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  1. I hear you. DD was horrible until we gave her the pablum. She was up every 1-2 hours. DS is better but lately it's been 2-3 hours so that's how we knew it was time to start the pablum. The formula just isn't cutting it anymore. Last night he slept for 5 hours before waking to feed, so that was 2+ hours than the past couple of weeks. Hopefully it gets better (longer) the more he gets used to the pablum. Right now he's still figuring out how to eat it. lol.
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    it is really nice to vent and someone actually knows whats going on. I really feelthat i dont even want to be around her. she literally lives less than a ten minute walk from me. I have lived where i am now (less 10 min walk) for almost 2 years. and she has walked over here twice. She does nothing with my kids. these are her only grandchildren. Doesnt say why dont you guys come over for dinner once in awhile. i dont have a washeer/dryer anymore . have portable washer its pretty good. but u think a mother would be helpful and offer me sometimes. she doesnt. i am to stubborn to ask. i just really feel taken advantage of by her. expects me to do do do for her and then in return i get slapped in the face.
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    I just stepped away to get dressed, oh wait that sounded creepy. I mean dressed in my going out clothes, I am getting picked up for a school meeting. Ya, I got them,
    ( hips) big ones, breeder hips they call them lol
    The toning of your arms is great, ( wobbly chicken wings made me giggle) and I still remember how breastfeeding dropped the pounds, best way for the baby too if Mom's are able. Don't know how my Mom b/fed 6 of us!
  4. I just feed him until he doesn't want anymore. I make a point of sitting him up in the high chair and feeding him out of a bowl. We added little bits to DD's bottles when she was a baby and it became routine, she wouldn't sleep without it. We couldn't break her of it until almost 2. She was off daytime bottles by 16 months but night-time took A LOT longer. She'd wake up at 2-3am and want a pablum bottle. I'm not doing that again! lol.

    So, we sit DS down and feed him that way. It's better because the pablum is thicker and really sticks to the ribs. lol. Not sure if there's a chart, I just eye it and go from there. lol

    Glad to hear Noah is doing better with the Zantac.
  5. Zantac? Does he have ulcers?

    We just started Holton on pablum. He's 3 days in. The first 2 were hard because of the learning curve but he's got it now. This afternoon he ate an entire bowl and then only 3 oz. of formula and then went for a nap.
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    he doesnt drive and called me this one day to tell me to drive her to get potatoes. i was busy seeing i was having company over. i had to tidy the house and shower. had no time to drop it all since she wanted to make scalloped potatoes. Sjhe got mad at me huffed and puffed onthe phone, threw in my face she gave me 20 for gas the day before ( i drove her around for close to 7 hours!!!) and then hung up on me. real mature. she calls me the next day and i dont even pick up the phone. she wants me to take her to dollar store to get invites for my dads surprise party. im like no busy, she goes ok by hangs up. sorry venting!!!!!!!!!!this is why i dont want to go to thanksgiving.

    part 2
  7. How in the heck do you read your wall posts? You need to change the font color! lol.
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    Im glad i am not alone! I just think its totally wrong that they cant even give a few pieces of turkey to there kids to make lunch for the next day.
    I remember last year my mother complaining that she had to pack up stuff for my uncle., my dads brother. He lives in housing and has very lil income. he is alone and prob never has a home cooked meal unless he commes to their house for dinner. im like wtf is wrong with you. ??? you are complaining to give someone turkey that woulddnt get itotherwise if he wasnt invited? i really really hate that she is like that. i am nothing like her. i would give anyone the shirt off my back.
  9. lmao. On the bright side, the grandma's will be busy fussing over him so you'll get to rest a bit.

    DS is doing well, finally back to normal now that we got his colic in check. OMG, I was going crazy for a bit there. lol. DD is doing well also. She's great with her little brother, so that's a blessing.
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    I always look at Mom's in amazement when I am out and about, and yet I did the baby on the hip all the time, never bothered me. God, it would cripple me now. The tiniest Mom's seem to have so much strength too! How dare they be skinny and have that too! lol.
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    oh no!! In a few years I too will be one of those old biddies! ( gasp ) I get it completely though, it is out of boredom and loneliness that they even approach your sweet baby. Hang in there, soon Noah will be able to out run all of them. lol
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    Im glad to read that you have put your foot down. Thats totally not fair that you had to do all that on your own. My mother hasnt told me to cook or bring. which I will anyway... probably a desert. But like I said i would rather stay home and i would cook my own turkey and all the trimmings. I have one in the freezer. My mother doesnt like to give anyone turkey to take home to make even a sandwich. she likes to have it all for her and my dad. my dad would give it all away. i have a really hard time that she does that and it just erks my last nerve LOL.

    Can i come to your dinner and i will bring stuff and be the ref between your mother and mil lol
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    Thanks for the message, oh so cute - made me laugh as I started my day!
    Have a great day!
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    Mine are 23, 16, 15, 14, 12, 11, 8 and 6. Missing out on sleep does pass, sooner with some than others, but it does pass. Then there are new challenges, lol! But I cherish every minute, and I'm sure you do too.
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    Aw, you're little one is sooo cute! I miss having an infant around.
  16. Man they need a delete for when you mess up and post on your own wall! LOL.
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    thats great that your dh changed his mind on the baby decision. Does everyone bring a dish to your thanksgiving? I sure hope they do , so you dont have to cook it all!
    I dont know how old you are but you prob have many years left to concieve.. I started off very early (didntplan on it) i was 19 when i had my son and 22 when i had my dd. at 24 i had my tubes tied ( never regretted it) and at 29 i was told i had pcos, which that can make you not get prego, but since im fixed it doesnt matter that much just the rest of it lol.
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    I am also not looking fwd to thanksgiving. to be perfectly honest with you i could care a less. My immediate family has been getting on my nerves lately ughhhh. Im keeping my mouth zippered or it would be WWIII at my thanksgiving to .

    My son is 9.5 yrs... he will be 10 on january 11th!!! I also have a daughter and she just turned 7 in august. no more babies for me , but i do enjoy my friends babies.
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    AWWW hes just to darn cute! I remember when my son was this small. Seems like a long time ago.
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    Oh you are my kind of Mom!! Messing with people ( baby has a drinking problem, lol priceless) . We had a pair on DS when he was a tot once in a grocery store, and this dread locked Jamaican guy strolled by, looked and goes " Oh cool man, baby man " , we just cracked up.
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    Bahahah, do you want me to find you a background ?
  22. Oops
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    Oh my eyeballs !
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    LOL! Thanks!! I love the slideshow you have of yours! It's hilarious!
  26. lol. That's a lot of mail! Yay.

    My day was pretty good. Quiet, which is why it was good. lol.
  27. I love that picture!!!! Thanks so much!!!

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    Hi I'm fairly new to couponing but I do have a few good coupons to trade - I just updated my trade and wishlists I'm also in Ottawa so maybe we can trade or join a trading train
    Mrs Marlan
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- Knorr Dry Soup mix in packets (NOT Knorr/ Lipton in boxes)
- Aylmer Accents (Dec. 2012 expiries only please)
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- Bick's Dill Pickles
- Huggies or Pampers Wipes ($1+)
- Minute Rice (not brown)
- Highliner Fish (must be good on any, not Signature or Pan-Seared)
- VH sauce (must be good on Soya Sauce!)
- Any Call-Ins (Kruger, Playtex, SC Johnson, ConAngra, Campbell’s, Unilever, J&J, Kimberly-Clark)
- Pasta Sauce (Not Newman's or Olivieri please)
- Source or Silhouette Yogurt
- Irish Spring or Zest Body Wash
- Advil Cold & Sinus
- Aquafresh
- Boost
- Bandaids (Elastoplast or Bandaid)
- $3 off RECHARGABLE Energizer Batteries
- $2 off Rice Crispie Granola Bars
- Milk (must be good on REGULAR 1% milk not lactose free)
- Mars chocolate
- Nestea Zero RRRLF (Multiples okay)
- Old Dutch Chips
- Ketchup (Heinz or Aylmer)
- Becel (good on any)
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- Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
- Dole salad (good on any variety)
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