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    I wanted to make you laugh today! Look at this pic.....I laughed so hard!
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    hee hee, I never knew anyone who dislikes eggs? Well as long as you eat them inside a baked product, they are a superior nutritionally sound food. I am kind of bored but not bored enough to clean!!!
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    I buy egg whites but ONLY for my own recipes, like my own cottage cheese and oatmeal pancakes I make or my omelets. They come already separated ( with no yolks ) in a 1 Litre carton. That was why I was so happy to see a sale for that carton this Friday coming at RCSS. Do you never bake anything either that uses eggs in it? Or you mean you don't cook eggs at all for yourself?
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    Thanks for letting me know you found it in the Mexican aisle. I thought I was going blind! I haven't seen it in any stores in my area, so no freebie for me this time around!
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    lol, I have not bought paper towels in 2 years. but I am done to 11 rolls. Time to scope a good deal because I get nervous when my paper products are depleted.
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    yes! 4 eggs is the least amount these guys use when they make one omelet. I also use when I make everyone their favourite pancakes and muffins. Surprising how fast that many eggs get used up. So funny though with ALL these eggs around I must buy my favourite brand of Blue Menu egg whites in the 1 Litre carton.
    ( they go on sale starting Friday for $3.98 at RCSS ) Sure seems like a luxury but I only use egg whites now, never whole eggs for all my egg eating, including omelets. sigh.... Oh and speaking of CO51, I have been stuck around $15.00 for awhile, and yesterday I actually got to claim $1.00 for the SuperGreens Pasta
    ( Catelli ) and I never even paid a cent for the box because I used the FPC that came in my Sample Source box to pay for it!
  7. Check your PM for 2 - Kellogs Spoon PINS.
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    lol!!! YUP it was fifty four eggs! 18 x 3 = 54. The reason is my 2 guys scramble up 8-10 every time they do a breakfast together! This way I will not have to buy any for a while. I personally only use the egg whites that come in a carton for all my omelet and oatmeal pancake recipes, these whole eggs get used in THEIR pancakes, muffins, and other recipes.
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    ha ha!! That is correct! They are all so darn lazy to even consider thawing it out or heaven forbid wait while it cooks up. So funny eh? This bacon should last months in the freezer at this rate!! have a fantastic day amira!!
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    remember I told you someone had anonymously mailed me about 6 or 7 of those peelie booklets? With the sale on bacon and the Manager's stickers on the bologna and at NF matching up so nicely! The final OOP was CHEAP! so I loaded up the house with a total of 5 pkgs of bacon and 3 pkgs of bologna. I still have many coupons left but showed some restraint at least? ha ha ha
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    that was such a funny post you made to cyn, she laughed too I think. WW is still going good for me, so far 33.5 lbs gone! Many more to go though. Swimming has GOT to be the best decision I ever made as it has increased my energy level so i no longer sit around the rest of the day like before. You must be somewhat relieved to be at the end of your studies, hope all your final marks are great!!
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    Oh I don;t know where my message went but I will sure keep my eye on $20 off $100 at the Bay
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    ah yes....I have been known to go in there every now and then....but did I do that today?? I thought I had only posted in the PC Plus thread? Oh, I know, maybe I
    " liked " a poster's comment in the SDM thread maybe? How is the hard working student doing this weekend?
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    ha ha !! Oh amira it is a good you felt ill eating it! That was your body telling you NO!!! This is what I say all the time about " processed " foods! MOST of them ARE NOT good for us at all. If you can stay away from them it is a much healthier lifetime diet, believe me. Many people were raised eating stuff like that because they are convenient, or to save money perhaps? In the long run your health matters more.
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    I am off to the pool shortly, catch up with you later today or tonight!!
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    I said that right on the very first month I had retired that I was doing MORE now for the family than when i was working!? It is so true, I never really retired did I?
    I had slept earlier while trying to watch some recorded shows on the tv so I think that is why I am wide awake now probably. How is everything going with your studies? Good I hope.
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    Thank you Amira84! I was so excited... I had roughly 100 airmiles before these infamous coupons came out.. now I have over 1000 points and have given so much food away.. win/win!
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    yeah, I know you had no idea about those poor people with such awful daily pain that using this marijuana drug is the only way they can get through their day. I hope to never have that problem.
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    did you not get their ( Weight Watcher's ) little booklet when you joined because that little booklet has a fair amount of foods and their point values listed in it.
    I've not heard anyone mention a way to get the lists any other way, but if you can good for you. I have both the thicker Restaurant Guide and the small booklet along with the Smart points calculator so I can find out any food values I want just by entering the numbers in the calculator from the nutrition label. I have no idea about the ginger treatment for hair falling out. I have not had that issue with my hair yet.
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    I did not know about the other offer conversion until I read about it in here somewhere....THEN I laughed so hard at that cheap exchange. This one is great, as you say never hurts to ask them right? Just finished eating my delicious cottage cheese/oatmeal pancakes ( I call them Blintzes! ). After over 2 hrs again in the pool this a.m. I was hungry as a bear after!
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    I just saw your name as the last person who posted in a thread and clicked on that link to say hi, had no idea it was a SDM makeup thread ( or I would have ran away from!!) Anyways I am annoyed I did not get the email offer to switch my Optimum points to PC points because I have enough to switch! ( I emailed to ask them to send it to me.....but I know they probably won't )
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    cyn is the BEST! As you say very clear pics! I love them too!
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    Booooooooooo I just created another account and nothing....but at least I'll get $0.50 for buying eggs
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    good grief! amira! I totally forgot about people doing that! ( buying and returning the stuff! ) Yup, I think plenty of that will happen now, you are right. BUT Snap asked for this to occur by being so dishonest with us all. Really though, for myself I am not that sad about the $9.00 because I scored BIG with them on furniture polish, floor cleaner, ( as I had posted I made $145.50 back and it was easy pickins! ) so I say " bye bye Snap! " do not return to us again!!
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  27. I have heard that swimming is very good for wore muscles. And that swimming is a very good exercise. Every muscle in the body gets to move while swimming so Iam glad that you are swimming now. Did you know you burn calories while swimming? I am actually very happy that your leg is so much better than you can swim. Keep up the good WW work.
    Yesterday i joined just for fun. I entered all the details about me. I put in my activity level as "sitting most of the time". I didnt put in my exercise routine in my profile to see how many calories they allow me to eat everyday. Turns out that i should only eat 1200 calories if i am sitting all day. Hmmmmm. No wonder i was seeing some chubbiness here or there (before joining WW). I was, perhaps, eating more than 2200 calories a day before WW.

    I will pm you at night. I have a question about WW.
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    I just weigh myself in the a.m. when I wake up. I know that this would be the least I will weigh for the whole day so no point depressing myself by weighing again at!! I agree that if you jump on the treadmill you may help eliminate that high calorie meal from sticking to your body. I have been swimming since Feb 4th!
    At the local community centre, I do lengths ( many people hate the boring lane swimming but I actually love it ) and I started at 40 minutes the first day with rests at about every 6 lengths to catch my breath and today I managed 30 minutes of regular ( faster pace ) with no stopping. Mind you I was so tired when I walked to the change legs felt like limp noodles!!
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    isn't it amazing!!? I mean the difference in our weight when we just don't write down all we eat, and let a day or two go by? Congrats amira again on joining! Oh and the SuperBowl game is all done, it was on Sunday, but this nasty snow and bitter temps are still supposed to come! BRRR!
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    aw, that is what we older gals have to do ALL the time ! ( make lists , write down everything when we! or we come home with only half the things we needed. We are in for some BITTER, cold temps by this Saturday! AND we got snow last night and more coming tonight! We have been so lucky with almost NO snow all winter and now we get some in Feb!! Not liking that.
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