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    ya, my customers adore me. ( to my face ) I bet they grumble after I walk away. Just kidding. I have a nice gig here though, lived here 23 yrs , so I know many of them.
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    I have not seen resentfulness at work amongst my co workers. We seem to be carrying the burden, despite what is going on. I am so sorry that you may have been getting some questionable service, that sucks. Yes I have about 2/3 seniors on my route and I agree 100% that they rely on us. So sad.
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    Nothing irritates me more than the ones that leave the card and they never even knocked! As far as the volumes and delays of mail go, management is the one controlling what is going on now, not the rank and file. We can only deliver what they bring us, but I find it confusing why there are not bringing in any temps to cover all the many vacant routes. If they need more staff temporarily, just hire them.
  4. The drooling may be the start to his teething. DD started around 3-4 months and DS has just started also.

    My only advice is bibs, and lots of them! lol.

    The drool will pool and cause a rash under their chin so make sure you keep that area dry.

    Hope you have a better night tonight.
  5. I did get the last envie, so they are on their way back home. Hopefully it'll be waiting for you when you get home.

    Have fun at the beach and your mom's.
  6. No worries, I'm still waiting on 1 envie. Hopefully it comes today and I can send out tomorrow.

    Have a great week at your moms! And enjoy all the awesome coupons.
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    Good morning my friend! I haven't seen you around lately, what have you been up to?
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    thanks for the rep
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    I am jealous of all your future soup! I can't seem to get my hands on smart source at all Guess I'll just have to score some of them through trades!

    I'm starting to really prefer VWT over regular traveling trains. Some trains are great but it's disappointing when you get 2 or 3 trains in a row with all the same coupons. VWT you get exactly what you want! I just find it hard parting with some of my better coupons... but it's worth it in the end!
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    I guess she thought people wouldn't notice all of that when she posted the link? Too funny!
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    Thanks for your support!!! That's OUR list!!
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    Hi ash! I had an awesome weekend Sorry I didn't get a chance to write you back before... I've been crazy busy!! Hope you're having a good long weekend!!
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    Just passing by to say Hi to a fellow Ottawa Sista! Have agreat sunday Ashokia!
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    you are so right about eminem, and his message. I just knew there was more to him than what you thought you saw.
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    I so remember those days. I ached when DD was ending her needs for breastfeeding with me, as I knew she was my last ( vasectomy! ouch sorry DH ) I also remeber her crying and I was holding her thinking this will be the last one of these I get to comfort, so cry away baby, cry away! Oh enjoy that mat leave!!
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    Once ( many years ago now ) at church I made the mistake of gushing over something I saw of eminem's to someone and another person overheard and they voiced their disapproval of him clearly and shot me such a look that I guess I am going to burn in " you know where" now for liking someone so "unacceptable " ( geez eh? ) I am loving that I have 3 days off work!! Yippee
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    thanks for the "eminem" rep. I was a bit nervous to admit I do like him.
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    Thanks for the rep! I actually bought the CD......when I was a teenager.....still listen to it!!
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    I just saw the family pic! Very nice. Princess Leah? ( sp?) the pup is a cutie too. Is she good with Noah?
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    It's nice when they get older and you can bribe them with a sucker after their shots

    It's been a busy day, I had a ton of envies to get ready for trains and I'm out of address labels so I had to write out my return address a million times, lol. Have you gotten into trading and trains yet?

    Did you see there is a meet up planned at South Keys for next week? I won't be able to make it but still hoping to plan one for Carlingwood in the middle of August. It's so funny, I talk to all of you guys everyday like we're old friends and yet I've never met anyone from SC in person! It's funny how you can feel so close to people you haven't met!
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    I can't believe the Dr. would tell you that I would have punched her in the face. If pumping works better for you then I say go for it. There's no reason you should have to get that upset trying to feed your baby. At least your trying to give him breast milk and I really don't think it matters if he gets it from the breast or from a bottle. I couldn't breast feed at all with my second because I would have had a nervous breakdown! You absolutely have to do what's best for you and your family, don't listen to her that's bull I'm so angry for you

    You are NOT a bad mommy!! We all have those feelings from time to time, especially when we feel like we'll never sleep a full 8 hours again! I'm lucky that I have people that WILL give me a break once in awhile when I need it. Especially with depression rearing it's ugly head, I NEED those breaks!

    How did he make out getting his shots yesterday? I hope you and he have a better day today
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    will do!
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    oh! I would love to include you among my sc friends! I know, I know I have already said this but the pic of the baby cracked me up. Also when you posted somewhere about friends without kids kind of disappear after you had the baby...sooo true. I remember that too. welcome to my friend list!! lol
  25. lol. I love those smiley's! It will get better

    Some envies do take $1.25 to mail, if you have a scale you can weigh it yourself and then put on the proper postage (that's what I do) or go into the post office and get them to do it.

    CP rates are:

    $0.59 for up to 30g Standard lettermail
    $1.03 for 30g to 50g Standard lettermail
    $1.25 for up to 100g Oversized lettermail
    $2.06 for 100g to 200g Oversized lettermail

    Most of my VWT envies end up being $1.25, if that helps at all. So, I put on 2 P stamps and a $0.07 stamp.
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    We're playing wall tag, lol. I had a great day with the boys, my oldest is home for the week (he's been staying with his Dad). He is the one I have all the problems with but he was so happy to see me last night... the time apart has been good for us

    Have a fantastic day and I hope to catch you on later!
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    Good morning! Ugh, sleep deprivation... those days are so fresh in my mind it's not funny! My first NEVER slept... I think he cried for the first year of his life My second was a wonderful sleeper. Now the oldest sleeps in like a champ and my little guy is usually up at 5:30 or 6, lol. Their sleep patterns change constantly... he will sleep through the night eventually!

    I can never seem to catch you in Post Anything, argh! I'm so bored!!!
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Reading, writing, movies, music, gaming, couponing
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French - No
Printables - No (unless specified)
Store Specific - No
Toonies for Tummies - Yes (ON only)
I will accept coupons with another name.

- FPC Pampers or Huggies Diapers (or $5+ NOT WUB)
- J&J Replacement Baby or Aveeno (not trial pack)
- $5
- FPC Movie Concession
- $5/$7 SC Johnson
- FPC Pampers or Huggies Wipes
- FPC Pepsi (not Pepsi Max either 12 x 355ml or 6 x 710ml) RRRLF
- FPC Bacon (from facebook promo)
- FPC Source Yogurt (from cereal boxes) RRRLF
- $4 off Hamburger WUB Old El Paso Kits
- FPC Eggos
- $5
- $5 Colgate Palmolive
- $5 Champmans or Ice Cream (good on any)
- Dairy Milk FPC
- $3 Royale
- J&J Call-in Aveeno RRLF (poor LO has eczema!)
- BOGO Coke or Pepsi (not Pepsi Max)
- $2 J&J Regular (from facebook promo)
- Huggies or Pampers Diapers ($3+ not WUB)
- $3 Kimberly-Clark good on ANY from company
- Jane's Chicken (printables in colour and English ok)
- $1.50 Oreo Frozen Novelties
- $2 Royale Toilet Paper
- $2.50 Olymel Chicken
- Catelli Smart Pasta
- Carnation Hot Chocolate
- $1 Marc Angelo
- $1+Sausage
- $1+Bacon
- Baby Cereal (Nestle, Heinz or Mulipa)
- Baby Food
- Cavendish Flavor Crisp (good on ANY)
- Campbell's Soup (good on Cream of Mushroom - not low fat)
- Knorr Dry Soup mix in packets (NOT Knorr/ Lipton in boxes)
- Aylmer Accents (Dec. 2012 expiries only please)
- Ziploc
- Vachon
- Bick's Dill Pickles
- Huggies or Pampers Wipes ($1+)
- Minute Rice (not brown)
- Highliner Fish (must be good on any, not Signature or Pan-Seared)
- VH sauce (must be good on Soya Sauce!)
- Any Call-Ins (Kruger, Playtex, SC Johnson, ConAngra, Campbell’s, Unilever, J&J, Kimberly-Clark)
- Pasta Sauce (Not Newman's or Olivieri please)
- Source or Silhouette Yogurt
- Irish Spring or Zest Body Wash
- Advil Cold & Sinus
- Aquafresh
- Boost
- Bandaids (Elastoplast or Bandaid)
- $3 off RECHARGABLE Energizer Batteries
- $2 off Rice Crispie Granola Bars
- Milk (must be good on REGULAR 1% milk not lactose free)
- Mars chocolate
- Nestea Zero RRRLF (Multiples okay)
- Old Dutch Chips
- Ketchup (Heinz or Aylmer)
- Becel (good on any)
- Pepsi (not Pepsi Max)
- Pillsbury Toaster Strudel
- Dole salad (good on any variety)
- Black Diamond Cheese
- SC Johnson Peelie
- Scotties Peelie
- Any frozen fruit or veggies
- $3 Beneful Dry Dog Food
- Mum Mums Baby Rice Rusks
- Stamps
Wish List:
See above.



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