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  6. Hey deals!

    Things are going well, busy prepping for DS to arrive. Enjoying the warmer weather of course! How about you? How are you feeling lately? Any better?

    Sorry I didn't get to post for your birthday, I haven't been on SC much lately. Happy Belated Bday!!! How was it?
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    how does it get any better than that?! MMM winning chocolates, ha ha . So glad you are in great spirits for next years special day!
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    seems like your birthday was a-o.k. Have a wonderful Tuesday!!
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    Oh I didn't know it was Reba McIntyre's birthday too! That's really cool. 28 on the 28th is pretty awesome, I didn't even think about that! Hope you had a great bday!
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    your very welcome deals i hope your having a wonderful birthday
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    Hello there.
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    Aw didn't know you were sick, hate being sick but glad you're feeling better. As for a life, can't say I have an exciting one but I can't complain (tho I guess I do haha). I was wondering if you considered online courses (read that one thread), that might be something for you? Any way continue to get better, our Alberta spring is around the corner...
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    Hi deals
    Thanks for the nice rep, glad you got a laugh out of them . I think I'm nearing the "I'm going to implode, need to escape" mode too. Ah life, gets in the way of fun
    Hope you and Felix are having a nice weekend
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    Hi Deals, thanks for the rep and for posting the cute picture of Felix all dressed up for St. Patrick's Day. Take care, Kitty
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    I'm happy that you had a better day today, Hon...and I hope tomorrow is even better! When I see your cat it still so reminds me of our DD's cat that she had from the age of 13 until she was 29! It's identical!
    I know all about back pain...I do have 3 degenerated discs myself but our son is far worse off after back surgery many years ago that put him in a wheelchair for about 9 years! Now, with doctors so afraid to prescribe his morphine for pain, he's been in withdrawl...and he never abused it...but some people mess it up for others, so everyone has to suffer.
    Anyway...better and sunnier days ahead!!!
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    Yeah Quincy once swallowed an elastic band, thankfully he threw it up right away but because of that shelter cat we are so careful but he still got one - little brat. I think the mailman must have put it threw on the mail because I never bring them home
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    I just saw the link to your blog, so had a quick look...
    What a fabulous idea - really we should all give it a try! I know that often i focus on the negative part of a day,letting it consume me , when really i should be focusing on that bright moment that makes me smile or laugh...
    Thank you so much for sharing
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    hey don't apologize, I didn't remember about your back pain although I am very sure I read about it before. Anyways, all we can do is our best each day right? Birthday or not you at least are trying. I am with you about the pain, it takes the wind out of your sails, throws a wrench in anything you dream of doing. I wish I had a great pick me up line for you, but ironically I am in pain at the moment, so I do know exactly what you mean. I have to get off the computer now because I have been on well over an hour, and I am supposed to do these certain stretch exercises after each hour. I will bake you a virtual cake on the 28TH of March!! lol
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    yikes ... SO cold!!! :S
    lots of indoor hobbies i take it then?

    i have a hard time with hobbies, i never know what to do with myself.
    going to take sewing back up, and maybe a few cooking classes just to do something different ... i dunno, i read a lot, play online games, etc.

    been nice catching up with you!
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    i write too - but i write for me. if someone reads it that's cool but i write just to get the stuff out of my head and also because it's a healthy hobby

    also: at Patty's photo below
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    So Felix can write and this one can work a camera, what am I doing wrong?
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    awe, hang in there dear ... i know how tough life gets sometimes trust me! but keep plugging away, find the little things that make you smile to get through each day that's what i do anyways!
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    I think I have over used our tens, it seems it is the only thing as well as repeated ice gel packs evry 20 min, just to numb the pain. Gosh, physio tomorrow! and a massage. ttyl
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    thanks for the rep. Ya I saw the Dr at 10:00, now I got a physio appt for Wed. I have a tens machine that I am using at home ( sticky pads applied to area, zap you with electrical impulses)
    May not cure it, but tales your mind off the pain momentarily. My back does not hurt anywhere ( lower, or mid area, just the neck and shoulders) but I might check out that possibility with the Dr. Thanks again.
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    Nah, I went to SDM for the High 5 Promo. SOF had some good deals, tho! I'm wondering if Zelelrs, starting tomorrow, will be the hit place for another one. Hmm! lol
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