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    Hi. Where can I find your thread on London Drugs stacking?
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    Congrats again on another of your latest "TOP" designations. Most helpful of the MONTH!

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    Happy Summer! Thanks for repping me!
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    But thank you so so so much for uploading the west flyers. Every tuesday and wednesday i start looking for your posts/replies to see if you are online or not.

    Sorry for being a stalker!
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    Hi peachykeen. I saw that you sent me a rep comment.... What is this thing? Is this just like regular msg or something else? I dont know about it but i have seen people getting very happy on getting a rep comment.....
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    Looks like it worked. Thanks for using my link.
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    CashNHits referral link

    Thanks for thinking of me.
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    Congrats on your latest "TOP" designation!

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    Thanks for the belated Birthday wishes.
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    Thanks, I will have to back track to see what I am missed. Not totally dedicated to SB's all the time but I spending more time on it now so anything new I can learn helps. Have a super day.
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    thanks for the phone number
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    thanks for the rep!
    enjoy your long weekend!
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    Yup, I did. I refused to look at the diirty laundry, dishes or any type of chores for the day LOL. I spent the day watching The Good Wife
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    Thank you for the REP, Peachy!
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    Thanks sunshine
    btw my reaction to that kiss -->
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    glad its not measles! I get rashes like that too. Happens to hyper allergic people if you rub skin. Try to get him to not rub and see if rash clears up. Even heavy grocery bags rubbing on my wrist can set it off
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    If it is then I hope they get over it fast. Better now than later I guess.
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    Hope you are enjoying spring! Thanks for repping me!
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    Thanks for the rep. Have a fabulous weekend.
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    Ziploc updated here..... still no envie ?
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    Thx for posting in that thread again. Maybe that thread should be closed
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    Nope, I am still quite sick :-(. I am awaitng lab results.... Will have to postpone our usual coffee date tonight unfortunately
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    OMG....That would be awesome .
    Thank you soooooooooooo much .
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