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    Thank you! It's so strange having a different name, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get used to it.. And I keep getting mixed up.. Like when Papa John's asked what the Pizza was under, I was like "Evans... No... Wait, Lavigne. Yeah, Lavigne." He probably thought I was either a blonde who didn't know my own name or drunk, LMAO. Hopefully this name change thing gets easier!
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    thanks so much for the rep!
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    What the H*ll were not friends? Well have to change that!!!!
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    Whhooooo Hooooo Bluz, wtg on your 400!!!!!! :3some:
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    Hello I'm not sure if you are receiving my PM's I haven't heard back...but so much work going on SC's not sure if they are getting through. Could you please let me know if you have received your envie from my Yahtzee train, I would like to close the train Thanks
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    Hi there,
    Just wondering if you received my pm??
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    Hey, thought I'd leave a message to say that bluzsuz is a great coupon train passenger to have! She always forgets the self addressed envelope in my trains though, LMAO
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    I have a thank you star beside your name for Ashokia's Birthday VWT - unfortunately I cant remember what I wanted to especially thank you for... But thank you so much none the less!!
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    For some reason I can't give you FB from my laptop but I wanted to say thank you very much for the coupons on coyotees train especially the B1G1 peek freans
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    thanks for the rep Love your snow day train!!!!
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    wish I could see a larger pic of those rotten dogs in your avatar
    I just want to kiss those cheeky jowls!!!
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    thanks for the rep! i am trying- starting to lose the feeling of murder when people annoy me LMAO
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    Thanks for the rep!
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    Happy New Year
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    I love your card inside the envie!
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    ur welcome! enjoy mega redemption...I'm so excited!
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    It means.... I said "no more trains" until I am in the new house.... BUT, I broke that rule days ago. LOL!!! I'm addicted to riding. LOL!
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About bluzsuz

Basic Information

About bluzsuz
Pictou, NS
Michelin - Lab Tester
Wish List:
Bluzsuz Wishlist

If you find my list hard, please PM me, we can work something out - I am always looking for new things to try!

Websaver/Brandsaver/ – yes
French – no
Can you stack – no
Store Specific – WalMart, Sobeys (Atlantic Canada), really exciting Loblaws
Multiples – Sure, unless noted
Printables – check with me.... prefer color
**I don’t need specific UPC’s, so if there is one listed don’t worry about it!

$3 J&J BLUE COUPON – good on Clean and Clear - Will accept Printable in Color as 2 coupons
$3 Olymel – on the Go Magazine
$1 Coffee Mate Liquid
$2 Kelloggs Cereal
$1+ Block/Shredded BD, Kraft Cheese
$2 Janes Products
Any kind of Pepsi/Coke (SPECIFICALLY THOSE ONES, CRUSH, SR. PEPPER ETC.) coupon good on 2 litre bottles, 6 x 710ml or 1 case of 12
$3/4 Chapmans

Count as all
$3 J&J BLUE coupon – good on Clean and Clear – RRRRRRRRRLF
Pepsi SuperBowl promo FPCs:
- FPC One FREE Bag of Lays, Ruffles, Doritos, Tostitos, Miss Vickies, Cheetos, Munchies Snack Mix, Rold Gold, SunChips, Baked or Fritos AND One FREE 2L (Pepsi products), 84204439, May 31, 2014
- FPC 12x355mL pack of Pepsi soft drinks (any flavour, variety), 84204442, May 31, 2014
- FPC Twistos baked snack crackers (any flavour), 84204426, May 31, 2014
- FPC Tostitos Cantina Extra Thick tortilla chips 220g, 84204400, May 31, 2014
- FPC 1.75L Tropicana Pure Premium (any flavour), 84204413, May 31, 2014
FPC John Frieda
FPC Hair Dye
FPC Natural Selections – anything!
Neutrogena Wipes Sample - RRRRLF
FPC Motts Fruitsations - RRRLF
FPC Knorr Dry Soups, Sauces, Gravies, Bouillon and Seasonings (up to a max value of $1.99)
June 30, 14 #87410608
Arctic Gardens, FPC Arctic Gardens product (max value $5), 49700552, Jun 30,2014
FPC any Dove product (max value $7.49),
FPC any General Mills Cereal 300-800g,
$5 any (1) box of 12 or more K-Cup Packs
FPC any Kellogg's product (no max value),
FPC Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese product 150/227/250/270g, 05544240, Oct 31,2014
FPC Lean Cuisine
FPC any Laundry (not woolite)
FPC Tropicana - or any refrig. OJ
FPC Cheese – no feta please
FPC Kelloggs Product
FPC Coke anything
FPC K-Cups
FPC Pepsi anything
FPC Popcorn
FPC Dempsters (product replacement)
Cineplex Tickets/Concessions
$5 Arctic Garden
$5 Ice Cream – RLF
FPC McCain Deep 'n Delicious Cake, Cream Pie, or Fruit Pie, 400-680g, any (04620798, Jun 30 14)
$5.00 Nestle Real Dairy ice cream
Royale, $5 any Royale Bathroom Tissue, Paper Towels, Facial Tissue or Napkins, 68004604, NED
$3 marc angelo
$4 Con Agra Voucher
$4 Quaker Voucher
Olymel Vouchers
$2 Scotsburn Dairy Voucher
Pretty much any FPC or HV coupon, just ask or surprise me, just no smellies, cat stuff or crap. NO PROTEIN BAR FPC PLEASE or Septic Treatment? Saw this on CLB’s list I think and I don’t want it!
$1-2 GC/leftovers to pretty much anywhere! SDM, WM, Bulk Barn, Tims, Loblaws, etc
$2 Arctic Gardens
$1 any Black Diamond Cheese, 46215635, Jun 30,2014
$3/4 Chapmans - RRRRLF
$1 any Dare Cookies, Crackers, Candy or Fine Breads, 11624468, NED
$2 Dove Antiperspirants, 89288925, May 31,2014
$2 Driscoll's Product, any (14400387, Dec 31 14)
$3 Energizer (on ANY one)
$2 Janes Products
$2 on 8 pack of McCain Deep n Delicious pizza – RRRLF
$1 on ONE Motts Fruitsations Apple Sauce etc.
$2 ON 2 PACK McCain Thin Crust Pizza
$2 Olymel Smart Nature
$2 Olymel frozen chicken products
$5 on any Revlon or Almay products
FPC Kraft Shredded Cheese WUB Old El Paso Kit AND Salsa, July 31, 2014
$1/$2 Smart Bread
BOGO Tropicana Orange Juice
$2 Delissio Pizza
$2.50 Nestle Ice Cream
$1 any Fresh Express packaged salad
$3 any Royale Bathroom Tissue, Paper Towels, Facial Tissue or Napkins, 68004590, NED
FREE any one (1) 2L Schweppes beverage #12808960, exp. March 31 '14 (max value $2.89)
$2 on the purchase of any Mozzerellissima 500g or larger product, 5070724, April 30, 2014
FPC Lindt Bar
FPC TicTacs

RRRRRLF Counts as 2
$1 any 375g Billy Bee product, 20905398, Dec 31,2014
$0.75 on the purchase of any International Delight product, 5070829, May 31, 2014
$1 wub (2) Campbell's Ready to Use Broths or Condensed Cooking Soups, 00925453, May 31,2014
$1.00 Leclerc Celebration Cookies Upc 1980891 Expires Sept.30,2014
Buy One Bag of Lays Chips – Get 2l Pepsi FREE – Peelie
2+ ML Prime Chicken Breasts

Counts as 2

$1 GC/leftovers to pretty much anywhere! SDM, WM, Bulk Barn, Tims, Loblaws, etc
$1+ Activia – good on 8 packs that are all Vanilla
$1 on the purchase of any Armstrong product, 5070723, April 30, 2014
$0.75 on the purchase of any International Delight product, 5070829, May 31, 2014
$1 any 375g Billy Bee product, 20905398, Dec 31,2014
$3 on bread WUB Ziploc July/14
$2 (TWO, not one) + Bertolli Olive Oil
$0.75 any Black Diamond product (shredded, natural or slices), 46216582, Jun 30,2014
$1.00 on any Black Diamond Shredded Cheese
$1 any Bolthouse Farms Beverage of your choice Dec 31, 2014 #71400422
$1 wub (2) Campbell's Ready to Use Broths or Condensed Cooking Soups, 00925453, May 31,2014 – RLF
$1.00 any Carnation Hot Chocolate Product, 10036479, May 31/14
$3 on any one Casa di Mama pizza, any variety
$2 on ONE case of Pop? Not sure what is out there right now
$1 Cheemo Premium Perogies 907g bag or box
$1 on any product sold under Cordon Bleu, Clark, Paris Pâté, Esta, 1080040, NED
$1 Classico
$3 Clean and Clear Printable – in COLOR please
$1 Dare – NED
$1 Dempsters Maple French Toast Bagels
Dole, $0.50 wub (2) Dole Cans of Canned Fruit
$1 any Dole Fruit n Crisp product, 45805644, Dec 31,2014
$2 on any Dove Advanced Hair Series treatment product. June 30, 2014
Del Monte Canned Fruit
$1+ off Bagels
$2+ off ONE Downy Unstoppables or Downy Liquid Fabric Enhancer
.50+ Driscolls
Duncan Hines Apple Caramel, Red Velvet etc….
$2 wub (2) dozen eggs
$1 any El Monterey product, 98980212, Jul 1,2014
$1 any Energizer product, 43812862, Jun 30,2015
$1 Fresh Berries
$1 any General Mills Cereals 330-505g, 76145357, Jun 13,2014
$3 on ANY Finish Dishwashing – will accept color printable
$2 Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream 02708111 May 30/14
$2 Gay Lea Sour Cream Tubs 02708081 Apr.30/14
$2 on any 500mL tub or multipack Haagen-Dazs product, 10037515, Jun 30,2014
$1 WUB3 Heinz
$2 any High Liner 215-700g product,
$1 any IOGO
$1 on any Janes Chicken product, 57730834, Dec 31,2014
$2 Kelloggs Peelie
$2 Kraft Pizza Cheese - printable
$1 on ANY Kraft refrigerated dressing
Kraft Cheez Whiz
$1 any 1 Kraft shredded cheese product any size, any variety upc 05544950 exp May 30 2014
- $1 any 1 Kraft singles cheese slices product any size and variety upc 05544976 exp May 30 2014
- $1 any Kraft salad Dressing product any size any variety upc 05544989 exp May 30 2014
$1 wub 2 Kelloggs Snacks
Buy One Bag of Lays Chips – Get 2l Pepsi FREE – Peelie - RRRRRLF
.75 Lactancia Butter
$1.00 Leclerc Celebration Cookies Upc 1980891 Expires Sept.30,2014- must be good on COOKIES not the bars. We buy lots of these for our Girl Guide camps!!!
$2 off Listerine Total Care, Listerine Classic & Listerine Ultraclean (no UPC), exp. Dec.31 '14
$1.00 LOU'S Peameal Bacon (sliced boneless cured pork loin or or fully cooked sliced NED UPC 50700253
$1 any Lysol Hand Soap product, 06555607, Dec 31,2014
$2+ Marc Angelo
$2 Maple Leaf Portions Bacon – not bacon bits
$2 MAPLE Leaf Prime Chicken (fresh)
$1+ McCain Pizza
$2 McCain Pizza Pockets
$2 McCain Deep n Delicious Cake or Cream Pie
$0.50 McCain Home Fries, 04611729, NED
$0.50 McCain TastiTaters product, 04610885, NED
$0.50 McCain Supercrisps, Superspirals or Gold'n'crisp, 04607654, NED
$0.50 McCain Superfries, 04610814, NED
$2 wub (2) McCain Superfries 454-900g, 04620596, Jun 30,2014 – this date only I have lots of April!
$1 WUB2 Motts Fruitsations apple sauce cups only, no rockets - RRRLF- not veggie kind please
$2 Olymel Peelie (PINK ONE, good on any, not just ham)
$2 Olymel frozen Chicken products
$4 on any Ombrelle Nov. 31? 2014 #46967666
$0.75 Pepperidge Farm Cracker Chips or Tortilla Crackers 170g, 00925466, May 31,2014
$1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese (block, plain – not cooking cream) Printable.
2+ ML Prime Chicken Breasts
$2.00+ on your purchase of any one (1) Dr. Oetker Restrante, Casii Mama or Panebello Pizza
$2 Pillers Meats
$0.75 any Oasis Fruit Zoo, Fruit Etc and Classic 5x200mL or 8x200mL, 2250951, Mar 31,2014
$1 Oasis Junior Juice 8x200mL or 5x200mL, 2250933, Jun 30,2014
50 cent any Ocean Spray product, 23005903, Exp Jun 30/15
$2 any Olivieri Fresh Pasta or Pasta Sauce, 12522138, Dec 31,2014
$2 any Olymel Frozen Poultry product, 2200502, Oct 31,2014
$2 Orville Redenbacher
$2 off fresh vegetables WUB1 PAM Olive Oil or Original #44409047, exp. June 30 '14
$1 Quaker Chewy Yogurt Granola Bars (156g), Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookies (210g), Harvest Quinoa Granola Bars (175g), Harvest Warm & Crunchy Granola (384-400g) or Hot Cereal Cups (70-75g), 15305855, May 31, 2014 – Walmart Magazine
$2 Special K crisps or granola bars 71198444 June 30/14
$1 Special K cracker chips 71198473 June 30/14
$3 Special K Protein Morning Shakes 4x296ml 71198457 June 30/14
$1 Summer Fresh Bruschetta 227g (8oz) Not valid with any other offer. 88101284 Dec.31/14 – RRRRRRLF
$1 SunRype Good on ANY – RRRRLF
$2 SunRype Fruit Source 12x37g, 22309310, May 10,2014
$3 Sunlight OXIaction Cold Water Laundry 72613918
$1.50 any Snuggle Fabric Softener (excluding 20 count sheets)
$2+ WUB1 Tampax Radiant
$1 Thinsations WUB1
$2 TP - Cottonelle, Royale, Majesta, Cashmere, Purex
$2+ Tide Pods
$1.50 U by Kotex

RRRRLF Counts as 1
$1 wub2 Aylmer Accents Tomatoes – not wub pasta
.50+ Del Monte Fruit Cups – RRRLF
$1 any del monte 568ml/4x112.5ml/4x107ml portable fruit
$1 Old El Paso Kits or Salsa
U by Kotex

Count as 1 Coupon

Alcan Slide Aluminum Foil
$1.00 on any Allen's juice 1.89L. Any flavour. *2250954. Ex. Dec. 31, 2014
Aylmer, $1 off a Loaf of Bread wub (2) cans of Aylmer Accents Tomatoes, 44408477, Mar 31,2014
$1 wub2 Aylmer Accents Tomatoes – not wub pasta
1.00 wub any (4) Campbell products, exp May 31, 2014, 00925932
Canada Dry or C'plus Save $1.00 cans or 710ml. 12808713 – WalMart or any other source
Coke, $2 Diet Coke 12x355mL, 65314005, Aug 31,2014
Canned Tuna (*NOT flavored, *not salad kit)
$1 Cheerios – needs to be good on Honey Nut 
$1.50 Colgate Total Advance Health Toothpaste WITH NO SIZE RESTRICTION(must be good on trial size)
$1 Cool Whip
$1 Club House Seasonings
$1 Cracker Barrel Cheese Blocks – not slices
$.50 Dempsters Maple French Toast Bagel, 12523522, May 31, 2014
$1 Dempsters Oven Fresh Bread Sticks
.50+ Del Monte Fruit Cups (shelf stable) – RRRLF
$1 any del monte 568ml/4x112.5ml/4x107ml portable fruit
.35 Duncan Hines Cake Mix
Free Dozen Eggs with the purchase of any 4 Particpating (see coupon) Tropicana, Quaker or Aunt Jemima products exp. May 18, 2014
Fleecy Dryer Sheets
.35 off Fresh Express Salad
75c G.U.M. March 31/15
$1 + Hellmans Mayo - not olive oil please
$1 International Delights Iced Coffee (carton)
$1 WUB 3 Jello
$3 John Frieda Frizz-ease serum 60001152 Dec.31/14
ANY Kraft xWUBx
$1 Kraft Peanut Butter
Kraft Parmesan – shelf stable or refrigerated just fine!
50c wub2 kraft handisnacks – one per rider please
.75 Kelloggs Cereals (Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Corn Pops) – one per rider please
Kernels/AnY Popcorn seasonings
$0.50 Kikkoman Soy Sauce, 17902377, Jun 1,2014
$1 wub (3) Knorr products, 87410710, Jun 30,2014 – one per rider please
Larsen’s Meats - Salami, bologna, Ham - not weiners please
$0.50 any Leclerc product, 1980836, NED
$1 any Liberte product, 1440059, Dec 31,2014
.50 off any 225 to 398ml of Lindsay Olives #10907434, exp. Dec.31 '14
$0.55 any Litehouse product, 86753310, Dec 31,2014
McDonalds Coffee Cup Stickers for coffee card
.50+ Maple Leaf Peelie - good on any – any Maple leaf coupon good on any
$1 Marc Angelo - good on any
$1 off any May Family Farms chicken deli pre-package
.50/.75 Marzetti Dips
$1 McCain Desserts
$1 WUB2 Motts Fruitsations apple sauce cups only, no rockets - RRRLF- not veggie kind please
$1 Moov Peelie/coupon of any kind!!!!
Multi Pack Gum
ANY ML Natural Selections
.75 Oasis 960 ml
$1 Old El Paso Kits or Salsa
$1.00 + Olymel Deli Meat
$1.50 Orville Pop Up Bowls
Parchment Paper
Pasta Sauce - not tomato sauce…not Newmans or Healthy Harvest – can’t get it here
$1 Peek Freans
$0.50 on any package of Pepperidge Farm Cookies expiry:June 30,2014 UPC 00925828 – one per rider please
Philadelphia Cream Cheese and dips – good on any – not flavour specific
.75 Pillers, no Simply free - one per rider please
$2 Pintys 2014 or NED only please
$1 wub2 Pringles
$1 Pom Tea – on one – not wub2
$1 Reach Product –
$1+ Renee’s Salad Dressing
Sara Lee Peelies/Coupons
$1country naturals back bacon upc 00607562 exp june 30/14
$1 country naturals pepperettes & pepperette singles upc 00607490 june304
$1 country naturals pkged sliced meat upc 00607793 exp june 30/14
$2 Scrubbing Bubbles - one per rider
Buy (1) Scrubbing Bubbles Thick Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner and get (1) Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel FREE, 33692353, Apr 30,2014
$1.50 Scrubbing Bubbles Thick Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 33692177, May 31,2014
$1.50 Scrubbing Bubbles Aerosol or Trigger
$1 Special K Crackers
$1 Special K Crisps
$1 Special K Bars
$1.50 Stouffer's Bistro, 10037599, Jun 30,2014
Stouffer’s/LC PIN’s
$1.00 any SunRype 1.36L
BxGx Sunrype
P Stamps
$0.75 Tim Tam Biscuits, any (10907421, Dec 31 14)
.50 Triscuits
$1 Tropicana – Trop 50 ok, but no flavour specific please, just want good old OJ.
U by Kotex
$3 wub (2) Windex, Pledge or Scrubbing Bubbles products, 33692092, Apr 30,2014
$1 wub any 2 Wong Wing frozen entree (400g or 500g). Expiry June 30, 2014. UPC: 04620381
Ziploc $1 WUB1 if they exist or $2 wub 2


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