtles Cone Sep30-$1(lots)
Nestle Skinny Cow Products 5X118mL Vanilla Sandwich, 5X118mL Chocolate Sandwich, 4X130mL Chocolate and Vanilla Cone, 4X130mL Chocolate adn Vanilla Sundae, 7X90mL Caramel and Vanilla Bar, 7X100mL Fudge Bar, 14X45mL Mini Fudge Bar Dec31-$1(lots)
Ocean Spray Craisins Sweetened Dried Cranberries Feb28,2010-$1(1)
Pam WUB any Ziploc $1-Oct31(lots)
Saputo Fetos or Feta: regular, Olives, Oregano and Sundried Tomatoes Oct31-75 cents(5)
Sealtest 500 mL sour cream or cottage cheese Oct31-50 cents(1)
Shreddies Cereal 600g-620g Sep30-75 cents(8)
Simply Orange or Simply Apple Sep30-75 cents(lots)
Solstice Gum WUB and 3-pak of 5 Gum Dec31-50 cents(7)
Special K 5 Grains Cereal Dec31-75 cents(16)
Splenda Brand Product Nov30-$1(1)
Stouffer's Single Serve Entree WUB3 Dec31-$2(28)
Sugar Twin Sep30-50 cents(1)
Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce Dec31-$1(7)
TreStelle Bocconcini Dec31-50cents(1)
TreStelle Feta Dec31-50cents(1)
Silani Omega 3 Cheese Dec31-50cents(1)
Uncle Ben's Bistro Express Dec31-$1(lots)
Uncle Ben's Long Grain Perfection (700g) or Wholegrain Perfection (600g) Nov30-$1(1)
Uncle Ben's Risotto Dec31-$1(lots)
VH Garlic Rib or cooking sauce WUB any Ziploc $1-Oct31(lots)
Yoplait 650g product Jan31, 2010-50 cents(15)
Yoplait Source Muesli 3X130g Jan31, 2010-50 cents(8)

Sears save 10% off Baby Furniture. Valid on reg, sale or clearance priced merchandise Mar31, 2010(1)
Heinz Nurture Infant Formula Dec30&31-$3(2)
Pampers any wipes-$1(0)
Playtex Avance complete feeding set Dec31-$2(1)
Playtex Hip Hammock Exp Dec 31-$5(1)

Aquafresh White Trays Aug30, 2010-$7(1)upc83826649
Aquafresh White and Shine Toothpaste Aug30,2010-$1(1)
Aveeno Body Wash Dec31-$2(lots)
Banana Boat any product except Lip Balm 4.2g Dec31-75 cents(11)
Bic Comfort3 Advance Shaver any 4 pack or larger Dec31-$1(4)
Bic Soleil 4 Pack or Larger Disposable Shavers Dec31-$1(lots)
Bic Soleil System Starter Kit or 4 Pack Cartridge Refills-$1(lots)
Biore SkinPreservation Collection Dec31-$2(8)
Degree for Men deodorant Dec31-50 cents(8)
Degree for Women Dec31-50cents(25)upc89287760
Dial wub2 Eco-Smart Refills Dec31-$3(13)
Dove Beauty Bars 4 X 90g Oct31-$1(lots)
Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant Dec31-$1(7)
Dove Go-Fresh Body Mist and Anti-Perspirant Dec31-$2.50(4)
Dove Go-Fresh Product (any) Dec31-$1(4)
Excellence To Go Product Sep30-$3(2)
Garnier Nutritioniste Cream Shade Dec31-$1(2)
Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof Dec31-$2(6)
Listerine 1L or 946 ml bottle Dec31-$1(2)
Marcelle New Volume Precision Mascara Jul31-$1(3)
Nair Dec31-$1(15)
Neutrogena any Healthy Skin Rejuvenator, Ageless Intensives, or 14 Day Skin Rescue products Dec31-$2(1)
Neutrogena Oil Free Acne wash pink grapefruit foaming scrub, Oil Free Acne wash pink grapefruit facial cleanser,Body Clear Body wash pink grapefruit
Neutrogena any full sized sun-care product Dec31-$2(2)
Neutrogena 14 Day Skin Rescue Treatment Dec31-$10(2)
Neutrogena any Men`s Products Dec31-$2(1)
Noxema any product Sep30-$1(1)
Oliva Dolce Product any No Exp(6)
Oral-B Pro-Health Manual Toothbrush Jul5 & Aug15-$2(2)
Schick Intuition Plus Razor, 3 Pack or 6 Pack of Refills Dec31-$2(21)
Skin Genesis Cleanser Exp Dec31, 2010-$3(1)
Skin Genesis Moisturizer or Treatment Exp Dec31, 2010-$5(1)
Skintimate Moisturizing Shaving Cream Dec31-$1(2)
TRESemme any product Sep30-75cents(7)
Veet High Precision Wax Oct31-$1(1)
Veet Spray-OnHair Removal Cream Products Oct31-$1(1)

BreatheRight Nasal Strips Exp Jun30,2010-$2(15)
Canesten1, 3 or 6 day treatments Dec31-$1.50(8)
Materna Dec31,2010-$2(3)
Myoflex (any product) Oct30-$2(9)
Tums Ultra Strength Dec31,2010-$1(lots)
Tylenol Value Packs (Valid only on Extra Strength Tylenol eZ Tabs 200s or Tylenol Arthritis Pain Caplets 170s Oct31-$2(18)

Bio-Vert 1.8L Laundry Detergent Dec31-$1(8)
Borax WUB2 (20 Mule Team) Mar 2010-$3(12)
Greenworks Natural Laundry Detergent Dec31-$1(2)
MegaShower Foamer or Toilet Cleaning Gel Aug31-$1(20)
Mr. Clean products WUB2 different Sep 30, 2009-$2(lots)
Nature’s Source Products (Fantastic, Scrubbing Bubbles or Windex) Oct1-$1(16) Stackable
Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower cleaner starter kit Dec31-$3(12)
Swiffer Wetjet Starter Kit Sep30-$3(1)
Swiffer WUB any 1 Starter Kit PLUS any 1 Refills Sep30-$5(9)
Windex Outdoor All-In-One Oct31-$3(lots)


Febreze Air Effects Sep30-50 cents(2) stackable
Febreze NOTICEables Starter Kit Sep30-$3(lots)upc63645079
Ziploc Big Bags Nov30-$1(lots) upc33682020


FREE PJ pants from Dove form
Muskol Dec31-$1(2)

Pet Food:

Purina Dog or Puppy Chow Dec31-$1(23)
Wish List:
FPC Herbal Essence, Sunlight (any...not the ones for just liquid), Heinz Baby Cereal $1.50, Food FPC's,Triscuits, Benadryl, Free Old El Paso Seasoning wub any 2 Old El Paso products, WUB any Old El Paso Product $1, Pillsbury Refrigerated baked good $1.50, Pizza Pops $1.25, Toaster Strudel $1.25, Enfamil Concentrate (not A+), Cloverleaf Tuna (not flavored ones), Any Kraft Salad Dressing Variety $1 (not the ones that specify which dressing), Ziploc $2, Dairyland Milk, Pepsi (not Pepsi Max), Johnson`s free product replacement, Rice Krisipies squares $2, ciniplex free adult admission (not cereal box), gillette $10, $2 Reach, Chapmans $3, General Mills $1, Playtex $5, colgate/palmolive $5, Starbucks (not tea), $1 Yoplait source, SDM pts, Tassimo, Futura UPC's


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